Sea of Lies


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by  Preston James


In America we now live in a Sea of Lies, continually televised, broadcast, published and dispensed by the controlled major mass media (CMMM), and unfortunately, believed by most of the public.

Most of these lies are blatant fabrications, some are exaggerations, but all are designed to deceive the public and manipulate them to support the actions of the USG and certain major international corporations and large Wall Street banks — activities which are against the public’s own best interests and the interests of their family members.

This sea of lies is best described as comprised of big government lies and false narratives, but all are Psyops designed to deceive the American masses and generate major fear in the American group subconscious mind (AGSM).

And yes these Psyops are all coordinated to conform to an Agenda used to produce massive fear and chaos in American Society. This agenda is set up and put into practice by the top Kingpins of the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) that infiltrated, invaded, and hijacked most of the US Government including Congress and the Judiciary and most Administrations since JFK.

The OCC established a beach-head in their planned invasion and occupation of America in 1913.

In 1913 the large offshore based Organized crime cabal established a “beach-head” in America by illegally passing the Unconstitutional Federal reserve Act with the required quorum by bribing compromised Senators, d Representatives and other USG Officials that should have obeyed their oaths of office and the US Constitutions and refused to allow this nightmare to occur.

Ever since this beach-head was established by the OCC it has been a losing battle for the American people who have given up more and more control over the Institutions of America because of the OCC’s alliance with the private Rothschild Federal Reserve System along with a continuing stream of some very crafty Psyops deployed against the American People.

The OCC acquired complete control over the major Mass Media allowing them to deploy sophisticated Psyops at will anytime they choose to.

The OCC was able to acquire complete control of the Major Mass Media and use it to to deploy these Psyops against the American People to gain more and more illegitimate power over American institutions including nearly the whole USG. The only sector remaining only somewhat free was a large part of the US Military, although top dogs in the JCS, the USAF, the FAA and NORAD were compromised and participated in the 9/11/01 nuclear attack on America.

When the OCC consolidated the American Major Mass Media into their own Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), they had a communications platform to easily, frequently and reliably deploy Psyops against the American People. Because their presentation was shaped to appears as coming from a caring benvolent parent figure, most of the American Public became conditioned to believe every story told was basically accurate. A good mom or dad would never lie and deceive their child now would they?

Fifty years of televised lies has filled the American Group Mind with a massive “Sea of lies” which in turn has programmed the American masses to the degree that usually if anyone tries to tell them truth about a recent False-flag Psyop like 9/11/01, the faked Boston marathon black-powder puffer bombing, or Sandy Hoax, they respond by rejecting the truth messenger while personally accusing him/her of being a “conspiracy nut or conspiracy theorist”, followed by a complete refusal to even examine the evidence of discuss it any further. Now this is very effective Mind-kontrol by anyone’s definition.

As Mark Twain once stated, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled”.

8e32d-blasphemiesThis is especially true when the CMMM broadcasts, publishes and spreads big USG lies and false narratives to the American masses in order to psyop them and deceive them into supporting USG actions on behalf of the Organized crime cabal that are against their interests and the interests of their families.

Yes, once the American populace has been Psyopped by the CMMM, it often seems virtually impossible to “de-condition them” to believe the truth.

That is why some VT researchers are thankful that the latest major Psyops like 9/11/01, the Boston Bombing and Sandy Hoax have been so easy to deconstruct showing them to be Big Government Lies and False-narratives deployed by the foreign based OCC through Cutouts.

Finally after many years effective research methodologies have been developed and deployed by Professor Jim Fetzer and many other researchers and investigative journalists, and these methodologies are now being used to effectively deconstruct all these OCC driven Psyops deployed through their CMMM.

However some of these older Psyops based on Big Government lies and False-narratives are much harder to deconstruct because it has taken about 50 years for the best researchers like professor Jim Fetzer and his teams of top experts assembled from all over the World.

It has taken Professor Fetzer the last 20 years to perfect his research methodologies to the point that he can now use teams of experts to rapidly deconstruct most Psyops quickly, even the old ones which have deceived the American Group Mind for many, many years like the JFK Assassination.  Such whoppers have become so ingrained in the American Group Mind because of many years of regular regurgitation of the Big Government Lies and False-narratives which were deployed in the first place to serve as deception and cover.

