‘Stewed Web’: Dividing & Conquering Veterans+



“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

By Thomas J. Mattingly, 911 Blogger.com


Brits, Yanks, Rothschilds & others[2] have employed Divide-&-Conquer tactics for 400+ years. For +/-15 years, so have the controlled opposition to those who perpetrated 9/11, etc. Alex Jones now has competition for title of Divider & Conqueror in Chief.

His name is Stew Webb, a former VT writer & VT Radio host who’s contributions are NO longer accepted by VT senior editors for their criminal idiocy.

According to some if not many who have experienced the wrath of The Webb Stewer in Chief, Stew Webb is a self-aggrandizing, create-a-conspiracy serial slanderer.

You be the judge. You do the research.

To start, see reprint of “Stew Webb, The Constant Slanderer” at Educate-Yourself.org, which is below.

This “Constant Slanderer” article about Stew Webb discusses Stew’s history, including Stew’s slander, libel & defamation against Ted Gunderson & others. With more source links at the end. You may know some of them. FBI whistleblower Ted Gunderson was the subject of a recent VT article, “The Strange Case of Ted Gunderson” (“Fraud as claimed by some or the greatest real whistleblower of our time?”).

Will Fetzer Get Stewed?

Professor Doctor Jim Fetzer is a friend of both Stew & me. I knew Jim before Stew ever met Jim. Defended Jim many times. Including against 9/11 thermite-monger Steve Jones Was present & did my best to help Jim when Jones & Co. hijacked 9/11 Scholars for Truth website domain name from Jim. Jim founded 9/11 Scholars for Truth. Steve & Co. stole it.

Thermite-mongers Jones & Co. hijacked Jim’s Scholars for 9/11 Truth site domain name – similar to what the Stewsters recently did with VT radio domain name. But friend Jim is now siding with the Stewsters. Possibly a result of pre-mature or post-mature Old Timers Disease. He’ll come around. I may not. I too am as old as dirt.

Stew may soon claim that Fetzer is an evil alien overlord (not just a good one). Not true. Maybe just influenced by them. ;-).

Stew Webb initially promoted disinfo guys Alex Jones, Pete Santilli & Tom Heneghan to VT & others. Then Stew confessed: “Mistakes were made.” Stew said same about VT. What’s the truth? Does Stew have a clue? I have my doubts. You be the judge. You do the research. The Stewer in Chief is now promoting Jim Fetzer. Watch out Jim!

ggStew’s Criminal Idiocy

Stew Webb was one of the speakers whose transcript is in “Jade Helm: We Have Met the Enemy & He Was Us.” The subtitle of the article is “Internet blowhards promote chlorine gas attacks on US military.” If discussing & actively or passively advocating violence or death against U.S. soldiers on American soil is not criminal idiocy, what is? Abject Jade Helmster stupidity was precipitating event for three recent VT firings or self-immolations.

Stew was supposedly “an inmate in prison for the criminally insane for 9 months.” Don’t know. Except for article below, don’t yet have a reliable source. Confessions: During my early 9/11 work, I knew Stew-Webb nemesis & FBI whistleblower Ted Gunderson, who knew of my work & me before I met Ted. My initial impressions of both Gunderson & Fetzer were positive. Ted died. Not Jim – unless Jim is still stewing. Stew? I don’t know.

Stew Webb makes allusions to his disabilities & status as a U.S. military veteran. Is this true? If Stew is lying about U.S. military service, this may be criminal. Not just a lie.

Stew says that he needs money to continue his radio site hijacking scam & sham. If Stew is truly disabled, he could get a veteran’s pension – even if his (mental) disabilities are not service related. Veterans Today might be willing to help Stew to get his veteran’s pension. Unless most or all of what Stew says is unadulterated globally-warming B.S.

Unfortunately, what Alex Jones, Stew Webb & other Divide-&-Conquer simians (compromised or just intelligence/sanity-challenged) are saying & doing is not productive for much useful to The Many. Maybe for The Very Few. Just not for veterans & others.

Without further ado, see article below. You be the judge. Do your own research.


Stew Webb
Stew-Pid is as Stew-Pid does!

