What If ?


by  Preston James

Johannes Gutenberg, Inventor of the printing Press. This device revolutionized communication and was the origin of Mass Communication which has now evolved into the most advanced mass communication system yet, the Worldwide Internet. The Internet is able to transmit emails, articles & videos at the speed of light rather than the speed of pen & ink and snail mail.

It’s a known fact that the Worldwide Internet is the new Gutenberg Press of the World.


Everywhere the Internet has become established which is now most of the World, it has provided instant access to an incredible amount of information from esteemed authors and researchers, facts that are showing the Major Mass Media’s narratives and stories to be largely false.


Many of the Gladio-Style False-Flag attacks such as Murrah, 9/11/01, the Boston Bombing and Sandy Hoax which were done by what has become the World’s largest Criminal Syndicate, are now being fully exposed as frauds by astute researchers from all over the World, folks who publish their blogs, articles and movies all over the World on the Internet.


The Internet is now producing incredibly astute researchers that are sharing facts gained through their individual efforts, but the group sharing is producing a whole new Internet related Worldwide sport of “crack the criminal conspiracy”.


An early Gutenberg Press. The first one was made operational in 1440 by Gutenberg in Germany. This design was manually operated and was able to produce about 240 copies of a type set print per hour.

Now thanks largely to the efforts of Professor Jim Fetzer who was a pioneer in the use of group research efforts of top experts to crack the JFK Assassination and then the 9/11/01 False-Flag attack on America, other groups and associations of like-minded researchers are forming all over the world via the Internet.

For the first time in History research is being shared all over the World at the speed of light and numerous criminal conspiracies are being completely cracked.

This new sport “crack the Government criminal conspiracy” is kind of like pin the tail on the Donkey or crack the Pinata. It’s now become a new worldwide sport played by individuals which work together and form research groups. The amount of USG lies and false narratives dispensed by their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) that these individuals and groups are now discovering is simply astounding.

As you might imagine this new Worldwide Internet Sport has set off panic in the Top Policy-Makers that control the large joint Crime Cabal that hijacked much of the USG including Congress.

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And they have now used special cyber warfare units to institute false-flag attacks on US businesses as the recent one on Sony. The USG Perps have used their Controlled major mass Media to spread the lie that North Korea did it, hoping to motivate the public and Congress to immediately pass very strict laws which will essentially gut any real continuing Internet freedom.

Do not be fooled by this USG False-Flag, it’s just another very crafty attempt to take away more of our essential rights which we need to clean out corruption from the Government and keep it honest, and that is a huge task when corruption is so rampant at every level.

The information power of the Internet is astounding and growing by the day. How interesting it is that Worldwide Populism has been spontaneously emerging parallel to its use.

And some experts in the social sciences now realize that this spontaneously emerging populism is creating a New Revolution in the hearts and minds of most Americans who are now aware of the endemic corruption at every level of Government and will soon demand change in many different ways.

And truth that folks read on the Internet tends to resonate over the lies and misinformation of shills.

Even limited hangout misinformation sites fail, because many Internet users have become so sophisticated they pick and choose, believing the truthful limited hangouts and rejecting the bad payloads.

6corps-320x3163This means that those who use the Internet to gain information watch less and less nightly news and also tend to believe less and less of it.

Many have now realized that the Major Mass Media is so consolidated that it is actually an illegal Monopoly/Cartel which functions mainly as a dispenser of State supplied propaganda and false narratives to support numerous illegal acts of State including False-Flag terror attacks and illegal organized crime schemes to bust out large industries and asset strip American citizens.

Many now realize that the USG Officials and elected politicians do this to receive massive offshore payoffs (aka set-aside allocations), massive honorariums from silly useless speeches and revolving door positions with the corporations they illegally passed “pork-type” laws for.

Most Americans have gotten to the point that they realize high level organized crime has infected American Society at every level. We now have a massive plague of crooked bought off Politicians, a crooked unresponsive Congress which is only concerned with greasing their cronies and themselves. A crooked US Department of Justice which is filled with crooked bought off Federal Judges, most appointed by the Bush Crime Cabal or the International Zionist Crime Syndicate who are now joined at the hip.

Most understand that Homeland Security is a complete sham, Unconstitutional and has no legal mandate to even exist. Many realize it was set up by Marcus Wolfe, former head of the East German Stasi, the cruelest most paranoid Police State organization that ever existed.

