Iran and the Bomb



by Jonas E. Alexis

Joshua Muravchik
Joshua Muravchik

At the end of 2006, Neoconservative Joshua Muravchik, a fellow at the Foreign Policy Institute of Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies and author of the recent book Making David into Goliath: How the World Turned Against Israel, began his LA Times article with this sentence,

“We must bomb Iran.”

As a typical Neocon, Muravchik proceeded to cunningly formulate one lie after another and then set forth his solution to the nuclear weapons program in Iran if sanctions did not work:

“The overthrow of the current Iranian regime might offer a silver bullet, but with hard-liners firmly in the saddle in Tehran, any such prospect seems even more remote today than it did a decade ago, when students were demonstrating and reformers were ascendant. Meanwhile, the completion of Iran’s bomb grows nearer every day….

Ahmadinejad wants to be the new Lenin. Force is the only thing that can stop him.”[1]

Muravchik certainly knew that no one in his right mind appreciates what Stalin did during his lifetime—except Benjamin Netanyahu, who aspired to erect a monument to the Red Army.[2] So, in order to score some Neoconservative points, Muravchik quickly and irresponsibly placed Ahmadinejad and Stalin in the same category.

The irony is that it was Netanyahu—not Ahmadinejad—who wanted to be Stalin reincarnate. And the sad story is that Muravchik was nowhere to be found when Netanyahu made his statement about the Red Army.

The good news is that Muravchik’s dream about Iran did not come true in 2006, and three years after the debacle in Iraq, virtually no serious person wanted to see another Jewish bloodbath in the Middle East.

So, Muravchik’s article failed, but the Neocons never gave up. 

Last July, Secure America Now (SAN)—whose advisory board members include Zionist puppets and Neocons such as Mike Huckabee, John Bolton, Lee Smith—released a psychologically frightening video in order to manipulate the average American and to move much of America to attack or hate Iran.

The following video clip is only 47 seconds and requires your undivided attention:

If you watch the clip very carefully, you will see that the narrator traps us into the “either/or” dichotomy as if there are no other options. It is stated that

“We either stand up to supporters of terrorism, or we and our allies risk the losing the freedom we cherish. We must not let the Jihadist government of Iran get a nuclear bomb.”

The Dreadful Few have been using these same “either/or” categories for more than fifty years in the media—most specifically in Hollywood movies. Remember Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb?

And neoconservatives never missed their opportunity to marshal the same clap-trap over the past ten years or so. Even by the fall of 2011, after the Libya war, neoconservatives such as Bill Kristol were still on the front lines pushing for a military strike against Iran.

Neoconservative Jamie Fly of the Foreign Policy Initiative even encouraged Obama to approve what seemed to be perpetual wars in the Middle East.

“It is time for President Obama to follow in the footsteps of his predecessors and stand up to tyrants who kill Americans and threaten our interests. It is time to take military action against the Iranian government elements that support terrorism and its nuclear program. More diplomacy is not an adequate response.”[3]

Yet while the neoconservatives push for war, some members of the CIA themselves stated that the evidence for war as non-existent. “Fishy, fishy, fishy,” declared Bruce Riedel, a veteran of the CIA. A military strike against Iran is a “truly awful Hollywood script.”[4]

Other CIA members such as Colonel Pat Lang were of the same opinion.[5]

Paul Pillar, a twenty-eight-year CIA veteran and author of the ground-breaking book Intelligence and U.S. Foreign Policy, was skeptical of the alleged plot.[6]

Michael Scheuer, former CIA agent and author of a number of ground-breaking books, also found the allegation irresponsible. The plot was indeed fishy, but not for neoconservative newspapers such as the Weekly Standard.[7]

The Israel Lobby and others moved into new territory by the fall of 2011 when the IAEA falsely declared that Iran has the capability to build nuclear weapons.[8] It has been pointed out that the IAEA did not base their assessment on evidence but upon hearsay.[9] Israeli historian Benny Morris declared that some of the “evidence” came from “the Israeli intelligence in the first place.”[10]

Later discoveries indicated that the IAEA claim was a forgery.[11] Robert Kelley, a retired IAEA director, noted that there was virtually nothing in the report that was new.[12]

What, then, is the real truth about Iran?

Israel-nuclear-bombIran has done its best to reach out to the West for decades, but the neoconservative hawks have given the country no chance.

Flynt Leverett, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation and a professor at Pennsylvania State University, declared that Iran is a rational country and has made several attempts to make rational deals with the West, most particularly America, but the United States has reversed those deals and continued to propound the neoconservative mantra that Iran is a suicide country.