It has taken decades to condition and Mind-kontrol the American populace to be able and ready to drink this strange kool-aide and now it takes major cognitive resets to get folks to process the truth and abandon the Big Government lies and False-narratives.But thanks to the Internet, the New Gutenberg Press of the People of the World, truth can be broadcast everywhere at the speed of like and seems to gain immediate resonance and traction even when sophisticate intercept websites try and derail it.

And yes, for many years before the Internet became popular and the norm for learning about anything including news especially for those under 30 years old, it was like boiling frog starting out with cold water and slowly increasing the temperature over a long period of time. The frog eventually gets cooked and never jumps out while he has enough energy to do so. So naturally it is somewhat difficult to overcome this long term massive conditioning which is actually advanced Mind-kontrol deployed by the CMMM at the direction of the OCC.

The Internet has spread the advanced research methodologies of Professor Jim Fetzer and now many others in cracking and deconstructing these huge OCC driven Psyops of the OCC.

But now thanks to the Worldwide Internet the advanced research methods like Professor Fetzer and many others have discovered and used successfully are being learned by millions of others who use the Internet and read the fine research work of Professor Fetzer, his associated experts and many other excellent researchers who have arisen and some some fine work cracking these criminal government conspiracies also.

We are now approaching the point where many Americans are so asset stripped and beat down, unemployed, underemployed and plagued by such debt-slavery. Many middle class Americans have seen their financial state weakened and degraded by the falling value of their phony fiat “counterfeit” money and many are just barely surviving. It is hard to garner serious mass opposition to the organized crime cabal (OCC) that invaded and hijacked America starting in 1913.

6corps-320x3163Why does it matter that the CMMM has worked hard to create and sustain this Sea of Lies on the USG’s behalf?

It matters a great deal because when the public believes these USG big lies and false narratives dispensed by the CMMM (which for the most part it does), this creates the motivation for the public to support the criminally insane illegal, Unconstitutional actions undertaken by the USG on behalf of those foreign entities that hijacked it back in 1913.

Without these big outrageous USG lies believed by the masses, there would have been no support at all for all these perpetual, illegal, unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable foreign wars such as Korea, Vietnam, and all the Mideast wars of aggression for the Rothschild World Banksters.

Unless the Powers that Be (PTV) that own the CMMM and run the USG can successfully spook the mass subconscious mind of the American populace, they cannot continue to garner the support they need to continue fighting wars of aggression for the Babylonian Talmudic Rothschild world Zionists (WZs) that also hijacked and also run Israel.

It is a fact that the CMMM is owned and controlled by a very large worldwide organized crime cabal (OCC) through “Assets or Cutouts” but completely under the control of the OCC. The CMMM consists of six major International news corporations, three of which are large defense contractors and the other three part of the “WZ club”. Their hand-picked “talking head” announcers and nightly news hosts all work from WZ prepared talking points which are completely supportive of the OCC and their various major Psyops.

No matter how evil a story is about OCC private initiations and their highly deviant secret party practices, you can count on the CMMM to supress it completely.

The Gutenberg Press. Its new analog is the Worldwide Internet, which is generating populism all over the World at an incredible speed and intensity.

In fact just to illustrate how hardcore this CMMM is, not that it has been presenting what some experts consider to be the biggest USG ever concocted and broadcast the “lone-nut theory of Oswald told as an accepted fact by the CMMM. Consider the fact that even over 50 years later, the CMMM is still knowingly lying in lockstep about the JFK assassination, claiming that Oswald did it as a lone-nut shooter. Everyone knows this is nonsense. Doubt it read everything Professor Jim Fetzer and his various research teams have written about it. Recent surveys suggest that in excess of 80% believe that JFK was assassinated by a criminal conspiracy, and that Oswald was innocent.

For several years now Veterans Today has been the Internet News Journal leader in proclaiming the truth behind all the Biggest USG Lies and False narratives which were designed by the OCC and their top WZ masters. These Big Lies and False narratives are then dispensed by the OCC’s CMMM to manipulate the American Group Mind and create massive subconscious fear that can be harnessed to support these strange wars of aggression for the WZs and their Likudist action-agents in Israel.

Is there an underlying factor in all these deceptions and lies, a root cause? The answer is a resounding yes.

