Western Ship of Fools Fights Aid Convoy



They can't make it any clearer than that
They can’t make it any clearer than that

Western Ship of Fools Fights Aid Convoy

… by  Jim  W. Dean, VT Editor    … with  PressTV,  Tehran


“Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. ‘Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is.” Josey Wales

–  First published …  August 19, 2014  –


Russian aid convoy waiting to enter Ukraine
Russian humanitarian convoy waiting to enter eastern Ukraine

The Russian humanitarian convoy trying to get into the East Ukraine cities of Donetsk and Luhansk has taken on the aura of the 1974 book, Voyage of the Damned.

It featured the pre-WWII refugees on the MS St. Louis, which floated around trying to find asylum, eventually having to return to Europe.

The geopolitical issue was what would come after them if they were accepted, and we have a similar situation with the foot dragging on this humanitarian aid convoy. The West fears it is staging for more pressure for negotiations.

Cuba had changed its entry rules after the MS St. Louis passengers had purchased visas, and both the US and Canada had passed lower immigration quotas, due to high unemployment during the Great Depression.

A buried part of this story is how Zionist Jews in America blocked subsequent Jewish refugee efforts, in an attempt to force them upon the British in Palestine.

Can they face their own legacy?
Can they face their own legacy?

It is a rather treacherous legacy, which they have gone to great length to air brush from history, blaming American “anti-Semites”, while the archival record shows the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) lobbied Congress to keep the American door shut.

So we have a somewhat similar saga with the Russian humanitarian aid convoy having a succession of roadblocks thrown up to block it, while press reports are released pretending they have agreed to let it in.

The good news this morning is that a border crossing has been agreed upon, as have procedures to check and clear the cargoes to enter Ukraine under International Red Cross control. Security guarantees still seem to be the last stumbling block.

MS St. Louis in Antwerp, 1939
MS St. Louis in Antwerp, 1939 – many of these good people did not live long and prosper

Even if the aid finally goes through, and despite the power manipulations going on behind the scenes, we will not have to wait for the 50-year secrecy veil to expire before we learn what really happened. We have 90% of the story now, and it is a classic one of Western duplicity.ZOA

Kiev has stiff armed several months of constant Russian diplomatic requests to begin a diplomatic resolution to the violent Ukraine coup, which not only was fully backed by the West, but was a ten-year offensive effort to complete.

The proof of this is enshrined in Victoria Nuland’s famous speech on how the US had spent $5 billion on US taxpayer money to put a pro-Western puppet government in Ukraine.

Throughout this whole saga, the West — mainly the US and NATO — has made charge after charge of Russian aggression in East Ukraine, but not one of these charges has been substantiated.

The most recent charge was the incredible story of how Kiev had destroyed a Russian armored column inside Ukraine. When no photos or cell phone video of the destroyed vehicles was up on YouTube in the first 24 hours, that was a strong hint that the story was totally bogus, which it was.

Old Boys Club at the 9th Davos Ukrainian Lunch, 25 JAN 2013. In 2008, Kwaśniewski became Chairman of the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation, a not-for-profit organization co-chaired by European Jewish Fund President Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor, and established to monitor tolerance in Europe.
Old Boys Club at the 9th Davos Ukrainian Lunch, 25 JAN 2013. In 2008, Kwaśniewski (L) became Chairman of the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation, a not-for-profit organization co-chaired by European Jewish Fund President Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor, and established to monitor tolerance in Europe.

I can’t list all the dis-info Western Intel psyops stories here, as it would fill up the rest of my column. But the most incredible one has been the constant charge that Russia was preparing to invade Ukraine at any moment.

In the early stages, this was pitched to us by NATO as Russia’s plan to sweep all the way across Ukraine to Moldova.

Left out of most of the Western corporate media was the truth…. all of the truth. During the pre-announced military drills for Western Russia, the long-established protocol for regional country monitors being on the scene to observe all movements was in operation.

