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Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 1.23.43 AMFact-Based Reckoning with Global Geopolitics in the Capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran; Censorship and Cover-Up in the Capitals of North America and Europe


by Anthony J Hall


Late Saturday night Dr. Kevin Barrett, VT’s Editor, Truthjihad’s Host as well as a frequent contributor to Press TV, treated readers with the first fact-based account I have seen published outside Iran introducing vital news concerning the very significant conference that just took place in Tehran. Let me add to Dr. Barret’s narrative with some comments and pictures of my own. The words and images below are mostly derived from my own participation in the Tehran Forum. The Tehran Hearings were meant to draw attention to ongoing crimes against humanity, but especially those taking place behind the obscuring veils of Likudnik Israel’s unrelenting onslaughts of outlawed propaganda to promote aggressive warfare.

It is not without irony that the event was hosted by the Islamic Republic of Iran whose people and government are faced with the daily need to fend off a steady barrage of insults, dirty tricks, intrusive spying, assassinations, plus outright lies and distortions disseminating layer upon layer of gradated disinformation. Right now it is near impossible for me even to imagine that a public discussion as open and erudite as that which took place in Tehran could also occur in capitals such as those of France, Great Britain, the United States, Germany and certainly the vassal state of Canada.

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The author of this article with Thierry Meyssan who Introduced 9/11 Skepticism First to a Large Audience in France in 2002. Mr. Meyssan traveled to Tehran from Damascus where this Renowned Investigative Reporter is Currently Based.

I am sad to report that the kind of free-wheeling and open discussion that took place in Tehran could definitely not have taken place currently in my home town of Toronto. The home city of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s most influential political base is also the home of many of Canada’s most prominent Jewish and Christian Zionists. Toronto is becoming a major launching pad for the Zionist push to reshape Canada as a virtual colony of Likudnik Israel.

As Dr. Barrett indicates, the The Anti-Defafamation League has been generating a growing wave of what CBS News’ former award-winning investigative reporter, Kristina Borjesson, has accurately labeled as “stenographer journalism.” This junk journalism, based on simply citing deceptive press releases as fact, was put on clear display when Jennifer Rubin recently argued in the Washington Post, “The so-called ‘New Horizon’ conference in Tehran proves why the current Iranian regime under President Hassan Rouhani is, at its core, no less extremist and dangerous than the regime under Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.”

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Ken O’Keefe, Pepe Escobar, Anthony Hall and Wayne Madison Pose Together at the New Horizons Conference in Tehran, Sept. 27 to Oct. 1

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 6.04.59 AMAbe Foxman’s notorious League of Defamers planted copious quantities of Fox-style disinformation on the subject matter of the presentations, on those who participated and those who didn’t, as well as on the credentials of the panelists. Rubin’s work was prominent among that of the busy purveyors of Islamophobia. These hate-fest practitioners in the Foxman-Rubin-Rupert Murdoch camp regularly pepper their audiences with the gross deceptions of low-ball smear campaigns. This Foxified smear campaign is designed to divert public attention away from the empirically-based breakthroughs in discourse emanating from the Tehranian capital of Persia’s now-globalized civilization. Is self-hatred a factor in Abe Foxman’s non-stop hate fest? Here is how Kevin Barrett describes the tactics of the League of Defamers’ propagandist-in-chief who was raised as a Roman Catholic.

“The ADL press release, like its various newspaper re-prints, gives no information whatsoever about any of the ideas discussed at the Conference. Instead, it simply lists the participants and attacks them with empty ad hominem insults. The ADL’s extremely brief press release names 15 Conference participants and hurls 22 insults, including “conspiracy theorist” (seven occurrences), “anti-Semite” (five occurrences), “holocaust denier” (five occurrences) and “anti-Israel” (seven occurrences).”

Conference Chairman and Iranian Public Affairs Broadcaster, Nader Talebzadeh
Conference Chairman and Iranian Public Affairs Broadcaster, Nader Talebzadeh

The High Table of commentary at the 2nd New Horizon Hearings in Tehran featured over 40 contributors including the likes of France’s Thierry Meyssan, USA’s Wayne Madsen, Poland’s Dr. Mateusz Piskorski, UK’s Rev. Stephen Sizer, Syria’s Dr. Issa Chaer, Brazil’s Pepe Escobar, Ireland’s Ken O’Okeefe, Germany’s Manuel Ochsenreiter, Iran’s Dr. Rahmipour Azghadi, Italy’s Roberto Quaglia, as well as the brilliant Trinidadian/Malaysian Islamic scholar and imam, Sheik Imran N. Hosein.

