Anti-Defamation League: Gaza Is Anti-Semitic! Oh, Brother!



…by Jonas E. Alexis


My good friend, Dr. Fredrick Toben, sent me a Times of Israel article the other day and I just couldn’t stop laughing as I was reading it. When you are dealing with draconian ideologies such as Zionism on a daily basis, you definitely need to have a sense of humor, otherwise the Zionist “logic” is going to drive you insane—especially if you were trained in logic and have no patience for complete nonsense.

The Times of Israel article lists “the 10 most anti-Semitic countries,” and two of those countries are none other than Iraq and Gaza. The article stated,

“West Bank and Gaza: The Palestinian territories were found to be the most staggeringly anti-Semitic in the world with a 93% overall index score. Among specific age groups, 92% of those between the ages of 18-49 were shown to have anti-Jewish views, and the figure jumped to 98% among those 50 and older.

“Iraq: Trailing closely behind, Iraq reached an index score of 92%. While 10 of the questions on the 11-question survey measuring negative stereotypes were answered affirmatively by over 70% of respondents, only a third (33%) believed “Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust.”[1]

Iraq and Gaza are anti-Semitic. Iraqis and Gazans do not like Jews. Why? Because they are anti-Semitic! How can the Dreadful Few get around this worthless tautology?[2] Do these people mean to tell us that they could not recognize this perennial circular reasoning in their own weltanschauung? Don’t people like Charles Murray talk about “The Jewish Genius”[3]? Does it really require an introductory class in logic to realize that the Zionist premise does not work?

Let us grant the Zionist narrative for a moment and move to Nazi Germany. In that sense, let us use some counterfactuals. What if Hitler came up with a declaration in the 1940s saying that 98% of Jews in concentration camps are anti-Germans and therefore ought to be placed in cages for the rest of their natural lives? Would the Zionist narrative accept that proposition? Wouldn’t they put out propaganda such as “Judea Declares War on Germany”?


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Gaza has been widely viewed as a concentration camp by people like Lawrence Weschler, Ellen Cantarow, John Prescott, and Ron Paul. Moshe Feiglin, Deputy Speaker of the Israeli Knesset and member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud Party, proved this point:

“An Israeli official has called for concentration camps in Gaza and ‘the conquest of the entire Gaza Strip, and annihilation of all fighting forces and their supporters’. He lays out a detailed plan for the destruction of Gaza –  which includes shipping its residents across the world – in a letter he addressed to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“The message, which received more than 2,000 likes on his page, lists four action points which he wants to be enforced as soon as possible.

“Feiglin details the first one as ‘defining the enemy’ and states: ‘The strategic enemy is extremist Arab Islam in all its varieties, from Iran to Gaza, which seeks to annihilate Israel in its entirety. The immediate enemy is Hamas. (Not the tunnels, not the rockets, but Hamas.)’

“He says another important part of his plan is the ‘conquest of the entire Gaza Strip, and annihilation of all fighting forces and their supporters.’ Feiglin explains how the IDF would then ‘exterminate nests of resistance, in the event that any should remain.’

“Part of his plan includes shipping the people living in Gaza across the world. He says to encourage the movement those who willingly agree to emigrate will be given ‘a generous economic support package.’ But those who resist leaving their home will be required to publicly sign a declaration of loyalty to Israel, and receive a blue ID card similar to that of the Arabs of East Jerusalem.”[4]

crimeIf you think that Feiglin was just pulling your leg, now consider this. In 2008, the British newspaper The Independent reported:

“The Israeli blockade of Gaza has led to a steady rise in chronic malnutrition among the 1.5 million people living in the strip, according to a leaked report from the Red Cross…

“The report says the heavy restrictions on all major sectors of Gaza’s economy, compounded by a cost of living increase of at least 40 per cent, is causing ‘progressive deterioration in food security for up to 70 per cent of Gaza’s population.’ That in turn is forcing people to cut household expenditures down to ‘survival levels.’

“‘Chronic malnutrition is on a steadily rising trend and micronutrient deficiencies are of great concern,’ it said. Since last year, the report found, there had been a switch to ‘low cost/high energy” cereals, sugar and oil, away from higher-cost animal products and fresh fruit and vegetables. Such a shift ‘increases exposure to micronutrient deficiencies which in turn will affect their health and wellbeing in the long term.’

“The Red Cross report says that “the embargo has had a devastating effect for a large proportion of households who have had to make major changes on the composition of their food basket.” Households were now obtaining 80 per cent of their calories from cereals, sugar and oil. ‘The actual food basket is considered to be insufficient from a nutritional perspective.’

“The report paints a bleak picture of an increasingly impoverished and indebted lower-income population. People are selling assets, slashing the quality and quantity of meals, cutting back on clothing and children’s education, scavenging for discarded materials – and even grass for animal fodder – that they can sell and are depending on dwindling loans and handouts from slightly better-off relatives.