In 2008, CBS did an interview with Ali Akbar Salehi, who got his Ph.D. from MIT in nuclear engineering. Once he was done with his studies, Salehi moved back to Iran for an administrative career at the Sharif University of Technology. During the interview, Salehi declared:

“I have a lot of respect…for the people of the U.S. and I’ve always said this: I do not consider the U.S. as a country. I think the U.S. belongs to the whole human kind. It’s a human heritage.

“I don’t think history will be able to produce another country like the U.S. Because it’s a country that has served humanity so much, in terms of technology, in terms of science…

“Most of my professors were from the U.S. Even my bachelor’s degree is from the American University of Beirut. Again I had a lot of U.S. professors there. I feel indebted to them. This is part of my religion.

“You know, whoever teaches you something, you are indebted to them for your life. So my respect goes for the entire U.S. people. But you see this is different when it comes to the actions of their government.”[13]

israelThis certainly does not correspond with the neoconservative ideology. What makes it even more interesting is that Salehi was appointed by Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Khamenei, two rulers the neoconservatives have labeled as irrational. Khamenei even declared:

“Certainly there are conditions where our ties with the United States could be normalized.”[14]

Prior to Ahmadinejad, Mohammed Khatami, then president of Iran, made several attempts to reach out to the U.S. In a 1998 CNN interview, he claimed “an intellectual affinity with the essence of American civilization,” a reference to Alexis de Tocqueville.

Khatami further declared that both America and Iran are intrinsically religious and that both countries ought to find common ground for fruitful dialogue and relationship. He even apologized for “the 1979-1981 hostage crisis” that “left Americans with negative feelings toward the Islamic Republic.”[15]

But the Zionist machine once again shut him down. Yet Iran never gave up on engaging America on a fruitful relationship.

In 2003, the Iranian government re-energized the peace talks and even made it clear that Iran would allow full transparency of their nuclear program. They also vowed to fight terrorism “including decisive action against any terrorists—above all Al-Qaida—on Iranian territory.” They further agreed to cooperate

“for actively supporting political stabilization and the establishment of democratic institutions and democratic government representing all ethnic and religious groups.”

Iran also made it clear that the United States must take action against terrorist organizations such as the MEK, which the U.S. was supporting at the time.[16]

But the U.S. once again turned all those opportunities down precisely because the neoconservative/Zionist machine allows no peace talks. As Leverett puts it,

“The proposition that the Islamic Republic is implacably and unreasonably hostile to the United States is, of course, a staple of neoconservatism.”[17]

 Now going back to SAN propagandists, they never thought that they could be wrong. Moreover, they never seem to crack-open a scholarly and rigorous study on this very issue.

Mohammad Khatami
Mohammad Khatami

As we have indicated in the past, the truth is that Iran does not really have a problem with Israel or the Jewish people. Outside of Israel, Iran has the largest Jewish community in the Middle East.[18]

But Iran does have a problem with the Zionist regime that controls Israel. Just like much of the West hated the regime that took over Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution, Iran and indeed decent people in the West, including this writer, despise the regime that currently presides over Israel.

Jews in Iran are granted complete freedom so long as they do not align themselves with the Zionist regime in Israel. In fact, the Khomeini set forth a religious decree saying that “Jews were to be protected.”[19]

The large majority of Jews in Iran did not even see Ahmadinejad as a threat because he never attacked or demonized them. Ciamak Mor-sathegh, head of the Jewish hospital in Tehran, declared that “anti-Semitism is not an eastern phenomenon.”[20] Synagogues, a major Jewish library, and Jewish hospitals “haven’t been touched.”[21]

And contrary to what the Zionist state has been telling the West ad nauseam, many Jews did voice their opinions and even oppose some of Ahmadinejad’s comments without repercussion.