From Ken Adachi, Editor, Educate-Yourself.org
May 3, 2015


Editor’s Note: This is a work in progress. If you care about the wholly unmerited character assassination that Ted L. Gunderson, a man who had devoted the last 32 years of his life to serving the cause of justice & humanity, has suffered at the hands of a government disinformation provocateur named Stew Webb, please check back often, as new information and materials will be added to this page regularly to remove all doubt that Stew Webb is a liar, thief, and government-employed slanderer who needs to be exposed for his evil calumny in defaming the good name and reputation of Ted Gunderson.

A friend sent me a link to a Stew Webb podcast recorded on April 28, 2015 on which he identifies me as being dead for 25 years and a FBI troll. My real name is apparently Doreen Miller and my web site, according to Webb, is being run by a deputy sheriff out of Florida.

Webb is interviewing Jim Fetzer about their breakup with Gordon Duff of Veteran’s Today. It looks like Webb put up a slam piece around April 17 claiming Duff was CIA.

Duff put up an article in April 23 defending Ted Gunderson titled The Strange Case of Ted Gunderson. Gordon said he never knew Ted, but was led to believe that he was a bad guy based on the statements made by Stew, but Gordon said he was now having second thoughts.

He now wonders if Ted may have been the victim of malicious slander, thanks in large measure to the Liar & Thief, Stew Webb.

If Gordon Duff had read the many articles I posted about Stew Webb in earlier years proving to any intelligent reader that Stew Webb is a chronic and habitual liar of the First Magnitude who will simply make up out of thin air the most outrageous and absurd charges to array against his enemies, he could have saved us all a lot of time by never putting that Loony-Bin-Prison-certified nutjob on the masthead of Veterans Today to begin with.

Stew Webb tar and feathered for disgracing journalism

About me, Webb put up an article in January to slam me by claiming that I was the deceased Canadian writer, Ken Adachi who died in 1989. I never said I was the deceased Canadian writer, Ken Adachi.

There are lots of people with the name of Ken Adachi; just as there are lots of people with the name of Stew Webb. I did a Facebook check on the name Ken Adachi and found 8 people all using the name Ken Adachi. I did the same for Stewart Webb and found six adult males who use the name Stewart Webb, including the Liar & Thief himself.

I had no idea what “Division 5” of the FBI was until Webb claimed I was working for them. I seem to recall that he also accused me of working for the CIA ( I have no idea in which division I’m working there).

If I took the time to go through his web site and read the voluminous slander and defamation he has leveled against me, I’m sure I could learn many other surprising things about myself and my Cloak & Dagger activities, but I don’t have the time or interest in reading the lunacy conjured up by a mental case who has not only robbed Ted Gunderson of 70 boxes of his most valuable research files, but by maliciously defaming, libeling, and slandering his work and his character, Webb – at least among the easily duped who believe him – has robbed Ted Gunderson, the quintessential American patriot with a heart of gold and of sterling character, of his good name.

There is not ONE defamatory accusation that Stew Webb has made about Ted Gunderson that is true, or even slightly true.

Webb is simply the most despicable, demon-possessed liar and con artist to ever make an appearance in the patriot community and has duped untold thousands of people about Ted Gunderson by incessantly painting himself as a ” whistle blower” hero when he has never “whistle blown” anything of significance or importance (unless you consider Leonard Millman and Webb’s former marriage to Millman’s daughter as “important”) and has transferred most of Ted’s investigative accomplishments to himself, all the while seeking donations (and dodging daily assassination attempts, of course) to help support his courageous, “whistle blower” “investigations (using documents stolen from Ted Gunderson).

Reviewing some of Webb’s ludicrous accusations about Ted:

Ted was not kicked out of the FBI for practicing satanic rituals in his office. That’s absurd. How can anyone believe such idiocy? Ted retired from the FBI in March of 1979 with many awards and honors.

More than 600 people attended Ted’s retirement party with guests including comedian Red Skelton, the mayor of Los Angeles, then Governor Jerry Brown and his father, former governor Edmund “Pat” Brown. Call up the current governmor of California, Jerry Brown, and ask him if he attended Ted Gunderon’s FBI retirement party in March of 1979 and see what he says.

Ted was never on any psych meds and was never diagnosed as having any psychological or psychiatict problem — unlike Stew Webb who was an inmate in a prison for the criminally insane for 9 months.

Ted was not divorced from his wife because he jumped naked into a pool in front of his 12 year old daughter and her friends and she asked for the divorce. Ted asked for the divorce because his wife, he told me, was unfaithful and had left him.

