NATO – A Security Threat to All

NATO exercises
NATO exercises

NATO – A Security Threat to All

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor    … with  PressTVTehran

–  First published  …  August 11, 2014  –


Pakistani Airspace Violated by NATO airplanes, August 2013
Pakistani Airspace Violated by NATO airplanes, August 2013

These are difficult times to be a geopolitical writer. Frankly, in moments of writers block now I find myself in an Alice in Wonderland world, confused as to whether I am writing on fact or fiction because the current world situation has entered the surreal.

In a discussion with Gordon Duff this week, we even described it like being a Fellini film.

I have been wanting to write this piece on how NATO has morphed from a defense alliance into an offensive one. The focus was not the obvious one of NATO moving east to the Soviet border with bases, and all the intelligence apparatus and forward weapons deployment that goes with that… but the resulting threat to the people of the NATO countries themselves. It is a delicate thing getting too far out in front of a story.

Internet writers today will often hype a story to pull more readership. They do it because it works… in the short run. But once the readers catch on, such writers are toast as they are branded hype-meisters, and all their writing is regarded with suspicion after that. Hence I have been waiting about two weeks to write this, time to pull more material together.

To charge NATO with formally endangering those it is pledged to serve and protect is a serious accusation. I would not do it if they were not guilty as Hades, and they are. It is an abject betrayal, another confirmation of the threat brought to us by the horrendous quality of Western leadership.

It is time to push the reset button on NATO and start all over. We might even save ourselves if we do it, something I consider a substantial motivation. And I also feel a special obligation to take on this task because I am an American. Make no mistake about it. When we are talking NATO, we are really talking about the Pentagon and Washington. That is where the military power and the folks paying most of the bills are, and paying with borrowed money.


Diplomatic Guarantees were merely A Handshake

The betrayal began long ago when we enjoyed the miracle of the Soviet Union breaking up without a huge war, largely due to the financial burden of diverting so much production into the Cold War, while crippling the living standard of its people.

Diplomatic guarantees were given that former Eastern Soviet-block counties would not become a post-Soviet breakup battleground for NATO expansion. Unfortunately this was not codified into a treaty… a big mistake.

But Europe, NATO and the US have created the battleground on Russia’s border, and it is difficult to not suspect that was their plan all along, to do it slowly and steadily, playing on Russia’s wanting commercial openings to the West, and of course Western capital to help develop a non state run economy. The Cold War “Big Game” was ended, and another one slowly eased in to replace it by the usual suspects.

These were the Western elites who view peacetime as just a preparation for the next war, as turbulence creates the ups and downs needed to make huge financial power moves, both in funding the military industrial complex and then rebuilding the resulting destruction. This is an old game, and the public deserves a big part of the blame for playing along so sheepishly. We should know better by now.


Facts-Based Ground Zero Investigation

One of Sandia National Laboratory's locations
One of Sandia National Laboratory’s locations – click to enlarge

Fast forward to post 9-11, before we knew that it was a coup by these same elites, now proven by the classified Sandia Lab report – whose investigators were quietly on the Ground Zero scene along with the Intel Agencies of several major countries.

The investigators were doing what they always do for any major explosion, get to the site quickly so they can obtain fresh testing material for the telltale fingerprints that are ALWAYS present at a nuclear-triggered explosion.

And yes, they found and confirmed that mini-nukes were used, something that no one had accused Osama bin Laden of being able to do at the time.

The whole world recoiled from the shock of the WTC and Pentagon attacks, but not the abject failure of our security organs. Former and new adversaries, like Russia and Iran, joined hands to contribute to fight the War on Terror, which we did not know then was just Act One of the coming War of Terror.

Putin, and George Bush (43) of all people, became buddies standing shoulder to shoulder on the world stage to cooperate on fighting international terrorism, as the Russians had been suffering greatly from the bloody Chechen war.

We did not know then that the US-NATO and the NeoCons had been involved in the Chechen terror destabilization, an offshoot from the live testing of using Muslim Jihadi extremists as a destabilization tool to open the door to NATO “peace efforts” where NATO wanted to move in.


