Unexpected Blowback Now Revealing Establishment Evil Agenda


by   Preston James and Mike Harris


betrayal-show (2)

Note: this is a long article and some readers who are short of time may find it useful to skip to the numbered Establishment Goals below and read only the underlined parts. This will provide a good summary of the article in a very short time.

In America, We The People have all been BETRAYED by our elected leaders.

Americans are finally waking up to the sad and tragic fact that we have been terribly betrayed by our elected officials in DC and all the major institutions of the USG.

The anger that is now arising and smoldering in mainstream America is unfathomable to the arrogant Establishment which is now being exposed for the first time publicly for what it is, Evil beyond imagination.

The Establishment is now making very big, careless mistakes due to their excessive hubris and long history of getting away with anything they wanted including massive asset stripping of Americans and murder of hundreds of dissidents and whistle-blowers as well as their ability to secretly engineer foreign wars which are illegal, unConstitutional, undeclared, unprovoked, unwinnable and perpetual and designed to create massive war profits for Banksters and their associated “no bid” defense contractors. Lately they have gotten very careless and have been trying to implement far too many shockingly evil parts of their Agenda too fast for even the mind-kontrolled, dumbed-down American masses to accept.

The Establishment has this last few years been violating the normal expectations of most Americans in so many ways that most Americans are starting to wake up to the Establishment’s Evil Agenda which is to take over the whole World and set up a Luciferian one-world Globalist NWO Regime that is radically depopulated by at least 90%.

The more the Establishment makes “go for broke” moves to complete their secret Evil Agenda and the more they violate the norms and values of mainstream America, the more certain sectors and groups of America resist such tyranny and become increasingly politically active fighting it. Lately every major new radical action by the Establishment to enact a key part of its secret Evil Agenda is producing major blowback (unintended consequences) in the sectors or groups of society most affected.

Not only is this reaction by the masses not going to stop, there is every indication that it will continue and increase in intensity and duration. And this face-off will continue until eventually some kind of total all-out confrontation between the RKM’s anti-terror army DHS and its Blackwater-style mercenaries erupts with masive fighting in the Streets of America and a full-scale, new Revolutionary War erupts at every level. Basically the Establishment today is the exact same entity that the British overlords were in the Colonies which the Colonist fought against in the American revolutionary War and beat.

Once the Establishment orders its DHS/RKM soulless, mindless goons to start going door to door like in new Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and disarming the public, followed by serial and mass-murders of American families, the American masses will perceive themselves immediately drawn into a “Kill or Be Killed” situation and their gloves will come off, completely off. Once the sleeping American Masses are thus awakened the Establishment and its goons will end up having Hell to pay and will be eradicated, every last one no matter what the Civilian losses. Millions of Mr. “nice-guy” vets will become instantly transformed into a creative, no holds barred killing machines deployed directly against the establishment and all Top Policy-makers that can be identified. As usual the extreme Hubris and too many years of secret power have warped the judgment of the Establishments’ Top policy-makers and they have no adequate perception of the Hell they are bringing o themselves from the present course they have set upon.

And because of the Internet and its social media, knowledge of these evil actions by the Establishment is now spreading like wildfire from the sectors or groups impacted and is now directly diffusing to and among the general masses. This diffusion outside the folks directly affected occurs via word of mouth, the Internet and social media despite the efforts of the Controlled Major Mass Media and politicians to lie, present false narratives and cover up these Establishment “sins”.

It is now becoming more than obvious that the Establishment’s greatest threat has become themselves. Yes, that is correct, they have transformed themselves into their own greatest threat because of the law of unintended consequences and their ignorance about the American unconscious group mind and Psi-power.

Thanks to their own hubris and ignorance about how the American group mind and Psi-power really function, the Evil Establishment is now well on their way to sealing their own fate and self-destructing in almost every way imaginable. And if We The people don’t wake up from our Mind-kontrolled CMMM induced slumber and stop them they will likely take us to destruction with themselves.

