Jade Helm: We Have Met the Enemy, and He Was Us


By Thomas Mattingly for VT


The delusional anti-Jade-Helm activists have thrown a tantrum. Some of them formerly worked with VT before we made them feel unwelcome or fired them. They were mad. So, they posted an anti-VT and anti-Jade Helm audio on the internet.  They also openly advocate the use of chemical weapons against American military, as seen in the transcript below. Their “ammonia-bleach bombs” they want to use against the US Army are listed as WMDs and toxic/deadly by the Department of Homeland Security.

When bleach is mixed with ammonia, toxic gases called chloramines (chlorine gas) are/is produced. Exposure to chloramine gases can cause the following symptoms:

  • Coughing.

  • Nausea.

  • Shortness of breath.

  • Watery eyes.

  • Chest pain.

  • Irritation to the throat, nose, and eyes.

  • Wheezing.

  • Pneumonia and fluid in the lungs. (Source: Washington Department of Health)

Being unhappy and ill-tempered with VT or our editors is one thing. Inciting others to kill or injure U.S. soldiers participating in the Jade Helm military exercise is quite another matter. VT will not tolerate that type of inflammatory, incendiary and dangerous behavior. That’s one reason that they are no longer working with VT.

What follows is a transcript of a relevant portion of their ill-advised stupidity, as they posted themselves on the internet for others to listen. More than 6,000 people have listened to this audio. Some of those listeners may be more delusional than they are.

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We are not here to make judgments or decisions on whom should be questioned, arrested, prosecuted, tried or convicted. Appropriate authorities will make those decisions. They have already contacted us about this matter and other Jade Helm hysteria – some of which may be criminal.

We will not identify the speakers or provide you with a link to their audio. We do not want to give them any more free publicity. Following is the transcript of the audio:


Speaker #1: I’m here in Southern Utah in a national forest, and there’s a major pre-Jade-Helm operation going on throughout Utah now. They’ve been doing this for weeks and weeks. Military ops, maneuvers.

Something definitely sinister is happening. In my opinion, for what it’s worth, Jade Helm is an act of war against the American people… So Jade Helm should be met by force.

There are 21 million people with licenses and guns who know how to kill something. How many guys are Jade Helm? Not very many… They can raise hell, and they can do some damage to selected guys like you & me. But over the fullness of time, it’s not going to work. Yamamoto knew that. He wouldn’t dream of coming into this country. There’d be a rifle behind every blade of grass.

I’m not saying that all 21 million guys who are licensed to kill something are going to start killing traitors in the military. But some of them are. Some of them damn sure are.

Because they’re fed up. A lot of us are fed up. We just don’t have anything better to do. So, I would say that Duff is fronting for the military, for the military-industrial complex, whatever you wanna call it, the Israelis; it’s all the same thing. The CIA, NSA, whatever. It’s all the same thing. Whatever. It’s all the same thing, the same monster.

I haven’t even looked at VT. But you say that he’s pooh-poohed Jade Helm. That means that he’s the enemy, ‘cuz Jade Helm is for real. If it’s not Jade Helm, it’ll be something else next year that’s even worse, more outrageous. It’s never gonna end until we start fighting these guys. And we can beat them. They’re Americans; we’re Americans. They can’t escape us.

A guy can run around in a Bradley or a tank or a Humvee. But he’s gotta get out. And even when he’s in there, he’s vulnerable. So, you don’t wanna be in an armored Humvee in the summer time… So, they’re not happy campers. We can damned sure make it a lot unhappier for them.

Speaker #2: Now, I was Marine Corps trained. But there’s household items that people can use for such items. Bleach and ammonia make a hell of a gas for a vehicle, wouldn’t you say? (Editor’s note: Bleach and ammonia makes chlorine gas, officially a WMD device and 25 years in prison for suggesting its use…which has now been done)

Speaker #1: Yeah! In the Summer time, you don’t wanna be in a Humvee in Nevada or Utah or Texas. You’re gonna get heat stroke… In Iraq and Afghanistan, there were 2.5 million soldiers who cycled in and out those wars. Out of those 2.5 million people, there were one million casualties. Not all gun shots, but they had all sorts of problems. IEDs were the biggest thing; and they would destroy your head, destroy your chest, destroy everything about you, if you get hit by an IED, even if you’re in a Humvee, even if you’re in a Bradley, even if you’re in a striker, you’re screwed. The concussion is out of this world. They used 500-pound bombs under the road. You can’t survive this kind of shock. You’ll never be the same if you do live…

These guys [U.S. soldiers who served in Iraq or Afghanistan] aren’t fit to fight. Anybody who was in that deal and survived, they still didn’t fit. Messed up. So, we’re undergoing this psychological operations stuff, psychological warfare, getting us scared about these guys.

Unless you’re guys like you and me, we’ve gotta be on our toes; but most people, there’s no way to control this country… How ya gonna control America with a handful of worn-out, battle-fatigued guys? It’s not gonna happen. It’s not gonna happen. We’re a lot tougher than they are. A lot of us have lost everything… So, a lot of us don’t have a god damned thing to lose. We don’t give a damn. That’s just the way it is. And it’s gonna get worse.

Speaker #2: It’s gonna get worse for everything…

Chemical Terrorism Wall Chart


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