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How Can Lawyers Help Veterans During A Lawsuit?

Getting good legal representation is vital in lawsuits. Learn more....

Cornyn's bill helping veterans get commercial driving jobs becomes law

President Donald Trump has signed into law a bill introduced by U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) that streamlines the process by which active-duty military members and reservists can obtain their Commercial Driver's Licenses to get future jobs.

Missouri governor calls for new veterans hiring law

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens says he wants lawmakers to send him a bill to protect private employers from legal challenges if they give preference to veterans in hiring and promotions.

Local law enforcement agencies prefer hiring veterans

President Donald Trump signed a bill earlier this week to help veterans looking for work after crossing over the military-civilian threshold and searching for a place to land.

Law School Volunteers Advocate for Disabled Veterans

A team of University of Virginia School of Law students and local attorneys is building a record of success in advocating for veterans pursuing disability claims.

West Haven Veterans Advisory Committee signed into law and members ready...

Members of the new Local Veterans Advisory Committee got together for the first time Monday to watch Mayor Ed O’Brien sign an ordinance creating the new body, with West Haven one of the first municipalities in Connecticut to form a committee that is now required by the state.

Fighting for Veterans, Learning the Law

THE LETTER ARRIVED right on time—and for Wilson Ausmer Jr., that turned out to be a very bad thing. It was 2011, and Ausmer, a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves, was in Afghanistan, serving his third tour of duty overseas.

Bill de Blasio signs law to create department to help NYC’s...

Mayor de Blasio signed a law Thursday to create a Department of Veterans’ Services, a new city agency to aid New York’s 225,000 vets.

Law students help create class that aids homeless veterans

With an estimated 6,000-plus homeless military veterans in Los Angeles County, the handful of legal assistance organizations and attorneys doing pro bono work just aren’t enough to help all eligible veterans access their disability benefits.

Law would improve benefits for female veterans

A prospective new law could help Shannon Lyons, a 51-year-old veteran of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan, find a job that pays enough to save for a house.

Rep. Gibson: New law could save lives of veterans

Legislation designed to improve the delivery of mental health services to military veterans, co-authored by Rep. Chris Gibson, R-Kinderhook, has been signed into law by President Barack Obama.

Obama Signs Suicide Prevention for Veterans Act Into Law

President Obama signed a measure into law on Thursday to fight a wave of suicide among veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress, a problem that has won increased attention as American troops have returned from Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Strange Case of Michael Shrimpton

- "The trial of Michael Shrimpton began today in the United Kingdom. Shrimpton is charged with two counts of making "hoax" bomb threats."

Zionism: The Greatest Criminal Ruse of All Time

The launching of Israel at the end of history, a state based on archaic Bible myths, is proving to be mankind's greatest folly. The Old Testament is now married to high tech weapons.

International Tribunals, A Review

The book opens with a discussion and definition of ‘natural law’, which is law that prohibits any act which has obvious evil consequences to society.

The International Criminal Court – Help or Hindrance?

There should be no hiding place. But international law never reaches into some corners because the levers that control the wheels of justice, we discover, are sometimes leaned on by the criminals themselves.

New Law Allows Hire Preference for Vets

Military veterans could get an advantage over those competing against them for the same job under a bill Washington State Gov. Chris Gregoire signed into law Wednesday.


Are you aware that it is against the law in this country (America) for an American to ask if a product comes from Israel? That it is against the law for an American to answer that question, yea or nay? That it is against the law for anyone asked that question not to report the offender to the FBI or Department of Justice? That the penalty for asking, answering or not reporting is up to five years in federal prison and fines equaling five times the cost of the product or $15,000, whichever is higher?

Julian Assange: The man who exposed the world

Julian Assange, with his pale Warholian looks, is now a world hyper-celebrity or international super-villain, out of hiding and in custody, but still defiant....


On the basis of the study "No evidence that Muslims hijacked planes on 9/11" by Elias Davidsson (2008), that we have carefully examined, and other similar studies, we undersigned are now convinced that the U.S. authorities did not prove [beyond reasonable doubt*] their account on the mass murder of September 11, 2001, in particular their claim that Muslims/Arabs committed this crime.

Israel’s Crackdown Confronts Liberals and Humanists

An unprecedented Israeli campaign to silence dissidents, intellectuals and human rights organizations is gaining momentum in the wake of Israel's December 2008 assault against Gaza that caused intense international outrage...

17 Ridiculous Laws Still On The Books In The U.S.

In Missouri, It is Illegal To Drive With An Uncaged Bear (Caged Bears Are OK)