Quasi-Governmental Psyops deployed to Steal our Future


by Preston James


75948_668694846502088_433811097_nEver wonder how American Defense Policy is made which keeps leading America into illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared perpetual Wars?

In this article you will be informed how Quasi-Governmental Top Policy-Makers use sophisticated Psyops to Mind-Kontrol and deceive Americans into supporting these crimes against humanity which they would never otherwise support.

It’s high time Americans learn how sophisticated quasi-governmental Think-Tanks and Defense Policy Boards (TTs/DPBs) steal their future by creating sophisticated Psyops and disseminating them through the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

It is important to realize that the 9/11/01 nuclear attack on America was imagined, created, woven into a major Psyop against the American Masses in secret, closed meetings in one of these TTs/DPBs and this Psyop was designed to create a huge lie designed to sucker America into additional illegal Mideast wars and transform America into a militarized police State obsessed with fighting non-existent Terrorism.

These Psyops are comprised of “Big Lie” Narratives masquerading as official Government-dispensed Truth, when actually they are little more than very Big, absurd Lies concocted in these secret Think-Tanks and Defense Policy Boards and then dispensed through the CMMM, which is of course controlled by them.

These Think-Tanks and Defense Policy Boards (TTs/DPBs) are typically heavily populated with a collection of NeoCons, PNACers, Israeli-American Israeli-First “Dual and Triple Citizens” and Defense Industry or Military Insiders.

These folks who are often noticeably subservient to top World Zionists (WZs) operating out of the City of London and Israel, and extremely friendly to large Defense Contractors who provide massive direct or indirect rewards to them for their work on behalf of Israel and the WZs.

[youtube 8sSDUN-esUI]

[youtube 1uT7kcAu4i8&feature=player_detailpage]


Triple Citizens:

“If you Judaics don’t support our Israeli Lobby and give us big donations, you will be exterminated by the Islamo-fascists and even white American Goyim!”

Recent insider disclosures, and Russian and French Intel dumps into the public sector have shown that some of the top World Zionists who are running sophisticated espionage fronts inside America such as AIPAC and the like, are actually “Triple Citizens.”

Stew Webb, noted Federal Whistle-blower and VT Columnist has previously stated that some notorious Dual Citizens are part of the the Denver Circle of Twelve (thirteen at the “Witching hour”) and are also Triple Citizens and have been able to travel freely in and out of Russia in the past before Putin was elected.

What is a Triple Citizen? A triple Citizen is an Israel-American, Israeli-First “Dual Citizen” who is also a Russian Citizen too and typically a member of the “Red Mafiya” which is notably Judaic, something few journalists have ever wanted to discuss in the past because it usually brought hard sanctions and murder-for-hire contracts against them. The author of the Book, “Red Mafiya”, had a $100,000 contract put out on his life by the Red Mafiya when he dared to publish this excellent, groundbreaking book.

indexWorld Zionists (WZs), NeoCons, PNACers and Israeli-American, Isreali-First “Dual and Triple Citizens” now have the most influential roles in TTs/DPBs.

Many of these Triples have used false names and have Diplomatic Immunity allowing them to operate sophisticated espionage fronts such as AIPAC and numerous TTs/DPBs on behalf of the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) centered in Israel (which serves as the main action agent for the Rothschild City of London Zionist private Central Banksters).

It is now known that the Red Mafiya is an important leg of the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) operating out of their Home-Base in Israel. They find Israeli Citizenship quite rewarding because they can run their massive sex trafficking and prostitution/female slavery ops, organ transplant scams, and massive organizes crime activities there with impunity and little fear of arrest or prosecution.

And if prosecution in other nations where they ply their scams and syndicate activities seems imminent, they can and do go back to Israel where they cannot be extradited from, and are thus beyond the reach of International law. The Red Mafiya has deeply infiltrated American politics and Intel and is often used as cover for numerous Mossad crimes.

It is now believed by numerous insiders and those who have studied this in detail that World Zionists have taken control over most Defense Policy-Making by setting up and stacking these Think Tanks and Defense Policy Boards (TTs/DPBs) with folks who are either Dual or Triple Citizens and owned by the WZs one way or another or at a minimum members of the Bush Crime cabal (BCC).

I am not going to identify these here (perhaps you can guess why), but you can find their names and who serves on them with a little Internet digging. The most notorious one is called “The Joint”, and has been clearly functioning as an action-agent for the World Zionists (WZs) and the IZCS for many years, even before WW2, disguised as a Judaic charity.