What we find behind all these big lies and USG false narratives is a very large, powerful OCC which is foreign based and has infiltrated and hijacked Congress, the Administration, the Judiciary, Law Enforcement and the Alphabets. This secret invasion force — an enemy within our gates — has also created its own large internal occupation army, known as Homeland Security (DHS).

The Organized Crime Cabal, the “Enemy Within our gates”.

The OCC perps who ordered and supported the US torture and kidnapping for rewards plan must be indicted, prosecuted, convicted in a suitable Court and then hung like the convicted Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg. This includes Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and numerous US Department of Justice attorneys and other USG officials who need to swing for their crimes against humanity. “I was just following orders” or the Attorney General gave us a legal opinion, it was probably okay” is no valid excuse. It didn’t work for the Nazis and it shouldn’t work for these OCC perps either. Only the lies of the CMMM have protected these torturers and mass-murderers. The CIA Whistle-blower who exposed the Bush, Cheney, Torture Plan, John Kiriakou was wrongly jailed, like Susan Lindauer, Ambassador Lee Wanta, Gene Chip Tatum, Stew Webb, and so many more great American Heroes.

It’s fountainhead is the Federal Reserve System a known franchisee of the Rothschild private central fiat banking system based in the City of London financial district — a private country with its own diplomatic core like the Vatican. Its main action agents are the WZ/Israeli espionage fronts inside America, AIPAC, JINSA, the ADL, Bnai Brith, and so many more, including various defense policy-type boards and sheep-dipped phony WZ-run special foundations.

The USG has been deeply infiltrated and most members of Congress bought, owned and controlled, one way or another, often by sophisticated human compromise operations, blackmail or death threats, like that made to Senator Paul Wellstone when Dick Cheney told him he better support another illegal Mideast war or “there would be serious repercussions”.

It is important to know who your enemy is if you are a normal American who loves his/her country and wants to see a decent future for his/her kids and grand-kids. Let me assure you of this, there will be none if we don’t take our great republic back from these usurpers and invader/hijackers within our gates.

You can not attack this enemy’s big lies and false narratives unless you understand what they are and who is creating them and dispensing them, and why they are doing so.

There are Two main ways to attack and defeat this Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) which is or enemy within our gates.

The CMMM’s continual public dispensing of OCC Psyops comprised of Big Government Lies and false-narratives, has actually conditioned the American group Mind to view Truth-tellers who expose these Psyops as those who are violating a major societal taboo. telling the Truth is now viewed by many as a serious violation of normative behavior and thinking.

Since most voting is electronic and is faked, it is hard to elect anyone not picked by the OCC. The first solution and what would be the best solution would for our new Military High Command to arrest, prosecute and try all those top OCC kingpins doing espionage inside America and bribing and compromising members of Congress and USG officials and judges. They can all be rounded up and arrested by the US Military High command under existing espionage and National Security laws and the US Military High Command has the right to do this.

By these arrests for espionage against America way this would not be a coup d’etat either. The reason? Because these perps have been committing serious treason against America, did the Murrah bombing with a mini nuke, instituted a nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01, and deployed the Boston Marathon false flag and the Sandy-Hoax false flag as well.

All these were massive, well-planned psyops designed to manipulate the American group subconscious mind (AGSM) and generate massive fear and delusions. And the creation of these massive delusions in the AGSM have been necessary to garner support for the taking away of Constitutional rights, the setting up of an Israeli occupation force (Homeland Security) inside America and the fighting of all these illegal, unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unending, unwinnable foreign Mideast and African wars of aggression for the WZs.

America has truly been a nation under siege by an enemy within since the WZs hijacked the American monetary production and distribution system in 1913 which gave them a fountainhead of all the money they wanted to issue or print. Thus they could earn massive amounts of interest for nothing but counterfeiting fraud on the American People and start buying up all the American politicians, officials and members of Congress. And all done by a foreign based enemy. Yes, this fits the classic definition of treason. And when Israeli-American “Israel-First”  dual citizens do this, then it is not only treason, it is sedition too because these acts are a well planned covert operation to destroy the rule of law, ignore the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and asset strip Americans of all their land, wealth, earnings and any holdings.

