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Editor’s note:  VT and Brighton College are offering discounted, subsidized and specially financed degree and certificate programs for military and veteran’s families, even those who do not qualify for federal assistance.  Programs include 0% interest loans, books and all fees included, substantial tuition discounts and very attractive programs.  Please call for your self or recalcitrant family members who need to get off the couch and on with their lives.

Please contact me (“g”) if you aren’t seeing what you want or are having any other difficulty.  Make sure to use my name when calling in.

VT’s offerings for 23 July, 2015:

This is our largest offering of custom tactical weapons thus far with more calibers and barrel lengths.  Dealer quantity discounts are available on most units offered fff_676though some are low production or “one of a kind.”  There are many weapons in inventory that are not listed including a good supply of curio and relic military weapons.  To qualified armorers and enthusiasts, custom multi-cal “kit guns” and tools are available for bug-out informal travel.

Note that we offer AR and 1911 armorer classes though our affiliation with Sonoran Desert Institute’s School of Firearms Technology. Included are Associate of Science in Firearms Technology, gunsmithing certificate courses and full combat armorers courses as well.  See the link to VT partner Brighton College or contact Gordon or one of the Mike’s, Chester or Harris (we have more) for details.

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For further information or to purchase any of these guns, please contact Mike Chester at Chet’s Firearms of Howell, Michigan. [email protected] or phone 517-548-9558. Ask for Mike. Prices do not include shipping to your local FFL.

Ar .223 18 inch Combat/Scout in FDE

fff_672 fff_667 fff_666 fff_671 fff_665 fff_670 fff_668


18 inch fluted stainless steel barrel in .223/5.56
Aero Precision forged upper and lower receivers factory finished in Flat Dark Earth Ceracote
15 inch premium slimline keymod rail in FDE
Full auto rated bolt carrier group
Deluxe stainless muzzle brake
ACS-L stock in FDE
UTG premium pistol grip , Magpul trigger guard, both in FDE
Foregrip with pop out bipod in FDE
CQB-558 holographic sight
30 round magazine


Rimfire .22 long rifle “Real AR”




Several manufacturers built .22 caliber rifles that resemble AR-15s, but they are one trick ponies as they can only use 22LR ammo. Here at VT, we don’t like one trick ponies so when we decided to build a .22 carbine, we built it on a real AR-15 lower. This means when you want to shoot something more substantial than a 22LR, you don’t need to buy a whole new gun. You only need to buy an AR-15 upper in the caliber you want, push out the takedown pins, remove the 22 upper and replace it with the more powerful upper. You now have a .223/556, .300 blackout, or any other caliber available for the AR-15 platform. You can shoot low cost 22 for target shooting or plinking and changeover to a defensive or hunting caliber in less than a minute.  This rifle comes with a standard AR pistol grip and adjustable stock.

No optic, foregrip, flashlight, or laser is included at this bargain price, but they are available for a slight upcharge.  It comes with two 28 round 22 magazines that fit into a standard magwell so no special adapter is needed.  We can custom build another upper in any caliber when you want to add one – Prices vary depending on desired configuration. Call Mike for prices and specs.
The special Loss Bleeder price is $399 complete

The 6.5mm Grendel AR Long Range Rifle

(123 grains still supersonic at 1000 meters with high accuracy)
fff_659 fff_663 fff_658 fff_662 fff_661 fff_660

Loadout:  This makes it simple, move up from 55 grains bullets to 123 and larger, double the effective range and take this away, laid out perfectly for any tactical assignment imaginable.  With inexpensive and very available Grendel ammunition, this is now a go-to alternative.

6.5 Grendel

20 inch chrome moly barrel with Melonite finish

15 inch slimline rail with removable sections

Premium quality muzzle brake

custom pistol grip

Blackhawk stock

full auto rated 6.5 bolt carrier group

UTG tall Harris style bipod

Pentax 3-9X40 Gameseeker scope

25 round stainless steel magazine

While the AR-type rifle in traditional calibers is assumed to be a 400 yards or less cartridge, some enterprising folks have turned a variant into a longer range performer. Bill Alexander and Janne Pohjoispää developed this round as a way to make a standard AR rifle reach out to 800 (and more) yards. It’s designed to fit in a standard AR magazine size, so it gains its extra oomph by using a larger diameter case to launch a long and thin bullet.

