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More Skepticism on the Moncton Massacre by Alleged Multiple Cop-Killer, Justin Bourque.


Many questions have been raised by the episode in Moncton New Brunswick that resulted in three members of Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police being shot dead, two RMCP officers being wounded, and 24-year-old Justin Bourque being apprehended and charged with three counts of first-degree murder plus two counts of attempted murder. Among the many You Tubes to emerge from this debacle is the image below apparently shot from inside a police car approaching a camouflaged armed man resembing Justin Bourque.

[youtube EeSqWqAl_Ok&]

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 9.59.14 PM

The origins of this image are not explained in the You Tube immediately above this text. This You Tube is presented as the personal plea of an unnamed RCMP officer who claims to have been a member of Canada’s federal police force for 7 years. The objective of the You Tube is to persuade viewers that the three RCMP members who were allegedly killed by marksman Justin Bourque met their demise because the overall training of RCMP recruits is substandard, because RCMP officers often lack good equipment, and because they have have not been prepared to deal adeptly with kind of situation the killed and wounded officers met on June 4 and 5.

The You Tube may be just what it says or is or it may constitute one part of some elaborate psychological operation. Psychological operations, sometimes dubbed psy ops, are covert campaigns of deception mounted by agencies such as CSIS, the CIA, MI6, Mossad, or counterintelligence and mercenary corporations contracted by governments or by the so-called private sector for dirty work.

Often the laws that are secretly broken and the destruction of people through, for instance, torture, mental, emotional and behavioral manipulation, murder, or professional assassination is justified in the name of “national security.” The legal definitions of “national security” are notoriously open ended. Those engaged in operations designated as “national security” pretty much are given licenses to steal, kill and create mayhem with impunity.

The image pictured above purports to be, or to resemble, the moment at sunset when the doomed Mounties are alleged to have encountered the armed Justin Bourque in a Moncton woodlot. There is nothing to say if this picture was actually shot by the RCMP member who supposedly made the video independently. There is nothing to say if the image came out of a training exercise, if it was taken at a staged event produced especially for the You Tube, or if the picture is an actual photograph of an armed Justin Bourque at the lethal moment.

Planting manufactured images in the public consciousness to support a concocted false-flag event?

The cover of Macleans Magazine featuring the photograph that has been the primary exhibit used by the mainstream media to pronounce Justin Bourque guilty until proven innocent. When and how did the RCMP obtain this photograph?
The cover of Maclean’s Magazine (June 18) featuring the photograph that has been the primary exhibit used by the mainstream media to pronounce Justin Bourque guilty until proven innocent. When and how did the RCMP obtain this photograph? Who made the decision to send it viral? What was the objective of the police in making this image so widely available?

Presenting false images as if they are true is a hallmark of Psychological Operations: There are important factors of fraud or authenticity  in the origins of potent images, especially those that condemn individuals through atrocious episodes of trial by media. Has there ever been a media trial in Canada as rushed and one-sided as this one? The effect of the media trial of Justin Bourque is to so demonize the accused in the public’s attitudes and consciousness that it becomes impossible for the doomed man to get a fair trial. Is this the objective in this obscene trial by media in Canada?

Maclean’s Magazine does its part to condemn Justin Bourque just as Stephen Harper’s Canada is on the cusp of its next major electoral challenge. The most formidable political opponent that Harper has ever faced is the other Justin, Justin Trudeau. What kind of trial will Justin B receive during the run-up to the next federal election? Will the arbitration of Justin Bourque’s alleged crimes become a show trial in a kangaroo court to act as a media platform for Prime Minister Stephen Harper re-election? The first question that must be addressed in preparing the basis of Justin Bourque’s necessary defense in a real court, not a media court, is, Who benefits? Cui Bono?

Maclean’s Magazine Diverts Attention from the Lethal Moments of June 4. Maclean’s fixates rather on Justin Bourque’s supposed psychology and his alleged belief system in a very unseemly, contrived and unfair way. 

Except the picture above taken from inside a police car, I am not aware of any release to the public showing Justin Bourque or someone meant to resemble him in armed encounter with the killed and wounded members of the RCMP. From my research so far it seems there is a paucity of recorded evidence in the public domain presenting what transpired in the RCMP-shooter altercation? Can the damning image filmed from the perspective of an endangered RCMP officer be conceived as a stand-in for the gaping paucity of recorded evidence on Moncton’s moment of infamy at the very heart of the mysterious RCMP-shooter altercation of June 4, 2014? What will be the place in Canada’s future history of the trial by media of Justin Bourque?

