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What If ?

It's a known fact that the Worldwide Internet is the new Gutenberg Press of the World. Everywhere the Internet has become established which is now most of the World, it has provided instant access to an incredible amount of information from esteemed authors and researchers, facts that are showing the Major Mass Media's narratives and stories to be largely false.

The Mad Race to the End

We The People and the Establishment's Top Policy-Makers are engaged in a Mad Race to the End. If We The People win, we get to survive along with the preservation of our Great Republic the United States of America.

Kiting the American Financial System

The American Financial System is now being "Kited" to a Catastrophic Collapse not expected by the American People.

Ending the Continuing Stream of America’s Secret Shadow Govt Psyops

Want to know why everything in America seems to have become so dysfunctional?

Chumps R Us Club: Part II

Experts claim that Americans are being continually Chumped by the massive dissemination of Big Government Lies dispensed by the Controlled major Mass Media (CMMM).

You Are The Enemy

There is now a New American War. It is inside America. It is called the "War on Terror". The enemy is YOU! It is a staged, Phony War that has been created by the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS).

Urban War Zones in America

Urban War Zones are now a reality inside many American cities.

Reality Check for American Tyrants

America is now being transformed into an active war zone as part of the phony "war on terror".

Inside Beltway IV: Left Behind, Treason Beyond Measure

The amount of lying, deceit and murder required to keep this BIG LIE and treason secret is astounding and beyond the imagination of most normal Americans.

Secret Space War X: The Third Force Begins Its take-down...

Is the Syrian gambit an Astounding convergence of pre-staged baffooneries?

Secret Space War VI: Dead Humans by the Millions, the...

Is DHS, the New American Gestapo, now being morphed into the New American Cheka?

Secret Space War II

There is an ongoing Secret Space War that the USG has been engaged in since 1947.