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VT Editor Jim Hanke, Special Force "A Team" Leader in Vietnam with Stoner Rifle (1965)
VT Editor Jim Hanke, Special Forces “A Team” Leader in Vietnam with Stoner Rifle (1965)

The Stoner is long forgotten but Hanke is here causing us much difficulty as possible, now retired, Col. James Hanke USA, Special Forces, even older than Uncle Gordie.


By Gordy and Mikey

We are offering, for a limited time, 24 inch stainless barrel .308 AR platform rifles in a variety of configurations.  These are “tack drivers,” target quality barrels, available configured as hunting, target or tactical long range sniper weapons.  Custom packages are available, pricing will be under $1500 “well equipped.”  Shipped optics will be better consumer grade scope or “superior” tactical ACOG/CQB.  A target enthusiast would spend much more on a scope than the weapon itself.  In this case, the weapons will be well worth the effort.
We still offer a full line of .223 and .300AAC weapons.  All are available with custom barrels down to pistol configuration, free float handguards, match sights and better “furniture.”
 7.62×54 R Nagant:  For ATI and Archangel stocks, barrels from 16.5 inch to 28.5 with or without threading or muzzle brake.  Bolts are standard or professional “turn down” cut.
Get with us as soon as possible.  We have a large inventory of optics and furniture including rail/handguards, custom sights and bipods.
I am aiming for some very high end .308s but we can deliver very affordable M4 Carbines (under even mail order).
We carry a full inventory of pistols and will do everything possible to not sell anyone anything either defective or poorly designed.  We do know about such things.
Our niche market, as it were, is for those who want very high performance sporting arms with pride of ownership and don’t want to pay anything for them.  I can respect that, actually.

VT .308 NATO Carbine

This is an early prototype.  There are parts on here that are painfully expensive but exist for a reason.  This is, in fact, the weapon we needed to enter Afghanistan with, were there, in fact, a need to enter Afghanistan.  With a light weight stock or even folder, this has even more possibilities.  Extended from 16 to 20 inches of barrel, we can add another 150 meters of range.(and some weight) This would have kept some people alive, which is my responsibility more than the political realities, at times at least.
I have one deliverable.  KAK Industries Bolt Carrier Group, 16 inch stainless barrel, choice of 12 or 15 inch FSI Ultra Slim rail.  DPMS LR upper on Palmetto lower.  Choice of stocks.  Stainless flash hider, muzzle brake.  As this is a long range shooter, I can dress it as a carbine or with a 50mm 24x optic and sniper stock.
The hot ticket will be 12 inch .308 SigTac pistols.  I have the first of ours under construction.  I will be trying out a Gen 2 Sig Tac, not sure I love that yet.  This is essentially a cannon.
We have a very low priced .300 blackout pistol being finished now, a couple of .223 pistols and a selection of M4 carbines.
Next week we will begin two 20 inch .308 rifles, DPMS barrels and uppers, dressed with UTG Pro Ultra Slim 13 inch rails.
Let us know.
Stainless .308 Win. 1/10 twist barrel 16 inch
15 inch Midwest Industries G2 Handguard
Fully articulated Sniper Stock
Custom Grip
Choice of Bipods
6x24x 50MM AOEG Scope (red/green illuminated)
Premium forged upper and lower receivers
Premium full auto bolt carrier group



5.56 NATO (.223) Wylde 18″ Fluted SS with Holographic ACOG


175.223/5.56 Wylde base “high accuracy compliance” rifle, “Ultra-light”

The HBAR profile stainless barrel is lightened by fluting down  the entire length.  A simple clean design, longer than a carbine, shorter than a rifle, this is the lightest and least expensive package possible that includes an adjustable super-premium sniper stock,  keymod rail system and fiber optic powered ACOG CQB system.  I designed this simply to be fun to shoot and attractive enough to replace People Magazine on the coffee table in “better” American homes.  Check the Ebay prices for the “extras” alone.  The rifle is technically free.