Of course some researchers who study the Establishment’s covert crimes have been wondering lately why are the Establishment’s Top policy-makers in such a big rush to fully implement their Evil Agenda when this is now creating so many unintended consequences (BLOWBACK)? This seems  unnecessary and is certainly risky for their futures. Besides the establishment has been making regular process in slow successive steps and it seems that they really have no need to rapidly increase the rate of their Evil Agenda roll-out. Or do they?

Could it be that some force or entity above them is placing demands on them that they must complete the roll-out of their Evil Agenda before a certain deadline? It’s like the age old question, “where’s the fire”, why the extreme urgency? Have the Top policy-makers of the Establishment been threatened by some higher entity? Or could it be that they believe that the American masses and the World is catching on to their games because of the alternative media of the Internet and they only have a short time before their Evil Agenda will be completely exposed and defeated?

It seems like lately that the Establishment’s age old plan is becoming exposed and blocked at every turn in the road and much of the World is now ganging up on the Evil Empire that is behind the Establishment and it’s incredible, unimaginably Evil anti-human Agenda. Is their time of predominance running out as China and Russia and many other nations negotiate direct trade agreements without the use of the US Petro Dollar?

The best guess at this time is Yes, the establish must ram through their Evil Agenda very rapidly or they will become completely blocked and exposed as they take extraordinary illegal and perhaps domestic terror activities such as martial law or evoke a Civil War between the police and DHS and the masses.

Eventually this drives these issues into the public arena and Major Mass media. Even if the major mass media which is controlled and twists stories and lies about them to attempt to keep the truth from the masses, most of the time this merely stimulates the masses to do their own research. And when they do their own Internet research, they usually end up reading and believing activist position papers and www.youtube.com videos and gain a very realistic understanding of the truth.

Yes, finally the American masses are beginning to understand the “King” doesn’t wear new clothes every day but is actually naked, and also is Evil beyond imagination, working hard to fulfill the Establishment’s incredibly Evil Agenda for destruction of American along their path for World domination.

Since 1913 the *Establishment has been able to arrogantly advance their Evil Agenda in secret because they took control of the Major Mass Media and were able to buy, bribe, human compromise and control most politicians, Federal Judges and eventually stack the the Supreme Court.

Most Americans have always expected the establishment in DC to be an extension of their parents and thus to represent them as a benevolent parent figure, looking out for We The People’s best interests and the best interests of America the Constitutional Republic. Instead they are wolves in sheep’s clothing and an incredibly traitorous, treasonous and seditious Enemy Within.

342x256_wold-and-lamb-320x239The American elected leaders in DC and in most states have seriously betrayed their Oaths of Office, consorted with foreign enemies (RKM, Dual Citizens, and Israeli Intel) which are now know for their part in the attack on America on 9-11-01, and have become criminal RICO tools of the Establishment, which has become the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate and is closely associated with a Worldwide secret Luciferian Cult and the highest but hidden level of Freemasonry.

The Establishment’s recent extreme Hubris and complete refusal to allow any serious truth to be broadcast in the Major Mass Media comprised of six major News Corporations forming an illegal monopoly and News Cartel, has now raised the awareness of the public. Why? Because they can now see what the Establishment is actually doing which for the first time reveals it’s secret Evil Agenda. The Establishment has used and maintained extreme secrecy and refusal to admit any of its Evil Agenda because it believed that the masses would rise up against them and crush them, thereby stopping them cold.

Yes, for the first time ever the American Masses and most of the World are now becoming aware that the Establishment has an Evil anti-human Agenda.

This Evil Agenda is to Deploy their Talmudic Babylonian Monetary and Production System and their insidious acts of absolute terror as an essential element in their war Worldwide war provocation system. The secret roll-out of their Babylonian “Money from nothing” Black-Magick money system is now being inflicted on the whole World as it has in America since 1913, in order to create massive Worldwide debt slavery and subsequent easy access for Establishment associated corporations to gain access to other nations valuable natural resources and wealth. The Establishment uses False-flag Terror attacks to provoke and justify illegal, unConstitutional, undeclared, unprovoked, unwinnable, perpetual foreign wars for huge profits for the Banksters and their associated “no bid” large International Defense Contractors. And some VT readers already know that ISIS/ISIL/Daish and Al Quada (aka “Al CIA Duh”) were all started by Israel, the UK, America and the Saudis and are comprised of abandoned orphans raised and mind-kontrolled in Saudi training camps and also comprised of hired Blackwater-type mercenaries and Israeli special ops.

