US F-35 warplanes outgunned in dogfights with Russian, Chinese jets

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…from Press TV, Tehran,    and the  National Security Network, Washington


Main produciton and subcontrating is position where the political power to get the funding is
Main produciton and subcontrating is positioned where the political power to get and maintain the funding is

[ Editors  NoteThe F-35 will go down in history as a crushing indictment of the inherent corruption in American major weapons programs. By that I mean the unholy marriage made between politicians that all wanted long term defense contracts in their districts, and a weapons industry who knew how to play that game with them.

The cost overruns were built into the program with the trick of our age, including not yet invented or perfected designs and technologies. The endless fixes and redesigns would keep the cost overruns flowing, which those who have the plants getting that money could not care less what the wastage was as they would claim they were lied to and not responsible.

With no superior planes to compare the F-35 to it was hard for strong opposition to build up as Lockheed would always claim the fixes were just a year away, and shutting down program costs a bundle, also. The goal became keeping the cash cow producing milk for as long as possible.

Recently we have had the an F-35 out fought by an F-16 from the 1980’s, and today we have a new report that is a wooden stake through the heart of the F-35. It can’t perform most of its missions, and both the Russian and Chinese new fighters are superior. The American people got robbed once again via a combination on incompetency and political contracting corruption.

Don’t expect much from a Congressional investigation. They are not likely to indict themselves or jump into the Potomac, which would be a good start to fixing some things. One of the reasons we are seeing the economic war on Russia and China is to hamper their economies from bring enough numbers of their superior designs into their defense forces to negate one of America’s favorite negotiation tools, military superiority.

Something else coprorate media will not print
Something else coprorate media will not print

This article follows Gordon’s of yesterday on the plasma based technology that was reported the US wants out of Iran. So while our Congress honchos and Lockheed where enjoying the F-35 gravy train, those who we were targeting were working on defending themselves with something that would work, and be affordable.

If you are going to ask if some other weapons technology surprises are lurking on the horizon the answer is yes. The F-35 was once one of those, but is not in the rear view mirror. And scrambling is going on now to produce something to match the new Russian tank, which is much more tank that really, as it was designed modularly for less expensive manufacturing and upgrades.

So while Obama made a great speech at American University on the Iran agreement, about pursuing the diplomatic path to avoid conflict with Iran was the smart play, his administration has done the opposite with Syria, Russia and China with the New Cold War, when we have hundreds of times more foreign bases than they do.

We do not hear much about negotiating any arms reductions, quite the contrary. We are moving into the age where the old big nuclear weapons will be converted to large numbers of tactical which are guaranteed to be used widely in the future. They are already being field tested.

Resistance people. It’s time to show more resistance. The system does not work, but they will want to steer the debate onto fixing the F-35, and keep us off the former by all means. Because at the end of the day they expecting that at worse we will need a crash fighter program to come up with a new plane and give them a new generation of cash flow.  That is one thing they are guaranteed not to fail on deliveringJim W. Dean ]


"Coming soon to a story near you, the new and improve version. Accepting pre-orders now.!"
“Coming soon to a store near you, the new and improve version. Accepting pre-orders now!”

–  First published  …  August 12,  2015  –

You can find the full report at National Security Network here…JD

US F-35 fighter jets, which have been tested recently, would be outmaneuvered and outgunned in dogfights with current Russian and Chinese jets, a new report reveals.

“The F-35 will find itself outmaneuvered, outgunned, out of range, and visible to enemy sensors,” said Bill French, a policy analyst with the National Security Network, a Washington think tank.

The network released a report Tuesday based on details leaked last month on a test flight where the F-35 was bested in most aerial maneuvering by an F-16, Stars and Stripes reported.

The report compared the power, maneuverability and maximum payloads of the F-35 against the Russian-made MiG-29 Fulcrum and the Su-27 Flanker, which is made by Russia and flown by China.

The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is “grossly inferior in terms of wing loading [except for the Navy variant], transonic acceleration and thrust-to-weight,” the analyst wrote. “F-35, Thunder without Lightning.”

“These are the kinds of aircraft the F-35 would most likely face in air-to-air engagements against a high-end opponent,” he wrote.

According to the analyst, the F-35 fared little better against US older jets, the F-16, F-18 and AV-8B Harrier.

“These performance factors are critical to building up speed and gaining or retaining energy that enables the aircraft to maneuver and gain advantages in firing position against other aircraft or defeating incoming missiles,” French wrote in his report.

Last year, a Chinese top aircraft maker warned that its new stealth fighter has the ability to shoot down the F-35.

“When China’s J-31 stealth fighter takes to the sky, it can definitely take it (F-35) down…. That’s a certainty,” said Lin Zuoming, president of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC).

The Marine Corps declared the F-35 operational after it passed a major milestone last month. The fighter is described as a flying computer and is lauded by the Pentagon as the future of combat aviation. Its development has taken 14 years and nearly $400 billion.

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