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by  Gordon Duff, VT Editor     for New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

–  First published  …  July 05,  2015 

3423423423This week, 500,000 documents from Saudi intelligence were released by WikiLeaks, or were they? Now we find that teams, including Israeli intelligence, are “sifting through” the release, coordinating them into groups and removing what they tell us we don’t need to see.

Thus far nothing involving the coordinated aggression of Israel and Saudi Arabia against Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen has reached print. None of it will.

Similarly, in earlier WikiLeaks dumps, the New York Times asked the Israeli consulate in New York to send over teams to review and edit what was released. Thus far nothing on Israel or any nation that discusses Israel has ever been leaked. In millions of documents, no mention of Gaza, or Israeli nuclear weapons or even the existence of Israel is mentioned.

Moreover, no press agency, media group or newspaper has every noted this bizarre occurrence, particularly when Israel is the “ground zero” of so many conflicts.


Zbigniew Brzezinski
Zbigniew Brzezinski

In 2010, VT, using intelligence personnel who actually wrote documents released by WikiLeaks on Iraq, began a review. Former US Army intelligence officers reviewed the WikiLeaks versions of documents they themselves wrote and found some altered. Other documents they found had been created.

Some months later, in December 2010, former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, in an interview with Judy Woodruff on National Public Radio told the audience what he had found in his investigation of WikiLeaks.

Brzezinski stated that WikiLeaks, in his opinion, was an intelligence agency that released piles of “chickenfeed” mixed with “pointed material,” some of it entirely fabricated. He noted that WikiLeaks showed a strong bias and clear agenda.

Long forgotten is Assange’s flowery praise of Benjamin Netanyahu and his oft spoken admiration of all things Israeli. Assange is also very close to the Murdoch News Corp organization. Murdoch, a citizen of many nations, Israel one of them, comes from a prominent Zionist Australian family.

He is deeply involved in Israeli politics, an ardent Likudist and Netanyahu supporter, as can be seen in the fanatically pro-Zionist agenda of his publications and the rabidly anti-Islamic slant of his Fox networks which dominate America’s television markets.

Deep Background

After the 1973 war, Israel had good reason to feel at risk. Were it not for American intervention, much more than is ever admitted publicly, Israel would have been forced to not only give up gains from the 1967 war but comply with UN resolutions that would have established a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria, making up over 40% of Israel’s pre-1967 land holdings.

It is not unreasonable to see this geographical realignment as indefensible based on the political realities of the time.

Israel then initiated a number of multi-generational programs as part of their “self-defense” efforts, making use of the millions of Jews and “partial Jews” in diaspora. Their goal was to penetrate all institutions and dominate as many as possible, financial for sure, media, all have seen but it goes further.

One of the programs involved bringing “Nordic looking” fractional ethnic Jews to Israel, recruiting them for deep cover intelligence operations. There would be two years of training in intelligence tradecraft, agent recruiting, covert communications, sexual blackmail, chaos theory and psychological warfare.

At the end of training all were given “legends,” showing them to have been in Israel for humanitarian projects or to have not been there at all. Some legends created covered the “spy school” years though altered records at obscure universities, others were “vagabond” world travelers. Some received new names, some were simply quietly recycled into their old lives.

Michael Oren - diplomatic cover for an old spy
Michael Oren – diplomatic cover for an old spy

The most famous of this group is Michael Oren, former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, a regular on late night comedy shows for years. Oren ran the massive Israeli intelligence operation in the US for years. It was Oren who began the regular Pentagon junkets to Israel where American military officers were “burned” in “honey trap” trysts.

Similarly, over 3000 American law enforcement agencies have traveled to Israel for training in riot control and surveillance. Israeli companies have made billions supplying draconian capabilities to law enforcement organizations proven “out of control” in what seems to be an endless stream of violent racist incidents sweeping America.

