Tony Blair and Radical Islam

 (Tony Blair, Lord Livingstone and Dr. Mohammed Mustafa meeting in Jerusalem. Photo: Tim Williams)
(Tony Blair, Lord Livingstone and Dr. Mohammed Mustafa meeting in Jerusalem. Photo: Tim Williams)

by Sami Jamil Jadallah


Yes, I hold England fully responsible for the Belfour Declaration, for the death of hundreds of thousands of Jews and Palestinians and for the forced exile of more than 700,000 Palestinians, for 67 years of misery and wants, millions of Palestinians had to endure since 1948 and of course the millions of dead in Iraq. Too bad the Palestinian leadership does not see it that way.

Rather than being behind bars or hanging from the end of the rope as war criminal, instead, Tony Blair, the former prime minister of England is the Quartet (UN, US, Russia and EU) special representative to the Middle East (Peace) dealing with economic issues is now calling for the Western powers, Russia and China to put aside their difference over the Ukraine and form a coalition of the “willing” against radical Islam.

In a recent speech at Bloomberg in London Tony Blair, a committed Christian Evangelical Zionist embraced Bibi Netanyahu and Bernard Lewis worldview that “radical Islam” is the 21st century greatest threats and scrooge.

Tony Blair in addition to embracing criminal Zionism also embraced despotic Arab regimes that view political Islam as the greatest threat to their stability and security. Tony Blair divides the Arab and Muslim world into two camps. Those “secular” regime with open pluralistic societies with open “economic systems” Blair style, and those “Islamists” embracing both the “Mosque and the State”. Personally I do not subscribe to the “Islamist” world views”.

Mr. Blair simply forgot his history and that of his not so Great Britain and his former British Empire when England and the US were on the side of “Islamists” specially the Muslim Brotherhood as a reliable challenge to Nasser’s Arab Nationalism and “Secularism” that contributed to wars, political, economic and social failings that gave rise to military dictatorships in Iraq, Sudan, in Yemen, in Syria, in Libya, Egypt, Algeria certainly a “secular” dictatorships in Tunisia, with the consequences we see today of civil wars, imminent breakup and failing states like Iraq, Libya and Syria, split nation like Sudan.

Tony Blair as well as many NeoCons in Washington simply forgot that “Radical Islam” was not the invention of Muslims but the inventions of Washington and its Cold War worriers Bolsheviks and the Zionist Neocons who not only invented modern day “Jihad” and “Mujahideen” but sought the support of many Arab and Islamic nations recruiting “Islamists” as Mujahideens in America’s war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

America’s war against the Soviet in Afghanistan opened the floodgates of tens of thousands of Arab and Muslim men. Desperate, marginalizes with little hope and future in mostly despotic states to seek “Heaven” as a way out of the misery they were in. The Reagan Administration knew well the discontent of hundreds of thousands if not millions of Arab and Muslim men and the misry they lived in. Countries were citizens or “subjects” have to wait years to get a passport all of sudden were issuing passports and tickets to men “volunteering” for Jihad in Afghanistan.

The US and its allies in the Middle East were spending hundreds of millions of dollars recruiting young desperate young men, with no food or education recruiting them to the “madrasa” unknowingly perhaps more knowingly that these young men in Pakistan and Afghanistan will be the future ”Islamist” time bomb that will cause the biggest threat to Islam since the days of the Crusades.

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When looking at “Radical Islam” one must keep in mind that the biggest victim almost sole victims of this wave of “Radical Islamist” are Muslims themselves.

With some very minor exceptions the “Muslim Jihadists” have been targeting innocent Muslims in mosques, in markets, in schools, in hospitals, in public squares from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Mali, Nigeria. Tens of thousands of innocent Muslims dying at the hands of these Jihadists. Very few “Western” victims died as a result of suicide attacks by “Radical Islamists”. Which in my mind raised the question that these Jihadists are at the service of the evil empires of Tony Blair and the West.

Tony Blair and many leaders of the West simply forgot the millions of people they killed in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, certainly in Iraq, in Gaza, and continue to kill every day using sophisticated drones. May be the biggest threat in the 21st century is the “Radical West” with its on going wars everywhere.

Tony Blair the war criminal is marketing himself as “economic consultant”. He got few contracts worth tens of millions from countries like Kuwait and Kazakhstan. In his role as the Quartet Special Representative, he is advancing himself as the “economic peace maker” between the Palestinians and the Israelis, advancing “voodoo economic” with naïve and silly Palestinians economists fooled with his plans of creating hundreds of thousands of jobs. Hundreds of thousand of jobs in an “economy” held hostage to and in the service of the Israeli military and settlers and businesses.

Arafat, the fraud and the lie he was, dispatched unfit incompetent negotiating team to Oslo to negotiate the perpetual Occupation of Palestine and securing the management contract for the PLO /Fatah, dispatched unfit and incompetent associates to Paris to negotiate the Paris Protocol formally tying the West Bank economy to that of Israel, with Israel having the absolute right to “unilateral” decisions over access, quotas, financial and economic regulations begging levies (TVA) on goods and services to that of the Israeli economy when in fact the Israeli per capita is $ 35,833 to that of Palestinian Territories of $ 1,292.

Tony Blair with his partners within the Palestinian Authority promised to create hundreds of thousands of jobs, when in fact he and his Palestinians partners not only failed to do that but were able to bury hundreds of thousands of people in debt and in commercial and consumers loans, thus perpetuating the needs for the Palestinian Authority as instrument of the Israeli Occupation. Tony Blair and his cohorts within the Palestinians Authority are practicing “ voodoo economics” knowing well that the only way to create such jobs was to free the Palestinians from the shackles of the Paris Protocol and free the Palestinians from the Israeli Occupation.

True, Islam and Muslims are suffering and bleeding every day from Indonesia to North Africa to Sub-Sahara Africa. However the sufferings and deaths pale compare to crimes committed by the British Empire and Western Colonialism over the centuries.

Everywhere the British Empire set foot it planted the seeds of conflicts, racial, ethnic and religious conflicts. In Palestine, in India and Pakistan, in Malaysia and Singapore, in East Africa, in South Africa and in Nigeria, certainly in Ireland and North Ireland.

One should remind Mr. Blair of the tens of millions who died in the Hundred Years Wars, in the First and Second Wars, in Korea, in Vietnam, in Central and Latin America, the hundreds of millions who died in colonial Africa and Latin America, and the tens of millions who died in slavery. Yes, these hundreds of millions did not die at the hand of “Radical Islamists” but at the hands of Radical colonial West.

Muslims must deal with radical Islam and the “Jihadists”, not colonialist power in the same way Evangelical Christian and Jewish Zionism must be dealt with by Christians and Jews and not Muslims.

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