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Tunisia – Ballots Not Bullets

Indeed a big and major achievement that Tunisia, birthplace of the Arab Spring (Jasmine Revolution) or what left of it was able to usher a new era of democratic reforms and is on the way of building a modern nation state of institutions not one party state or cult dictatorial personalities.

Elie Wiesel Taking Sides

At a time when Israel and “Jews” Zionists and Not Zionists are heavily engaged in the debate about Israel’s “Jewish Nationality laws” there is one conspicuous silence from Elie Wiesel. A man who advance himself as a philosopher and moralist, made a name and money for himself as s survivor of the Holocaust, wrote many books, won the Noble Peace Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Congressional Gold Medal, Legion of Honor and Commander of the Order of the British Empire. Silence is not golden.

Murder in Jerusalem

When it comes to the killing and murder of innocent people there is no room for hypocrisy. Hypocrisy was plenty by main stream media, by politicians all over the US and Europe even in the Middle East in the aftermath of the cold blooded murder of 5 Jewish worshipers in Kehilat Bnei Torah synagogue in the West Jerusalem neighborhood of Har Nof.

Hamas and Fatah: Unfit to lead let alone liberate!

At a time when Israel is building and expanding its settlements program more than ever. At a time when Israel is confiscating tens of thousands of “dunums (a dunum is 1,000 meter sq.” for Jewish Only roads.

American Elections and Democracy; All About Money

Here in this great country of ours we can be proud of having the best universities, the best technology and IT companies, the best medical centers

England is Guilty as Germany

On his first visit to the Court of St. James on January 26, 1998 with Tony Blair as his host, the British asked Yasser Arafat what was his wish as the Palestinian leader.

Rebuilding Gaza, Caveat!

Now that all the guns fell silent, perhaps temporarily, the Palestinian Authority government of Dr. Hamdallah and his entire cabinet are meeting in Gaza with the mission to rebuild Gaza.

The Arabs and the New World Disorder

It sad and tragic that the Arabs have not learned from history, perhaps they simply refuse to recognize the role history plays in building and destruction of nation states.

Ferguson, MO and the “Israelization” of America’s Police Force

Ferguson, Mo is not about the militarization’s of America’s police force. It is and should be about the “Israelization” of America’s police force in equipment, tainting, ideology, perception and doctrine.

Hamas To The ICC; Why Not?

I am all for it, bring Hamas, this “terrorist” organization and its leadership to the International Court of Justice “ICC” and have them face the music for failing to having an air force with F-16s and F-15s, a navy with destroyers and cruise missiles, an army with tanks and armored vehicles.

America: Who Is The Boss?

When 65,915,795 Americans and I voted for Barack Obama for a second term we did not know we were elected a second banana and we thought we were voting for the President of the United State, the most powerful man in America if not the world.

Mr. President, What Are You Waiting For?

I am writing to you this personal letter, because you, perhaps more than any other person on this earth can make a difference between war and peace, between justice and injustice, between right and wrong and you as leader of this great nation can steer America back to its principals and ideals as a world leader standing for freedom and justice for all.

Damn You. It Is the Occupation. Stupid.

With exceptions of the leadership in Washington, London, Berlin, Paris and Moscow, any stupid idiot imbecile with an IQ of minus 1 can tell you it is the Israeli Occupation that is the main reason for the Arab Israeli conflict.

May Your Children Have the Same Fate as Gaza Children

It seems that AIPAC and the Jewish Lobby was sleeping on the job. It took more than 10 days since Israel began its attack on Gaza committing war crime after another to order the US Congress to vote its support for Israel.

Gaza: The Consequenses of Voting While Muslim

The Palestinians of Gaza are guilty of that new post-Cold War misdemeanor: voting while Muslim. The punishment for this crime has been eight years of economic hardship, international isolation, and periodic Israeli bombardments.

Israeli Lives vs. Arab Lives

One thing for sure, Israelis, their supporters, major Western capitals even Ramallah, all agree that Israeli lives are more worthy than Palestinians lives, perhaps by a multiple of hundreds if not thousands and for perhaps for G-d reasons.

America: Time to Celebrate and Congratulate

May is the month of celebration and congratulation to the tens of thousands of college graduates. May is a time to celebrate and congratulate the tens of thousands of proud parents whose sons and daughters finished college and off the “family payroll”.