As NATO made one baseless accusation after another about an impending Russian invasion, all Western media had to do to verify was to request NATO’s aerial surveillance, and communications intercepts, plus make inquiries to the observers on the ground to get confirmation.

Such confirmation did not exist. The observers on the scene never validated a single NATO allegation. In fact a rookie reporter could have determined that all the charges were a hoax, a military psyop, and run with that story as a major scoop. But those days seem to be gone.

What Western media did was “report the news” of the NATO, Pentagon and White House charges, and then censored out all of the easy to find evidence that debunked the allegations. This showed beyond a doubt that they were all aboard the disinformation scam, the kind of collaboration in the past that you have only seen mass media do when engaged in a country-to-country declared war situation.

The American military brass, NATO and the Western media have flushed their reputations down the drain on a disinformation scam that they had zero chance of validating. So we have to ask ourselves, why did they not fear exposure of the fraud?

And the answer is a sad one. They have done enough focus group studies to learn that if the lie is told over and over, it becomes the truth to the majority of the people. And even if somewhat large numbers discover the lie, what can they really do about it if they are in the minority… 10, 15 even 20%?

President Petro Porosheko of Ukraine
President Petro Porosheko of Ukraine

By the time the next US presidential election comes up, all the top brass involved in the scam have retired, are on the boards of 12 to 15 defense companies, and on the payroll of the shadow government.

That, of course, is funded through all the huge military and Intel outsourcing that is done now. LC3 Communications, for example, has a “Who’s Who” of American top military involved in what can only be described politely as “terrorism lite” activities.

So here is the point. All of the constant untrue charges — the main purpose of those is to fill up the mass media reports with their version of events.

How many investigative journalism stories have you seen on Ukraine about who has really invaded Ukraine… all the US contractors, all of their pre-trained terror battalions, their psyops people working out of the Embassy?

We have not had one story in mass media on Israeli Intel working with oligarchs and the independent brigades they have operating under a separate military command that is attacking E. Ukraine. These people were responsible for the Odessa mass murder, and they were involved in the sniper killings during the Kiev coup.

When have you seen a followup story on Kiev’s investigation of arrests and prosecutions of either event? The answer is basically none. Mass media has seen to it that there is “no room” for such stories by continually putting out false ones.


The West and NATO are also desperate to deny Russia a diplomatic victory with the humanitarian relief convoy, so they have been dragging the process out. One of their goals is to literally starve out the civilian populations in eastern cities to collapse whatever public support there is for the separation movement.

All the false Russian aggression stories are primarily a smokescreen for the real aggression being done by Kiev and its sponsors. They are controlling the momentum that way.

But Russia continues to play its cards very carefully with its humanitarian and counter-sanctions response. Finland and Latvia are having second thoughts of jumping on the NATO anti-Russian bandwagon, when they saw it as a no-cost freebie in the beginning. The Russian food sanctions have triggered significant political opposition to participating in the current Western destabilization fiasco.

There is a clear shift that they are looking for a way out now, and they see the success of the Russian relief convoy as setting the stage to push for a ceasefire and political negotiations. That is why Kiev has had its foot on the brake pedal, while the US has floated the silly charges of the relief convoy being a “Trojan Horse” story.

Whoever was the dummy that dreamed that up should be taken out and shot on the Pentagon lawn at lunchtime, and removed from the human gene pool.

With the success of this relief convoy will be lots of Red Cross witnesses who can testify they saw no Russian military or even weapons being used in the East. More stories on the horror of the conditions will be coming out, including how the general shelling of civilian areas as punishment was the main cause.

And yes, there is the issue of war crimes here by not only Kiev, but its supporters, including all the Western contractors assisting them.

It is our job now, not only to stop the carnage, but to put all those really responsible for it out of business, so they can’t do it again. Any and all charges must be placed against them as a deterrent against others continuing these acts. Putting them on the no-fly list would be a good start. And if we don’t do this, it is we who are the dummies. You either resist or perish. “They” have removed all the middle ground.

Editing:  Erica P. Wissinger

America's hand in Ukraine unrest
America’s hand in Ukraine unrest



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