Findings: International Conference on Terrorism and Religious Extremism


The war has now spread to Lebanon.  Overtly, the war is Lebanon, Syria, Iran and Iraq standing against Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia.  In reality this is something very new happening here, ISIS simply doesn’t exist, no more than MS 13, Al Shebab or Boko Harum. Those many years ago, when Mike Ruppert and Gary Webb tied the “Crips and Bloods” to CIA/White House drug running under Reagan’s watch, we saw only a part of a crime ring dating to the British royal family and the Opium Wars of the 1840s.

For those unaware, American ship owners got their start running drugs then, as required by British law, the “founding families” of the world narcotic empire are also the founding families of the CIA.

When Mosul was looted as was Aleppo, two of the largest cities in the world, the loot went into the same coffers as the cash from the Mexican cartels, the Afghanistan drug trade or Macau’s slave auctions.

The accounting is done in Cuba, the banks overtly Cayman but those behind it all, “the usual suspects.”  The corporations involved are all American, big political names, Walton, Romney, Mizel, Bush, Rockefeller, Koch, so many more.

What we are thankful for at this juncture in time is the legal framework set up by Alberto Gonzales, George W. Bush, John Ashford and company.  Now an auctioneer in London or New York can legally be assassinated or kidnapped for their role in selling art treasures of Iraq or Syria.

The Zurich bankers who are laundering the cash can be picked up at their homes, taken to any “third party nation,” tortured for years and, if found “not guilty,” quietly released to die in misery.

Thank heaven for the American legal system, without it there would be no standard of justice.

Conference on Terrorism and Religious Extremism

Telegram to President Assad of Syria

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  1. At the risk of appearing as a troublemaker, I caution against the optimism expressed in the article and the comments. As much as I applaud VT analysts for obtaining a little bit of the visibility that they so much deserve and that the world so much needs, the conference has beaten around the bush–pun intended–of terrorism and religious extremism. The findings stop short of identifying 9/11 as a false flag in which a large group of criminals against humanity armed with much power and little empathy abused Islamic fanaticism to force the whole world into fear, war, surveillance and poverty.
    It bears repeating that any individual or entity who will not affirm 9/11’s essence as an obvious and poorly covered false flag is to be mistrusted on terrorism. Alas, the conference’ findings fail this simple litmus test, sadly undermining whatever good may have come out of it.

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