Tony Blair, Boris Johnson, and Jim Dean bang heads



Tony Blair, Boris Johnson, and Jim Dean bang heads


…by  Jim W. Dean,  VT Editor    … with  New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

 –  First published   …   June 28,  2014  –


Boris nailed Tony Blair - but I got to nail Boris.
Boris nailed Tony Blair – but I got to nail Boris.

I am happy to report I got my first major political convert to endorse my crisis-in-leadership editorial theme drum I have been banging for over a month.

I thank London Mayor Boris Johnson who brought a human sacrifice as his first contribution to the cause, a surprise gift in the person of ex-British Prime Minister and legend in his own mind, Tony Blair.

Boris did not use my terminology of bankrupt or failed leadership. He was much more colorful, saying that “Blair had gone mad”…had become “unhinged”. And these attacks were not some mere slips of the tongue in a moment of passion.

Boris was responding to Blair’s incredible 2600 word oped where he was trashing the idea that the West’s bogus invasion of Iraq for its non-existent weapons of mass destruction had anything to do with the current ISIL debacle in Iraq.

Boris just ate him alive, something you rarely see done to an ex-Prime Minister by one of their own… but I thank Boris, because Blair is the perfect example of a failed Western leader. One of their card-carrying proofs is they never accept any responsibility for any disaster, no matter how much they obviously had to do with it.

Tony Blair is a walking billboard for "You can lie your way out of anything if you have the talent."
Tony Blair is a walking billboard for “You can lie your way out of anything if you have the talent.”

Blair, against the wishes of a large majority of the British people, took Britain to war based on false intelligence, working hand in hand with Bush using the tried-and-true nuke threat hustle, which would later be used unsuccessfully against Iran by the Israelis and their NeoCon and AIPAC henchmen here in the US. Blair would not be denied his walk in the sun as a war time leader.

Historically, Tony Blair is a dead man walking, as is George Bush (43). The difference is that Bush has enough sense, or his advisers do, to stay out of public sight and certainly away from any forum where he can be confronted on his pitiful record as the sock puppet president of his daddy’s handlers.

I detected a note of opportunism in Boris’ attack, but we take what we can get when these guys go after each other on historical integrity grounds. It can be a stand up comedy act not to be missed. We are not used to seeing immunity-protected, sociopathic political leaders who have gotten away with murder being denounced in such a fashion. Says Boris:

“In discussing the disaster of modern Iraq he made assertions that are so jaw-droppingly and breathtakingly at variance with reality that he surely needs professional psychiatric help”… By refusing to admit the colossal miscalculations and lack of foresight that led to Iraq’s present state a decade after invasion, “Blair is now undermining the very cause he advocates – the possibility of serious and effective intervention.”

So there you have Boris’ opportunism, a mere politician that he is…and you can expect no less from the mayor of London, home to the City of London, the world’s largest concentration of financial gangsters on the planet. Such a crowd would never allow anyone with moral principles to be mayor of their den of thieves.

Where have we seen the wolf in sheep's clothing before?
Where have we seen the wolf in sheep’s clothing before?

Blair was a suitable sacrificial lamb here, and Boris was assigned to use him to set the tone for British intervention into Iraq now to “save it” out of guilt for the past mis-intervention, a concept so ludicrous that Boris should be put in the next padded room next to Blair in the insane asylum, even though he is not insane, but crazy like a fox.

In Intel circles this would be viewed as a classic psyop to prep the public for Britain’s future involvement in a US bombing campaign to stem the tide of the ISIL attack or to support the Iraqi army in its counterattacks.

And yes, a day later we heard of advance British forces going to Iraq to prepare for such action. This is the tried and true wartime distraction tactic to get the British minds off the financial pillaging they have endured at the hands of their elite and incompetent leadership.

But the bombing hangs in the balance as General Dempsey reported to Congress last Wednesday that:

“It is in our national security interest to counter ISIL wherever we find them… And until we can actually clarify this intelligence picture, the options will continue to be built and developed and refined and the intelligence picture made more accurate and then the president can make a decision,” he said.


Dear General Dempsey, you are a highly respected senior commander, and we have appreciated your efforts when it appeared you were the only grownup in the room on some of these war decisions, like the bombing of Iraq that was avoided which would have forced a retaliation from both Iran and Russia. I learned this from Syrian officials last week.

But you and I both know sir that we (the US) have supported the deployment of these ISIL terror brigades, and others, with CIA equipment and training bases with our NATO ally Turkey. The Saudis and Qataris paper-thin veil of denial in their major support for them is known by all. So I must take issue with your statement of “countering ISIL wherever we find them”. It begins to ring hollow. That is the most polite way that I could put it.

The crocodile tears we now shed for Iraq, were nowhere to be found when our terrorist “rent-a-thugs” were inflicting war crimes and crimes against humanity upon the Syrian people. The ones I met during the election last week had no animosity for the American people, but plenty for the leadership who display what I call such “situational ethics”. These killers should be killed for killing people A, but not for people B. You will forgive me if I don’t follow that logic.


General Dempsey is widely respected in both military and political circles
General Dempsey is widely respected in both military and political circles

In the General’s defense, he does not make policy, he follows it. He may want to bomb the Jihadi terrorists wherever they can be found, but as a matter of official US policy the “A or B” issue above rules in that situation.

I am a big fan of independent British Journalist Neil Clark who weighed in heavily with his RT column on Tony Blair’s pitiful attempt to whitewash the stains of his past crimes. Neil agrees with me that we should use these egotistical elitist gaffs to our best advantage when they fall into our laps.

“While reading Blair’s essay makes the blood boil, we must look on the bright side. Blair the Serial Warmonger has become a huge asset to the anti-war movement, as there’s no one out there who can turn so many people off the cause of Western intervention.”

Neil missed Boris’ double ploy to sacrifice Blair but still serve the NeoCon warmongers by giving them another taste of blood in a far away land, and of course help reduce the cutbacks in the British military. Boris is a killer too… willing to kill more British soldiers to line up some NeoCon financial support for his future political ambitions. Can you say Prime Minister.

At the end of the day Blair, Bush, Cheney, AIPAC, the British Friends of Israel, and plenty more, are all worse than Al Qaeda, and they have a much higher body count to prove it. They share the same lack of remorse, and would do it all over again, if given the chance.

For my money, if we want to go after terrorists, I vote for taking out the ones here at home first before fooling around with the small fries in far away places. Iraqi news tells us that 2 million men have signed up to fight their Jihadi tormentors. How many would like to sign up to do the same in the West?

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veteran Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine“New Eastern Outlook”.



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