  • 18 inch custom fluted stainless barrel ($200 plus value)
  • 13.5 inch keymod rail, ultra slim and feather light ($200 value)
  • 4x Holographic ACOG Holographic Optic with BDC (bullet drop compensator)($400 value)
  • Nickel Boron bolt carrier group ($175 value)
  • Adjustable sniper stock ($200 value)
  • Harris style (UTG) Spring/Swivel folding bipod ($60.00 value)
  • “Punisher” Stainless Muzzle Brake ($45 value)
  • Ergo grip ($30 value)
  • Folding monopod ($40 value)
  • A2 Carry Handle with Pic rail and rear match sight ($70 value)



   Nagant “Super Scout” 18 Inch

Nagant "Super Scout"
Nagant “Super Scout”

This is a “G” extreme custom design Mosin.  Barrel is professionally finished to 18 inches in a 1938 hand picked Mosin Nagant.  The rifle itself is excellent, bore bright and superior, finish among the best “pre war” fully finished weapons.  This is a light, extremely powerful rifle, capable of taking down any potential target.  Setup is for use with standard eye relief optics using a very unique bridging system. (do not drop)  Stock is a fully articulated Archangel tactical sniper stock with storage.
3×9 40mm cope with Mil type range finder (red/green illumination)
UTG tri rail
Dragon Claw Bipod
1000 lumen tactical light (18650 battery powered/charger included/very powerful)
Adjustable foregrip with storage
Cantilevered 12 screw scope mount with 6 one inch pic rails
Archangel articulated tactical sniper stock with storage and optional rail
Modified cut “turn down” bolt, professionally finished and polished
10 round magazine


For those who follow this, the gun blog within VT,a few updates.  We have a “build day” coming up this week.  For those within Michigan/Ohio, we will be doing barrel and muzzle brake mods to .30/.223 weapons using CNC tooling. (cost is nominal)  We will be testing out custom reloads including seeing what it takes to blow ourselves up. (as usual)

[youtube 09KQ5pkceqI&list=PLHvfECAlpnK_tAn1P7gd3GNuszC6H-AKN&index=17]

I include the video above for a variety of reasons.  Jim Dean can explain it better, perhaps.  If you don’t understand, then perhaps you don’t know what “walking the walk” really means to us.  Anyone remember Richard Kiley?  In 1965, this was a “hit single” on the rock charts.  Do you want to ask why some of us seem to want “out of Dodge?”

Machine gun Steel .300 Blackout With FN CHF (Cold Hammer Forged) Barrel

Barrel:  A proprietary blend of Hammer forged chrome molly vanadium made by FN that is referred to as “Machine Gun Steel” by virtue of its required use in FN’s M249 and M240 weapons.   The hammer forging process work hardens the steel, making it more durable.  In addition, the chrome process for the bore allows for a lining almost twice as thick as a standard M16 for enhanced durability.
124Built around a barrel of “machine gun steel” with a 9 oz 12 inch Midwest Industries Second Generation handguard, this platform has unparalleled balance and durability.  Nothing needs to be added.  This thing weighs nothing with the bipod.  This may be the lowest priced CHF M4 ever sold.  This weapon uses the powerful .300 Blackout cartridge, performance between the AK 7.62×39 and the .308 Winchester.  At 500 meters, this his far harder than either an AK or .223/5.56.  This weapon is capable of conversion to full suppression (in accordance with legal guidelines).
Loadout: Palmetto PSA Afghanistan commemorative lower receiver with matching upper
FN (USA) Machine gun steel (CHF) .300 AAC barrel ($350 value) Midwest Industries 12 inch G2 Rail ($200 value)
CQB Holographic sight with Scope Coat ($280 value) Harris Type (UTG)
Swivel bipod ($60 value)
Polymer backup sights Ergo soft grip ($30 value)
Blackhawk stock w/QD
Full Automatic premium Bolt Carrier Group
$949 121125


Comparison testing between .300 blackout and .308 NATO with 16 inch barrel, based on destructive power at 300 meters, will be done.  Unnamed clients are consider abandoning AK derivatives and the HK pistol based SMG’s for our AR based options.  We have to prove capability and durability.  KAK is testing .308 and 7.62×39 configurations.  Kurt suggests the 7.62×39 can be reliably used in an AR platform based on the ease in acquiring horrific quality ammunition.  He can make the barrels and extractors that will make it work.  We will see.
Right now it looks like we will be assembling, minimally, 8 AR platforms.  In .223Wylde we will have 16, 18, 20 and 24 inch length with a choice of stocks from mil spec to Magpul ACL, PTS/PRS or UBR and Vltor.  Rails are Noveske, Midwest, FSI and some domestic samples sent in, length from 7 to 15 inches.
.308s are all “LR” style with DPMS and Palmetto uppers.  This group all have forward assists, a joke and waste of $15.00 each.  There is a mix of bolts available.  The KAK are probably the hottest for the money.  .308’s come in 16 and 18 inch.  I am going to do a “diet” .308.  I will let you know where the real weight is.  With the DPMS Panther’s getting scarce, the really hot Long Range Tactical platform, we will look at a replacement.  I am going to try different rails.  I am not generally pleased with keymods on a .308.  I am not wild about front grips anyway but you can generally tear one off a .308 light weight keymod rail.  This is where the FSI (Fieldsport) shine.  These are rock solid and reasonably light.  I will know more in a week.
Again, am looking for a source on pencil barrels, reasonably priced, in .308 LR.  Gas should be carbine length.  I want to put together a “diet” 12 inch .308 to test out the 50 round drum I just got.  Yes, I know, the barrel will melt if I am not careful.


