War Crimes in Afghanistan


CRUSADERIn the name of Allah Most Merciful Most Gracious


By Kadir Mohmand


The U.S. Crusader War and Occupation Policy Used Against the Afghans and Muslims Is The Wrong Policy. President Obama should have pulled out all troops and played a constructive role in the reconciliation of all Afghans groups. Instead Obama has chosen to keep some military troops and replace the rest with private contractors (mercenaries) and CIA paramilitary personnel in Afghanistan to wage a secret war against the Afghan people.

Instead of constructively aiding in Afghan reconciliation to bring true peace, Obama has chosen a policy that causes more division, war and suffering for the Afghan majority. The illegal war and occupation must stop. The war crimes (murder, rape, torture, maiming, ethnic cleansing, genocide, illegal seizures and detentions, environmental contamination, destruction of property, stealing of Afghan resources and treasures, destruction of entire villages etc. ) committed against the Afghan people must stop.


It is time that the good people of the world take a stand and prosecute the war criminals, such as President Obama, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, the top CIA officials, the American Generals, the NATO and European leaders, who were and/or are the decision makers and architects of the illegal war and occupation of Afghanistan where numerous war crimes have been committed against the Afghan people during the past 13 years. Ultimately, these leaders are responsible for these war crimes. The Afghan people are not responsible for the tragic events of 9/11. No evidence has ever been presented linking the Afghan people to that tragic event. There only has been U.S. propaganda, and expert speculation to promote and justify the United States’ actions. These leaders have scapegoated and collectively punished the Afghan people in their illegal war and occupation.


I believe these leaders need to be sitting in Guantanamo Bay for their war crimes instead of the many Afghan Muslims, who have been imprisoned for over a decade without being put on trial or even charged. I ask you who are the real terrorists in our world today? When he came into power, I thought President Obama would immediately withdraw all troops from Afghanistan, end the illegal war and occupation, and stop the U.S. war crimes. Yet his policies and decisions have only escalated the war and the war crimes committed against the Afghan people. Again as evidenced in his recent speeches, President Obama has chosen the wrong policy and approach to Afghanistan.


In his recent speeches, I am very upset that President Obama only mentioned how many U.S. military personnel were killed or wounded the past 13 years. He never mentioned how many Afghan villagers were killed and the victims of war crimes in this illegal U.S. led war and occupation these past years. How many Afghan children have been killed, maimed, raped, orphaned and/ or displaced by this war and occupation? Who will be the voice for all of these Afghan victims? Will the world community hear about them? Their lives mattered. They were innocent Afghan civilians killed in their villages, in their provinces, in their homeland. They were not terrorists. Where is their justice?


President Obama announced Tuesday that the U.S. plans to remove all troops from Afghanistan by 2016, starting with reducing the troop presence in the country to just 9,800 and an end to the U.S. combat mission at the close of 2014. In reality, the U.S. presence in Afghanistan is going to be increasing over the next few years. It will actually be more dangerous for Afghans, who oppose the puppet Afghan government and the continued U.S. presence in their homeland. In Afghanistan, there are about hundred and ten thousand private mercenaries on the ground contracted by the United States government. The Obama Administration is replacing combat troops with private mercenaries, who commit and have committed many war crimes against the Afghan villagers. Also, the Obama Administration will be relying on numerous paramilitary CIA personnel . Thus, in reality, there will still be a huge U.S. presence on the ground terrorizing the Afghan villagers these next few years. I ask you again who are the real terrorists in Afghanistan?

Lambs on grasslands of Patagonia
Lambs on grasslands of Patagonia

In his recent speeches these last few days, President Obama talked about a democratic election being held in Afghanistan. With war and U.S. occupation, without true freedom and independence, the Afghan people could not and did not have a “democratic” election. There can be no democratic election in an occupied country with rampant corruption. The election was a mockery of democracy. Afghans are left with two run off candidates, who are both war profiteers and on the CIA payroll. How is that in any way democracy for Afghanistan? It is only a puppet show paid for by the U.S. with the U.S. government moving the strings of the puppets and ultimately controlling their actions.

The CIA directed the election propaganda, paying many Afghan women and others, to stand in election lines and have their photos taken for $150.00 each. The majority of Afghans did not participate in the “sham” election where the candidates were the same warlords, communist war criminals and war profiteers on the CIA payroll? How is that democracy?