And according to the Library of Congress the FBI has no official Charter and thus no right to exist either and is responsible for massive Cointelpro type crimes against “We The people” and continual efforts to arm and entrap mentally ill or mentally retarded dupes to commit synthetic acts of terrorism inside America because no one else is interested or motivated.

The following is only a beginning partial list of “What If” changes that the Internet is stimulating now among the American Masses. This list is incomplete, so you the reader would do well to make your own list and add to it daily on an ongoing basis. At some future date VT will provide a means for everyone to post these.



1. What if one morning we all woke up and felt a new American Populism spontaneously arising in awesome power, so strong almost every American was ready to demand a complete house cleaning at every level of Government.

2. What if the Controlled major Mass Media (CMMM) was completely broken up into small entities under current anti-trust laws and its principals and owners prosecuted under criminal and Civil RICO?

3. What if everyone realized that a foreign power (World Zionists and their main action agent Cutout Israel) had infiltrated and hijacked the American Political System, the Major Mass Media, American Monetary production and Distribution, Hollywood and formed a join alliance with the Bush Crime cabal (BCC) which took over the CIA and the  Administration when it assassinated JFK, MLK and RFK?

4. What if the American People rose up in mass and became completely determined to stop these “Enemies within the Gates of America” and decided to neutralize them at every level, fully taking back America and insisting the USG represent We The People, not Israel or the Foreign Banksters or the Joint Crime Cabal drug traffickers?

5. What if any Politician who would not support this emergence of American Populism was immediately recalled using proper prescribed procedures in each gate?Wanta_Lee-150x150 (2)

6. What if all the necessary changes were mandated and made to provide so many new good paying jobs everyone able to work could have one? And those unable to leave their home could do online clerical work?

7. What if Ambassador Lee Wanta was provided instant access to all his money (now 33 Trillion Dollars) so he could fulfill his mandate from president Reagan to get the USA completely out of debt, build a High Speed MagLev Inter-coastal Railroad System and provide two million good paying job opportunities? Note: Ambassador Wanta is still working every day under this Presidential mandate which has never been terminated.

8. What if Free Trade treaties were publicly recognized as being Seditious and were all dropped by an honest vote in Congress and replaced by Fair Trade Agreements with suitable tariffs assigned which would insure no more exporting of American Manufacturing, Industry and jobs, thus stimulating many new factories in America and lots of American jobs?

9. What if We The People demanded that our Government follow the US Constitution which forbids private FIAT foreign based Money Production and Distribution Systems and America quickly arrested all the top Federal Reserve System Share Holders, nationalized (Federalized) the Federal Reserve, seized all its holdings and clawed back all its gains going back to 1914 when it started its massive financial fraud and theft of American wealth?bank-run__thomas_jefferson___joeforamerica__com (2)

10. What if the local banks were left intact and woven into a new American Banking System to minimize this major change?

11. What if an American Monetary and Production System was set up that was owned by we the people and any interest charged was paid back to all Americans which would be shareholders?

12. What if all the Federal Reserve System Directors and Shareholders were indicted, arrested, prosecuted, convicted and sentenced for Major RICO Financial Fraud and then given he longest sentences allowed by law and if captured NSA Intel shows they had people murder who were exposing them, then the death penalty by hanging until dead (there is no statute of limitations for major RICO financial fraud or Murder).

13. What if the NSA was surrounded and if necessary attacked by the US Army and forced to surrender and all its Secret Files except launch codes were published on the Internet?

14. What if the same was done to the CIA and all their files in their robot accessed underground bunker under Langely were seized and published on the Internet?

High_Treason (2)15. What if all this evidence was used to fully prosecute those political Kingpins and Cutouts that knowingly left behind POWs and MIAs in Korea and Vietnam or anywhere and then used special ops to assassinate most of them?

16. What if We The People finally got an honest Attorney General who prosecuted all Members of Congress who have received massive bribes and Perks from AIPAC and other Zionist or Israeli espionage fronts (right now this is over 90%)?

17. What if every dirty US Federal Judge who made crooked deals to support a crime cabal paying them or did so for Billy Budd support of a crooked political or espionage system was indicted, arrested, tried, convicted and delivered severe sentencing? And what if those that showed no mercy received no mercy and had all personal holdings, every cent paid in salary and thus every dime they ever earned in their black robe clawed back?