With “Satanic Zombies” BiBi Netanyahu our new president and “Hanoi John” McCain running America’s military, you can’t have enough guns.

We have cleaned out most of our AR 15 inventory and someone bought my favorite “Blackout” pistol.  We are parting up for new builds including 20 and 24 inch .223 AR 15s and one new Blackout pistol.  I am testing out low cost optics.  I design special operations weapons for several small/medium nations.  Some of what is seen here is entering limited production for elite units. This is why you will notice a tendency to build for “real world” punishment, weapons that will build confidence and morale. We are updating offerings as we sell off inventory. 
We are also starting some excellent new builds.  Some of what is sold is not replaceable at these costs, so check in from time to time.  Given the chance, and I am sort of “in charge,” I would have parts swaps and an open discussion on sporting and tactical weapons going all the time.  There are those who don’t understand this is a hobby nor do they understand tactical “investment grade” weapons. (yes, guns)
We did this last month and the reception was excellent.  Michael will have to clean up the lower end of the page as some of the listings are sold.  Frankly, we can custom build copies out of inventory anyway.  We have a couple of hot listings to start off with including a Long Range Tactical .308.  I have dressed a couple of the offerings and will be doing the same with more.  I assume everyone has the same “optics and furniture” back room I do, obviously a wrong assumption.  Custom mods are, as most know, done very inexpensively. For those of you new to buying custom weapons, listing out the “extras” provides a guideline.  We are beginning with the upgrades most of you would find yourself forced to buy in order to own a weapon you can enjoy and trust.
The last thing we want to hear is; “Why didn’t those idiots spend an extra $50 and make this thing something I could actually use?”  You can spend hundreds on “extra’s” for tactical and sporting weapons.  It is best to start with quality, have the basics and some excellent “frills” and go on from there. If for some reason, you don’t see what you want, call or write us with your request. We can build pretty much anything on an AR platform as well as other weapons. We are currently looking into California Compliant laws and may soon be able to meet your “unique” laws. Mike has registered with California and is now licensed to ship there, but the guns have to meet California standards which can be very confusing.
We have added a Bargain Bin category at the bottom of this post. Be sure to check it out. Note that we are a licensed FFL and charge sales tax for weapons delivered in Michigan.  We can ship anywhere inside the US with complete weapons and serial numbered receivers transferred through licensed dealers in your area.  Other parts, barrels, optics, upper receivers or whatever, can go directly to your home.  We also have most ammunition available as well and that can be shipped directly to adult purchasers.
Wylde, .223, 5.56mm: We have received several questions as to what we mean when we say a particular gun is a “.223 Wylde.” This is not a different size round. It uses the tandard .223/556mm round. Wylde is a rating (higher quality) of a premium grade barrel. We have also been asked about the difference between .223 and 5.56mm. They are exactly the same size but use two different measuring systems. .223 uses the English measurement system. (inches) The bullet is .22 inches in diameter. 5.56 mm is the same dimension, but it is shown in the metric system. In common usage, the .223 is a civilian hunting round used mainly for varmints. 5.56mm is the military designation and is usually a bit hotter load. Some of the older hunting rifles will not safely handle the more powerful 5.56 round, but everything we are listing can safely fire either round.

All weapons are new (unless clearly stated otherwise). All regulations apply so please make sure you are able to own this kind of “device” in your area. Money is accepted as is Visa/MasterCard with 3% fee. (sorry) If you don’t see what you want, we probably have one, particularly if it is exotic. As usual, we have Mosin Nagant 91/30 builds available with either Archangel tactical stock or Monte Carlo. Barrels are custom from 18 to 28 inch, professionally crowned, threaded with muzzle brake if required. Scope mount and bolt modification available as well.


 Mosin Nagant Tactical Platform

1939 Mosin Nagant

Given a fine pre-war Mosin, I was hesitant to butcher this classic.  Barrel is at original length, making this the closest approximation of a .338 Lapula or .300 Win mag. available.  The powerful 54R cartridge, cheap enough to shoot all day, has exceptional range and power.  Custom modifications, bent bolt and professional receiver scope mount are available.  Optional optic is 50mm 6×24, though all but unaffordable optics suffer at above 15x.  Eye relief on the current scope is exceptional, allowing straight bolt loading but bolt can be easily modified.  When done professionally, the “handle kit” is more than adequate and rock solid with excellent fit and finish.  Michael asked me to list this.  It hasn’t been fired since it left the arsenal nor has it been zeroed.  This is the nicest Nagant I have yet seen.