What led up to this invasion and occupation of Afghanistan ? In 1989, the Soviet Union had to withdraw its troops because it lost the war in Afghanistan. The Warsaw Pact fell apart and the United States became the only superpower. There was no other power to balance it. After the fall of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, the U.S. started to rethink and rebuild its outer defense perimeter refocusing it from Europe to the Middle East and Central Asia. In 1991, President Bush invaded Iraq and left permanent military bases in the Middle East in places such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Egypt. We all know what George W. Bush did in 2003 in Iraq. In 2001, after the tragic events of 9/11, the U.S. invaded and still occupies Afghanistan, so that it can have permanent military bases in the heart of Central Asia and be in control of the vast untapped REE deposits, which it knew about before its invasion. The U.S. government is forcing Afghanistan to sign the bilateral security agreement, so that it can make its long term presence and permanent military bases in Afghanistan appear legal to the rest of the world.

The U.S. government is backing the Afghan candidates in the presidential election, so that the winning run off candidate will sign the bilateral agreement. Obama has just stated that both run off candidates will sign the agreement. Everyone knows that U.S. money has been funneled through many channels, through the CIA, contracts etc. to these candidates, who are pro-western. These elections with pro-U.S. puppet candidates is a way for the U.S. to get what it wants- permanent military bases in the heart of Central Asia, the United States’ new outer defense perimeter, and at the same time have control over the vast untapped REEs, which are vital to the U.S. national security. Securing Afghan women’s rights, educating all Afghan children , building a democratic Afghan nation , fighting terrorists are just nice little sound bites that the U.S. government wants the American public to hear, so that it can justify its war and long term occupation in Afghanistan.

Let’s be honest. The U.S. government really does not care at all about Afghans. The only Afghans it really cares about are those Afghans, who are willing to be bought (sell their namoos) and be the puppets for the U.S. government, which thus far have been the war lords, communist war criminals and other war profiteers, who would sell their mother for dollars , a mansion in Dubai and a shiny Rolex watch. What is even more disgusting to me is that the U.S. government allows and supports communist war criminals like Rashid Dostum. Shame on the U.S. government. The U.S. government criticizes the North Korean leader for his atrocities. Yet at the same time it supports and pays for war criminals like Rashid Dostum, who is worse than that leader. How hypocritical!

The leading candidates, chosen by the U.S., Mr. Ashraf Ghani, is not the right person to be president. He was one of the architects of the Bonn Conference in 2001, which has put Afghanistan into this big mess and caused tremendous suffering for the Afghan majority. He was and is alleged to be working for foreign intelligence. He was and is an alleged perpetrator of fraud related to Kabul Bank. Mr. Ghani also chose as his VP a known communist war criminal, Rashid Doshtum, who should be prosecuted for his numerous war crimes and in jail right now. Mr. Ghani also surrounds himself with communists war criminals in his campaign and as part of his proposed government.

Mr. Ghani, who is more concerned about the United States’ interests, the well being of his communist war criminal colleagues like Rashid Doshtum, Karim Agha Khan’s interests, and his personal bank account rather than the well being of the majority of Afghans, is this the person, Afghans want to run their country?

If this run off election goes forward with the signing of a bilateral security agreement, Afghanistan will continue to be the battlefield of the superpowers, which will only cause more killing of the Afghan majority and tremendous suffering and poverty for them.

During these past thirteen years of war and occupation, Afghanistan has become a narco-state and the most corrupt in the world. A true election cannot be held in such a corrupt environment, while occupied by foreign countries and their contracted mercenaries, who are the real terrorists, with so-called presidential candidates on the payrolls of foreign governments.

The permanent presence of U.S. troops in Afghanistan on nine (9) permanent military bases is all about the control of Afghanistan’s vast untapped rare earth elements (REEs) -worth trillions. It is not about “democratic” elections, stopping terrorism or freeing women. That is just the U.S. propaganda that the U.S. government and war profiteers think the American public wants to hear in order to keep the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan with permanent military bases with a bilateral security and immunity agreements in place. The superpowers need to quit playing their “games” in Afghanistan at the expense of the Afghan people. It is all about the superpowers battling to control Afghanistan’s vast untapped Rare Earth Elements (the REEs), which are worth trillions and vital to the manufacture of defense systems and technology.

The United States, Russia and China all want to control these REEs. It all comes down to who will control and profit from the Afghans’ REEs, which the superpowers believe is tied to national security. It is about the U.S. control of any future Afghan government, which means the ultimate signing of the bilateral agreements and ultimately the control of the REEs with the help of its war profiteering Afghan partners and puppets. It is all about REEs, REEs, REEs !!! Is it not strange that the U.S. Pentagon is in control of the geological services in Afghanistan? The run off election on June 14th, where the winner will sign a bilateral security and immunity agreements, will allow the United States and the war profiteering candidates to control the REEs and ultimately the region. It will lead to more war crimes, huge profits for the war profiteers, division among Afghans and not true peace and prosperity for the Afghan majority.


Kadir A. Mohmand

Former Representative of the Afghan Mujahideen for North America duringthe 1980s

6147 Old Log Trail

Kalamazoo, MI 49009


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