High_Treason (2)
This is what the OCC Members and Assets who have infiltrated the USG and Congress have committed. They deserve to be tried, convicted and hung by the neck until dead for this Capital Crime upon conviction.

The second solution is what Veterans Today exists for in the first place. And that is to provide the truth to the US military, USG officials and members of Congress, folks that are the top policymakers and the public at large in order to wake them up.

If “We The People” start understanding how these numerous false flag Gladio-style covert operations are deployed by the “WZ enemy within our gates” and supported with big lies and false narratives by the CMMM, their psyops on our American subconscious group mind (ASGM) will fail miserably.

The critical task here is reaching as many of these folks as is possible. The one advantage that VT has is that Truth resonates and takes on a life of its own, and diffuses all over the Internet.

This second solution is essential a psi-power solution which elicits, stimulates and harnesses the group mind power (aka psi-power) of the American masses. This mysterious but incredibly powerful process once activated, harnessed and directed will be more specifically explained in future VT articles so stay tuned.

Overtime this truth does start reaching mainstream American folks, the process is slow. As long as the WZs keep generating new major psyops with false flags followed by the everyday CMMM creation of and emphasis on controversies like abortion, black/white racial conflicts or homosexual rights/marriage, they tend to stay ahead of the curve.

The Militarization of the Police is a very crafty major Psyop deployed against the American People by the WZ invader/hijackers.

The militarization of the police has worked to the WZ invader/hijackers advantage because this creates a major on going psyop against the American People which keep them distracted from the real core or root causes which is the WZ invader/hijackers of America who do constant espionage against America the Republic. Here’s how this occurs: police officers are mind-kontrolled by their anti-terror training provided by Israelis, who view the average American citizen as just another Palestinian.

This attitude translates to the police officers, who then occasionally become triggered into temporal lobe or parietal lobe psychomotor seizures, which can produce unwarranted extreme violence and murder under psychotronic stimulation by their shoulder held, constant-on pulsed beam microwave radios.

mime-attachment2234The police brutality and murder of civilians enrages the public at the police. This new public view of the police as now acting as “Agents of the State” who are there to oppress We The People on behalf of the State, rather than member of the community put in office to “protect and serve”.

The police retaliate and view “We the People” as “Enemies of the State“. It’s a brilliant tactic to generate a major civil war inside America and to justify the Israeli occupation force set up inside America based on Israeli threats to nuke cities if the US Administration did not let them consolidate all American law enforcement and the Alphabets under their control into the incredible treasonous, seditious mess called Homeland Security.

DHS was set up by known perverts and run by female perverts, who moved the top male management into the male lavatories to show their management power. There is a major lawsuit in court right now against Janet Napolitano about this, but of course the CMMM suppresses this. Because of this case and the folks who started and ran DHS, some Intel insiders call it “Homoland Security”, and consider it run by crazed, criminally-insane baboon thugs.

The Worldwide Internet is the New Gutenberg Press and it is truly revolutionary too like the Gutenberg Press was.

The worldwide Internet is the new Gutenberg Press and is slowly overtaking the CMMM, especially among those under thirty years old, most of whom only watch TV for sports, movies, or HBO, History channel or Discovery documentaries, if at all.

The Internet is the “People’s mass media”,  and despite the fact that the OCC has started hundreds of misinformation websites using the approach, “limited hangout with a bad payload”, the Internet users have become so sophisticated that they pick and choose the truth from the psyops and this has minimized the interception effects of these site secretly run by the OCC and their cutouts and assets.

As the Internet continues its growth and reach and depth into the minds of the masses around the world and in America, the effects of the OCC’s psyops and CMMM dispensed big lies and false narratives begins to erode. It’s like throwing water on the wicked witch of the west in the classic movie the Wizard of Oz.

black_no_censorship_button2As VT’s Financial Editor and radio host Mike Harris has said so many times, our job at VT is to destroy these false narratives that keep the public mislead and motivated to give up their rights and support bad USG policy and actions.

VT has disclosed the deep dark ultimate evil secret behind the OCC’s control over their members, cutouts, and assets. This is their use of progressive initiation rights based on sexual perversions, pedophile honey traps, culminating at the top in child and infant satanic sacrifice rituals. Doubt this occurs? Just do some basic Internet research on the annual Bohemian Grove and the “Cremation of Care” child sacrifice each July in the Redwood forest near San Francisco.