Of course it is now obvious that General “Betrayus” and others left large weapons stockpiles behind in Iraq to be easily confiscated by ISIS/ISIL/Daish and used against Iraqis security forces, the Kurds and Syrian Army soldiers. Some political and military experts have accused Senator John McCain who is credited with pushing hard to keep the missing left behind POWS/MIAS from being recovered, and retired Generals McInerney and Vallely of being involved in the arming and deployment of ISIS/ISIL/Daish.

Look, it is very hard work to engineer and stage foreign wars in order to wound and human sacrifice many thousands of American soldiers, and for human sacrificing millions of innocent civilians. It takes years of deploying covert terror teams, assassins and a lot of mind-kontrol of the masses through the CMMM News Cartel/Monopoly to be able to pull off these massive crimes against humanity.

Serious false-flags and massive CMMM lies and false-narratives must be deployed to trigger the war cry and  motivate the American masses to support a war for revenge. Once the wars are started, it’s relatively easy to motivate the masses to stay the course. All you have to do is keep waving the flag and instructing folks to support the troops. It is very important to keep the reporters away from the thousands of caskets containing dead American soldiers and the thousands transported to field hospitals and hospitals with terrible wounds.

But now due to the Worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, knowledge of that Evil Agenda is diffusing to the masses and even increasing as push-back is now occurring against each main thrust of their notably inhuman, incredibly savage Evil Agenda. As this resistance occurs and spreads, more and more is being revealed about just exactly what the Establishment’s Evil Agenda is comprised of and just how anti-society and anti-human it is.

Yes, it is becoming easier and easier lately to identify what the actual Establishment’s secret Agenda for America and the World actually is, even though the Establishment has worked hard for many years to conceal it.

And one of the main tools they have used to conceal this secret Evil Agenda is their near complete control of the Major Mass Media.

And we know now for certain that the leaders of Russia, China and many other nations are quickly catching on to what the Establishment is comprised of and what its incredible, unimaginably Evil Agenda for World Domination, World Asset stripping, and massive World destruction and depopulation really is.

Why has the Establishment’s secret, hidden incredibly Evil Agenda become so easy to identify since America was attacked on 9-11-01?

Because the fingerprints of what has been highly secretive covert operations against We The People to keep them mind-kontrolled and asset-stripped which have been traditionally hidden from the American Public are now being revealed in spades by the Worldwide Internet.

And the catalyst for this has become the spontaneously emergent populism that is producing push-back by the masses against the Establishment’s Agenda, item by item.

This incredibly evil, anti-human sociopathic, criminally insane Establishment Agenda which has been traditionally hidden from the American masses by a completely corrupted and totally Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM). And as we now know for certain, the CMMM is actually owned by six establishment approved RKMers, and this is now being revealed for the first time and beginning to diffuse rapidly among the masses.

Yes, we now know for certain that knowledge of the disturbing facts about the Establishment’s Evil Agenda are now also spreading around the World and are also being diffused throughout the American Masses like an out of control wildfire.

And it is important to realize that this newly emergent inside information about the specifics of this evil Establishment Agenda which is now becoming public for the first time ever is essentially due to blowback by the public against the Establishments current energetic efforts to impose their evil Agenda in various specific ares which are completely unacceptable and alien to most Americans.

Thanks to the Worldwide Internet, the actual facts about the specific points of this evil Establishment agenda have been available to many Internet users who frequent the Alternative News websites and then share this information by email and word of mouth to their friends, family and associates.