Nakba – 66 Years and Waiting!

The Nakaba is more than “Catastrophe” for the more than 8 million Palestinians around the world, with almost half of them are either under Israeli military and “Squatters” occupation or as second-class citizens in Apartheid Israel.

Mr. Kerry: Just say it, Aparthied.

Mr. John Kerry, the Secretary of State, rather than retreating and bunkering down in the face of attacks by AIPAC and Israeli attack dogs and allies, should pause, muster all the courage he have or once had and simply just say it “ Israel is an Apartheid State”.

Unity Government – First Step Toward One State Solution

Mahmoud Abbas, the PLO, Fatah and Hamas should use the “unity agreement” reached last week in Gaza as a first step toward redeeming their sins and crimes committed against the Palestinian people for all those years of failing, incompetency, corruption and decadence and as a first step toward a One State Solution, the only way forward for permanent solution.

Tony Blair and Radical Islam

Yes, I hold England fully responsible for the Belfour Declaration, for the death of hundreds of thousands of Jews and Palestinians and for the forced exile of more than 700,000 Palestinians, for 67 years of misery and wants, millions of Palestinians had to endure since 1948 and of course the millions of dead in Iraq. Too bad the Palestinian leadership does not see it that way.

Veterans – They Wait, They Die

This is no way to treat those who put their lives at risk for country. They wait and die waiting for care at Veterans Hospital, while those who send them to wars enjoy immediate medical care.

America: Are We a Nation of Crooks?

Of course not, but the late Richard Nixon was not the only crook.

American Oligarchs – Their Money, Our Votes

- The shameful and degrading events in Last Vegas last week, is an insult to every American voter and to America.

Netanyahu’s Silicon Valley Visit A Lost Opportunity

Silicon Valley, to my mind, is about equality, empowerment and equal access. Consequently, it's been very disturbing to see technology companies such as Apple and WhatsApp meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu while disregarding that his country treats its non-Jewish population like second-class citizens and implements harsh military rule on Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza.

Abbas, Promises Kept, Promises Broken.

With no hopes in sight for ending the Israeli Occupation, let alone ending the ever-expanding settlements, certainly for a “two states solution” time for Mahmoud Abbas to keep his often-stated promise (last one on December 28, 2012) to disband the PA/PLO and hand over the Keys to Bibi Netanyahu, Barack Obama and John Kerry.

AIPAC: Public Enemy Number 1

Washington is under siege, America is under siege as more than 14,000 die hard Pro-Israel Americans Jews and Gentiles gather in Washington for the 2014 Annual Policy Conference

America the Deep State

The Johnson administration and the 1967 war are a watershed in American domestic, international and security politics and policies, representing the rocket rise of the AIPAC and Israel as the driving force and the take over of America.

Israeli Machsoom; Humiliations not Security

May be it is culture, may be it is religious Talmudic values, may be it is a history of anger and feelings of past humiliations.

It Is Only $60 Billions – Nothing Honorable About It

If one is to look at facts on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan one can see the biggest international failures and fraud in US history. Not only did the military failed big time but the “rebuilding” of Iraq and Afghanistan was a total disaster.

Palestinian Prisoners – Kidnapped and Neglected

In contrast to Gilad Shalit, the French-Israeli soldier kidnapped by Hamas on June 2006, who became a cause celebrate by heads of states, international organizations, kidnapped Palestinian civilians are ignored by Israel, by the Palestinian leadership, certainly by the world community.

Davos: World Economic Disorder

With the world in such an economic, financial, political, and social mess, as it has been for a number of years, one has to wonder what the role, purpose and mission of the World Economic Forum.

America and the Arab Spring: Exporting Democracy or Mediocrity?

America has great attributes and achievements to export to the Arab world such as advances in medical, science, and information technology, excellent systems of higher education, and a truly generous population that contributes hundreds of billions to social causes.

America Back To The Future

The Occupy Wall Street movement should not have come as a surprise to official America and to Main Street.

Congressman Eric Cantor: America is never First

Not so sure if the voters of Virginia 7th Congressional District knew when they voted Eric Cantor into Congress some 11 years ago, they will be electing him as the leader of the “American Knesset”. For sure Congressman Eric Cantor chose to represent Tel-Aviv not Richmond, Virginia.