18. What if the Military High Command and most of the American Soldiers were captured by a burning desire to follow and fulfill the US Constitution and Rule of Law for everyone rich or poor in America?

19. What if a decision was made that the Constitution did not allow any secrecy except for launch codes and specific weapon system operating sequences?

POPULISM vs. ESTABLISHMENT LIES320. What if we brought all our troops home and completely sealed off all of our borders?

21. What if we gave the Mexican Drug Cartels 24 hours to fully surrender and then if they didn’t instituted an aerial assault on all their strongholds and used American Special Forces to put them out of business permanently and bring them to Justice using NSA satellite and phone tap evidence (which is extensive and smoking gun too)?

22. What if Marijuana was legalized like Alcohol in very state and by the Federal Government and opiates were legal as long as they were prescribed by a Medical Doctor, Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner?

23. What if all non-violent offenders were immediately released from prison and provided good paying job opportunities?

24. What if all convicted of crimes related to alcohol or drug abuse were provided sound treatment and required to complete it?

25. What if all private prisons were outlawed and it was decided no more privatized iIntel or mercenary armies could be deployed by the CIA or the USG?

26. What if the US Army surrounded all the most classified Defense areas, most of which are now run by foreign contractors? What if those inside were told, “surrender immediately with all your files and devices intact or you will be destroyed”?

Aurora Project. US air force27. What if all the USG and Defense Contractor secrets about UFOs, Alien ETs and Anti-gravity Craft were shown live on Television to Americans and the World?

27. What if AIPAC was declared a foreign espionage front for Israel and recognized as a master blackmailer, briber, and human compromiser and all Directors of AIPAC were immediately arrested, AIPAC was declared illegal and forbidden to exist anymore due to its massive record of RICO crime?

28. What if all foreign espionage lobbyist fronts were declared illegal and were fully prosecuted under espionage laws, including all AIPAC Directors and many AIPAC staff who did espionage in America?

28. What if the DHS was declared a Stasi-style Israel occupation force and was immediately disbanded with all officers who had clean hands and came from other agencies sent back to those? What if anyone at DHS who broke the law, violated the US Constitution or Rule of Law was arrested under espionage laws and Criminal Rico, fully prosecuted and upon convicted sentenced to the maximum allowed.

29.What if honest grand juries were set up (Federal and State) to investigate the PNAC/NeoCon Israeli nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01 which mass-murdered 3,000 that day had has given strange cancers to over 70,000 first responders and local residents?

2-303x32030. What if these Grand Juries used all the seized NSA and CIA files to fully prosecute all those perps of 9/11/01 including Cheney, Bush2, Larry Silverfish, Dov Zakheim, the NeoCons, the PNACers and all the others involved including some top JCS, USAF, NORAD, FAA, and Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens?

31. What if these perps were convicted and sentenced to be executed like the Nazi and Japanese War Criminals which was hanging by the neck until dead?

32. What if Federal honest Grand Juries (outside of the incredibly corrupt States of Connecticut, Virginia and Maryland) were set up and all seized NSA evidence was used to fully prosecute all actors, liars, police and officials involved in the massive Sandy Hook fraud which so far has defrauded caring but gullible citizens and taxpayers out of more than 60 Million dollars?

33. What if several murders were proven to have been ordered by those who ran the Sandy Hoax Operation as part of their coverup and they and all accessories to their coverup murders were fully prosecuted under RICO and murder statutes?

34. What if the suggestion of Mike Harris, VT Financial Editor was implemented to bring the Department of Veterans Affairs into the regular Department of defense Budget as a regular line item, making the provision of much need care for vets a top priority?

35. What if the US Department of Justice got a real US Attorney General and arrested the Denver twelve Ritual Child Sacrificers of Children (These twelve Top Policy-Makers prefer to call themselves the “Disciples of Satan” and the “Illuminati” and they control the Federal Reserve System, most illegal drug trafficking into America, large factions in the CIA, FBI and DHS, the Judiciary, the Supreme Court and withing the old guard of the US Military? They control most large Wall Street Banks and have recently captured most US Pension Funds). Federal Whistle-blower Stew Webb has identified them by name based on actual witness reports and reports from insiders.


36. What if efforts to take away gun ownership from Vets and other Americans was fully understood as Israeli/AIPAC/ADL espionage efforts to disarm America so it could easily be destroyed by them, and Americans not only got rid of all these ridiculous “gun free zones” but trained and armed teachers to protect their students?