The racial violence by police is seen, what is not seen is the spying. Most American police departments have equipment that can intercept all mobile and wireless communications, hack any computers and, as is increasingly suspected, plant evidence as well. How many Israeli agents are now wearing badges and carrying guns in those 3000 agencies and departments?

Bread Crumb Trail

Lenin has many contemporary followers in Western democracies
Lenin has many contemporary followers in Western democracies

When it was established with a high degree of certainty that Assange was an Israeli agent, we began looking at his background, one oddly public and then, from 2006 through 2010, very private and mysterious.

By 2010, after Assange had spent what he tells us is 3 years traveling on “WikiLeaks business,” we have a full scale psychological warfare operation up and running with the full complicity of almost every major press organization on earth.

As is so often the case, all of this is drowning in money, mysterious benefactors.

No one can accuse Assange of being anti-Zionist but the others, that’s a different story. Israel was very right in predicting that their apartheid state and ethnic cleansing of occupied territories was not going to go unnoticed, not matter how much the world media was dominated by demonization of Palestinians.

Toward that end, following Lenin’s brilliant methodology, “If you want to control the opposition, be the opposition,” Israel invented anti-Zionism. Suddenly, the friendless Palestinians were burdened with a smattering of do-gooders, closet extremists and what we now know to be certified Mossad thugs, parading around as “activists.”

One well known anti-Zionist author and activist is a text book example. Nordic looking like Michael Oren, he traveled to Israel in 1977 as part of a church “outing” and stayed for two years. Here is where the “bread crumbs” comes in.

When he left Israel, he spent two years traveling throughout the Arab world, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the UAE, every Islamic country. While on his “outing” he learned Arabic. He also got a second passport. You see, it is impossible to get into Lebanon or the UAE, so many nations, if you have an Israeli stamp on your passport, much less having lived there for two years.

In case after case, we have the same glaring error, pure hubris, two year visits to Israel, leaving with a clean passport. One “classic” individual left with an Israeli wife, admittedly an intelligence agent, who, with her American citizenship, became the agent handler of former Rand Corporation and AIPAC accused spy, Steve Rosen.

What is an Agent Provocateur?

Sources within Israeli intelligence have outlined “taskings” for what are called “hasbara” or “agent provocateurs,” recruited to live among “the enemy” yet serve “the Jewish state.” Agents are taught to infiltrate groups like 9/11 Truth or BDS, attend conferences in Tehran, and maintain a continual drone of criticism against Israel.

Those around them, those who get in their way suffer mysterious illnesses, financial problems, are mysteriously harassed or are arrested. At best doors are closed to them. At worst, they die or are maimed in one car traffic accidents or commit suicide. We get lots of those.

When needed, agent provocateurs are “attacked” by Zionists, bruised and battered in “street theatre” that, under scrutiny, makes no sense at all. The organizations they join, they are trained to move “near” but not “to” the top, spreading dissension, rumors and inflicting strife in classic Machiavellian form.

From time to time, such assets need a “leg up.” Here, the mainstream media, BBC, CNN and similar, will invite them on as a guest to discuss their theories. Such staged events become a carnival disaster, as they were intended but our agent provocateur leaves “elevated” to prominence, anointed by “the enemy” and no one notices.

Where others receive a “nod” from the media, Assange now dominates. His daily assessments, always vacuous and inane, are featured commentary around the world. When Gaza was being carpet bombed, Assange was silent.  We find that 9/11, the lamest false flag attack in history is, to Assange, a “distraction.”

WikiLeaks Agenda

And it is not pretty about Wikileaks either
And the truth is not pretty about Wikileaks either

WikiLeaks exists to attack the American left on behalf of right wing extremists and the powerful Israel lobby. With President Obama and Secretary Kerry the first American leaders in decades to push for a two state solution and not just an end to new settlements in the West Bank but a rollback, WikiLeaks is tasked with targeting Obama and Kerry.

More strangely still, the American leaders who continue to support torture, who advocate bombing Iran and who blindly follow Israel, some to the point of meeting with al Qaeda leaders, get a pass from WikiLeaks.