The chair of the conference was Nader Talebzadeh, who is host of one of the most popular public affairs shows in the Islamic Republic of Iran. As the conference unfolded many of the delegates, including me, were ushered into the on-site television studio where Mr. Talebzadeh conducted interviews for the nightly New Horizon TV specials. I was told the prime-time audience approached on some nights ten million viewers in this, a country of 80,000,000 residents and many more predominantly Farsi-speaking Persians around the world.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 10.06.03 PM
Important Contributions Were Made to the Tehran Proceedings by Leonid Savin of the International Eurasian Movement Based in Moscow and Manuel Ochsenreiter, Editor of Zuerst! Magazine Based in Germany.

Historical Interpretation and Truth

In concluding my interview with one of Iran’s most credible public affairs broadcasters I remarked through simultaneous translation that I had just experienced my first real opportunity to connect the dots on national television the dots to describe my academic research leading to my recent recent tw0-volume oeuvre. A project of of 16 years, The Bowl With One Spoon project has been peer reviewed and published by the academic publisher, McGill-Queen’s University Press. The second volume, Earth into Property: Colonization, Decolonization, and Capitalism, posits that the eastward expansion of the illegal settlements on the moving frontiers of the expansionary Jewish state replicate the transcontinental expansion of the United States based on the systematic dispossession, displacement and extermination of Indigenous peoples throughout the nineteenth century.

Healthy Public Discourse Included an Open Exchange of Literature Shedding Light on Current the Past, Present and Future of Many Geopolitical Controversies
Healthy Public Discourse Included an Open Exchange of Literature Shedding Light on Past, Present and Future Configurations of Power, Spiritual, Economic, Artistic, and Political.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 6.47.31 AMThe Indian wars, the US government’s archetypal wars of aggression, included major military assaults on Canada. The lands and waters of the northern portions of Canada were saved from annexation by the United States primarily through the defensive tactics of the Indian Confederacy led by Tecumseh. The USA’s westward expansion extended the claims of those who christened themselves as Israelites seeking in the name of American Manifest Destiny to realize their imagined mission as God’s Chosen People. This expansionary ethos drew on the Old Testament theology of New England whose Calvinist patriarchs sought to create a New Jerusalem in what they perceived as a Promised Land. This intertwined history helps explain the mythological basis of the thick web of connections between the builders of the waning US Empire and the rising Israeli Empire.

Foxman’s steneographed media smear operation focused especially on Medea Benjamin, the congenial founder of the anti-war power house, Code Pink. Also a major target for the Foxman gang’s desperate defamers was Gareth Porter. A formidable investigative journalists and formerly a national security state insider, Porter rose to the responsibility of being the conference’s featured presenter. In Tehran he introduced his very important new book, Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare (Charlottesville Virginia: Just World Books, 2014).

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 8.19.19 AMThe book’s main points are conscientiously documented with a level of detail and precision that exposes the gross intellectual dishonesty of the Israeli-led operation to pressure the US military to do its dirty work in Iran. The latest deceptions being promoted by the Foxman’s anti-Tehran disinfo agents epitomize much older and broader patterns that Gareth Porter has helped to expose.

Porter’s consequential narrative details scam after scam, forgery after forgery, lie after lie to make it seem that the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been seeking to develop nuclear weaponry when there is no evidence that this really is the case. This Israeli psy op is being exposed just as the negotiation between delegates of the five UN Security Council members plus Germany are reaching yet another deadline in their nuclear negotiations with the Iranian government. Businesses in many countries, including Canada and Ireland, are lining up with hopes they can tap into some of the economic action which is clearly taking place in the Islamic Republic in spite of the Israeli-led program of commercial sanctions. The sagacity of holding to the Israeli-led biligerent of economic warfare targeting Iran is subject to growing skepticism by some of the world’s genuine commercial pragmatists.


Code Pink Co-Founder and Activist, Medea Benjamin, was a Particular Target of Defamatory Attack by the Practitioners of the Purveyors of Extreme Islamophobia.
Code Pink Co-Founder and Activist, Medea Benjamin, was a Particular Target of Defamatory Attack by Those Practitioners of Smear Devoted to Amplifying and Exploiting Extreme Islamophobia.