Most 6.5 Grendel bullets weigh between 90 and 140 grains, with a common one landing at 123 grains and moving at over 2,500 feet per second. The low-drag projectiles maintain supersonic velocity past 1,000 yards. It also carries over 1,000 foot-pounds of kinetic energy to nearly 450 yards.

Ammo is fairly easy to find and can be had for a reasonable price. I was able to find it at an online retailer for $6.99/ box of 20. (35¢/round which is only 4-5¢ more than 223)



Fluted 20 inch .223 AR Premium Rifle

fff_680 fff_681


This may well be a perfect AR.  The 20 inch barrel gives great accuracy and ballistic performance.  Everything about this is simplicity and ease of handling.  Available with high lumen combat light, carry handle, premium match sight system, handgrip or any other kit you wish or as you see it, clean and deadly.
20 inch fluted chrome moly barrel with phosphate coating
15 inch Trinity Force ultra slimline rail with removable sections
Rogers Super stock with no rattle locking lever
Custom pistol grip
Full auto rated bolt carrier group
UTG tall Harris style bipod (adjustable)
custom muzzle brake
NC-Star 3-9X44mm scope with rails (a very hot rapid acquisition optic)
30 round magazine


Editor’s note: Our first 9mm and .458 SOCOM offerings…

We are featuring two unique weapons, one a 9mm tactical carbine.  No matter what you already have, you should have one of these and, if you are going to have a 9mm carbine, this one, designed by VT, is the best one out there.

Our second unique offering is a 7.5 inch barreled .458 SOCOM “pistol” with a 13 round capacity.  This is the smallest rapid firing big game weapon in the world.  This is the .44 magnum as a comparison:


Now look at the .458 SOCOM:


With our design, fully buffered, the .458 will have less than one third the recoil of the .44 magnum with almost twice the stopping power and much more capacity and accuracy.

Most weapons here are custom designed and built by us. Others are “standards” or interest items. Included is the most extensive catalog of modern assault type weapons (almost exclusively AR based) in the world. Among these are things the US military only dreams of having.

458 Socom with 350 grain bullet 1800 fps, .223 with 55 grain bullet 3200 fps, .300 AAC Blackout with 150 grain bullet 1900 fps,  .308 Winchester with 150 grain bullet 280 fps
.458 SOCOM 350 grain and .223 55 grain


Custom built weapons are usually range tested and, where needed, custom tuned and lubricated. There is always a break-in period for all semi-automatic weapons.

.458 SOCOM “Hand Cannon”

fff_617 fff_616 fff_615 fff_614

The .458 SOCOM round is a large game round capable of taking down a moose. It also makes an excellent home defense round if your home gets invaded by large game. (last night I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I’ll never know. – Groucho Marx)
This is the round that the Navy and the Coast Guard use to shoot holes in pirate ships and drug runners’ boats. It would be the round to use if you want to shoot through the engine block of a ‘56 Buick. It can send a 350 grain projectile down range at 1800 feet per second.
Who would be crazy enough to build a pistol to shoot this mighty round? – We would. Are you man or woman enough to handle this beast? Only you can answer this question. If you ever want to be able to hear anything again, ear protection is a must when firing this gun. This uses a standard 223 magazine in a single stack configuration. a 30 rounder holds 13 of the SOCOM rounds which is way more than you will need.
Barrel:  7.5 inch chrome lined ultra premium precision
Sport side upper
Custom .458 bolt mounted on ultra premium no lube bolt carrier.
10 inch slimline rail with removable rail sections
KAK Industries flash can
Shockwave Blade arm brace mounted on custom KAK buffer made specifically for the Blade – very rigid ($200 value)
Diamondhead flip up sights ($200 value)
custom pistol grip ($45 value)
30 round (13 socom) magazine ($8 value….magazines very very cheap!!)