The Establishment’s Top policy-makers who have enacted this evil Establishment Agenda for the *RKM use various large international corporations to direct this secret Establishment policy. And they keep this secret Establishment Agenda covered up by controlling the six Major Mass Media (MMM) Kingpins that form their existing American News Cartel. These six Major Mass Media (MMM) Kingpins have been rumored to be under the master control of a single very large International Investment Group with major ties to the RKM Banksters, the large international defense contractors and the large International Oil Companies.

Certainly it no longer takes an insider to understand that it is the super-elites’ Establishment that controls the American Congress, the Judiciary and most of the Administration and this control grid is comprised of three major sectors of control over most of the average American’s life: control over We The People can know; control over how they earn a living and accrue massive wealth; control what taxes they have to pay; establish what regulations they have to live under, and engineer which wars their children are either drafted into or conned into fighting.

The folks who actually set the top policies in the American Government actually refer to themselves as the “Establishment” because as a group they have attained the raw power necessary to “establish” whatever controls over society that they feel are necessary to insure that society, government and politics (“Puppet-Masters”) travels in the desired direction they want according to their secret hidden Evil Agenda. This control include scientifically based advanced Mind-kontrol which includes microwave and scalar psychotronics and Psi-tronics which is top secret beyond black psi-power inter-dimensional technology to induce “hiving behavior” in the American masses to stifle dissent and make them compliant. More on this in a later article.

Despite their near complete control over what Americans can know and believe by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), the Worldwide Internet which has quickly become the New Gutenberg Press is now cracking this News Monopoly, and laying waste to this American News Cartel which is essentially an RKM Mind-kontrol venture top to bottom.

So despite over 50 years of a completely Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) by television and radio broadcast “programming”, this master control over the minds of the American masses is now breaking down. And this can largely be credited to the mass usage of the Internet all over the World. And we now know for certain that the CMMM has immersed the American masses with a constant barrage of false-narratives and Big Lies supporting the Establishment’s anti-American Agenda. And it is now obvious that the CMMM is an illegal News Monopoly, a virtual News Cartel in its functioning and because it has been discovered that a single entity controls its content by prescribing required talking points which cannot be deviated from without serious sanctions.

It should be noted that the term “programming” is a nice word for the Bernays-style covert, scientific Mind-kontrol that has been designed to break the We The people’s independent will and to clone them socially while simultaneously dumbing them down and instilling a notably false view of history that supports the covert Agenda and actions of the Establishment which are really in and of themselves seriously evil crimes against Americans and humanity too.

When the Gutenberg Press appeared it engendered a major social change that spread throughout the World. The Catholic church eventually became a victim of truth diffusion. At the time the Catholic services were in Latin and few Catholics had Bibles which were hand-written by scribes, a tedious lengthy and expensive enterprise. The Gutenberg Press allowed mass printing of the Bible in English and eventually forced the Catholic Church in the mid 1960’s to change most all of their masses in America to English. This change which resulted from Vatican II over time has eroded the Vatican’s Clerical control over the Catholics, many of whom have become quite well versed in the Bible and no longer believe in many Church Traditions that are counter to Scripture. Yes, it took a long time for this change to occur where Catholic populism overpowered Clerical control, but nonetheless it could not be stopped.

A similar process in now occurring between the Establishment’s secret roll-out of their sinister hidden agenda that was never meant to be understood or discussed by the American people openly. Certainly the Establishment’s CMMM would never allow any discovery or open discussion of their prescribed establishment agenda. But thanks to the Worldwide Internet (the New Gutenberg Press) this new and powerful means of instant communication has deeply eroded the Establishment’s efforts to keep their Evil NWO Globalist Agenda secret. This dispersion and diffusion of truth to the masses is now going so far it cannot be stopped no matter what.

All of the Establishment’s secrets are now being revealed step by step and this is deeply eroding the Establishment’s power because without secrecy their Evil Agenda will be fully exposed and the blowback will stop it at every level. Later in this article we will discuss what remedies and responses are left for the Establishment and why these may not work ever if the Establishment tries to roll them out.