Ted never raped a 12 year old girl which nutcase Webb claims to have a written affidavit asserting Ted’s “crime.”

I could keep going down the list, but one guy on Youtube (further below) did a fair job of defending Ted against most of the idiotic accusations invented by Stew Webb.

Stew Web taken away for impersonating a man of integrity

David Hinkson and Ted Gunderson

David Hinkson ran a company called Water Oz that grew into a multi million dollar business selling, I believe, mostly colloidal mineral waters and ozone machines. Hinkson was a guest on Ted’s short wave radio show in 1998 in which Hinkson brought up the subject of Art Bell and told Ted that Bell may have quashed an indictment against himself in Nevada and asked Ted if he knew anything about it. This was a short exchange of comments about Bell that only lasted a couple of minutes.

In April of 2000, Art Bell claimed over his radio show that Ted had accused him of being a child molestor (completely untrue) and filed a 60 million dollar lawsuit against Ted and Hinkson, but for reasons I’ve never understood, only Ted winds up going to court and Hinkson, the guy who initiated the conversation about Art Bell, skates the lawsuit entirely. The trial never got beyond the pre-trial hearing phase.

Ted’s liability insurance lawyers said that they wanted to settle the case without going to trail. Ted was against that and told them that he wanted to go to trial and vindicate himself, but the insurance lawyers insisted on settling and if Ted didn’t sign the non disclosure agreement, he would not be privy to the details of the settlement. Ted did not sign the non disclosure agreement and has no idea how much his insurance company settled for, but Screwy Stewy writes that Bell was awarded one million dollars, even though in the SAME sentence, the lunatic says that the settlement details are unknown!

I wrote about the Art Bell lawsuit in May and September of 2000.

In 2001, Ted explains what happens before, during, and after the Art Bell lawsuit in this video presentation at the Global Science Congress:

(Ted discusses Webb’s theft of his file boxes at the 45 minute mark in the above video)

Somewhere in the mid to late 2000 decade, Hinkson was indicted for, I believe, initially income tax evasion, but was later charged with plotting the assassination of the Judge and others (either FBI agents or the DA, I can’t recall the details at the moment)

The “book” which Webb posted by David Hinkson’s father accusing Ted of masterminding David Hinkson’s 43 year prison sentence is ridiculous, a product of Webb’s imagination working on a distraught father looking for a scapegoat. Webb has Ted steering and plotting the course of the whole trial to frame David Hinkson, when Ted was merely a subpoenaed witness who was compelled to appear and answer questions on the witness stand.

I don’t know whether Hinkson was framed or not, but I do know that Ted Gunderson didn’t have a damn thing to do with putting Hinkson in jail and didn’t know the guy who testified against Hinkson that got him convicted. Webb’s claim that Ted was trying to take over Hinkson’s Water Oz business is equally preposterous.

Preston James posted an article at Veterans Today which brings up many of the famous cases of Satanism and pedophilia that Ted played a leading role in uncovering over a span of 30 – 40 years, yet he paints Stew Webb as the “Whistle blower” who bought these stories forward and goes along with Webb’s absurd defamations and slanders against Ted.

Webb never had any role in investigating the Promis software Inslaw case, the McMartin preschool case, the Franklin Coverup, or John DeCamp, or Michael Riconosciuto, or the Johnny Gosch story, or the Oklahoma City bombing, or the Finders, or any other major case that Ted Gunderson investigated (or co-investigated), wrote about, and presented in his talks.

Did Stew Webb escape from the nut house?
Did Stew Webb escape from the nut house?

For the 7 months that Stew Webb lived at Ted’s condo and freeloaded off of Ted Gunderson’s generosity from 1999 to 2000, Webb functioned as an errand boy, and nothing more.

In one of the links in the above article, Preston points to documents originally scanned and uploaded by Stew Webb as “exclusive documents” from Stew Webb, which were among the thousands of investigative files that Webb stole from Ted’s condo in the summer of 2000.

Pam Schuffert sent me an email in which she describes the phone conversation she is having with Stew Webb while Webb is robbing Ted’s condo on July 6, 2000.