Or go to Stew Webb’s website or read his articles on VT. If the average American learns about Bohemian Grove and the secret initiation ceremonies that the OCC uses, the OCC’s power will become progressively eroded over time, preventing their functioning and even their continued existence. This is the second solution.

rekos_mcdonald_parker_rosen_sandy_hook_fake_grief_gun_control_obama_1The CMMM is the continual dispenser of the BIG LIE that the King always wears new clothes and it is the job and responsibility of all of us to expose it and neutralize it.

It is very difficult for the average American to understand that the CMMM is their enemy within the gates of America trying to destroy America, turn America into GAZA-II and make Americans the new Palestinians living in the largest open air prison ever. American masses tend to view the CMMM as a benevolent parent figure, and some view the USG as their momma, big tit, provider of everything, or even their god.

This is because as the American family has been diminished by the central social programs set up by the OCC/WZ invader/hijackers, the USG and their CMMM talking heads have filled in the gap and become surrogate parents. But these entities are bad parent figures and horrible role models to imitate and believe. What they teach will certainly lead to the destruction of America the Republic, if they are not neutralized.

Actually the king is continually naked and the CMMM refuses to tell us all the truth about it. This is what VT has been doing and is also your job if your love America and want to restore the rule of law, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and create a sustainable future for your children and grandchildren.

Here is a brief list of the Biggest USG Lies and False-narratives which VT has exposed in spades (Note every one of these USG narratives is Notably False).

Each of these constitutes a major OCC Psyop against the American People dispensed by the CMMM. but remember there are hundreds more less well known:

1. JFK Assassination, Oswald the lone-nut did it and not the JCS using Op40 and OCC/WZ assets and covered up by the FBI, with witness murders by the CIA and the Mob.

2. The Murrah Building was blown up by a lone-nut militia member Timothy McVeigh and not an WZ/OCC/FBI False-Flag.

3. Al Qaeda was started, armed and run by evil Muslim terrorists to get 72 virgins in the next life, is not called “the list” and was not started, armed and still supplied and run by the CIA and re-branded as ISIS/ISIL/Daish.

4. Osama bin Laden did 9/11/01 from a cave in Afghanistan using a cell phone and made the whole US DOD stand down, and was able to ground or distract all F-16 fighter/interceptors wings required to take off within 6 minutes for any bogie entering DC or NYC airspace and not responding, and was not done by traitors in the JCS, USAF, FAA, NORAD and Israeli-American Israel-first “Dual Citizens” who used nukes to blow up the Twin Towers.

5. The second war and attack on Iraq was justified because Saddam Hussein bought massive amounts of Yellowcake and was preparing to attack America with nukes, and this was not a big lie concocted by Cheney and Rumsfeld at the direction of the WZs, whom they answer to.

6. The Boston bombing was done by two foreign based Muslim terrorists, who sneaked into America and did it because they hated Americans for their freedom, and was not done by the FBI.

7. A young lone-nut, whose stupid parents allowed him to have access to their evil AR-15 “assault rifle” and numerous handguns, and hundreds of rounds of ammo, decided to take vengeance at the Sandy Hook school because his mother, who was a substitute teacher there had a fight with him — and was not a FEMA/DHS Capstone Drill, and not virtual only.

8. ISIS/ISIL/Daish was started by more of your typical, evil Islamic terrorists who populate the Middle East and are a threat to the whole world and was not started by Senator McCain and American generals McInerney and Vallely.



If you want to know the truth as to why each of the above false-narratives and big government lies has already been proven to be untrue, you will find the answers at Veterans Today, because many articles by respected researchers and investigative journalists are published here. If you search out articles by VT’s own Professor Jim Fetzer or Gordon Duff, and read all those on the Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook and the 911 Attack on America, you will gain a good operating knowledge base on how to dispense the real truth and debunk the USG lies and false narratives broadcast and published by the CMMM, which is owned and controlled by the OCC and/or its cutouts and assets.

We must all do our job to get the truth diffused to as many people as possible, in order to expose the lies if we want to preserve our great republic the United States of America. We must do our best to politely and rationally expose each and every one of the lies and false-narratives to our family members, friends and any associates who will listen. Time is running out, so we all must do our job the best we can.


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Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.

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