One Zionist Ring to Rule Them All



“One Ring to rule them all,

One Ring to find them,

One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

In the land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.”[1]


…by Jonas E. Alexis


In the Fellowship of the Ring, the Dark Lord Sauron tries mightily to rule Middle Earth with the One Ring which he forged in the fires of Mount Doom.

“He only needs the One; for he made that Ring himself, it is his, and he let a great part of his own former power pass into it, so that he could rule all the others.”[2]

The One Ring represents power—power to rule and to dominate, power to suppress and eradicate, and power to destroy and to bring entire cities and towns to ruin.

There is a striking parallel between Sauron and the Dreadful Few. Both want to rule and dominate, and both want to bring destruction and suffering in the lives of others.

For example, the Dreadful Few forge money out of thin air (the Federal Reserve), distribute the same money to other countries without accountability, plunder other nations for their own ends (Iraq and Afghanistan are classic examples[3]), and literally destroy economic stability in countries such as the United States, which ended up producing a ripple effect in other countries such as Greece.

Like Sauron who used the Orcs to get his dirty work done, the Dreadful Few use our precious military men and women for their own ends. If you doubt this, listen to Henry Kissinger:

“Kissinger referred pointedly to military men as ‘dumb, stupid animals to be used’ as pawns for foreign policy.”[4]

“Dumb” and “stupid animals” can’t talk, can’t ask questions, and their job is to follow orders.

What if those “dumb” and “stupid animals” die in useless and worthless wars such as Iraq and Afghanistan? Well, too bad. The Goyim just need to breed new “stupid animals” in order to serve the Dreadful Few. After all, the late Rabbi Ovadia Yosef reminded us that the Goyim were created specifically to serve…you know.

What if those “stupid animals” die leaving their wives and children in pain and suffering? No matter. The Zionists simply don’t care.

Some Goyim, of course, aspire to rule and dominate. But they have to meet the Saurons of today and kiss their (Zionist) Rings. In fact, no one can actually be a U.S. president at this present moment without kissing the One (Zionist) Ring. If you doubt this, listen to Bloomberg:

Last March, the New York Times reported,

“It’s hard to imagine a political spectacle more loathsome than the parade of Republican presidential candidates who spent the last few days bowing and scraping before the mighty bank account of the casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.

“One by one, they stood at a microphone in Mr. Adelson’s Venetian hotel in Las Vegas and spoke to the Republican Jewish Coalition (also a wholly owned subsidiary of Mr. Adelson), hoping to sound sufficiently pro-Israel and pro-interventionist and philo-Semitic to win a portion of Mr. Adelson’s billions for their campaigns.

“Gov. John Kasich of Ohio made an unusually bold venture into foreign policy by calling for greater sanctions on Iran and Russia, and by announcing that the United States should not pressure Israel into a peace process. (Wild applause.) ‘Hey, listen, Sheldon, thanks for inviting me,’ he said. ‘God bless you for what you do.’

“Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin brought up his father’s trip to Israel, and said he puts “a menorah candle” next to his Christmas tree. The name of his son, Matthew, actually comes from Hebrew, he pointed out.

“Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey also described his trip to Israel, but then did something unthinkable. He referred to the West Bank as the ‘occupied territories.’

“A shocked whisper went through the crowd. How dare Mr. Christie implicitly acknowledge that Israel’s presence in the West Bank might be anything less than welcome to the Palestinians? Even before Mr. Christie left the stage, leaders of the group told him he had stumbled, badly.

“And sure enough, a few hours later, Mr. Christie apologized directly to Mr. Adelson for his brief attack of truthfulness.”[5]

The Washington Post added,

“Everybody knows that, behind closed doors, politicians often sell themselves to the highest bidder; this time, they were doing it in public, as if vending their wares at a live auction.

“[John] Kasich, the Ohio governor, kept addressing his speech to “Sheldon,” as if he were having a private tete-a-tete with the mega-donor and not speaking to a roomful of people.”[6]

Just a few days ago, Mitt Romney had to kiss Adelson’s One Ring perhaps for the last time, saying flattering words in order to make a desperate and hopeless case for the so-called Republican Party.[7]

But the Republican Goyim were all deceived, for another Ring was made. On the Democratic side, Haim Saban has recently declared that if he were running Israel, “I would bomb the living daylights out of these sons of bitches [the Iranians].”

“Sons of bitches”? Well, according to those who possess the Zionist Ring, Palestinians are indeed female dogs. For Adelson, those “sons of bitches” want “to destroy Israel.”[8]

But can you imagine the uproar in the Zionist world if one Iranian official even suggests in private that the Israelis are “sons of bitches”? Saban can say things like that because he’s got the One (Zionist) Ring.

Sheldon Adelson
Sheldon Adelson

Both Saban and Adelson have a kindred spirit: both hold tremendous powers which they have accumulated from their Zionist Rings, both are Jewish, and both want to change America and much of the Middle East for Israel.

