6 Reasons You Might Be Disqualified From Renting


Applying to rent a home can be a very trying experience. It is often dependent on the availability rate in the neighborhood and the previous experiences of the landlord and tenants. Here are six reasons that can make it difficult for a landlord to agree to rent to you.
While many people love pets, landlords usually are not one of those people. Most landlords have learned the hard way that certain pets can cause a great deal of damage to a property, leaving the landlord stuck paying the bill. There are few rental agreements today that don’t include clauses about animals. It does not pay to not adhere to these clauses as your rental history will follow you. Sometimes it is best to have pets after you own your home.

Your landlord wants to know you can pay your rent. Thus, if you are self-employed, newly employed, or can’t or won’t document your income, the landlord will assume you do not have a regular income. He or she has regular bills for the property, so the landlord will refuse you. Before you fill out any rental applications, look of the standard percentages that landlords allow from your income for rent. Don’t apply for rentals that cost more than 35% of your after tax income. For those with changeable incomes, renting a room might be a better option.
Don’t be the person who is formally evicted from the property by the police. Your landlord, subject to a lease, can give you proper notice to vacate at any time. It is better to work out an exit strategy with your landlord that is agreeable to both of you. Often, a landlord that needs an apartment will pay or refund your security deposit promptly to encourage you to leave. Most landlords will never rent to a tenant that is evicted from another property. They just see visions of having to support months of free living by the tenant before they leave.
Untimely Payment of Rent
Any history of untimely payment of rent will follow you. As soon as you know you have a problem meeting this obligation, which can happen to anyone, let your landlord know. Together you can work out a solution. No one enjoys surprises or no communication at all. If you change jobs, for example, and now you have an issue paying rent on the 7th because your payday is now on the 10th, perhaps a date to pay the rent can be changed if you have been a good tenant.
Meetings With the Landlord
Be on time or early for meetings with your landlord or perspective landlord. Many landlords feel that if you blow them off, you won’t take care of the your other obligations such as rent very well either. Dress appropriately and look at this as a business appointment, because it is. Don’t bring along friends or your guitar, although with permission, you can bring along the pet you want to live with. Bring your identification and work documents with you to the meeting. Be prepared.
According to StorageBlue, a self-storage facility in Jersey City, it pays to maintain a good relationship with the landlord. It does not hurt to simply say you are enjoying living in your home without asking for something to be fixed once a while. Send over some cookies. Don’t forget to say hello to the landlord, especially if he or she lives in your building complex. The same goes for the other residents in the building. It is not your job to judge them or report on them, unless they are doing major harm. Help out the elderly residents in your building when you can. It doesn’t hurt to have other residents tell the landlord that they really like the new neighbor in the building.
The Key is Empathy
Try to look at things as much as possible from the landlord’s perspective. This really helps to show you what actions to take and why you need to adhere to your rental agreement, even though some parts of it might make little sense. Be a great tenant and landlords will jump to rent to you or to keep you at your current home.


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