The function of these Think-Tanks and Defense Policy Boards is to concoct USG policies which are good for World Zionists, Israel, Big Oil and their Banks and Defense Contractors, while being substantially bad for “We the People.”

And what are these policies? These policies are actually sophisticated Pysops designed to draw support from American politicians and the American public for the waging of illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared perpetual wars.  These wars are deemed necessary by the WZs to keep massive war profits coming to the Banksters and large Defense Contractors at the expense of the American Taxpayers aka “We the People.”

Many of these Psyops deployed inside America by these TTs/DPBs involve Gladio-style, False-Flag, “Inside-job” acts of extreme terror and violence against the American People while using the CMMM to transfer blame to various intended patsies or targets who had nothing to do with the op. These deep black deadly covert ops cover a range from MK-Ultra induced mass shooting which were first rolled out at the US Post Office (“going postal”) and then to public schools and restaurants and then universities and military bases. Inner city gangs and urban drug networks were socially engineered by these TTs/DPBs as a major ongoing Psyop to destroy the fabric and character of America and create the justification for a big militarized police State Buildup by Israeli anti-terror  operators which is necessary in order to transform America into GAZA II. These Gladio-style acts of terror by these WZ/IZCS/Israeli espionage fronts inside America using American assets and Cutouts for assistance in many cases must use innocent Americans as their targets to obtain the maximum “terror effect” desired.

The 9/11/01 Nuclear Psyop has successfully transformed America into a Militarized Police State obsessed with fighting terrorism that DOES NOT exist.

Since  the Israeli/JCS/USAF/NORAD/FAA/VP nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01 which was wrongly blamed on foreign based Muslims, American Law Enforcement has been transformed into a completely militarized Police State that is obsessed with fighting so-called American “domestic terrorists” and “lone wolf terrorists” that DO NOT exist at all. Israeli anti-terror specialists have become responsible for training most large Police departments and many police Chiefs have been sent to Israel on all expense paid training trips with many receiving unmentionable perks during such that would normally land them in jail.

Israeli militarizing of the American Police is transforming them into paranoid, public hating, trigger happy freaks who lose their souls in the process.

This Israeli training has transformed many urban Police Officers into paranoid, public hating, trigger happy freaks. This translates into abuse and tyranny against the public which over time becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and can produce the very monsters they have been trained to see members of the public as. Yes, their paranoid, violent oppressive behavior will in time produce serious blow-back and end up getting a lot of these police Officers killed by a public that finally can take no more. When the police are thus militarized by the Israelis they become an agent of the state which is now being run by Israeli occupiers know as Homeland Security.

At the top, DHS is perhaps the world’s largest collection of violent, humanity hating perverts, and soulless scum ever assembled and disguised as a legitimate Law Enforcement Agency, which it is not because it’s a foreign based Israeli occupying force that has no legitimate place in America ever. And DHS has hand picked specially profiled folks to man their VIPR kill squads. Don’t ever expect any mercy from these folks, it’s an impossibility. They are not here to protect you and serve you, but to oppress you, to tyrannize you and to murder you at the slightest flimsy reason possible.

Israel has claimed to be the top world experts on Terrorism and Terrorists attacks. Of course that is true because they specialize in setting up and performing terror attacks like they did on 9/11/01 and at the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. And their goal now is to transform the American police into a hard core, notably violent Mind-Kontrolled “No tolerance” military force working at the behest of the new Israeli occupying force inside America, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), a clearly criminal, Unconstitutional Israeli organization.

Are these TTs/DPBs real US Governmental Entities?

No, absolutely not. But they think they are. Many of these individuals serving on these boards have previous experience in high positions of government and are appointed to these boards by connected cronies. Because these TT/DPB members have gained so much influence and control over Congress, the Judiciary and now the DHS due to their rich and powerful WZ backers, they think they ARE the true USG. Again, it all comes back to the City of London phony Babylonian Money-Magick power behind them. Get rid of the federal reserve System and the Rothschild City of London private Central Banksters and all World Zionist control evaporates over night worldwide.

These Think Tanks and Defense policy Boards (TTs/DPBs) are wrongly viewed by most as quasi-government entities when they are little more than World Zionist (WZ) espionage fronts used to coerce the USG to follow WZ dictated “Defense” Policies.  The main Defense Policy Board has always maintained a close role to advising the Department of defense, the Secretary of Defense and thus hopefully the US Administration, and has often been able to influence the actions of US Presidents to conform to the wishes of the World Zionists (WZs).