37. What if all the secrets about “free energy” and anti-gravity including Cosmic wind or black matter energy, cold fusion, and safe radioactive energy systems were released on the Internet to the public, and qualified companies could seek licenses to manufacture and make sure ever single household had one and new auto were powered by these devices?

38. What if all Corporations operating inside America were granted licenses of one year only and could not violate anti-trust laws by becoming too large as in monopolistic or operating as cartels?

Zionist-Media2-640x45139. What if the FCC prosecuted all the six Major Major Mass Media (CMMM) who were dispensing USG propaganda and false narratives which is a crime and jerked their licenses?

40. What if the US Department of education was abolished and controls over school policy and curriculum was decentralized to each public school district and private school to be determined by their boards?

41. What if secret societies were outlawed?

42. What if all pedophile rings and human sex traffickers now being protected by the FBI, CIA, Congress and the Department of Justice were indicted, arrested, prosecuted, convicted and their organizations providing payoff or services to US Elites were put completely out of business forever?

43. What if all of the “Denver Twelve”, BCC, IZCS, CIA, DEA drug Kingpins and their Cutouts who make “controlled deliveries” were stopped and all involved were indicted, prosecuted, convicted and given the heaviest sentences allowed under RICO crime statutes which is life imprisonment?

44. What if no child in America was allowed to ever again go to school or to sleep hungry after a massive Governmental effort was made to make sure food was provided to those who could not afford it.? In exchange, recipients would have to do some work for the Government, clerical at home by computer at a minimum.

45. What if the USG worked hard for all the people like President Putin to promote general morality and a new attitude of help your neighbor arose in the land?

46. What if the Phony Wars on Drugs and on Terror were recognized publicly for the scam they are and were instantly eliminated with the perps indicted, arrested (with no bail) fully prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced with the harshest sentences possible and the very same level of mercy extended by those that ran the these Wars against their millions of victims, None.

47. What if news State and Federal laws were passed making it a major felony with heavy prison time for invoking “national security” to cover up crimes and efforts to make personal financial gains?

48. What if enough money was clawed back from seizing and Nationalizing the Federal Reserve System to turn on the water in Detroit for all those it was disconnected from, and provide it at no charge to everyone who uses normally expected amounts?

49. What if a certain signals Intel organization  was kicked out of the large Public Schools along with their pulsed beam microwave mind-kontrol devices and they stopped stealing millions out of each large school district?

50. What is Wi-Fi was eliminated in all schools and replaced with fiber optics, and was also highly restricted to European health Standards in other locations?

51. What if cell phone tower emissions were highly regulated like in some European countries and certain areas were set aside for the 6% of the population to which these emissions are toxic?

52. What if all sophisticated gang-stalking used to harass whistle-blowers was immediately stopped and the people responsible indicted, arrested, prosecuted, convicted and given the most severe sentences allowed by law?

53. What if all sophisticated Psychotronic devices used to harass whistle-blowers were immediately disabled and the people responsible indicted, arrested, prosecuted, convicted and given the most severe sentences allowed by law?

54. What if all DHS “No Work” lists and procedures to keep whistle-blowers from finding and keeping employment were immediately destroyed and the people responsible indicted, arrested, prosecuted, convicted and given the most severe sentences allowed by law?

55. What if all Whistle-blowers were protected and it was required that their complaints were published publicly with their names listed as John or Jane Does, and their complaints were legitimately and fully investigated by a committee comprised of experienced Law Enforcement, numerous Citizens from the Community at all levels of income and status, and all hearings would be made public after completion.

56. What if it all the Federal Lands were returned to the individual States and the people of each state voted on what to do with these lands, including the option of allowing homesteading for a suitable price or even free if certain conditions were met?

57. What if all law abiding gun owners just decided they could take no more abuse and refused in mass to comply with the new Unconstitutionality gun restrictions?

58. What if everyone just decided not to pay their Federal Income Taxes and demanded the US Constitution be followed which does not allow a private collection agency (private offshore Corporation) to collect un-apportioned Federal Taxes or Taxes used to pay for illegal, unprovoked, Unconstitutional, undeclared foreign wars of acquisition for Israel and the Super-elites or us the power of the “boot in your face” to steal money from Citizens and give it to an Unconstitutional criminal operation like the Federal Reserve System?