“Everyone in this room,” says Adelson during the conference, “whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat or Independent … when it comes to Israel, we’re on the same side.”[9]

“When Saban mentioned that there were actually a lot of Palestinians between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean, Adelson retorted with ‘So Israel won’t be a democratic state, so what.’”[10]

Listen to this:

“In a rare joint public appearance, Adelson and Saban discussed the peace process, the Iranian nuclear negotiations, the Boycott, Divestment Sanctions movement, and joked (or seemed to joke) about buying the New York Times together to produce more positive journalism about Israel.

“They are two of the most influential donors in American politics; Adelson is a major funder of Republican causes and candidates, and Saban, an Israeli-American, was once the top donor to the Democratic Party…

“The two seemed to share a rapport and agreed on many issues, though Adelson presented a harder line on the peace process, saying that the ‘so-called Palestinians’ are an ‘invented people’ and that Israel should build a ‘big wall’ to separate itself from them.

“They weighed in on the BDS movement, which says it wants to end the occupation by getting individuals and institutions to boycott Israeli goods and divest from Israeli companies.

“Saban said he is working with the Israeli foreign ministry to work on a plan to counter BDS, and Adelson said he’s had conversations with the Israeli American Council about ‘forming a consortium of pro-Israel and pro-Jewish community organizations that can together man a battle group to fight against BDS.’”

And here is the kicker. Saban and Adelson

“lamented what they view as an anti-Israel bias in the American media, and talked about how easy it would be to buy major newspapers together.

“Both already have influence with specific news organizations; Adelson owns the Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom, and Saban is chairman of Spanish-language television station Univision.

“‘I wish that Jeff Bezos didn’t buy the Washington Post because it would have been nice for you and I to have bought it, Sheldon,’ Saban said. ‘Two hundred and fifty million? Bupkis! He stole it.’

“‘Why don’t you and I go after the New York Times?’ Adelson said. ‘There’s only one way to buy it. Money.’”

Saban “has pledged to donate ‘whatever it takes’ to elect Hillary Clinton in 2016,” and Adelson will surely donate whatever it takes to elect a “Republican” puppet for Israel.

 The simple question is this: where did con men like Adelson get their money?


Well, it has been said that Adelson got much of his money from spreading prostitution in places like China:

“The fired former chief executive of Las Vegas Sands Corp.’s Macau casinos [Steven Jacobs] alleges in court documents revealed Thursday that billionaire Sheldon Adelson personally approved of prostitution and knew of other improper activity at his company’s properties in the Chinese enclave…

“Jacobs describes an effort he launched after arriving in Macau in May 2009 to rid the casino floor of ‘loan sharks and prostitution.’

“‘This project was met with concern as (company) senior executives informed me that the prior prostitution strategy had been personally approved by Adelson,’ Jacobs said in the documents.

“In his court filing, Jacobs alleges other documents that haven’t been turned over include records of misuse of “blue card’ work permits and the hiring of illegal workers in Macau; emails and records of Adelson controlling a ‘Chairman’s Club’ allowing favored members, including known or suspected organized crime figures, exclusive access to Sands China’s most luxurious accommodations; and email requests from Adelson to a Macau lawmaker who Jacobs said was hired as outside counsel after Jacobs was fired.”

Adelson, of course, denied the allegations and threatened to sue anyone who would use them against him. One Democratic party group quickly recanted from using those allegations against Adelson.[11]

But one thing is for sure: Adelson, according to Forbes, has dominated Chinese gambling.

This should not be a surprise at all. In fact, Jewish historian Edward J. Bristow meticulously documented that from 1870 until 1939, prostitution and white slavery in much of the world were in the guiding hands of the Dreadful Few.[12] If people like Adelson want us to believe them, they need to stay away from crimes and evil activities. It is just that simple.

Going back to The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf tells Frodo that Sauron’s quest for the One Ring is “his great hope and our great fear.”[13] Frodo quickly realizes that Middle Earth is in an eternal war against an enemy who wants nothing less but the extinction of the human race. Frodo, then, laments,

Georg Friedrich Hegel

“I wish it need not have happened in my time.”

Gandalf responds,

“So do I and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”[14]

The fact that the Dreadful Few possess tremendous power over much of the Western world should not engender great fear to the point of despair. Sure, one should be concerned about the Zionist mafia, about how they aspire to plunder and destroy, and how they want complete domination of the Goyim.

But one thing is for certain: truth will triumph in the end. Why? Because the Dreadful few are vultures whose Talmudic ideology are based on lies, deception, hoaxes and fabrications. Every time they propagate a palpable lie, that lie will eventually betray them and expose them for what they really are. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn rightly put it, “One word of truth outweighs the world.” German philosopher Georg Friedrich Hegel would probably have called this “the cunning of reason.”

World history, Hegel tells us, “is governed by an ultimate design…whose rationality is not that of a particular subject, but a divine and absolute reason,”[15] and sometimes this divine and absolute reason has a cunning way of working itself out in history, irrespective of what evil men intended to do.

For example, the Dreadful Few placed Barack Obama in power, but now his administration is calling Netanyahu “Chickenshit.”