A good way to think about these TTs/DPBs is to consider them groups of WZ back cronies that have been selected to form criminal extra-governmental gangs pretending to be part of the legitimate government (which they are not). Any USG official, elected or appointed which allows these criminal gangs to assert any influence or authority over “We the People” has violated their oath of office, committed a serious crime and gross dereliction of duty. But many of these traitors have been pressured, coerced, human compromised or blackmailed into serving the WZ Agenda which provides their power, status and money and uses them at fronts or Cutouts to do their “dirty work.”

These Think-Tanks and Defense Policy Boards concoct and disseminate Big Lies as major Psyops.

6corps-320x316They do this using the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) which their master controllers the World Zionists (WZs) actually own and control. When their Big Lies are dispensed by the CMMM, they become official USG information releases which in reality are nothing more than Big Government Lies.

So this is the way it works. These Think-Tanks and Defense Policy Boards concoct major Psyops based on “Big Lies that are dispensed by the CMMM as USG dispensed “Officially Christened Facts” when they are actually “Big Government Lies”.

False narratives based on Big Lies and Psyops are their specialty:

A fabric of of False Narratives is created and dispensed to the American masses which is actually a sophisticated Psyops designed to subvert the US Constitution, Bill of rights and World law.

The fabric of these False Narratives is created and dispensed to the American masses by these Think-Tanks and Defense Policy Boards which misleads and motivates the American masses to support wars of aggression and crimes against humanity by the US Military. of course this is all based on the creation and dispensing of Big lies which are actually major Psyops against the American masses (aka “We the People”).

Meet the War Criminals, those who committed High Treason against America by using PNAC to generate a huge Psyop against Americans which was deployed to manipulate America into illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked undeclared Mideast Wars of Aggression for Israel and the World Zionists (WZs). The blood of the dead and wounded cries out from the ground for justice even to this very day.

[youtube 7IStPV8gApA&feature=player_detailpage]

Big Lies of the TTs/DPBs are woven into narratives of Big USG Lies, served up to the American Masses by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

enemy-of-the-state1These Big Government Lies are woven into a fabric of narratives which motivates the American masses to support USG Policies designed to taker America into wars of aggression for war profiteering that are illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked and undeclared. Those Top Policy-Makers who sit on these TTs/DPBs who lead America into these illegal wars of aggression on behalf of Israel are truly enemies of the state and have committed Treason.

These illegal Wars of Aggression get a big boost by the deployment of WZ False-Flag attacks which are usually designed in Think-Tanks and Defense Policy Boards which also design the news releases which either precede them or accompany them, and which are actually nothing more than major Psyops designed to motivate the American masses into supporting these highly illegal aggressive wars and crimes against humanity.

False-Flag attacks are conceived, operationally planned and rolled out in these think-Tanks and Defense Policy Boards.

Malcom-X-Quote-oppressed-peopleThese illegal American wars of aggression have typically required major False-Flags to serve as a turning point to actualize strong support by the American masses for war:  The false-flag sinking of the Maine; the use of the Lusitania for shipping munitions knowing it would be sunk after informing the Nazis of the cargo; the Pearl Harbor attack, American provoked it over many years, Navy Intel knew it was coming and moved the carriers out of port rather than defend the base; the Gulf of Tonkin incident which was later admitted by McNamara to be a lie; the American induced Iraqi invasion of Kuwait based on informing Saddam Hussein about Sante-Fe’s cross-drilling and promising to ignore it if he did something about it; the (9/11/01 nuclear attack on America where nukes were placed in the Twin Towers by Israeli Intel along with major support from the VP, JCS, USAF, NORAD, and FAA.

2Remember the Israel nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01 with the help of Traitors in the USAF, NORAD, the JCS, and the USAF, the NeoCons, and the PNACers was hatched inside a major particular defense Policy Board, and deployed as a major Psyop to draw Americans into another war for Israel as part of their World Acquisition plan for the Rothschild City of London Banksters and Moneychangers.

In a previous article, it was suggested that there is a secret Civil War going on inside America which is being fought remotely in the Mideast and the Ukraine.(1)

These Secret Shadow Government Think-Tanks and Defense Policy Boards are pitted against the new high Command of the US Military which appears to now be dead-set against entering into any new wars for Israel. This is a serious point of contention because each day the desperation of these Secret Shadow Government Think-Tanks and Defense Policy Boards and they become increasingly motivated to engineer and deploy drastic actions such as more nuclear 9/11/01 attacks on America.

