The Strange Case of Michael Shrimpton

Michael Shrimpton
Michael Shrimpton

…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Editor’s note:  In reviewing Able Danger documentation, the following information was ascertained from the investigation notes:

All the original Able Danger investigators were hand picked by President George H.W. Bush.  In 1998, key investigators were removed by the Clinton administration in what was termed a “cover up.”  After 9/11, former President George H.W. Bush hired CIA operative Roland Carnaby to put together a team to continue Able Danger.  Records we have reviewed reveal that Bush (41) was the driving force behind the investigation of nuclear weapon theft, quite possibly the real source of the alleged nuclear devices referred to by Shrimpton and partially confirmed by Able Danger/FBI/IAEA sources.  The team worked out of the former president’s offices in Houston.  Carnaby, protégé of Bush (41) and James Baker III, was murdered in 2008 in a professional “hit.” (highest level sources)


The trial of Michael Shrimpton began today in the United Kingdom.  Shrimpton is charged with two counts of making “hoax” bomb threats.  In actuality, Shrimpton is a scapegoat tied to very real scandals, including nuclear blackmail, or so we are told by proven sources at the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) and US Department of Energy, America’s nuclear weapons design agency.
When seen in the light of today’s reality, the continual deceptions to support the Kiev junta and their war crimes or Turkish and Israeli complicity on behalf of ISIS, Shrimpton’s claims become almost mainstream.  Do remember, America still claims the Taliban ships 500 tons of heroin around the world using aircraft that could only operate from American air facilities.  Does the Taliban have an air force?  And some say Shrimpton is crazy?
Evidence has come to light that substantial portions of Shrimpton’s claims may well be true but that witnesses, some part of the survivors of the ill fated Able Danger investigation in the US, have knowledge that supports Shrimpton.  On 9/11, 35 Able Danger investigators died while awaiting a Pentagon briefing that was running late.  Others, as Able Danger was mult-jurisdictional, are under gag orders after testifying before a secret Houston grand jury empowered to investigate national security threats both prior and subsequent to the 9/11 attacks.
In addition, former Vice President Dick Cheney has repeatedly warned Americans that not only is nuclear terrorism against America a possibility, he considers it inevitable.  Is the basis of these statements, that deeply parallel the “hoaxes” Shrimpton stands accused of, a possible confirmation that Shrimpton’s warning has led to criminal charges not because they were false but rather because they were true?
In June, 2014, I was contacted by someone identifying himself as a former IAEA investigator.  I was sent a copy of his passport, showing travel to the places his story told of, a story of stolen nuclear weapons, Victor Bout, a destroyed nuclear reactor at Dimona and the sale and use of nuclear weapons.  The story included complicity at the top of the Department of Energy, involvement of heads of state, South Africa, Israel, along with several American’s who rose to prominence after 9/11.

His diplomatic passport included signature authorizations from the Secretary General of the United Nations.

161Passport from authoritative source silenced, unable to back Shrimpton

The story also includes gag orders against any capable of backing Shrimpton and a very real threat of prosecution in Britain if anyone were to come forward.  You see, any testimony backing Shrimpton would be considered “obstruction” as we saw in the illegal extradition and attempted prosecution of John Anthony Hill, producer of the film “Ripple Effect,” accusing the British government and Israel of planning the 7/7 attacks.  Hill’s film was so compelling that jury members felt they had the wrong defendant on trial.

Below is an interview with Hill after his release.

[youtube fjbbRYdYTqg]

As proof, I was sent a narrative and pages of plans for nuclear weapons of unusual design, energy weapons yet unimagined, plans, designs, formulas, details submitted to scientists and engineers who, to a one, said they were not only genuine, but asked how I could have these and still be alive.
Part of the narrative involved the tale, at least part of it, that Michael Shrimpton is facing prison over.  My source, vetted and proven, says there was a bomb, that it was smuggled by submarine from Germany and that it was used to blackmail Britain.
I was also told that the relationship between the United States and Britain was significantly damaged by this incident and that American NEST (Nuclear Emergency Support Teams) teams from the US secured the weapon from the vicinity of the Olympic stadium.
The rest of the story involves high powered law firms, secret grand jury testimony, dead witnesses, attempts to discredit FBI agents and a Washington DC espionage ring supported by blackmail, human trafficking and worse.  It is all there and has been for a decade or more.  This is only a small percentage of it.  Key portions are published with “proofs” in the form of advanced formulas and designs.
Speaking out in Britain is unusual.  Here, also from the Daily Mail, is an excerpt from an opinion piece submitted by former SAS commander, General Sir Michael Rose.  Michael and I discussed our coinciding views during an “outing” that included top British military and intelligence figures.

“Blair today swans about the world making millions from business contracts and lectures. And, to make matters still more distasteful, much of these earnings are only made possible because of the American and Middle Eastern contacts he made as a result of his unconditional support for Bush during the Iraq war.
In going to war, against the will of the people, Blair has gravely damaged democracy in this country. Is it any surprise that only a minority of the voting public in Britain now turn out for general elections?
That is why I believe that, if justice is to prevail, and faith in democracy is to be restored in this country, Tony Blair and those officials responsible for the disasters of the Iraq war should appear in a court of law which could lead to them being indicted for war crimes.
We owe this much at least to those many brave and courageous people who have died or been injured in Iraq as well as to their families.
As with the shooting of Admiral Byng, putting Blair before a court of law to answer for his actions would surely encourage future prime ministers not to wage costly and unnecessary wars in times to come.”

Few in Britain have the personal gravity to make such statements, not even General Rose, with a series of knighthoods and other honours.
Below, we see the kind of journalism the Daily Mail is capable of when, as it seems, it is directed by others.

