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ISIL is CIA funded mercenary group to advance the Zionist agenda

ISIL was created by Zionist elements in the US and Israel to defend their geostrategic interests and destroy independent governments in the Middle East.

The Donald: Israel, American Jews, Funding ISIS and World Terrorism

Editor's note: We have suspected for some time that Trump is trying to sabotage his own campaign by saying "outlandish things." At VT, we...

US Seeks to Amass More Forces in Syria…But for Which War?

Carter professes to be recruiting additional forces for the war against ISIS, but one wonders if he might have a different war in mind...

UN Security Council Ignores Plea to Stop Terrorism Against Syrians

The UN Security Council has failed to condemn a terrorist attack in the city of Homs on Saturday that took the lives of 22...

Islamophobia is creating a global police state

Neocons are building their global police state, everywhere, on the same foundation: Islamophobia.

Islamic terror threat, a hoax created by Israel

Is Trump trumping the neocons - by matching their Islamophobic lies and raising the stakes? And to what end?

Washington Remains Blind to Ankara’s Complicity in Terrorism

Gordon Duff -Every aspect of this cross-border traffic involves the government and military of Turkey and its complicity in support of terrorism, five minutes with a map will tell anyone this.

Huge wave of false flags to follow Paris, San Bernadino

Experts predict a huge new wave of false flags as Craft International and other perpetrators "flee forward" to cover their bloody tracks from Paris to San Bernadino.

BUSTED! San Bernadino shooters were three white men dressed in...

Three white paramilitary males - not a brown-skinned couple - murdered 14 people in San Bernadino.

San Bernadino shooting story shot full of holes by patsies’ attorney

The government is lying. There was no "gun battle." The patsies were summarily executed.

The Making of a “Terrorist”

Sami Jamil Jadallah - Terrorists, as far as I can tell, are made not born. They come in all colors. White, Brown, Black and mix of colors.

Media Terrorism: The ISIS Partnership

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor When you see a video of an ISIS beheading or perhaps a "barrel bombed" Syrian school, you are seeing the...

US Asks Turkey to Close Border, Doesn’t Mention to Stop Complicity...

  ____________ Washington is urging Ankara to seal off a 100-kilometer stretch of borderline with Syria currently used by Islamic State for transportation of fighters and...

NEO – Who was Really Killing Paris and Why?

Jim W. Dean - The best memorial to the victims of terrorism is for the public to wise up as to who the State sponsors behind most of these killings are, and take them on. Without doing this, these memorials are meaningless, and maybe even worse.

Twilight of the Idols: How Celebrities Kill the Paris Debacle

The Paris debacle proves to be a complete disaster for celebrities who pretentiously say that they cherish all life.

Press TV Debate: Did West need Paris false-flag attack to pressure...

ISIS “is not what it purports to be, it’s been benefiting from massive aid from the West, primarily from US allies in the Middle East."

Another French false flag?

Kevin Barrett - I was interviewed about Paris false flags - in Paris - right before this one happened.

How Western Weapons Fuel Terrorism and Conflicts in Middle East

TEHRAN (FNA)- The participants of the Vienna talks have all the time in the world to prove they are serious about finding a peaceful...

President Assad: No Syria Initiatives before Terrorism Eradication

President Assad: No Syria Initiatives before Terrorism Eradication   The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says it welcomes any political solution approved by the Syrian people, but...

Ukraine: Ripping Western Aid to Sponsor Terrorism

By ORIENTAL REVIEW for VT Past weekend the CyberBerkut team revealed another story, shocking in its extraordinary cynism even for today’s Ukraine. It turned out...

Vladimir Putin’s Syrian Strategy: Reducing the Risk of Biological Terrorism in...

Putin - Russia stands for the creation of "as big a coalition to fight the extremists and terrorists as possible and is working with major regional and international partners" like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

US using terrorism to destabilize states: Political expert

Jim W. Dean - The World needs an enforcement mechanism to go after the state sponsors of terrorism early in the game, rather than after the last body is buried. The guilty have to be held financially responsible.

 Terrorism: India, Undermining Pak-Afghan Stability  

America must abandon its faulty strategy in this region and double standard, and must check Indian secret strategy against Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and other Asian countries.

Syria prepared to cooperate with any country in fighting terrorism —...

Jim W. Dean - Syria is not down on its knees begging. If the current coalition members and the Gulf States refuse to join, then the remaining players will be Russia, Iran and China.

The President who was Assassinated – 34 Years Ago

When "our" terrorists kill "their" presidents, we never seem to hear about it.

Israeli Assassins

International Business Times: "Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have been in regular contact with Syrian rebels, including Islamic State (ISIS) militants."

The Rise of Islamic Terrorism

Before there was a Mujahideen, Taliban, Alqaeda, ISIS, Daesh, Osama Bin Laden, Abu-Bakr Al-Baghdadi, Anwar al-Awlaki, supported and sponsored by many international actors, there was Juhayman al-Qahtani, the Saudi Cleric who laid siege to the Holy Mosque in Mecca on November 20, 1979.

4 Arab States Planning to Help Syrian Government to Fight Terrorism

Syrian officials have repeatedly criticized Turkey over links to the militants, including Turkish involvement in buying oil from both the ISIL and al-Nusra Front, and providing a corridor for thousands of terrorists to get into Syria.

Iran – A Major Victim of Terrorism

Jim W. Dean, Gordon and I will attend Iran's Terrorism conference over Labor Day. With Iran opening up, one of the first VT tasks is to dig out some of these buried stories so they can see the light of day.

President al-Assad: The priority is eliminating terrorism wherever it is found...

“Because of this, our questions today as Syrians are no longer about those self-evident facts, but rather about the possibilities facing Syria in light of the rapid accelerating events and the transitioning of the methodical process of destruction carried out by the terrorist organizations to unprecedented levels,” he said.

Iran deal: Bad news for ISIS & JSOP?

Will terrorist leaders "Bibi" Netanyahu and "Caliph" al-Baghdadi call a joint press conference to denounce the Iran nuclear deal?

EXCLUSIVE! FBI details MASSIVE terror plots it foiled on 4th of...

You read it here first! Explicit details of the terrorist attacks that almost happened on Independence Day.

Zionist Sinking Ship

The moral of the story here is that you should never get on the Zionist sinking ship

Terror in Tunisia: Another false flag?

It wasn't just the timing of the Tunisian terror spectacle that was suspicious.

American Terrorism: Arming the Monsters

Gordon Duff... We have every reason to believe that the photo above is a fake though we were directly contacted by Answer Allah who assures us they used this because it is a better photo than the real one

US accuses Iran of terrorism…for fighting terrorism!

“It’s ironic that Iran has been bashed primarily for fighting against the people that this very report says are the world’s biggest terrorist threat."

Western Terror on Iran – 17,000 ignored victims

Jim W. Dean - The world human rights organizations and media have censored the story of Iran's 17000 terror victims

Victim’s widow: “I want the truth about the Charlie Hebdo attack!”

Maryse Wolinski, widow of the best Charlie Hebdo cartoonist, wants to know the truth about the death of her husband.

DHS: “America is now under Wal-Martial law”

"Citizens – I mean, shoppers – must immediately report to their nearest Wal-Mart re-education centers."