“In the urban sector, in which about 106,000 employees lost their jobs after the June 2007 shutdown, about 40 per cent are now classified as ‘very poor,’ earning less than 500 shekels (£87) a month to provide for an average household of seven to nine people…

“In agriculture, on which 27 percent of Gaza’s population depends, exports are at a halt and, like fisheries, the sector has seen a 50 per cent fall in incomes since the siege began. Among the two-fifths classified as ‘very poor,’ average per capita spending is down to 50p a day. In the fisheries sector, which has been hit by fuel shortages and narrow, Israeli-imposed fishing limits, ‘People’s coping mechanisms are very limited and those households that still have jewellery and even non-essential appliances sell them.’”[5]

In 2012, similar reports have been widespread: “Israel calculated the number of calories Palestinians would need to avoid malnutrition under its blockade of the Gaza Strip…”[6]

If Zionist organizations like the ADL still think that this madness is justified, perhaps it is time to bring in again Jewish doctor Gabor Mate, who wrote Last July:

“As a Jewish youngster growing up in Budapest, an infant survivor of the Nazi genocide, I was for years haunted by a question resounding in my brain with such force that sometimes my head would spin: “How was it possible? How could the world have let such horrors happen?”

“In Gaza today we find ways of justifying the bombing of hospitals, the annihilation of families at dinner, the killing of pre-adolescents playing soccer on a beach.

“In Israel-Palestine the powerful party has succeeded in painting itself as the victim, while the ones being killed and maimed become the perpetrators. “They don’t care about life,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says, abetted by the Obamas and Harpers of this world, ‘we do.’

“Netanyahu, you who with surgical precision slaughter innocents, the young and the old, you who have cruelly blockaded Gaza for years, starving it of necessities, you who deprive Palestinians of more and more of their land, their water, their crops, their trees—you care about life?

“There is no understanding Gaza out of context—Hamas rockets or unjustifiable terrorist attacks on civilians—and that context is the longest ongoing ethnic cleansing operation in the recent and present centuries, the ongoing attempt to destroy Palestinian nationhood.

“The Palestinians use tunnels? So did my heroes, the poorly armed fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto. Unlike Israel, Palestinians lack Apache helicopters, guided drones, jet fighters with bombs, laser-guided artillery. Out of impotent defiance, they fire inept rockets, causing terror for innocent Israelis but rarely physical harm. With such a gross imbalance of power, there is no equivalence of culpability.

“Israel wants peace? Perhaps, but as the veteran Israeli journalist Gideon Levy has pointed out, it does not want a just peace. Occupation and creeping annexation, an inhumane blockade, the destruction of olive groves, the arbitrary imprisonment of thousands, torture, daily humiliation of civilians, house demolitions: these are not policies compatible with any desire for a just peace. In Tel Aviv Gideon Levy now moves around with a bodyguard, the price of speaking the truth.

“I have visited Gaza and the West Bank. I saw multi-generational Palestinian families weeping in hospitals around the bedsides of their wounded, at the graves of their dead. These are not people who do not care about life. They are like us—Canadians, Jews, like anyone: they celebrate life, family, work, education, food, peace, joy. And they are capable of hatred, they can harbour vengeance in the hearts, just like we can.

“One could debate details, historical and current, back and forth. Since my days as a young Zionist and, later, as a member of Jews for a Just Peace, I have often done so. I used to believe that if people knew the facts, they would open to the truth. That, too, was naïve. This issue is far too charged with emotion.”[7]

Well, we now come to an inevitable question: Is Mate an anti-Semite for writing this in the Toronto Star? If yes, then again members of the ADL implicitly lock themselves in a perennial contradiction. If we go by their definition of anti-Semitism, which they say is an abiding hatred of Jews, then the ADL should love people like Mate or Gilad Atzmon or Norman Finkelstein or John J. Mearsheimer!  The fact is that the organization does not.

When Jewish professors John J. Mearsheimer of the Univeristy of Chicago and Stephen M. Walt of Harvard published The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, the ADL declared that the authors were anti-Semites. When Atzmon published The Wondering Who?, the Jerusalem Post declared that it was one of the most anti-Semitic books ever.[8]

So, if Mate and Atzmon and Finkelstein and Mearsheimer are anti-Semites, then the issue is not whether you are an ethnic Jew anymore, which is exactly what we have been saying for more than two years. The issue is metaphysically Talmudic.

If Mate is not an anti-Semite, then would it be anti-Semitic for the Goyim to quote him? If yes, then the ADL once again finds itself in a perennial double standard, which is again Talmudic, which is destructive, and which obviously has created conflict worldwide.  This wicked ideology must be confronted.

[1] Marissa Newman, “The 10 Most Anti-Semitic Countries,” Times of Israel, May 13, 2014.

[2] This form of tautology can also be found in other areas as well, most specifically in the concept of “survival of the fittest.” Here it is. How did it survive? Because it is the fittest. How do you know it is the fittest? Because it survived!

[3] Charles Murray, “Jewish Genius,” Commentary, April 1, 2007.

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[7] Gabor Mate, “Beautiful dream of Israel has become a nightmare,” Toronto Star, July 22, 2014.

[8] “US academics challenged over praise of ‘anti-Semitic’ book,” Jerusalem Post, October 23, 2011.

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