Doubt this true then consider all the deep Establishment secrets that have already been exposed on the Worldwide Internet and have spread at the speed of light almost everywhere. Of course the top Establishment Policy-makers have claimed to each other that their system of control is empowered by Lucifer and they are anointed by him. If true then there is always the possibility that Lucifer is now rolling out his plan to expose them to the World and render them disposable, in order to bring in a whole new team of World Controllers.

Yes, all secrecy is ending thanks to the Worldwide Internet and the fact that many old Intel insiders are aware that the RKM is nothing but a very large evil Worldwide organized crime syndicate and are now refusing to keep quiet any more on what they now know. Many are paying the price now for making major leaks and disclosures by being on the receiving end of various types of sophisticated Psyops, gang-stalking, psychotronic attacks and harassment in every area of their life, some falsely-imprisoned and others even worse for refusing to allow the Big Lies and the false narratives of the RKM and its Cutouts to continue.

enemy-of-the-state1Take the major case of Mark Novitsky, one of the very first federal Whistle-blowers who has been placed on a secret federal No-work list and cannot even get a job at a fast food restaurant or anywhere else because DHS agents follow him around and tell the Employers he is a suspected Domestic terrorist who is under investigation and he may be dangerous to have working there.

Novitsky says that he is in possession of prima facie congressional/government records which indicate what he is claiming is truthful and accurate, and that the government law enforcement and regulators are actually working in concert with Congress shielding and protecting Tele Tech Holdings/Tele Tech Government Solutions from any investigation for what he claims are significant violations of US Law and the public’s lawful privacy. 

This harassment of Mark Novitsky as a Federal Whistle-blower and his placement on a secret DHS “No Work list” is criminal but Mark has no means available at this time to stop this. Why? Because the courts roll over any time the false cloak of “national security” is invoked which it has been to use to enable the long term and serious and RICO criminal harassment of Mark Novitsky. Novitsky’s whistle-blowing is just as serious as Edward Snowden, but few pay attention and sixty minutes and all the top reporters he went to were afraid to touch his story of incredible spying and abuse of American consumers.

Unquestionably Mark Novitsky is a stand up man in every way, a man who keeps his word, has the highest character and integrity and cannot be bought off, bribed, or coerced to do anything wrong. Certainly he is a great American Hero in every way and pays the price every day for his commitment to get the truth about his former employer’s secret national security crimes against America and We The People.

If any person who has been hired into a strategic role by the Establishment and refuses to go along with their secret crimes, well then, he or she is declared an enemy of the state and the full national security mechanisms and tyranny are brought against them like with Mark Novitsky. Sadly Mark Novitsky went to his Minnesota Congressmen Ellison and Senators Frankin who have ignored him completely and done nothing to make sure those harassing him were exposed or stopped although they both claim to be standing up for the privacy rights of Minnesotans.

Novitsky refused to go along and gave up a huge salary for his integrity and honesty. He refused to be corrupted and refused to respond to threats of harassment, stalking and death threats. To this day he is daily harassed by DHS and the FBI, the CIA and the Mossad too, and this is disgusting. Anyone interested in learning the big untold story that is behind Mark Novitsky can learn the specifics by doing some detailed web searches. I recommend proxied search bars such as www.startpage.com .

Insiders have told associates that the Establishment is very, very concerned about the Internet exposing their dirty laundry, engineered wars, false-flag attack, manufactured synthetic terror to justify evil, illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual wars for Establishment profits at the expense of the taxpayer and other innocent victims of these staged wars and terror attacks.

What the Establishment has done to neutralize the Internet has failed miserably and will continue to fail. It has set up and paid for hundreds of websites staffed by hundreds of sock-puppets, shills and stooges. They quickly realized that no one was visiting these websites nor accepting any ideas, so they decided to use the “limited hangout” strategy to con the visitors to use their websites and attribute enough validity in order to be able to deliver an occasional “bad payload” over matters important to their secret Agenda.

This limited hangout with an occasional bad payload strategy is now failing because many web users have become far too sophisticated and have enough fact background to discern the truth nuggets from the bad payloads, taking only the truth nuggets from any website they find them and later connecting these truth nuggets in their heads to form their own opinions which are often quite valid and are divergent from the CMMM or these stooge, limited hangout websites actual agendas.