59. What if the several Cabal Owned Generals and Senator McCain were arrested and taken off in shackles and cuffs and the same was done to all Banksters and Top Policy-Makers owned by the Joint Crime Cabal that are now oppressing Russia and working hard to start a nuclear WW3 with the Russians?

60. What if all political prisoners like David Hinkson and others who have been proved to be innocent by new DNA studies done by the Innocence Project in US prisons were instantly released, and all corrupt judges had every single case reviewed for false convictions and false imprisonment? (it is estimated that between 10% and 20% of all folks on death row are innocent and the same approximate percentage for most prisoners.

61. What if the American People (We The People) all at once realized in mass that they face the same enemy that our founding fathers faced, that is we realized we were all now at war in a war started the Agents of the State which has been hijacked and is now controlled by the Joint Crime Cabal, aka the “Redcoats” aka the Rothschild Banksters and their World Financial fraud System of massive Counterfeiting and using their “funny Money” to keep people as serfs and debt-slaves?

62. What is all the ordinary citizens of the USA, Russia, Europe, the Mideast and China suddenly realized that we were all on the same side (allies) because the enemy of all of us was the World Zionists and their Joint Crime Cabal (the IZCS/BCC) which hijacked the American Military and Congress and has been using them to wage war on so many Mideast nations and now a secret war against Americans and Russians, Ukrainians, Syrians, Iranians, and Chinese? Answer: the WZs and their Kingpins and Cutouts would be viewed as parasites and removed from power by worldwide mass uprisings of every sort imaginable targeting them.

63. What if instead of the crooked, corrupt US Department of Justice and its corrupt FBI started actually investigating the crimes of corrupt Top USG Policy-Makers and Government Officials for real, instead of using the full force of the Federal and local Law Enforcement to harass, abuse, tyrannize, wrongly charge and convict or murder Whistle-blowers?

64. What if the full force of American Law and Law Enforcement and all the available resources of the USG and all is agencies were used to indict, arrest, fully prosecute and convicts all large BCC/IZCS Crime Cabal Members and anyone involved in trafficking narcotics into America, participating in the pedophile human compromise or initiation rituals, ritualistic sacrificing and/or dismemberment and eating of children, or any Criminal or Civil RICO organized crime?

65. What if the Federal District Circuit Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia ruled that all Real Estate taxes were completely Unconstitutional in all States of the Union because they violated basic human right to own property? Funds to operate local government and schools would have to be raised some other legal way.

66. What it became required for each Police Department to have a Police Review Board staffed by a full range of civilians from all classes, races and incomes, and the first rule of order would be to call in the World’s top experts to submit reports or video affidavits on the influence of shoulder mounted pulsed beam constant-on police radios on certain officers susceptible to psychotronically elicited psychomotor seizures and the violence that usually accompanies them and what corrective action should be taken?

67. What if Intel Agencies stopped using, trafficking, pedophiling, sacrificing and murdering children as acts of Bolshevik State Terrorism? Providing children to Pedophile Politicians for human compromise and blackmail ops, and also using them for human sacrifice rituals and mass-murder terror ops is always a trademark of State Terrorism by either the Mossad on behalf of the International Zionist Crime Cabal (IZCS), the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) Faction of the CIA or other associated inhuman criminal Intel Agencies.

68. What if top CIA Officials who were previously known to run massive narcotic trafficking rings into the USA, decided to stop and were caught by the Major Mass Media quietly hauling large truckloads of Christmas gifts and food into the poorest urban communities and passing them out to poor kids in need on Christmas Eve?


Now it’s up to all of us to have our own list or perhaps add to this basic list every-time we think of something. Maybe you might want to keep your own list and add to it every day or even set up a group list with a study group of like minded friends or associates.

Perhaps you might want to send this article to your close friends and family if you supports these “What Ifs”, but add yours too. This list is just the start. VT readers are some of the very smartest most well read folks in the World and will be able to come up with some amazing “What Ifs” that should be implemented by “We The People” as soon as possible.

It’s a fact that as this Truth gets diffused to the masses, Populism will rise in response at every level of society and soon Psi-power will take over ans somehow the corruption in Government will be driven out.

image0102 (2)For those that appreciate Blues and Jazz here is a superb HD music video of Ana Popovic, a great up and comer who has deep, raw talent. If you have them headphones are recommended.

[youtube XOUC1t4NIWI&list=RDTad7VR3faCU]

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