Assange has never had a problem with bombing Iran. Assange seems to have no problems with ISIS either, nor does Israel, nor does Saudi Arabia. He is OK with bombing Gaza but he is also OK with bombing Yemen as well.

He is ok with blocking humanitarian aid to Yemen. He is OK with the war on Syria and Iraq by Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. He considers ISIS a distraction as he does with investigations into 9/11. He goes one direction primarily, continual attacks on those who pressure Israel but it doesn’t stop there.

The other WikiLeaks agenda is keeping the US, Russia and EU at each other’s throats. With the largest intelligence operations inside the US, Russia and EU being Israeli and, in the US in particular, the intelligence agencies supposedly spying “for” the US run by Israeli dual citizens, the overriding agenda of confounding potential Israeli rivals is impossible to miss.

Thus, the continual slanted and focused disclosures by WikiLeaks are, for the most part, only a propaganda ploy meant to make sure any reports of Israeli espionage are “back page” material.

Psychological Warfare

Every nation state uses psychological warfare to a degree of success, based on the breadth of their assets and the nature of the challenges they face. In the post-Cold War era, Israel, followed perhaps by Iran, are the most threatened, most challenged of nations. However, when it comes to psychological warfare and chaos theory skill sets, Israel is the more effective of the two, generally seen as opponents in a death struggle for regional dominance.

Tehran holds conferences and Israel positions assets to control Tehran’s conferences. Embarrassing hijinks at last year’s New Horizons conference in Tehran had attendees accusing each other of either being “conspiracy theorists” or “Israeli assets.” Three Israeli trained psychological warfare recruits were in attendance, based on a thorough investigation.

Dylann Ruff was first exploited to revive gun legislation and then to renew Confederate heritage bashing
Dylann Ruff was first exploited to revive gun legislation and then to renew Confederate heritage bashing

In the US, events like the recent murders in Charleston, South Carolina, are a key example. Whether one wishes to go as far as to cite the killer as one of a seemingly endless inventory of CIA MK Ultra mind control assets, going full-tilt conspiracy theory, or limiting observations to manipulation of the scope and nature of the crime through seeding evidence “on the fly,” nothing occurs without an exploitation plan.

By “exploitation plan” we refer to established “event management” teams that, in coordination with subverted officials and press assets, spin any incident or tragedy to serve an agenda.

Accepting that destroying public confidence in an administration in Washington deemed unfriendly to Israel is a priority, real tragedies like Charleston or fabricated or hoax events like “Jade Helm” or the “Bundy Ranch Siege” are used to foment panic and rebellion.

WikiLeaks is very much part of this plan, perhaps the greatest single asset directed at destabilizing America.

The tiered Approach

Seymour Hersh and his long list of unknown sources
Seymour Hersh and his long list of unknown sources

Of identified Israeli assets, the most prominent are Seymour Hersh and Julian Assange, both seemingly stars of investigative journalism and disclosure. Yet, even under cursory examination, the smell emanating from each, where money comes from, timing of their “disclosures” and more, paints a very clear picture.

Behind the “stars” are the think tanks and organizations, the Heritage Foundation, Jamestown Foundation, Rand Corporation, Southern Poverty Law Center, Simon Wiesenthal Center , Anti-Defamation League and London’s Front Line Club. Covertly, you have Stratfor, InfoWars, DEBKA, DefenseOne and dozens of similar groups.

Behind them are the power brokers, names like Bronfman, Rothschild, Murdoch, Giuliani, Bush and Adelson. Behind and beneath all, you have armies of bloggers and self-published authors tasked with flooding the public with endless conspiracies.

Whenever a real intelligence operation, a false flag, is exposed, the army of bloggers, pundits and activists invents a dozen more. Whenever a solid piece of evidence is brought to light, two dozen more, each more spurious than the last are fabricated to discredit the first.

When all else fails, WikiLeaks “dumps.”

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of VT, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.