This limited hangout involves releasing stories that are often all true except for minor points, which can later be combined to deliver a bad payload on vital matters in order to mislead their website visitors. This is why so many RKM intercept websites have tried to mislead Americans that Iran is desperately trying to develop nuclear weapons when nothing could be further from the truth.

Not only is this provably false because of numerous IAEA inspections, but instead the World should be upset at Israel for having over 200 known nuclear devices which have been picked up by gamma ray detectors mounted in space satellites. These RKM intercept websites have been helping to lay the building blocks which will support the blatantly false-narratives and big lies carried by the CMMM that Israel is a major terror state and has been working hard to develop nukes so they turn Israel to glass and dust.

Actually the truth is just the opposite. As usual the RKM’s CMMM and Israeli Likudist leaders have been lying through their teeth about Israel and “projecting” again. Projection is accusing your enemy of what you have been secretly doing or plan to do. Israel DID NOT sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Agreement and it is therefore illegal for the USA to give Israel one red cent or any weapons systems, fighter aircraft, arms or even to sell them any military equipment or arms.

The root cause of this is AIPAC and the top RKM “world Zionists and all their massive bribing and blackmailing of the US Congress. As former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney publicly disclosed, when a person is newly elected to Congress they are approached by AIPAC and asked to sign their “Loyalty Agreement” to Israel. Should they refuse they will find they lose most of their support in any future election, things go badly for them, they may suffer redistricting to ruin their voter base (done with Rep. McKinney) and will have an opponent in their next election lavishly supported by AIPAC or some major extremely wealthy RKM media or gambling kingpin.

Representative McKinney refused to sign this AIPAC Agreement because she thought it was clearly wrong and was then voted out of office by RKM and AIPAC power. Apparently the only Congressman now in Congress that refused to sign this AIPAC Loyalty Oath to Israel was Representative Walter Jones.

Obviously any member of Congress who has signed this AIPAC Loyalty Oath to Israel has committed Treason since we now know for certain that the attack on America on 9-11-01 was done by Israeli-American Dual Citizens, the Mossad and Traitors in the JCS and USAF, NORAD and the FAA. Treason is the aiding of any nation who is a known, proved enemy that has attacked us or is in a state of war with us.

Here are the actual Establishment Agenda’s main goals and how the public’s recognition and blowback is now thwarting the Establishment’s attainment of such goals:

Secret Establishment Goal #1: Dirty up the American Cities to create massive seemingly un-resolvable social chaos, while extracting welfare funding in order to finance off-the-books money for covert black operations and to pad the pockets of the RKM Banksters and the Establishment’s RKM Kingpins. Retired DEA Agents have remarked numerous times that most major Wall Street banks would fold within mere days, not weeks if all drug money laundering operations from this RKM/Intel Agency drug trafficking in America ceased.

The Establishment loves to use drugs to dehumanize and criminalize minorities and those who learn to like and crave a drug high which is a temporary escape from reality. Because the Establishment is associated with Occult Luciferian secret societies, they enjoy creating Hell on Earth” in American inner urban areas and have been able to transform  many American inner cities into complete war zones and urban jungles. In Washington DC there is one are about six blocks from the White House where the mugging rate is 300%. That means if you go out after dark unarmed you are likely to be mugged three times within one block.

It is a known fact that the RKM using various Intel agencies started all the drug Cartels in Mexico, Central and South America. The RKM has craftily pitted them against each other to keep them from becoming too powerful while being actual partners with such operations.

This Agenda Goal is now failing as many are catching on that most drug trafficking is allowed or supported and actual Cartel like the Zetas were trained at Military bases in America and provided automatic high powered weapons by the CIA and the BATF. And numerous states have legalized Marijuana, some for consumption like alcohol and some for medicinal prescriptions only.

But soon Marijuana will be legal in every state and the Congress will be forced to rescind laws making it illegal at the Federal level. This will be followed by making other drugs like opiates medical prescriptions for those judged to be addicted. Addiction will be defined like alcoholism, a medical disease and taxation on the drugs will finance advanced treatment for addictions instead of jail in most cases, unless violent crimes have been committed.