Both Maurice Mohtamed (Jewish member of the Iranian Majlis or parliament) and Haround Yashayaei (chairman of Iran’s Jewish Council) dissented, even sending letters to Ahmadinejad in protest.[22]

Some Jews left Iran for Israel, “thinking that Israel was an economic paradise,” but later returned to Iran because “Israel has not lived up to their expectations.”[23]

Furthermore, how many Americans and Brits actually know that Iran was sympathetic toward the United States after 9/11, or that they

“offered air bases to the U.S.; they offered to perform search-and-rescue missions for downed American pilots; they served as bridge between the Northern Alliance and the U.S. in the campaign against the Taliban; and they even used information provided by American forces to find and kill fleeing al-Qaeda leaders”?[24]

In 2003, the Iranian government sent the U.S. a negotiation proposal in which they declared in part that they are willing to cooperate with the U.S. on terrorism and the Middle East conflict.[25]

The fact is that SAN deliberately ignored all those factual accounts and flushed the media with other video propaganda such as these:

No doubt that the international community declared last summer that Netanyahu has actually lost his mind.[26]

The simple fact is that those propaganda videos cannot really address the serious issue. First of all, if Hassan Rouhani is what the producers say he is, why would he donate $400,000 to Tehran Jewish hospital?[27] How can he be so stupid?

Furthermore, which country got involved in terrorism in 2012? Was it Iran? Perhaps North Korea? Maybe Cuba? Afghanistan?

The answer is none of the above. The Israeli Mossad, largely using American tax dollars, trained terrorist groups such as the MEK and they inexorably terrorized and killed Iranian scientists.[28]

Both Israel and the United States have indirectly been doing these types of covert work for years.[29] Israeli Mossad agents even “posed as American spies to recruit members of the terrorist organization Jundallah to fight their covert war against Iran.” Those terrorists were

responsible for assassinating Iranian government officials and killing Iranian women and children…

“Unlike the Mujahedin-e Khalq [or MEK], the controversial exiled Iranian terrorist group that seeks the overthrow of the Tehran regime and is supported by former leading U.S. policymakers, Jundallah is relatively unknown — but just as violent.

“In May 2009, a Jundallah suicide bomber blew himself up inside a mosque in Zahedan, the capital of Iran’s southeastern Sistan-Baluchistan province bordering Pakistan, during a Shiite religious festival. The bombing killed 25 Iranians and wounded scores of others…

“The 2009 attack was just one in a long line of terrorist attacks attributed to the organization.

“In August 2007, Jundallah kidnapped 21 Iranian truck drivers. In December 2008, it captured and executed 16 Iranian border guards — the gruesome killings were filmed, in a stark echo of the decapitation of American businessman Nick Berg in Iraq at the hands of al Qaeda’s Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

“In July 2010, Jundallah conducted a twin suicide bombing in Zahedan outside a mosque, killing dozens of people, including members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

“A spate of stories in 2007 and 2008, including a report by ABC News and aNew Yorker article, suggested that the United States was offering covert support to Jundallah.

“The issue has now returned to the spotlight with the string of assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists and has outraged serving and retired intelligence officers who fear that Israeli operations are endangering American lives.

“‘This certainly isn’t the first time this has happened, though it’s the worst case I’ve heard of,’ former Centcom chief and retired Gen. Joe Hoar said of the Israeli operation upon being informed of it.

“‘But while false-flag operations are hardly new, they’re extremely dangerous. You’re basically using your friendship with an ally for your own purposes. Israel is playing with fire. It gets us involved in their covert war, whether we want to be involved or not.’

The Israeli operation left a number of recently retired CIA officers sputtering in frustration. ‘It’s going to be pretty hard for the U.S. to distance itself from an Israeli attack on Iran with this kind of thing going on,’ one of them told me.”[30]

Iran never retaliated, which showed that Iran is morally and politically better than the Zionist State of Israel and America.

In fact, this moral excellence has helped Iran in many ways. It largely helped the country to establish credible evidence that a nuclear deal is possible.[31]

Compared to the crimes committed by the Zionist State of Israel and even America, Iran has basically been a role model. In fact, members of the Bush administration themselves admitted that Bush is guilty of war crimes! Listen to this:

While SAN was desperately trying to brainwash America with propaganda films, noted political scientists such as Kenneth Waltz and talking heads who got some common sense in Washington weren’t buying it.[32]

Former secretary of defense Robert Gates declared in 2012 that a strike on Iran would be catastrophic for the U.S., “haunting us for generations in that part of the world.”

Not only that, Gates saw that Israel, the supposed ally, was pushing that war, which led him to say that Israel is “an ungrateful ally.” The neoconservative regime was on the frontline chastising Gates for his comments.[33]

In short, Iran does not want the bomb, but the Zionists and Neoconservatives want to bomb Iran anyway because Iran upsets their Talmudic political worldview. Yet after all kinds of manipulation by political puppets and so-called public intellectuals–from Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter to Dick Cheney and Bill Kristol–Iran is still alive and well. This means that more people are standing up and speaking out. This means that the Zionist Axis of Evil, though strong and powerful, is progressively fading.