What assets do these Secret Shadow Government Think-Tanks and Defense Policy Boards (TT/DPBs) actually posses?

They have their own private mercenary armies, some with offices inside America. Most of these were assembled by the bush Crime cabal under the direction of Bush1 as private CIA Armies during the Iran Contra days. Some still exist and have obtained huge no bid USG contracts.

TTs and DPBs are Wolves in Sheeps Clothing. They claim to be providing a Public Service, but actually create massive Psyops and Mind-Kontrol to take America into illegal Wars of Aggression for Israel and the WZs.

These TT/DPBs have almost complete control over many assets inside the American Congress and the US Department of State through their vastly wealthy WZ lobbying groups such as AIPAC and the like which are actually illegal, espionage groups operating inside America against “We the People”.

These WZs who control the TT/DPBs literally own and control the six major Mass Media Corporations that control the dissemination of all the news and portray it as factual.

This provides them an instant means to use the CMMM to dispense their concocted Big Lies and false narratives which in reality are major Psyops against “We the People”.

Of course these Psyops are designed to manipulate America along a path very good for the WZs and the Babylonian Talmudists (AKA Denver Circle of twelve or “Illuminati”), but very bad for the American Taxpayer and “We the People.”

These TT/DPBs also have some very strong assets inside American Intel Agencies. After BUsh2 left office and took Cheney (Darth Vader) with him, many of these assets have been pressured to resign or dis-empowered.

A very powerful asset these TTs/DPBs now have is the Homeland Security which was set up by WZs to serve as a Secret Israeli Occupation Army inside America, deployed to consolidate all Alphabets, Intel and Law Enforcement under the control of an Israel-America Israeli-First Dual Citizen (“Son of the Devil”). This need to create a private Internal Army inside America was was announced by Obama during his first campaign and now we have it.

Right now President Obama is Obstructing the WZs use of these WZ aligned Policy Boards to generate another illegal Mideast War for Israel and they are furious to say the least.

And yet President Obama has been refusing to follow the edicts, propaganda and Psyops dictated by the TTs/DPBs through their owned mouthpiece the CMMM. Why is he balking when many though he was owned by the Chitown Kosher Nostra? Some say he has turned on many of his supporters. Others say that the Military High Command has taken his football away, replacing it with a fake one and placing him under secret indictment and high restriction, but keeping him on as a figurehead Potus to preserve as much stability as possible in a system which has actually become quite unstable.

The CMMM has been publishing numerous fake, concocted BIG Lie Psyops Stories designed to push Americans into a another major war for the WZs and Israel in the Mideast or the Ukraine.

Iraq3Here are some of the fake stories which have appeared in the CMMM and which have been published as though they are official USG truth. Don’t be fooled by these Major Lies dispensed by the WZ controlled CMMM. These Big Lies are all part of a sophisticated Psyop against the American People by these TTs/DPBs. Let us clearly understand that.

A. “NATO sees alarming build-up of Russian forces near Ukraine.”(2) This story is misinformation and part of a major Psyop created and deployed by the TTs/DPBs designed to foment another war for Israel and the WZs.

B. “Russia escalates with tensions with aid convoy, reported firing of artillery shells inside Ukraine.”(3) This story is another Big Lie concocted inside the TTs/DPBs and then deployed through the CMMM designed to foment another war for Israel and the WZs.

Now occasionally contrarian stories appear which appear truthful and these must also be vetted for truth. Here are a couple which have been vetted and shown to be true:

iraq-3C. “Was Putin right about Syria?” This article suggest that the American Military High Command is now considering airstrikes against the Syrian rebels who are now involved with ISIS, suggested by some insiders to actually be a private mercenary army like Al CIA Duh run out of America.

Does this private Defense contractor know anything about this as some Bloggers have suggested or is their name being the same as ISIS in Iraq (an extension of Al CIA Duh) a pure coincidence?(5)

D. “West poised to join forces with President Assad in face of Islamic State.”(6) This story has both misinformation and some truth. But it does signify the current battle inside America between the US High Military Command which does not want any new major wars for Israel and the major Psyops created and dispensed by the TTs/DFBs which were deployed to bring America into fighting another war for Israel, the WZs and their large Defense Contractors.