Economic Crash

Do you smell smoke or something?

We could not see what was coming then, but we do now. The economic crash and the resulting gutting of Western countries capital base, not surprisingly included a huge shift in the transfer of the remaining assets onto the elites’ ledger books, while the debt was put on the public’s books. Now we have intense scrambling to keep the West’s financial house of cards from collapsing.

That is the well from which the new NATO attack on the Eastern front around Russia has evolved from the under the radar, step by step, and has intensified with each passing year.

What seems to have happened is that while Western countries’ economies were tanking, China and Russia were not. Sure, they had some bumps in the road, but they were not buried in debt. Where we had failed, they had not. That bothered the elites.

This “inequality of carrying the debt load war” morphed into a national security threat, which opened the doors to both covert and overt military action to protect “our interests”, the term which we see both civilian and military American leaders using exclusively now.

They no longer say “national security interests”. China had stopped buying the US debt and began hedging against a crash in their dollar reserves by creating a new reserve currency to prudently cushion that potential disaster.

Mind you, we had a US Treasury official make a slip during a TV interview when he was challenged about our ability to carry our current debt load. He said “ We will just kill the dollar”. That gem of a revelation got no mass media coverage. You can guess why.



Asia Pivot

Our attack on Syria had, as part of its strategic goals, pushing Russia completely out of the Mediterranean and Mideast from its only foreign base, albeit not a major one. And yes, future pipelines from the Gulf through northern Syria, after it becomes a puppet state were another major factor. And the reverse of our aggression from Iran, due to our Asia Pivot, also revealed the main strategy of a New Cold war, where Iran would be accommodated with inclusion for energy exports to the West.

This would result in the shifting of US military power closer to China and Russia, to threaten their energy and manufacturing exports. Our sanctions began to boomerang by speeding up the process of forming new reserve currencies and global trading blocks, but instead of reversing the bad policy, the “deciders” have recklessly decided to speed it up. NATO and the US are doubling down on this bad bet, and the public was never asked.

The long lingering Ukraine card was put into full play with the Kiev coup, which NATO and the Pentagon knew would result in Russia protecting its Black Sea fleet base in Crimea. They would use this to begin their Russia Bear PR propaganda to kick off escalating rounds of sanctions, where we have just hit stage three. The problem is that NATO, EU and US are the gang that can’t shoot straight.

Even the new sanctions are backfiring right away, as Russia has delivered a major political blow to wake up the average European. Europeans have to step up to the plate and change their countries’ policies or suffer the consequences.

The Russian food import ban is a $16 billion economic hit on Europe, integration that years had been spent building between the two blocs. It is now being transferred from those who sanction to those who don’t, and has sent a shock wave throughout Europe. This could trigger mass bankruptcies of their struggling and export dependent agriculture sectors. I predict this will trigger a revolt against NATO and a complete rethinking of its becoming a threat to Europe.



vertical deploy
vertical deploy

And not the least of these threats is the murder of the 300 passengers on MH17, which independent Intel sources are closing in on as a geopolitical false flag that was supposed to trigger more public support for NATO’s anti-Russian moves.

The US in particular has been caught red-handed in giving Kiev our own satellite imagery, where it doctored the date stamps to hide what looks to be Western involvement in a war crime. They are already guilty of aiding and abetting after the fact, by not only releasing their substantial intercept evidence much earlier, but then letting Kiev use it as false evidence, the kind that could trigger a war.

NATO of course is aware of every bit of the satellite Intel on the MH17 attack. It knows the Russians have not moved armor into East Ukraine, and NATO has lied over and over about Russian military status on the Ukraine border, which independent observers have exposed over and over.

Folks, we have a renegade NATO on our hands, and we better do something quick to stop them from doing even more damage.

We have to do our own investigation to expose all those responsible, have them removed from their positions and prosecuted for any and all crimes they have committed. Either they will have us pay for their mistakes, or we will make them pay. I have already made my choice. We need some major push back on this threat and we need it now.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean  and  Erica P. Wissinger



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