Don’t Mention The War!!! But… what if?



by Katherine Frisk:

But what if we did? What if we saw through the veil and discovered another story entirely? What if I speculate here a bit just for fun? It’s just a bit of sport, sort of like George Orwell did in his novel 1984. A little bit of “what if the future looks like this?” Nobody took him seriously … just saying.

So here is my first “what if?” The 2004 Tsunami that took out half of Sumatra. Remember that? I watched the coverage almost 24/7 flipping from BBC, to CNN to Sky. Sky News got the Oscar. Best coverage of that disaster ever. My friends and family eventually got fed up with what they saw as my “morbid fascination.” It was not a “morbid fascination” exactly, I was just trying to make sense of the whole disaster. Because quite frankly, even though the earth throws a huffy fit every now and then and weird things happen, somewhere in the back of my mind this did not look right for a number of reasons.

One memory that sticks in my mind was of a young girl in her twenties, from Europe somewhere who had been on holiday. She stood only in her shorts, tea shirt and slops. That was all she had left. But she had spent the whole week working with the Thai authorities helping to collect bloated, dead bodies washed up on the beach, tag them and put them into plastic bags. By the time she was interviewed she was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted and was finally returning home.

What shocked me was how little the countries effected by this tsunami were helped by the international community. India for one, USA for another, Australia, all of whom have fleets of Navy vessels in the area who could have sent in their forces, their military hospitals, their helicopters within half an hour of this disaster happening and done a united search and rescue operation. Instead it was left to tourists like the young girl who was interviewed. Years later in 2014 when the Air Malaysia flight went missing I found out about a place called Diego Garcia. A secretive military and air force base on a Island in the middle of nowhere and… close to Sumatra. They could almost launch World War 3 from there, with all the equipment stockpiled in that small space, but apparently a search and rescue operation is not part of their brief.

Then I took a look at Sumatra. The worst damage done by the tsunami was in Aceh, the northern part of the island. Ever heard of the Aceh insurgency? Well the tsunami basically put an end to the Free Aceh movement that wanted independence from Indonesia. So I am going to mention the war. What if this was no natural disaster? What if this was caused by a nuke in a fault line in the ocean bed? What if this conveniently solved the problem of the Free Aceh Movement and put an end to it? Just saying…

My second “what if,”is Hurricane Katrina. The response from the US government was shocking. Instead of search and rescue teams, people were herded into football stadiums and left for over a week without food and water. This in spite of America’s military might. This in spite of their Naval forces and military hospitals. The world was stunned by the lack of a co-ordinated and humanitarian search and rescue operation by one of the biggest military in the world. Instead it was left to people like Sean Penn who ” travelled to New Orleans and drove a motorboat around the flooded streets, personally rescuing nearly 40 people from their ruined homes and transporting them to land for medical care.” So I am going to mention the war. What if this was done on purpose? What if this was geo-engineering? What if this was a practice run to see if they could succeed and how people would behave and react if left to their own devices? If you have got the toys you need to test them out right? Just saying…

My third “what if” is the Pacific Rim. Obama was recently quoted as saying, “We have ways of convincing other countries to see things our way.” Or words to that effect. There were earthquakes prior to 2011 and subsequent to them. But 2011 sticks in my mind specifically because of the Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand in February of that year and what is now known as 3/11 in Japan, and the Fukushima disaster that followed in March. Again I watched the coverage 24/7 and again somewhere in the back of my mind this did not look right for a number of reasons. At the same time we were hearing about this new concept, “Pivot To Asia.”

In 2015 the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement was given “fast track.” You can see my take on itHEREHERE , HERE and HERE. Though I do encourage you to do your own research, there is plenty of information out there. Now take a look at this picture.