These TTs/DPBs are the tip of the spear for the WZs in America and serve up major Psyops periodically which are designed to mislead and Mind-Kontrol the American masses (“We the People”) and take America into additional, illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared war of aggression for Israel, the WZs and their large Defense Contractors. Certainly it is time to expose this Evil Underbelly of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) which is controlled by the World Zionists working out of Israel and commanded by the City London Rothschild private Central Banksters and their Franchisee the Federal Reserve System in America. If the new US Military High Command succeeds in this Secret Civil War against these WZs which is now being fought through proxy mercenary armies in the Mideast and the Ukraine, it will be the end of these criminal TTs/DPBs.

ThitselfThose who want a better understanding of the TTs/DPBs can do some basic and detailed Web research using proxied search engines and studying the various entities comprising the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and the Defense Policy Boards.(6)

This whole subject of the TTs/DPBs has been kept clouded in secrecy on purpose and need to be fully exposed by those willing to come forth, speak out and fully research these extra-governmental structures which create and dispense Psyops to Mind-Kontrol “We the People” and induce them to support elite WZ and Israeli crimes they would never otherwise support.(7) Not every defense Policy Board is operating as a foreign espionage front for the WZs or Israelis inside America. Do your own detailed research and come to your own conclusion which ones are functioning as foreign agents or espionage,e.g. “Treasonous and Seditious Enemies Inside the Gates of America.”(8)

Few Americans, even those who work inside the USG understand how American Defense policy is formulated by the TTs/DPBs that present themselves as Quasi-government entities when they are little more than owned stooges for the Rothschild Zionist private Central Banksters and moneychangers working out of the City of London and their franchise Fiat central Banks. It is this Rothschild Zionist network of World Fiat Banksters that use Babylonian Money-Magick to make money from nothing and and fraudulently charge Interest and Principal for using such pretend money which are actually only debt-notes and not real Constitutional money at all.

Few realize that almost every single bit of it has classically been created to deceive, mislead and draw America into numerous perpetual wars using sophisticated Psyops designed to Mind-Kontrol and to keep the large Defense Contractors, Big oil and World Zionism fat with war profits. Each of these is connected at the hip as highly respected VT Columnist Dean Henderson has shown conclusively in his articles, youtubes and inexpensive but highly informative books.(9)

It is this massive money power created in response to these illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared wars which provides the ability for the WZs to buy, bribe, own or human compromise almost ever Member of Congress and many USG officials as well as most federal judges including most of the Supreme court.

Official USG seal for the United States Department of War.

In the late 1940s after the end of WW2, the name US Department of War was changed to the department of Defense. Right now the current US High Command is trying to make sure the current name fits.

Certainly the name “Department of Defense” should never have been assumed since Top Quasi-Governmental Policy-Makers repeatedly have drawn the American Military into perpetual wars of aggression that were Illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked and undeclared and which used the American Soldier as disposable cannon fodder to generate massive profits. These WZ scum appear to have have lost their souls or perhaps never had any in the first place. They care nothing about any human life except their own. Some insiders believe World Zionism is not even human anyway but an evil Luciferian based, exceedingly toxic Death Cult virus plaguing mankind. They WZs are the Neo-Bolsheviks of the 21st century in America but also are the same “Synogogue of Satan” Bolshevik families that murdered the Russian Czar and his whole family back in 1917 and proceeded to then institute the Red Cheka aka “Red Terror” to progressively mass-murder 100 Millions Russian and steal all their Gold, silver and Jewels.

These WZs plan to transform America into GAZA II, the world’s biggest open air prison camp and then systematically and progressively mass-murder all American Goyim after starting a Civil War. These WZ invaders are in for a very big surprise when they find out Americans are now waking up, understand their evil game and will NEVER be like the Palestinians. Once the American is provoked enough by them, they will be the ones eradicated.

It is time for all Americans to understand the way in which these Quasi-governmental Think Tanks and Defense Policy Boards use WZ Money Power to buy, bribe, influence and coerce the US Military, Congress and the Administration to wage these illegal wars. And it is important to realize that these illegal wars are crimes against humanity and being waged to generate massive war profits and increase government power at the expense of the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law.

All Americans must all wake up and make sure these Traitors are fully prosecuted for the foreign espionage they do against America and We the People. We must make sure that all these WZ espionage fronts inside America and the perps involved are stopped cold and also fully prosecuted for espionage. Right now several TTs/DPBs are working together to create and dispense monstrous lies disguised as truth and presenting these major Psyops through the CMMM to manipulate America into another major war.

