Gaza: Neocons and Israel Constructing a New 9/11


First They Killed Three Teenagers…

The first to die
The first to die

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

“There’s a new world comin’, this one’s comin’ to an end”…Cass Elliot
The current set of affairs, the brutal attacks on Gaza using American aircraft and American supplied chemical and cluster munitions is being staged for a reason.  A massive terror attack in America, staged by right wing extremists, aided by Israel, is getting near.  The evidence is overwhelming.  It is becoming increasingly hard for them to suppress.

 [youtube mfQsngNoV7I]

It seems unless Snowden or Assange, the hand-puppets of what we might as well call the Illuminati, are peddling it, it doesn’t exist.  They, of course, have made their bones with chickenfeed mixed in with carefully crafted psyop propaganda.
Cheney says a new 9/11 is coming.  We agree.  We know because we would be total morons not to be tripping over the evidence.  Others we pay to know about such things don’t know because they are total morons.  Many of them are traitors.  Never has treason been such a big business in America as now.
9/11 began in a nuclear weapons laboratory in the US.  The new attack has begun there also and the project is “well along.”  When this one is done, the world economy will be in tatters, the money you think you have will be worthless and the American government, such as it is, replaced with a “hand picked” cabal of Zionist shills masquerading as “patriots.”
Q:  What do you call 500 patriots on the bottom of the ocean? 
A:  A good start.
The press, as we have discovered, has already been briefed.  They will say that America’s constitution is being “restored.”  You will see Rand Paul and Ted Cruz on TV along with John McCain and Lindsay Graham.  There will be mass arrests.  Some of us, more than they expect, will NOT get with the program.  However, millions of you will.
The internet muckrakers will join in.  Frankly, they already have, drifting to the right “on cue” as they had always been paid to so.  The controlled alternative press, the ones with money, with advertisers, the ones who live to attack the enemies of the neocon/Zionist nexus, have been doing their part all along.  Too few out there see this and it is so obvious.
God help you.
Control of an American nuclear weapons lab has fallen into the hands of terrorists.  I can’t say this any more clearly.  What makes this worse is that using new and custom designed tactical nukes, designed to be “deniable” has become the methodology of America’s Zionist right wing terrorists.  Frankly, calling them American is wrong as well, we are dealing with not only the Secret Shadow Government but on an international scale that is unprecedented.
Total control of the Department of Homeland Security helps make it possible, especially since the Department of Defense has been cleansed of traitors by Secretary Hegel and General Dempsey.  If this doesn’t make many sit and wonder why attacking Obamacare is so important, it should.  Has anyone noticed what is going on with the border with Mexico?
Have you noticed how Obama is being blamed although the GOP has blocked all finance efforts to deal the problem?  This is part of it and several writers have picked up on this.  They just don’t have the whole story and we do, finally.
Getting this “out there” is a beginning.  We will be publishing more of the evidence over the next few weeks.  We have already put so much out there already.
The same lab that designed the nuclear thermo-metric/thermobaric weapons that, with other W54 based nukes dropped the World Trade Center is busy again.  Last time, the lab in New Mexico had a “famous” scientist do material studies on how to use enhanced neutron weapons to drop very large and smaller buildings.  Now they are studying how to destroy America’s power grid while a partner group designs the weapons.
American taxpayers are footing the bill, again.  How do we know all this?  The answer is simple.  Scientists blabber and we are the guys who clean the floors, do the security clearances, wipe the tables in the lunchroom and fix the phones.  Sound like “Fight Club?”
The current Gaza attack stinks “to high heaven.”  The whole thing is staged, from the phony kidnapping, three carefully selected expendable young people, murdered by their own, and the Israeli’s even screwed that up.  Police complicity is obvious, burying the details needed to debunk the kidnapping while the “parrot press” did the dirtywork.
They we have Dick Cheney, laying it all out, a Nuclear 9/11.  This will be our second as those fortunate enough to have access to a brain and a computer know very well.
Prior to 9/11, nuclear weapons inside the United States had been strategically placed to blackmail a US government weak enough to submit, weak and infiltrated as well.  George W. Bush was all of this and more and 5 members of the US Supreme Court, totally complicit in this from the beginning, threw away what was left of the constitution in order to bring America to its knees.
If you don’t see America crushed and helpless in 2008, two wars lost, economy in tatters, hated around the world, you must have been in a coma.
To that, you might add, “a police state ruled by a cabal of Wall Street thugs, Bolsheviks and evangelical nut cases.”
Now they are back and ready to try again, a combination of “Red Dawn” and “Jehrico,”
The weapons have been moved, our satellite data that should have seen this suppressed.  They are being placed to bring down our power grid.  Islam and Iran will be blamed, inflamed hatreds of US complicity in the slaughter in Gaza, the Ukraine and Syria, the slaughter in Iraq, all to play a part in the cover story.
ISIS, a CIA “Al Qaeda” franchise may well be blamed also.  There are so many “sock puppet” terror groups run by the CIA now, one to fit every occasion.  You could trade them like baseball cards.
Unless you want it to come, make clear that those who “step up” to “save America” will be putting a target on their foreheads.  We are not accepting a new government of “national salvation” run by organized crime.
What emboldens them is seeing millions of Americans sucking down their propaganda.  We have so many new found “anti-government” types.  I do so love that several million Americans are demanding a government that will control everything they do and think until, of course, the time comes that they are of no use.
It isn’t going to be FEMA camps.  There is no reason to send the dead to camp.

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