Is the Israeli Government Behind the Attacks on Tenure and Academic Freedom?

When I arrived in Canada back from Tehran I noticed that I too was a target of the aggressive smear campaign clearly connected to the Foxman-led Defamation group. The attack was published by unnamed individuals hiding their real identities behind the unexplained name, BlazingCatFur. The page that is supposed to answer “Who We Are” shows nothing but a cat hiding his or her eyes with the cryptic comment, “One day I’ll write something real noble sounding here.” This remark can be translated to mean that hit jobs by stealth are advanced at BlazingCatFur without any actual person taking responsibility for the slander.

Rather than addressing any of the content of my actual publications, BlazingCatFur medicalizes me as a “madman.” This style of pseudo-scientific quackery for assigning guilt is very common among those such as Jonathan Kay and Michael Shermer who regularly counter the quest for 9/11 truth by advancing 9/11 lies.

The anonymous author or authors go onto describe me as “a poster boy for the end of academic tenure.” From this it can be deduced that one of the objectives outlined by the Canadian agents of the Foxman smear mongers is to terminate the absolutely crucial institution of academic tenure.


With a Iranian Colleague, Prof. Anthony Hall Conducts His Oct. 1 1 University of Lethbridge Class by Skype from Tehran. Pictured on the Left Side of the Video Screen, Religious Studies Prof., Dr Atif Khalali Oversaw the Interactive Class from the Canadian End.
With an Iranian Colleague, Prof. Anthony Hall Conducts His Oct. 1  University of Lethbridge Class by Skype from Tehran. Pictured on the Left Side of the Video Screen, Religious Studies Prof., Dr Atif Khalali, Oversaw the Interactive Class from the Canadian End.

The abolition of tenure would render universities even more subservient than they have already become in the era of the specious and seemingly never-ending Global War on Terror. Accordingly, I have come to the conclusion that I have no choice but to defend the institution of academic tenure, the necessary cornerstone of viability for institutions of genuine higher learning. In the early 1990s I met the criteria for obtaining academic tenure through a careful process of peer review that took place through the Department of Native American Studies at the University of Lethbridge in the oil-rich province of Alberta. In 2007-2008 I was promoted to full professor of Globalization Studies, again through Canada’s system of academic assessment by peers.

The sacred principles of academic tenure is also a necessary attribute of free, open and democratic societies. The principles at stake, therefore, are far more significant than the academic merits or demerits of my own work. BlazingCatFur is indeed letting the cat out of the bag when it comes to exposing its members’ plans to tighten the Jewish state’s imperial hold on the Middle Eastern policies of Canada, the USA, France, Great Britain, Germany and the dictatorial sheikhdoms on the southern shores of the Persian Gulf.

This Zionist assault on fundamental principles of academic freedom in Canada and beyond come in the wake of the decision of the University of Illinois to fire Dr. Stephen Salaita. An expert of Palestinian descent in Native American Studies, Dr. Salaita was subject to a censorial fatwah by the Zionist-dominated Board of Governors of the University of Illinois. The U of Illinois had promised Dr. Salaita tenure in his transfer from his tenured position at a smaller school. Dr. Salaita’s alleged crime was to have written and disseminated tweets criticizing the Jewish state for its murder, crippling, displacing, and imposing of wanton homelessness on tens of thousands of Palestinian inmates of the Israel’s Gazan concentration camp.

The Academic Freedom of Dr. Steven Salaita Was Violated by the Board of Governors Withdrawal of an Employment Contract at the University of Illinois.
The Academic Freedom of Dr. Steven Salaita Was Violated by the Board of Governors Withdrawal of an Employment Contract at the University of Illinois. A Native American Studies specialist of Palestinian descent, Dr. Salaita’s alleged crime was to condemn in tweets Israeli crimes against humanity during the IDF’s Recent Invasion of the Gazan Concentration Camp.

It seems that when it comes to destroying professional careers with the goal of advancing the Jewish state’s expansionary rounds of illegal aggressive warfare, there are powerful interests who seek to remove any and all protections for free speech and academic freedom. This position makes it clear that the truth of what the global lobby of Israel is really up to cannot withstand genuine scrutiny from secure and entrenched figures in the academy. How strange it is to see myself smeared so that I can be transformed into the poster boy for this dark enterprise.