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Jonas E. Alexis has degrees in mathematics and philosophy. He studied education at the graduate level. His main interests include U.S. foreign policy, the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict, and the history of ideas. He is the author of the new book Zionism vs. the West: How Talmudic Ideology is Undermining Western Culture. He teaches mathematics in South Korea.


  1. Orwellian indeed considering that that 47-sec SAN video is exactly what Muravchik and the Judaized Protestant ministry represented by Huckabee intend doing to Iranians, including the immolation of pure innocence depicted by the little girl in the field who should be seen as Iranian, not American, and about to have her flesh burned off by US/Israeli bombs. Way to go, Reverand Huckabee.

  2. The Big Urpes are still miffed that Iran was lost and they cant get over it. Luckily that childish attitude has been festering so long that their all going insane and not even caring how they look to the public. Its becoming a hysterical circus on Boob Tube and if their perpetual blatant lies aren’t obvious than the fog head veiwers are serious zombies. I wonder why they even bother to turn the stupid thing on if their not going to think about what they see. IF the masses would at least watch Press TV as much as they did the news their outlook would change over night. VT takes some getting used to. I never thought I would say this but Orwellian technology seriously compromises the average persons ability to understand and appreciate the maturity, grace, understanding and pride Iran and the rest of the ME encompasses considering the absolute terror the West has pounded them with. The zombies don’t know what their missing and I don’t give a crap anymore. Let them rot in their own idiocy. New Years Resolution. Let the idiots be idiots.

  3. Re Kahzars- To the best of my knowledge the Khazar theory is debunked. Anyway, this probably doesn’t matter if a group of people define themselves to be a race and agree to be loyal first to each other and then abide by certain agreed teachings and behaviors. Sephardics wrote the infamous Talmud, and Ashkenazi Jews have a common heritage with Sephardic Jews. Here are the DNA studies:
    “An analysis of the gene database shows that the original Ashkenazi Jews were about half European and half Middle Eastern”– The Scientist

    “the genetic proximity . . . is incompatible with theories that Ashkenazi Jews are for the most part the direct lineal descendants of converted Khazars or Slavs.”– Abraham’s Children in the Genome Era: Major Jewish Diaspora Populations Comprise Distinct Genetic Clusters with Shared Middle Eastern Ancestry-American Journal of Human Genetics

  4. Huckabee is what Mike Jones would probably call a thoroughly Judaized Christian, an ordained Freemason (Southern Baptist) minister, who, no longer believing in the Gospel, has grafted Judaic messianianic justifications for the wholesale massacre of his fellow humans by the millions onto the US. Perhaps he could show his “grandkids,” as he calls them, photos of DU deformed babies and other peoples “grandkids” blown to pieces to serve Israel. What immoral scum this man is.

  5. So what I find interesting is the new attitude by Bibi.

    Now that it’s proven the true genetic code says that some 90% of Israeli’s are Khazars from the Ukraine/Georgia areas, Bibi now wants to take that area over, sending more Jews to colonize it, they’re now entitled to a new homeland, one gifted by God through their ancestors.

    It’s as if all the murder, torture, military attacks, laying siege to Gaza, the West Bank , Jerusalem, and most of Palestine was just an honest mistake, Oh well, we didn’t know our DNA said we should own another area, and need to take over the Caspian Basin countries, after all God gave us those lands also.

    And we, the rest of the world is just suppose to excuse them for Palestine, after all anyone can make a mistake, as though the incredible pain and suffering NEVER occurred, or that they had said for the last 125 years, GOD gave us Palestine, Israel and greater Israel.

    After all they wrote and revised most of the bible, painting themselves as the courageous underdogs up against insurmountable odds.

    Bullshit, they knew all the information we now have, and much more, but are now looking for the most lucrative territories, with the most resources, and a new religious reason to take them over also.

  6. If I remember correctly there was an incident in International waters in which Iran came to the aid of an American ship which was besieged by bad guys and helped rescue them from harm. Not sure of the details, but do remember the incident.

  7. “Gates saw that Israel, the supposed ally, was pushing that war, which led him to say that Israel is “an ungrateful ally.” The neoconservative regime was on the frontline chastising Gates for his comments.”

    Yeah,whenever someone speaks up like Gates did the media will only highlight his critics rather than like-minded individuals. They have the deck stacked in the battle for public opinion.

  8. He Caribbeancritic: it is not the majority of Americans that want war,
    can you please get that in your head? The people that write, read and visit
    here are from a different mold!


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