Some insiders have stated that their plans involve another “Inside Job” nuclear attack on America by these NeoCons, Dual and Triple Citizens on behalf of Israel. And that this new campaign of terror to be blamed on Iranians, Syrians or lone-wolf Americans. This new staged False-Flag attack on America may include more than one nuke in more than one American city, several bombings perhaps in large retail stores on a Saturday Morning. All this would be deployed in an attempt to manipulate the upcoming November 2014 elections to get NeoCons and Dual/Triple citizens back in the drivers seat in Congress to regain the power they have lost under president Obama. These folks are actually confused about President Obama’s apparent withdrawal from their control. Could it be true that the US Military High Command has actually set some serious limits against the NeoCons and Dual/Triple Citizens? It certainly seems this way.

The Best Cure for the current nasty condition that America is now in.

America is now occupied by a foreign anti-America occupying force, DHS, that intends to oppress, tyrannize, disarm and systematically mass-murder up to 90% of all Americans. Everyday more and more basic freedoms and good American jobs are being removed from America. The very best cure is to completely decapitate the WZs from their source of FIAT Money-power by “nationalizing” the Federal Reserve System, seizing all its assets, arresting all of its Directors, trying them for RICO Financial Fraud, Sedition and Treason. And then all their holdings and gains, yes even personal gains, properties, foreign bank accounts, all assets musty be seized and clawed back including their autos, homes and personal bank accounts. All so-called American Debt and deficits must be immediately cancelled and considered null and void.

And then DHS must be immediately put out of business with the DHS principals arrested for Treason and Sedition and foreign espionage agents against America as well as criminal RICO. The American Police must return all the Military equipment they were given back to the American Military and their operations once again be performed as “protecting and serving” the community. No new police hired without passing a basic IQ test and the brightest most honorable with high character personal ethics hired first.

And very strict rules of restraint must be set for use of SWAT teams and “no knock warrants” must be prohibited. No more tossing grenades into homes and blowing kids hands off or burning them severely. No more SWAT teaming wrong homes. No more killing of pet Dogs and cats like so many SWAT teams do for fun. No more SWAT team abuses, lies, deceit and cover-ups. No more pointing guns a citizens, that means long guns too without an immediate threat.  To do such is clearly assault and brandishing, a felony even if done by the police.

And finally, all Dual and Triple Citizens must be prevented from occupying any USG or State or local government office and if they do not take a loyalty oath to America and reject their Israeli and/or any other Citizenship (like Russian) they must be immediately deported. All Israeli espionage front groups inside America must be indicted for espionage and/or Treason or Sedition and barred from existing ever again, and all extra-governmental (i.e. quasi-governmental) Think-Tanks and Defense Policy Boards must be disbanded and completely investigated for conspiracy, Treason and Sedition against America and “We the People.”

And very short  term limits must be passed for Congress and State Government must be set, and all Judges must be elected not appointed. Political PAC money for politicians must be completely outlawed and all major mass media broken apart under anti-trust laws. NSA must be attacked by the US Army, captured and all secret files (except launch codes) released to the public and posted on the Internet, exposing all USG and Congressional secret crimes all the way to Early 1963. All still living who were part of panning, executing or coverup any political or civilian assassination must be fully prosecuted since there are no statute of limitations for murder, or any kind of fraud and active coverups are actually Fraud.

Corporations must be stripped of all their legal rights as a person and licensed for only one year at a time as the Founding fathers originally did. And The IRS must be exposed as a foreign corporation registered in Puerto Rico and must be cancelled and all top IRS officials indicted, arrested and fully prosecuted for financial theft and fraud against “We the People.”  If a federal tax is necessary beyond the Founding fathers excise taxes, then a simple fair tax or some equivalent could be initiated on purchases. All real estate taxes should be eliminated and necessary local taxes should be charged for use of services or some equivalent that would be much fairer and would not invalidate actual ownership of land or real estate like current real estate taxation does which is actually illegal and Unconstitutional.

These changes would be a very good start in restoring America back to being a Constitutional Republic that it was set up to be by our Founding Fathers. But just as important, all Americans need to gain a complete understanding of how their Republic including their Monetary production and Distribution System, Major Mass Media and Educational System was completely hijacked and how America has been asset stripped of most of its vast wealth and labor, and by what foreign power, so that it can never happen again.



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Addendum:  This video is for those who have the time and interest and want to understand what High Treason and those who have committed mass-murder and serious war crimes look like. Remember, the blood and ruined lives of millions of dead and wounded cries out from the ground for eternal justice against these soulless perps. They must be brought to justice and fully prosecuted for their Treason and crimes against American Soldiers, and humanity as well as all their war victims.

[youtube AaxDFt9tZro&feature=player_detailpage]


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