The carnal man simply cannot understand “the cunning of reason” because he is blind to higher realities and metaphysics.  When the carnal mind sees the Zionist regime roaming the globe with the (Zionist) Ring of power, his natural and quick reaction is to panic and to say nasty things. In the process, fears usually get the best of him, and this usually leads to irrational and unwisely steps.

If The Lord of the Rings teaches us anything, it is that patience is an ethical medicine that every decent and rational man needs to take. Frodo quickly begins to panic as soon as he realizes that Gollum is a cunning creature that deserves to die immediately.

Frodo declares,

“O Gandalf, best of friends, what am I to do? For now I am really afraid. What a pity that Bilbo did not stab that vile creature, when he had a chance…I am frightened; and I do not feel any pity for Gollum.”

Gandalf, being wiser than the lad who is obviously blind to higher realities, corrects him and responds,

“Pity? It was Pity that stayed his hand. Pity, and Mercy: not to strike without need.”

At that point, Frodo was quite indignant. He then said,

“I do not feel any pity for Gollum…I don’t want to [see him]. I can’t understand you. Do you mean to say that you, and the Elves, have let him live on after all those horrible deeds? Now at any rate he is as bad as an Orc, and just an enemy. He deserves death.”


“Deserves it! I daresay he does. Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. For even the very wise cannot see all ends.

“I have not much hope that Gollum can be cured before he dies, but there is a chance of it. And he is bound up with the fate of the Ring. My heart tells me that he has some part to play yet, for good or ill, before the end; and when that comes, the pity of Bilbo may rule the fate of many—yours not least.”[16]

Frodo wanted to solve the riddle of the Ring and the evil that accompanied it on his own terms and through his own method. He simply was dissatisfied with the way in which Gollum was acting and he saw no redeeming value in him. If Bilbo did get rid of Gollum when he had a chance, Frodo reasons, much of the problem would have been resolved.

But Gandalf, using his wit, tells the poor lad that caution and patience should be his guiding principles. Ultimately, Gandalf declares something that Frodo was not looking for:

“There was more than one power at work, Frodo…It was the strangest event in the whole history of the Ring so far: Bilbo’s arrival just at the time, and putting his hand on it, blindly, in the dark…

“It had slipped from Isildur’s hand and betrayed him; then when a chance came it caught poor Deagol, and he was murdered; and after that Gollum, and it had devoured him. It could make no further use of him: he was too small and mean…[then ] it abandoned Gollum. Only to be picked up by the most unlikely person imaginable: Bilbo from the Shire!

“Behind that there was something else at work, beyond any design of the Ring-maker. I can put it no plainer than by saying that Bilbo was meant to find the Ring, and not by its maker. In which case you also were meant to have it. And that may be an encouraging thought.”[17]

There are indeed powers that are beyond man’s reason and intellect in this world, and one should always use wisdom in order to deal with perceived enemies. The Dreadful Few will try very hard to bring us all down to their level, but even in the midst of serious conflict, we should all uphold the moral law and reason.

Frodo could never fully understand Gandalf’s point—until, at last, the Ring was gone and the enemy was completely destroyed. It was destroyed not on Frodo’s terms, but in the fullness of time. Frodo seemed to have realized that if he had to play by the rule, he had to be patient and apply wisdom.

That certainly should be an encouraging thought for those who are fighting against the Zionist machination of much of the world. We need to apply reason and consistency in all areas, otherwise we are going to look foolish in the eyes of our enemies. This is the only way to defeat the Zionist Kingdom.[18]

We are seeing signs that the Zionist Kingdom, though still powerful, is slowly but surely losing some of its ideological power.

For example, the Zionist machine did not intend to help Putin when they literally ignited the conflict in the Ukraine. Yet they indirectly gave him a boost. Scholars such as John J. Mearsheimer are now saying that “the Ukraine Crisis is the West’s fault.”[19]

Furthermore, the fact that a number of Dutch intellectuals saw that Putin has been slandered wrongly by Western media is a small sign that people around the world are beginning to wake up from their “dogmatic slumber.” And the fact that U.S. officials are beginning to call Netanyahu “chickenshit” is a sign that Netanyahu’s power over the Goyim is diminishing.

Stephen M. Walt of Harvard has recently argued that “more and more people have begun to voice their own concerns about the Israel lobby and its harmful influence on U.S. policy.”[20]

Finally, Putin seems to have some political backbone when he didn’t even pay much attention to how the Neo-Bolsheviks in America literally agitated the conflict in the Ukraine.

After the Neo-Bolsheviks began to call him the New Hitler, one would think that Putin would be assassinated by then. Yet the intrepid Putin is still out there destroying the Zionist fences in an indirect way. Two cheers for the man.


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Jonas E. Alexis has degrees in mathematics and philosophy. He studied education at the graduate level. His main interests include U.S. foreign policy, history of Israel/Palestine conflict, and the history of ideas. He is the author of the new book Zionism vs. the West: How Talmudic Ideology is Undermining Western Culture. He teaches mathematics in South Korea.
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