Webb, Pathological Liar & Endless Source of Comic Relief

Why don’t people–like Jim Fetzer and Preston James — take the time to VERIFY and SUBSTANTIATE Webb’s ludicrous allegations about Ted Gunderson before accepting them as true; instead of simply joining in the Stew Webb ‘Whistle Blower’ Slanderers’ Chorus to defame an innocent man? Any intelligent person who takes the time and effort to check out Webb’s moronic assertions will find that there is NO real evidence to support any of his dark accusations against Ted Gunderson.

None. People do not understand that Webb has mental problems. He has a persecution complex and is as paranoid as they come. I also believe he’s under mind control. Webb either makes up phony “documentation” to make his accusations appear legitimate, or he submits (or pretends to submit) paperwork to local courts such as his Temporary Restraining Order and Permanent Injunction’ of July 6, 2004 against 59 individuals including “Ken Adachi (Co-conspirator Stalker for CIA Ted Gunderson Criminal Harassment, Criminal Slander, Criminal Defamation of Character, Stalking of Plaintiff & plaintiffs witnesses)” and “George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, John Ashcroft, Judge Roach, George H. W. Bush, the Las Vegas Police Department, Las Vegas District Attorneys Office, Las Vegas FBI Office, Las Vegas US Attorneys Office, Nevada Attorney General’s Office, Kansas City, Missouri Police Department,” etc., “and other unnamed Co-Conspirators.” Yes, you read that correctly: he’s demanding a Temporary Restraining Order & Permanent Injunction against unnamed Co-Conspirators.

You can see a complete copy of his frequently refiled (started in 1995) “Temporary Restraining Order & Permanent Injuction“.

Gunderson Testimonials [more names will be added here]

What do other, nationally known investigators/authors of child abduction, child auctioning, prostitution, pedophilia, kiddie porn, snuff films, and satanism have to say about the accomplishments and integrity of Ted Gunderson?

John DeCamp
Excerpt from Oct 3, 2006 interview with John DeCamp, author of The Franklin Cover-Up, commenting on Ted Gunderson when his integrity was questioned by Daryl Bradford Smith

To be continued…

I will post videos by Ted in which he defends himself against Webb’s absurd accusations, but I found a video from a guy named Jim (?) who was willing to THINK, take the time to read through Ted’s FBI file and realized that there was no evidence to conclude that Ted was a disinfo agent. Rather, he comes to discover that Ted Gunderson, rather than being a disinfo agent, was the victim of character assassination and disinformation.

Good for you Jim.

Ken Adachi

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rbeck3200tb40 2 months ago
Stew Webb really hated Ted Gunderson and has been saying this same stuff about him for over a decade now. Ted is not a disinfo agent like Stew claims I really dont think he is. Stew actually lived with Ted for months when Stew came to him for help . Stew was stealing boxes of Teds research work and Ted threw him out and had the police try to arrest him and get his stuff back but the cops couldnt find any of Teds boxes I think Stew hid them . The Veterans Today website is not a disinfo website STew Webb just writes articles for them thats all. He’s still bad mouthing Ted. I would just ignore it

Stew Webb’s Lies Regarding Ted Gunderson


Published on Mar 6, 2013

The phony whistle-blower Stew Webb gave his testimony on Ted Gunderson, FBI (ret.), back in December of 2001.


rbeck3200tb40 4 months ago (edited)

If anyone is interested I have personal knowledge of Ted Gunderson. I have all of Teds released unclassified FBI records from a Freedom Of Information Request a year ago. I can correct all of the lies Stew Webb tells in this video.