So far the media accounts of the lethal hours or minutes when the killing is alleged to have taken place have been sparse, even evasive. The Maclean’s Magazine article entitled, What Made Him Snap: The Untold Story of Justin Bourque? is illustrative of the pattern. The greatest bulk of the copy is devoted to describing the shooter’s alleged personality change. Like virtually all the mainstream coverage, it is written as if Justin Bourque has already been proven guilty.

On June 18, fully two weeks after the lethal event, Maclean’s reports, “By sundown [on June 4], three RCMP officers had been executed, two others wounded, and a massive  manhunt was on.”  The authors add, “At 10:30, with the north end of town completely locked down, the Mounties tweeted  the first photo of their camouflaged suspect, rifle in hand.”

Significantly the coloring of the image above purporting to show the lethal encounter between Mr. Bourque and RCMP seems to be at “sundown.”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Governor-General David Johnston were among those in attendance at the most huge state funeral of killed RCMP members in Canada's history.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Governor-General David Johnston were among those in attendance at the most monumental state funeral of killed RCMP members in Canada’s history.

Was the introduction of this picture into the iconography of a very murky episode in Canadian history meant as a sly way to help with the conviction of Justin Bourque in the trial by media? Is the You Tube said to be made by a disgruntled RCMP member actually authentic?

Was the You Tube made by a single RCMP member acting alone?  Or is the You Tube one part of a sophisticated and elaborate psychological operation whose purposes includes the goal of helping to clear away obstacles for public acceptance of the onslaught of new “law and order” initiatives that without doubt are coming down the tubes towards the parliament of Canada? Will Canadians be presented with some kind of false polarity demanding we take sides because….. we’re either with the RCMP or we’re with the cop killers?

The way the shooter story is portrayed and perceived could very well have a major effect on the prospects for Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s re-election next year on the basis of a very extreme, get-tough-on-crime, law-and-order, pro-surveillance state agenda? Will pictures of the Prime Minister mourning with the huge contingent of Red Coats show up next year in the election-campaign commercials of the Conservative Party of Canada?

The Moncton massacre of RCMP officers by alleged multiple cop-killer Justin Bourque offers a range of possibilities similar to those that have emerged from the skeptical study of 9/11? Did the event happen pretty much in the way it is being described in the mainstream media? Was it allowed to happen on purpose? Or was it made to happen on purpose?

Addition, June 17

Thanks to Todd Sandrock and Brodie Michael Keating for pointing out that the main image in question originates in a Canadian Armed Forces video whose object is to recruit military police. This in itself is interesting. Is the suggestion that the RCMP should be trained in the same way military police are trained? Is the featured You Tube above suggesting that the RCMP should be trained and equipped more like military police, more like soldiers?

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 11.33.54 PM

The identification of the image’s source doesn’t change the reality that the picture in the highlighted You Tube plants a serious misapprehension. The borrowed image plants the perception that there is documented evidence in the public domain of the shooting event when, in reality, no such evidence has yet been produced at least that I am aware of. The event that the planted image seeks to depict remains unproven in law even as it is bound to become highly contentious politically.

This planting of a suggestive image that appears to be, but is actually not, related to the events in Moncton on June 4 raises issues to similar to those that emerge from the photograph of what appears to be Justin Bourque strolling through his home community fully armed on June 4. This image, which we learn from the Maclean’s article was tweeted to media outlets at 10:30 pm on June 4, is by far the main exhibit for the prosecution in the trial by media This trial by media, including the coverage of the National Post’s sister publication Maclean’s, has essentially made it impossible for Mr. Bourque to receive a fair trial.

Did RCMP have access to the iconographic photograph of the armed man before the decision was made to send officers to intercept him? This question raises issues about the problematic and ultimately lethal implications of the police response on June 4. Who is taking responsibility for the series of decisions made on how to intercept Mr. Bourque? Who decided who to send in to confront the photographed man, and how to equip those charged to rectify the dangerous situation?

If media accounts are true of how the three Moncton Mounties met their demise, which has yet to be proven in court, there is plenty of blame to go around within the RCMP, or possibly in the chain of command above the RCMP. In the video above, RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson specifically eschews responsibility for the poor policing decisions. Instead he blames the whole affair on the totally unpredictable appearance of “a monster.” In the first public account of Canada’s top Mountie too, Mr. Bourque is rendered guilty until proven innocent.

It is perfectly fair to ask the question if this inadequacy in the police response was because of the three reasons raised by the unnamed maker of the You Tube, or if there is some political agenda involved far more sinister than the diagnosis presented by the person purporting to be the disgruntled and anonymous RCMP officer.

Asking questions of those in authority is a basic condition and requirement of democracy. Decisions made without informed consent, but especially those involving significant increases in the coercive power of the state, are of dubious legitimacy. Asking questions is the necessary first step in the process of becoming adequately informed.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 12.49.44 PMScreen Shot 2014-06-17 at 12.55.24 PM



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