 See Daily Mail “Hit Piece” Below:

Barrister made bomb hoax calls to Defence Secretary claiming London 2012 and the Queen were targets, court hears

  • Michael Shrimpton, 57, denies making two bomb hoaxes about the Olympics
  • Southwark Crown Court heard he telephoned MP Philip Hammond 
  • He claimed bomb from a Russian submarine had been smuggled into Britain
  • Shrimpton said he had  ‘credible’ information it could be used to blow up the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics and kill the Queen, the court heard

By Amanda Williams for MailOnline
A barrister made a hoax call to the former Defence Secretary claiming to have intelligence about terrorist bomb attacks on the London Olympics and the assassination of the Queen, a court heard.
Michael Shrimpton, 57, telephoned MP Philip Hammond to tell him that a bomb stolen from a sunken Russian submarine had been smuggled into the country and could be used to blow up the opening ceremony of the London Olympics and kill the Queen, a jury was told.
Southwark Crown Court heard how Shrimpton had said he had picked up information from ‘credible European sources’ that intelligence was being blocked by official channels about the terror threat and left a message for Mr Hammond, in which he dropped the names of several MPs.
Barrister Michael Shrimpton is accused of making a hoax call to the former Defence Secretary claiming to have intelligence about terrorist bomb attacks on the London Olympics and the assassination of the Queen
He told police who arrested him the following day that hauling him in for questioning was ‘a colossal c**k-up worthy of an apology, damages and lunch on the MI5.’
Shrimpton, of Wendover, Buckinghamshire, who is representing himself, denies two counts of making bomb hoaxes relating to the London 2012 Games.
Opening the case prosecutor Alan Blake said: ‘This is a 57-year-old barrister with a fascination for politics the military and intelligence.
‘In April 2012, he passed on information about a threat of nuclear attack. That information was extraordinary and dramatic.’
Shrimpton called Mr Hammond’s office on April 19, 2012, and left a message warning that the nuclear weapon had been stolen from the sunken Russian submarine, the Kursk.
He said it had been smuggled into the UK and stored near a London hospital in preparation for the attack.
Mr Blake said: ‘You will remember the degree of tension about potential terrorists and it would have been brave and foolish to ignore threats, especially from a professional man.’
The court heard that Shrimpton, a self proclaimed intelligence expert on national security, also telephoned Sarah Sproat, of the Conservation Association in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, the following day and told her about the bomb threats.
Barry Burton, who was Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Defence Secretary at the time, told the court he spoke to Shrimpton on the telephone on April 19, 2012.
Shrimpton, 57, telephoned MP Philip Hammond to tell him that a bomb stolen from a sunken Russian submarine had been smuggled into the country, Southwark Crown Court was told
‘He said he had concerns about threats to the London Games and to the Queen,’ said Mr Burton.
‘He said a mass nuclear weapon had entered the UK. He said four other weapons were removed from the submarine Kursk when it sank and he explained one had been obtained by the German terrorist organisation DVD.
‘He said one of the weapons caused the tsunami disaster in Japan.’
Mr Burton said Shrimpton spoke in a calm manner and told him he knew William Hague and former Defence Secretary, Liam Fox, but Mr Burton said he had not heard Mr Fox mention Shrimpton.
He told the court: ‘He said he was a lawyer with an involvement in national security and he was a Conservative.’
Mr Burton believed he was a hoax caller but told the Olympic Security Authority and the cabinet office.
Under cross-examination, Shrimpton told Mr Burton, who has worked for the Ministry of Defence for 36 years, that he had said there was a possibility a nuclear warhead had been smuggled into London.
Mr Burton replied: ‘What I heard from the caller was that a weapon had been moved to the UK.’
Shrimpton asked Mr Burton if an E3 plane is capable of carrying detectors which can pick up nuclear warheads but Mr Burton replied: ‘I don’t know.’
Shrimpton said: ‘Someone at the Cabinet Office grounded the E3’s’.’
Mr Burton replied: I don’t know.’
When Shrimpton asked Mr Burton if he accepted that a number of nuclear weapons had gone missing over recent years, Mr Burton replied: ‘I have no knowledge of that’ – prompting Judge McCreath to sharply reprimand him.
The judge said: ‘I have no idea where this is going. You have been a barrister for a number of years and you cannot use witnesses as part of your speeches. They are here to answer questions.
‘I will not have conspiracy theories bandied around the court unless they are genuinely real.
Shrimpton said he had picked up information from ‘credible European sources’ that intelligence was being blocked by official channels about the terror threat and left a message for Mr Hammond, it is claimed
‘You must control yourself.
‘The guillotine is very close to your neck.’
Shrimpton was arrested on April 20, 2012 and told police he was an intelligence and national security specialist with hundreds of contacts.
He said the German Defence Service, DVD, was responsible for sabotaging the Kursk and stated the service now controls Al Qaeda and has penetrated MI5 and MI6.
Shrimpton refused to reveal his sources but said they included ‘someone in Munch who lunches with the Pope.’
He called his arrest a colossal c**k-up worthy of an apology, damages and lunch on the MI5, and claimed the weapon had been taken back out of the UK while he had been in custody by the Royal Navy, which moved it to Germany, and it could be used against New York.
Mr Blake said: ‘Mr Shrimpton communicated the threat using vocabulary and the persona of an intelligence insider at a time of national heightened tension. Despite his protestations, he knew or believed the information had no real foundations and was false and misleading.
‘Michael Shrimpton is an unrelenting networker desperate to associate himself with people with real power and influence.
‘His persona as an intelligence specialist is founded on flimsy foundations. He sought to above all bolster his credibility.’
Shrimpton, of Wendover, Buckinghamshire, denies two counts of making bomb hoaxes relating to the London 2012 Games.
The trial continues.


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