  1. Ted wasn’t responsible for a Black Panther members death in 1970 this happened in Chicago. Ted wasnt assigned to Chicago in 1970. Teds only association with the Black Panthers was in 1966 when he was assigned as assistance special agent in charge of the FBI office in New Haven Conn. His FBI office disprupted and arrested members of the New Haven Black Panthers who were recruiting college students on campuses trying to commit terrorist acts. no one died in the arrests.
  2. Ted wasn’t diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. He never “yanked a gun on his wife” Teds FBI records show a clear medical and mental health record. Ted divorced his wife in 1971 because she was cheating on him with another man .She left him basically. He never abused or attacked his ex wife.The details of this divorce were in his FBI files. It was a peaceful legal divorce
  3. Ted does not have 4 kids as Stew claims Ted has 3 kids.
  4. Ted never was brought up on Senate hearings in 1972 against the FBI for illegal activity .This never happened. This is a total fantasy. Actually in 1972 Ted was interviewed to replace J Edgar Hoover after he died at the request of the deputy director of the FBI who was impressed with Teds work and service.
  5. Ted was not involved with the sale of stinger missles to Afghan rebels. Ted was asked by a friend of his a state department official named William “Bill” Sloan to arrange a meeting with a CIA scientist named Michael Riconiciutto and representatives of the Mujahadeen in Sherman Oaks California . Michael was a friend of Teds and was his client thats why he was asked to arrange this meeting with Michael Thats all Teds involvement was a simple meeting.
  6. Ted was not “involved with General Singlaub and Oliver North at the Cabazon indian Reservation”. Ted was hired as a private investigator by civilians who lived at the indian reservation in the 1980s to investigate the murders of tribal policemen and security people who tried to exposed crimes at this reservation by the federal government who were using it for drugs and illegal weapons sales. Another total lie by Stew Webb
  7. “The Inslaw affair” Stew mentions has absolutly nothign to do with listening on the phone. This is software developed by Teds friend Michael Richonichutto that was placed on foreign government computers for eavesdropping of classified information.Ted has nothing to do with this software He’s not a computer programmer. Another lie by Stew Webb
  8. Ted was not involved in “identifying people for wet ops assasination teams” Ted has in his lifetime survived 4 asasination attempts on his life from having a gunman waiting for him in his apartment to having his son, his associate and himself poisoned and hospitalized on 2 occasions.
  9. Ted was not involved with George Pender in operation brownstone blackmailing politicians with sexual abuse of children. Ted actually investigated and exposed one of the largest child prostitution kidnapping groups blackmailing politicians in history. This was called “The Franklin Coverup”. Another total lie
  10. Ted was never married to Anton Laveys ex wife. She actually came to Ted for help escaping the satanic cult. Ted protected her by keeping her in hiding with an ex LAPD cop friend Ted and the ex cop survived 2 assasination attempts on this woman who is still alive today. There is no marriage records in the US of Ted marrying anyone except his wife .
  11. Ted was never “kicked out of the FBI for practicing satanic ceremonies”. Nothing in his official FBI reports and reviews which i have read mention this He had an outstanding record in the FBI . He retired in 1979 He had a huge retirement party with many celebrities and retired with honor and benefits
  12. Ted was not “stealing money from little old ladies” In the 1980s an elderly woman in Texas (one of Teds clients) appointed Ted as her guardian He lived and worked from one of her properties for years in Dallas.When the old woman died she had put Ted in her will to handle their estate. The womans kids contested the will and the judge made a deal with Ted to only get a portion of her money and the rest of the money and the property went to her kids. I looked it up .Stew Webb was misleading and wrong again.

Stew Webb first came to Ted asking for money and a place to live after his wife divorced him. Stew lived with Ted for months. When Ted was on a speaking trip he came back to his home and found hundreds of boxes missing from his storage unit and from his apartment.Teds maid caught Stew taking boxes out of his apartment.

View all 4 replies
jeneane zant 1 month ago
Yep, the man opened my eyes. Remember seeing a clip of Bryan Gumbel saying Ted was a nut. Thought, then it must be true what Ted was saying. I cut my teeth on Watergate and haven’t believed a word they’ve said since. Growing up in the early sixties after JFK had a lot to do with it too.

rbeck3200tb40 1 month ago
+jeneane zant
I’m in my 30s I heard Ted talk about that idiot Bryant Gumble calling him a conspiracy theorist like thats a bad thing I used to run a website and talked with many people involved in the Franklin coverup who knew Ted
By the way since you mentioned the Watergate break in try to do a search for “Jim Rothstein” He is a former NYPD detective who arrested one of the Watergate burglars named Frank Sturgis. Frank confessed everything to Jim Rothstein and his partner during interrogation He said they were breaking into the Watergate hotel to steal the “blackbook” of Republicans being blackmailed in Washington DC through sex (pedophiles) and drugs He also said that Frank was one of the shooters in the JFK assassination. Jim Rothstien was friends with Ted Gunderson Ive emailed him a few times

·Moderate Fkr Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
For Those that don’t know what a real paid disinfo agent sounds like. This guy was basically booted out of the patriot community by 1995. His history of conning people out of money is almost endless. He’s apparently making a living off a new generation of confusion.

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