Yes, I have a carry handle on this.


1939 91/30 Mosin Nagant (finest ever made “cherry”)

Caliber:  7.62x54R (dirt cheap/available/devastatingly powerful)

Barrel Length: 28.5 inches, perfect bore

Stock:  Archangel Tactical

Magazine:  Included 5 round (10 round available)

Bolt:  Straight, unmodified (modification available)

Rail/Mount:  UTG Tri-Rail (original iron sight available for reinstallation)

Muzzle Brake:  Mosin Plus

Optic:  2×7 Long Eye Relief (excellent “scout” scope)

Dragon Claw barrel mount bipod

SAW carry handle ($18)






 SKS 7.62×39 Paratrooper Length Folding Stock Rifle


This is a custom built Norinco SKS with a 16.5 inch Paratrooper length barrel with an AK style muzzle brake.  It is mounted in an ATI folding stock. It comes with a 3-9×40 illuminated reticle scope a front hand grip with pop out bipod, and a 30 round magazine. The rifle was packed in a heavy layer of cosmoiline when we acquired it and it appears to have never been fired. Note the photo of the action. The brown spots are bits of cosmoline that I missed, not rust. We are asking $499 complete. We feel that this rifle offers the most “bang for the buck” of all that we are offering.





SCCY CPX-2 9mm Pistol


The SCCY CPX-2 pistol has been rated by Guns and Ammo and Handguns Magazine as a best buy. It is ideal as a lower priced (but not lower quality) pistol. This one is brand new in the factory packaging and includes 2 premium steel magazines with both flat and “pinky ” floorplates and a trigger lock. This is a hammer fired double action only pistol that is ideal for concealed carry due to its small size. It shoots the 9mm cartridge which is available for a reasonable price and in many target and anti-personal varieties.  We are offering this for $269 including shipping to your local FFL.

pen is shown for reference for the size of the pistol

MOS_8186b MOS_8190b

CZ-70 Pistol Chambered in 7.65 Browning (Used)


This is a used CZ-70 pistol chambered in the 7.65 Browning (32ACP) It is the civilian model of the famous VZ-70 used by the Czech  military and is based on the world famous Walther PP design.  We have gone through this gun completely and replaced all of the internal springs and the sear. The exterior has been touched up, but it has not been totally restored to new condition. It is all black, but the photos show reflections from the slide that make it appear as a two tone. It comes with 2 7 round magazines and a hard plastic case. It is fully capable of shooting modern .32ACP ammo, both full metal jacket and hollow point. We are offering it for $249.00 including shipping to your local FFL.




 VT Enhanced Tactical Pistol

062Another VT design pistol, in .223/5.56 Wylde.  At 10.5 inch, and an outstanding optic, this may well be the best combo-shooter around.  Inexpensive .223 ammunition, ease and comfort of shooting and devastating tactical combat capability, this might actually be too pretty to use.  Consider this a “truck gun” for a very nice truck.

223/5.56 Wylde SigTac Enhanced Tactical Pistol (EHT)

KAK Industries flash can ($38.00 value) 10.5 inch chrome lined barrel Fab Defense MagWell grip ($35.00 value) SigTac “Brace” ($159.00 value) KAK Buffer assembly with optic setback KAK 1 inch spacer ($12 value) MOE Grip and Trigger guard ($60 value) Forged Aluminum Upper and Lower receiver Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group ($175.00 value) Troy Industries QD Swivel ($60.00 value) Flush Free Float 10 inch quad rail with end cap ($50.00 upcharge) 1 30 round magazine included Harris type (UTG) bipod ($60 value) 4x CQB Illuminated Holographic optic with BDC (Bullet Drop Compensator) and iron sight ($500 value) $899 isis_119isis_121051066


Springfield XD 40 4 inch

isis_106 New in Box 12 round capacity .40 caliber As seen, all papers Two magazines XD Gear $450


.223/5.56 “Wylde” AR pistol (Wylde chambering for high accuracy with sporting and military ammo)

  • Premium 7.5 inch phosphate coated chrome lined barrel
  • Full automatic rated premium bolt carrier
  • Forged aluminum upper and lower receivers
  • Pistol buffer with recoil pad
  • 4.5” aluminum free float quad rail
  • A2 Muzzle brake
  • Bushnell 1X red Dot scope with riser ($120 value)
  • 30 round magazine included
$499 (VT special) This firearm has been sold, but we can build another one if there is interest.