Back to the Treatment of Dr. Kevin Barrett

Kevin Barrett’s treatment in 2006-2007 by the University of Wisconsin signalled the beginning of the assault on academic freedom that conscientious citizens must counter in a concerted fashion at this pivotal moment in history. As is well documented, Dr. Barrett was forced out of the academy in 2007 batter he had included a one-week section on 9/11 in a 26-week introductory course in Arab Studies. The officers of Madison Wisconsin’s once-respected institution of higher learning chose to favour Foxite deceptions on 9/11 put forward by the likes of those actors pretending to be journalists in the corrupt communications empire of, for instance, Zionist media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

Dr. Kevin Barrett in the Foreground and the Church of England's Rev. Stephen Sizer Behind Him.
Dr. Kevin Barrett in the Foreground and the Church of England’s Rev. Stephen Sizer Behind Him.

Dr. Barrett’s employers at the University of Wisconsin failed to protect the right and the responsibility of a gifted faculty member to articulate his fact-based assessment of what did or did not happen on Sept. 11, 2001 based on Dr. Barrett’s careful assessment of the available evidence, incomplete as it is given that so much of it has been destroyed or is being wrongfully kept from public access.

Now the chickens have come home to roost in Tehran. In the proceeding of the New Horizon event I was one of those along with Kevin Barrett, Thierry Meyssan, as well as Italy’s Roberto Quaglia, and Maurizio Blondet who made presentations on the panel that addressed issues arising from the many connections between Israel and 9/11. The session was expertly chaired by Arash Darya-Bandari, an important intellectual in the Islamic Republic of Iran who has lived in the United States for many decades.

I witnessed a very important and fruitful debate between Mr. Darya-Bandari and Code Pink’s Ms. Benjamin. This vital exchange took place during the informal part of the conference when the protagonists gave a full and spirited airing to the kind of tensions one might expect would arise when a prominent American feminism and anti-war activists debates strategy and principle with an impassioned advocate of the theologically-based governance for the Islamic Republic of Iran. Throughout the conference I looked to Dr. Barrett for guidance on how to interpret a very important event suggesting that Tehran is moving into the vacuum left by the plunge of so many powerful interests in the West into the abyss of superstition created to serve the perpetrators of the lies and crimes of 9/11.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 10.35.55 PM

University Of Lethbridge Professor Gives Talk On The Israeli Lobby in Canada At Iranian Jew Hate Festival


Good old Professor Hall, the University of Lethbridge tenured prof is still a madman and poster boy for the end of academic tenure. He spoke at Tehran’s New Horizon conference on the topic ofThe Israeli Lobby in Canada. Other fab topics on the conference agenda included “Mossad’s Role in the 9/11 Coup d’Etat”. That sounds like a real barn burner.

The New Horizon conference is an annual festival of Khomeinist Kooks inaugurated by Ahmadinejad. Last year’s conference was cancelled in an apparent goodwill gesture in advance of the Iran Nuclear talks. I imagine Obama’s posturing gave them license to revive it this year.

The conference is billed as a forum for “independent thinkers” according to the site, where the continuum of independent thought runs the gamut from Jew Hate to even more Jew Hate.

The only other Canadian appearing on the published list of conference participants was Eric Walberg, an alleged journalist who could make Goebbels blush.

More on the New Horizon Conference here.


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Anthony Hall is a Professor of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta Canada where he has taught for 25 years. Along with Kevin Barrett, Tony is co-host of False Flag Weekly News at No Lies Radio Network. Prof. Hall is also Editor In Chief of the American Herald Tribune. His recent books include The American Empire and the Fourth World as well as Earth into Property: Colonization, Decolonization and Capitalism. Both are peered reviewed academic texts published by McGill-Queen's University Press. Prof. Hall is a contributor to both books edited by Dr. Barrett on the two false flag shootings in Paris in 2015. PART I The American Empire and the Fourth World: The Bowl with One Spoon, Part One (McGill-Queen's Native and Northern) PART II Earth into Property: Colonization, Decolonization, and Capitalism: The Bowl with One Spoon (Mcgill-Queen's Native and Northern Series) Part II was selected by The Independent in the UK as one of the best books of 2010. The journal of the American Library Association called Earth into Property "a scholarly tour de force." One of the book's features is to set 9/11 and the 9/11 Wars in the context of global history since 1492.