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Press TV – a Loss for the Good Guys

Iran's Press TV is still a force to be reckoned with, from a broadcast standpoint. They are still blocked from most satellites, from most service providers and from many entire nations. Their staff, the producers and presenters are world class. The problem is with the Press TV website. It has almost "gone dead," a big win for the controlled mainstream media.

PressTV: Hundreds of FBI homicides unaccounted for in US crime statistics

- "Hundreds of police killings have gone unreported in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a new report reveals."

NATO – A Security Threat to All

- "These are difficult times to be a geopolitical writer. Frankly, in moments of writers block now I find myself in an Alice in Wonderland world."

Syria Presidential Vote underway despite Militancy

- The invitations to Western Parliaments to send observers to Syria were declined as part of the West’s plan to delegitimize this election.

Russia urges US to press Ukraine over Operations

- PressTV - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has urged the United States to use its influence to make Ukraine's interim government immediately stop military operations in the country’s southeastern part.

The Ghost Troops of Russia

- The State Department and the NY Times got caught red-handed with faked evidence of Russian aggression in East Ukraine.

CIA has blood on hands in Ukraine: Analyst

- Both the Kiev coup-meisters and the US State Department are joined at the hip on who has made the biggest fools of themselves

US policy on Assad removal ‘nonsensical’ – Press TV

- I used this beheading image as it is the perfect representation of American regime change foreign policy, that isn't so special.

Gordon cuts Duncan Hunter off at the knees

- "My analysis of what he has had to say - [is that] he is either on narcotics or he is hopelessly insane. "

NSA infiltrates Yahoo, Google data centers

- Google led the way in collecting everything about you, selling that information to strangers, and feel they have now been violated? That is a hoot!

Next Year in Nuremberg with Israelis in the Dock

- The message has to be sent to world leaders that if you stick with Israel...you are on a sinking ship.

Cyber Warfare – the New ‘Yellowcake’ Scam

- Anything the the Russian and Chinese can't get from us, they can just buy from the Israelis

Press TV: Zionists to blame for EU Press TV Ban...

- Know we are fighting a war of deception and many who claim to be a voice of freedom and justice are very much the opposite.

Israeli Drone Crashes in West Bank

- Israelis can't pass a budget but they have plenty of money for military hardware