Looks very much like the Pacific “Ring of Fire”doesn’t it? You know, where all those “natural disasters” have occurred recently, including Typhoon Hagupit in the Philippines in December 2014, where prior to this disaster the country had decided that they did not want a US military base in their country, but suddenly they had one when the US military “came to the rescue” and stayed. So I am going to mention the war. What if these were not natural disasters? What if the earthquakes and the typhoons are all geo-engineered? What if all these countries have been coerced into joining the TPP agreements against their will? Just saying…

So what does all of this add up to? And why? Maybe instead of looking at all the pieces we need to stand back and see the bigger picture. We need to mention the war. We need to understand that the world is at war and we need to understand it in it’s entirety.Which brings me to Albert Pike who:


” appointed Adriano Lemmi (1822-1896, 33rd degree Mason), a banker from Florence, Italy, to run their subversive activities in Europe. Lemmi was a supporter of patriot and revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi, and may have been active in the Luciferian Society founded by Pike. Lemmi, in turn, was succeeded by Lenin and Trotsky, then by Stalin. The revolutionary activities of all these men were financed by British, French, German, and American international bankers; all of them dominated by the House of Rothschild. Between 1859 and 1871, Pike worked out a military blueprint for three world wars and various revolutions throughout the world which he considered would forward the conspiracy to its final stage in the 20th Century. “

I would add to this that that the lodge he is referring to is the P2 Roman Catholic Lodge. And Pike’s plans were or rather are an extension of a 1,000 year old war that has raged between Western Europe and the Catholic Church and Eastern Europe and the Orthodox Christian Church. Which you can read about in :Another Crusade? : Ukrainian nationalism – its roots and nature. The brief given to Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin was to eradicate Orthodox Christianity, make the country atheist with a view in the future of bringing the Russian population back into the Christian fold but under the authority of the Vatican and to dedicate Russia to the Virgin Mary.

F. William Engdahl adds to this information in Mackinder Reincarnates–Now Hungary Joins Silk Road

Long-term geopolitical strategy

Following World War II and the defeat of Hitler’s Third Reich, the very word geopolitics became taboo as it was linked in many eyes with Haushofer and the Nazi “Lebensraum.” Geopolitics however, is far larger than that, the study of integrating politics, economics and geography. The father of British geopolitics, Sir Halford Mackinder, first unveiled his concept of that relationship in a seminal address to the Royal Geographic Society in 1904 in London, “The Geographical Pivot of History.” To this day it remains one of the most valued and useful volumes in my library.

It was a brilliant attempt to look at the world as an entirety with what Mackinder termed “natural seats of power.” For him Russia was a mammoth threat to the future of the dominant British Empire because of its vast geography as the world’s largest land power with its vast steppes, its huge natural resources and its people. He wrote, “The oversetting of the balance of power in favour of the pivot state (Russia-w.e.), resulting in its expansion over the marginal lands of Euro-Asia, would permit of the use of vast continental resources for fleet building (navies-w.e.), and the empire of the world would then be in sight. This might happen if Germany were to ally herself with Russia. ”
Preventing that German-Russian cohesion was the focus of British diplomatic machinations from the Russo-Japanese War of 1905 to the secret shaping of a military encirclement of the German Reich with the Triple Entente of Britain, France and Russia that led London to initiate World War I against an encircled Germany, using Germany’s natural ally, Russia to do the dirty deed. Notably, George Friedman, founder of the Texas-based Pentagon and US intelligence consultancy, and an obvious student of Mackinder, said recently in a speech to the Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs, “The primordial interest of the United States, over which for centuries we have fought wars–the First, the Second and Cold Wars–has been the relationship between Germany and Russia, because united there, they’re the only force that could threaten us.”

Translated into 21st Century context, this describes precisely what is emerging from the amateurish military and political and financial provocations of Washington against Russia and China, where Obama’s “Asia Pivot” is a poor attempt to reflect Mackinder today.

Geopolitics, properly understood, also shapes the growing Russian and Chinese response to those deadly provocations. Mackinder wrote with clarity in his 1904 essay, “True that the Trans-Siberian Railway is still a single and precarious line of communication, but the century will not be old before all Asia is covered with Railways. The spaces within the Russian Empire and Mongolia (read Mongolia and China today-w.e.) are so vast, and their potentialities in population, wheat, cotton, fuel and metals so incalculably great, that it is inevitable that a vast economic world, more or less apart, will there develop inaccessible to oceanic commerce.”