.223/5.56 NATO Pistol


.223/5.56 Wylde Pistol

This is a world class combat weapon, designed for CQB/SWAT and vehicle deployment.  I took this one out to check balance on, QC on assembly, yesterday.  This is quite a lovely thing, I suggest someone take this.

  • 7.5” Premium Stainless barrel
  • Forged aluminum Anderson lower
  • Premium Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier ($175 value)
  • Alpha forged aluminum upper
  • 7” Free Float Quad rail
  • KAK extended buffer tube for Sig Tac mounting (8.5”)
  • Kak extension spacer
  • KAK Flash Can ($38 value)
  • Sig Tac ‘Arm Brace” ($159.00 value)
  • Magpul pistol grip and trigger guard ($45 value)
  • “Pistol legal” front grip ($30)
  • Troy QD snap swivel ($60 value)
  • Cantilever mount holographic red dot scope ($199 value)
  • 30 Round magazine
$799 OBO


DPMS Panther Oracle Flat top New in Box

This is, to a large extent, a stock DPMS with key enhancements.  We had picked up a case of the IDF drop in rails as an option.  I could use some feedback on this.  They are heat shielded, very strong and have a 3 rail configuration.  Rails are not aluminum but are very solid.

  • Command Arms handguard with rails ($80 value)
  • Front grip with pop out bipod ($20 value)
  • 30 Round Magazine
  • ACOG 1X red dot scope with fiber optic ($220 value)
  • Classic DPMS Panther with most desirable tactical upgrades.
$749 OBO complete


180021_01_mdSmith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm Subcompact

This gun has received much praise as a carry weapon both by Guns and Ammo Magazine and Handgun Magazine. It is brand new in the S&W box and come with 2 magazines, a 7 round flat bottom and an 8 round ‘pinky mag.’ The price is $379. 180021_02_md


Sig Sauer P-250 Compact 9mm

The Sig Sauer P-250 is a modular pistol. What this means is that the only serialized part is the “internal fire control group.” This is legally the pistol. Sig offers exchange kits in full size, compact and subcompact sizes in multiple calibers. You can literally make 16 different guns from the one serialized FCU. This is very nice for someone who, for example, would like to shoot a full size gun at the range and then convert it to a subcompact for carry or for those who live in states that limit the number of handguns a person can own. The P-250 Sig Sauer was chosen as the official gun of the US Air Marshal Service. We are offering a 9mm compact (3.9 inch barrel) with night sights, one 15 round magazine, a paddle holster in a Sig hard carry case. This is brand new and the price is $399. (Mike’s note: The price on this weapon and the .45 ACP Sig P-250 are well below the current market value. Sig manufactured a large quantity of P-250s for the Bolivian military and after they were made, the order was cancelled. Dealers were offered one time special pricing on these weapons and when those were sold, the price returned to normal)

Bargain Bin Items

I have been asked by one of my customers to handle the estate sale of her late husband’s guns. He was a Desert Storm veteran and died suddenly last year. The following guns are used and I will try to describe their condition.


Rossi 4 Barrel Rifle/shotgun Kit

MOS_8192b This Rossi kit consists of a single stock and foregrip and 4 interchangeable barrels. There are two .22 LR barrels; one with iron sights and one with a Redhead 4×32 scope. There is a .243 Win. Barrel with a Bushnell 3-9×40 scope and a 20 Gauge Shotgun barrel. A carrying bag is included. All of the pieces are in good used condition. We are asking $299 for the complete kit.

Shown with .243 barrel


Verona SX 405-S 12 Gauge Semi Automatic Shotgun

MOS_8208 This is Verona SX405-S semi automatic Shotgun in good used condition. It has a capacity of 6 rounds. We are offering this for $249.00 Here is a video showing it in operation.

[youtube 9corAarFXic]


MOS_8217 MOS_8210


Rossi 12 Gauge Single Shot Shotgun

MOS_8199b This is a single shot Rossi 12 gauge Shotgun. It has some cosmetic damage as shown in the pictures, but it is in good shooting condition. It functions perfectly. There is a scrape on the receiver which is much less visible than it appears in the photo and the end of the stock has teeth marks from the owner’s puppy. The cosmetic condition lowers the price to a very good buy point. This would make a great home defense or “truck” gun. We are offering this for $139.00 MOS_8203b

For further information or to purchase any of these guns, please contact Mike Chester at Chet’s Firearms of Howell, Michigan. [email protected] or phone 517-548-9558. Ask for Mike. Prices do not include shipping to your local FFL except for the SCCY and the CZ-70 pistols. Their prices include shipping.  

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