9mm AR Based Survival Carbine 32 Round

fff_607 fff_608 fff_609 fff_610 fff_606

AR-15 Carbine in 9mm
This rifle shoots the very popular and affordable 9mm round that is used in millions of handguns around the world. With ammo prices on the 9mm coming down and the .22 going up, they now cost about the same to shoot and the 9mm is a much more capable round. With 16 inches of barrel the bullet reaches much higher velocities and therefore has more hitting power than if fired from a handgun. this is an excellent shooter with no noticeable recoil.
Limited Edition commemorative Iraq War lower receiver in forged aluminum
Forged aluminum upper receiver
16 inch Melonite treated barrel
7 inch Aluminum quad rail
Custom pistol grip
magwell adapter for Colt style 9mm magazine ($200 value)
Adjustable stock
A-2 style muzzle brake
BSA 1.5-4.5 X scope mounted on cantilever mount
32 round magazine

 $899 value now $749

AR Carbine in 7.62×39 “AK 47”

fff_675 fff_674 fff_673


7.62×39 rifle
Phosphate coated chrome moly 16 inch barrel
12 inch premium slimline rail with removable sections
Full auto rated nickel boron bolt carrier
Blackhawk stock
Custom pistol grip
A-2 muzzle brake
Vertical front grip with pop out bipod
Barksa 3-9X40 scope
20 round stainless steel magazine


 Custom .300 AAC Blackout Rifle

fff_580 fff_584 fff_583 fff_582 fff_581


16 Inch phosphate coated chrome molly barrel
12 inch Slimline rail with removable rail sections
“Punisher” muzzle brake
Full Auto rated bolt carrier
ACS stock
UTG Rail mounted Dragon Claw style bipod
Magpul MOE pistol grip and trigger guard
Leapers/UTG 3-9×32 “Bug Buster” scope with red/green illuminated reticle
30 round magazine


24 Inch .223 Sniper Target platform

fff_589 fff_588 fff_587 fff_586 fff_585

Custom .223 Target Rifle

24 inch heavy spiral fluted match grade target barrel

15 Inch slimline rail with removable rails

Articulating sniper stock

full auto rated bolt carrier

UTG Harris style bipod

4-16X44 Hi Lux Leatherwood scope mounted on cantilever mount

Custom pistol grip

30 round magazine


7.62×39 AR Pistol (VT’s way of improving on the AK 47)

MOS_8670 MOS_8672 MOS_8673

7.62X39 pistol
7.5 inch phosphate coated chrome moly barrel
10 inch aluminum tube handguard
A-2 muzzle brake
Sig Tac arm brace mounted on special Sig Tac buffer tube
Rear QD snap swivel
Magpul MOE pistol grip
Full auto rated bolt carrier
NC-Star 2-7X32 pistol scope
20 Round stainless steel magazine


.308 AR10 Carbine (very special price until July 31, 2015)

MOS_8685 MOS_8687 MOS_8689 MOS_8691

308 carbine rifle
16 inch phosphate coated chrome molly barrel
Full auto rated bolt carrier
Blackhawk stock
Custom pistol grip
Carry handle with integral match grade sight with windage and elevation adjustments (co-witnesses with front sight post)
Removable handle top rail scope mount
3-9X40 HQ scope
20 round magazine

$1299 July special until 7-31-15 $899

Sig P250 Compact 9mm (suppressor ready)

1 2 3 getPart

Sig Sauer P-250 compact 9 mm with suppressor ready threaded barrel and extra grip

2 grip modules included (medium and large accommodate different hand sizes)

  • Item Number 250C-9-BSS-TB
  • Caliber 9mm Action TypeDAO
  • Barrel Length 3.9 in
  • Sight Radius 5.8 in
  • Weight w/Mag26.5 oz. Mag
  • Capacity15 rounds
  • Sights SIGLITE® Night Sights
  • Grips Interchangeable Polymer Frame
  • Finish Black Polymer
  • Slide Finish Nitron® Accessory

Threaded barrel with cap.

MSRP $608.00 ( CA Compliant No MA Compliant No) $479 – Brand New

Walter PPX 9mm Two Tone


These are German made Walther’s. This is a full size 9mm and an excellent weapon.