He meant inaccessible to the British Royal Navy control of the oceans. Instead British secret diplomacy and two world wars and almost five decades of NATO Cold War delayed that natural fusion of the economies of all Eurasia with rails.

Mackinder’s ideas of geopolitics shaped the Anglo-Saxon world until British financial policies caused her defeat in two world wars to the emerging power of the second land power—North America. Mackinder contributed his last essay in 1943 to the Foreign Affairs journal of the New York Council on Foreign Relations think tank. He shaped the ideology of postwar US military strategy from Henry Kissinger to Zbigniew Brzezinski to Stratfor’s George Friedman.
However, the Chinese high command as well as the Russian also studied Mackinder thoroughly. This is today’s Silk Road, integrating for the first time in history the vast untapped resources of Eurasia.
This is what is now unfolding before our eyes. This is what creates such alarm in Washington, London and Brussels.

I would add to this the travesty of the Thirty Years War in Europe, between 1618 and 1648 that originated between Catholics and Protestants. The German “element” that Engdahl refers to and that aligned itself with Russia, was the Protestant movement, mainly in north eastern Germany. Many Protestant Germans fled to Russia during this period along with many French Huguenots  who fled France to the newly found colonies of Canada, USA, South Africa and Australia in order to escape persecution. The Tsars of Russia married German Protestant Princesses. The German Catholic element on the other hand, was situated mainly in southern Germany, Bavaria, where the Illuminati under the Jesuit Adam Weishaupt was formed in 1777, aligned with the Hapsburgs, Brussels and the Vatican. Bavaria was also the birthplace of Fascism. An Italian/German concept that gave rise to Hitler and Mussolini. Albert Pike was part of this lodge. The Protestant movement was not only about religion per se, but also about politics. Protestant countries freed themselves from the hegemony of the Vatican and attained nation-state sovereignty no longer under the control of the Pope. These countries included the northern states of what is now Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Lithuania and the United Kingdom.

We hear a lot about the “Jewish Holocaust”in eastern Europe during World War 11, but very little is said about the many millions of others who died, who were not Jewish and who outnumbered the Jewish “6 million” four fold. They are simply referred to as Gypsies or political dissidents or the physically handicapped and brushed aside. No monuments have been erected to them or days of remembrance celebrated. The large majority of those held in camps and/or killed were either Protestants, (Poland for example was majority Protestant before the war, but after the war majority Roman Catholic) or Orthodox Christians, murdered by groups like the Ustashe in Croatia. The breaking up of an alliance between Germany and Russia was not only because of economics and world domination by the west over the east, it was and still is about Roman Catholic World Dominance. The same game plan by Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin was also played out in China, where Mao famously said, “Religion is poison,” and proceeded to eradicate Buddhism, again creating and atheist society.

In a recent interview on TurthJihad Chris Emery and Mary Ellen Moore of Free Mind Films discussed their documentary Shadowring, which is based on the work of James Perloff, who has exposed the Lusitania deception, the Pearl Harbor deception, and the New World Order agenda. The blurb goes:

“ShadowRing will entertainingly unfold the events that led to the creation of the CFR, the important players who were instrumental in the council’s success within American politics, and how the CFR wields unimaginable influence over the geo-political agenda of the United States and consequently the events that have shaped our world for the last 100 years.”

I urge you to listen to this interview and to watch Shadowring. What they make very clear is that the USA is not, perhaps never has been a sovereign state, but is controlled by and steered towards the same objectives as Albert Pike, Adam Weishaupt, Sir Halford Mackinder under the auspices of the Council Of Foreign Relations. (CFR)

In closing:
What if I asked you this question?

Is this the kind of world that you want to live in? Where modern warfare through geo-engineering can take out whole nations who are regarded as either superfluous or “problems” because they are exercising their democratic right to nation state sovereignty that might not fit in with the grand jigsaw puzzle that has been planned for them? The Pope recently spoke out about “Climate Change,” but he omitted to mention the “climate changers,” who they were, what they are responsible for and their agenda.

What if I do  mention the war? What if I do talk about this war that we all find ourselves in? What if I suggest that you mention it and talk about it too? Think about it. Just saying…



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