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Vladimir Putin Is Morally and Intellectually Destroying the New World Order

The fact that Putin summoned Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace during his speech once again suggests that he is right in line with the Western intellectual tradition, which was largely based on reason and ultimate Logos.

Putin’s Coup in the Khazarian Mafia’s Back Yard

Whatever you may want to say about Vladimir Putin, he dropped numerous political explosives in the New World Order over the years.

WW3 Face Off – Ultimate Battle for control of the World...

The Ultimate Battle for control of the World seems imminent. Is the Final Battle between the West and the East close at hand? Can it be stopped? Are the Citizens of the World Facing a final Battle of the Titans, a final War between the World Zionist Counterfeiters and Putin's new Russian Federation?

One Zionist Ring to Rule Them All

Haim Saban: “I would bomb the living daylights out of these sons of bitches [the Iranians].”

NEO – New SWIFT system for China and Russia

- Jim W. Dean..."The financial uncoupling of the East and West, which would probably have taken a generation, will now be over in five years."

Zionist Bloodbath and Irrationality

“Lies are much more plausible, more appealing to reason, than reality, since the liar has the great advantage of knowing beforehand what the audience wishes or expects to hear”

NEO – EEU Will Return Russia to Superpower Status

- It was only a matter of time before the economic war strategy of the West would trigger defensive measures among their targets.

Concentration Camps, Nazi Collaborators, and Zionist Contradictions (Part VI)

The Zionist world is like Gollum in J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Ring, who dialectically likes the ring of power and hates it at the same time.

NEO – Putin puts Ukraine gas payments on Europe’s back

- The Geo-political war going on over Ukraine has been short on bullets and bombs, and long with lies and disinformation.

NEO – Ukraine: International Law for the Lawless

- What is happening in Ukraine is not right against wrong, good versus evil, cops versus robbers.

Ukraine Mission Creep

- We’ve got a good military and we can take down governments.

USA Seeks to Join Russian Federation

We're a failed state ruled by criminal oligarchs. Putin for President!

Russia and Egypt: Back to the Future

- The Russians do not do business at the point of a gun, and neither do the Chinese.

Jewish Psychological and Political Warfare (Part II)

“The first prerequisite for healthier human and sexual relationships is the elimination of those moral concepts which base their demands on allegedly supernatural commands, on arbitrary human regulations, or simply on tradition…”

Jewish Psychological and Political Warfare (Part I)

"Apart from a handful of deluded neoconservatives, no one believes that the United States accomplished its objectives in Iraq, unless the main objective was to commit mayhem, apply a tourniquet to staunch the bleeding, and then declare the patient stable while hastily leaving the scene of the crime."

Between Putin, Assad, Obama, and the Pussy Riot

A bloody war with Syria is simply not an option precisely because the Zionist oligarchs cook up too many lies in order for the Western world to trust them.

Putin Versus The American Drug Cartel

Is Vladimir Putin the only man in the World Who Can Break the Global Drug Trade?

Russians Rethinking Shifting Sands in the Mid East

Eric Walberg has a treasure trove of Russian geo-political archive material with a great piece below.

Putin Prepares for War

Vladimir Putin is the most popular leader in the world today. His personal approval ratings are in the stratosphere, usually well-above 80 percent. He...

Sarah Palin takes aim at journalism: “I want to help clean...

Possible GOP presidential nominee warns she will 'clean up' journalism Sarah Palin is vowing -- in a FOX interview that aired yesterday -- to "clean...