Finish:Brushed Stainless
Trigger Pull:6.5 lbs
Barrel Length:4″
Capacity:16 rnds
Overall Length:7.3″
Weight (empty mag):1.7 lbs.
2 Magazines included

$389 – Brand new

Zastava M88 9mm Pistolfff_195fff_189

Includes 2 magazines

$259 – Brand new

Glock 21 .45ACP
fff_196 fff_197

  • Barrel: 117 mm / 4.60 in.

Magazine Capacity: Standard: 13

  • 2 Magazines


300 Blackout M4 Carbine

11q_228 11q_227 11q_226Loadout:

  • 16 inch premium Melonite barrel
  • Blackhawk stock
  • Custom pistol grip
  • Custom Flash Suppressor
  • 15 inch Custom Free Float handguard with rails
  • Forged Aluminum upper and lower receiver
  • Full automatic rated bolt carrier group
  • 3-9x 40mm Bushnell illuminated red/green scope
  • 30 round magazine

Price: 839.00

This rifle has been sold, but we have the parts in stock to build another like it.

VT Custom M4 Carbine in .223

1 2 getPartLoadout:

  • 16 inch M4 barrel
  • Forged aluminum upper Bushmaster upper with built-in carry handle (not a flat top) Also available without a handle
  • Forged aluminum lower receiverlower receiver
  • Full auto rated bolt carrier group
  • 10 inch aluminum free float quad rail w/end cap
  • Foregrip with pop-out bipod
  • Custom pistol grip
  • (0ptional iron sight capability)

$669 with optic ($749 with match iron sights)



AR10 18 inch Sniper Platform .308 Limited Production

(a “G” favorite)

With sniper grip
With sniper grip



We go as light as possible on this weapon to support a match grade 18 inch sniper barrel. Optic is a super-premium Eterna, very bright, utterly clear. I would call this one of the best combat weapons in the world but, truth be told, it is more of a hunter. This is a personal design and picking this up is like “comin’ home to mama.”


  • Upper and Lower receiver: Matrix Aerospace matched set ($465 value)
  • Barrel: DPMS 18 inch fluted bull sniper system ($600 value)
  • Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group ($275 value)
  • Keymod ultra-slim 13 inch rail ($275 value)
  • Brunton Eterna 1.5-5 26mm scope ($600 value)
  • Forged Aluminum 1 inch riser ($30 value)
  • Custom grip ($45 value)
  • UTG A2 .308 Stock and Buffer System


 Tactical Cat

Tactical Cat

M1919 Semi Automatic Shotgun 12 Bore/3 inch Magnum 5 plus 1


Video (unknown person) makes it clear why we like these. Magnum ammo, unless you are big like the dude in the video, is an experience. This thing is for either blowing cars apart or for someone facing really serious personal security issues or both, as is often the case.

Type: gas operated, semi-automatic
Gauge: 12, 3″ / 76mm chamber
Length: 964 mm
Barrel length: 470 mm
Weight 3.25 kg empty
Capacity: 5 rounds in detachable box magazine

11q_094 11q_093

$579 (magazine shown below is “aftermarket”)

SigTac Custom “Can within a Can” .223 Pistol

gg_065gg_066 gg_068 gg_067

“Imagine staring down a barrel big enough for a rat to crawl out”

By “all business,” we really mean it. This is absolutely perfect ergonomics and top components in a unique custom design. Can anyone say this isn’t a “bad boy?” Moving us back in time to when the grease gun and MAC 10/Ingram were hottest things around. We built on this tradition, cutting the weight in half, doubling the range and accuracy and, oddly enough, not violating any laws either.


7.5 inch chrome lined 5.56mm/.223 Wylde super premium barrel $250 value
Full Automatic rated bolt carrier group
9 Inch Aluminum Free Float Tube ($155 value)
KAK Industries Flash can ($70 value)
Ergo rubberized lower grip ($65 value)
SigTac Generation 2 Stabilization Brace ($149 value)
8.45 inch Custom Pistol Buffer Assembly ($85 value)
End Cap/Swivel ($65 value)
BSA Red Dot ($79 value)
Magpul 30 round magazine ($20 value)

$749 Complete


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