This legalization of drugs is a populist uprising and is driving a stake through the heart of the CIA, the Mossad, the DEA and the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC). It has been known for years that one of the main vehicles for drug trafficking into America has been through “legal” DEA “controlled deliveries” set up to catch the “Mr. Big Drug Kingpin pushers” but never do and these shipments continue to repeatedly end up on the streets of America. It is now known for certain that the US Army protects the opium crop in Afghanistan, splits the profits and ships the refined product into America on Global hawk remote operated aircraft.

Secret Establishment Goal #2: Use advanced human compromise, mind-kontrol and blackmail techniques to select, dirty up, compromise and use Doofuses who either have no souls or are willing to give them up for money, power and status. Propel these doofuses who become owned and totally controlled by the Establishment into the highest visible positions of USG, the judiciary and large corporate power. Candidates selected to be propelled into these highest, most prominent and powerful positions must have the capability to become completely two-faced. If they fail to develop this capability, they will be exposed and ruined or worse as a strong message and motivated to those they own that they better not stray outside their allowed parameters. Note that this is why so many of our elected officials in America are such weirdo, strange looking, strange acting deviants.

The Top Policy-makers of the Establishment find it great entertainment for to select, groom and initiate and propel these these doofuses into the highest positions of the US and individual state governments where they can pull their strings like “puppets”. In order to be selected as a Doofus to be propelled into the highest government positions, one must either have no soul or be willing to easily give them up for some of the seven deadly sins and must successfully be willing to complete the assigned “initiation rites” which start out with small criminal infractions and often lead to pedophilia, murder of children and for the highest appointed doofuses to occult child sacrifice rituals.

Very sophisticated “Honey Traps” with all kinds of kinky and even criminal pedophile sex are used. In the later stages of initiation and control, these Doofuses become totally owned and come to enjoy engaging in pedophile orgies, and torture, hunting and human sacrifices of young infants, children and adolescents. In America the CIA under the control of Bush1 was caught (Franklin Cover-up, Barney Frank / Craig Spence Pageboy and Whitehouse child prostitution “tours”) but no perps were prosecuted adequately for these capital offenses. Craig Spence, Barney Frank’s roommate was “Arkencided” to keep him from “singing” but Barney Frank skated free and remained a member of the US House of Representatives.

Denny Hastert, former Speaker of the US House of Representatives has lately been exposed for his pedophilic abuse of his team members while a High School Coach many years ago. This is a strong indicator that all secrecy is ending and every sin of the Establishment as well as their human compromise techniques are all going to be released publicly, all of them, every single one eventually. Of course many now know about the all expense paid junkets for Members of Congress to Israel where they stay in Five Star Hotels, are wined and dined and incredibly effective mind-kontrolled as they drink the specially doctored up Koolaid given them by trained Intel ops masquerading as waiters.

When Hastert was discovered pedophiling his adolescent team members as a High School Coach, instead of prosecuting him, he was “inducted” onto a path leading him to the highest levels of the visible USG so that he could be completely controlled to do what the Establishment wanted. He never thought he would be exposed, but he was and this is going to happen to all of these human compromised doofuses in Congress sooner or later.

2-303x320Secret Establishment Goal #3: Stage False-flag attacks and blame your intended foreign enemy, the Enemy you want to invade in order to make massive war profits and gain more societal power. The American Masses are finally getting the news that the attack on America on 9-11-01 was a staged false-flag attack and was done by Israeli-American “Israeli-First” Dual Citizen Traitors, PNAC-ers, top NeoCons, the Mossad, and Traitors in the JCS and USAF, NORAD and the FAA and the Administration.

Thus many are now realizing that the second war with Iraq and the war with Afghanistan were based on complete Big Government Lies and False-narratives broadcast repeatedly by the CMMM (see Page Four of the Rock Creek Free Press article, Peeling the 911 Onion: Plots within Plots, dated September, 2011).

Thus more and more Americans have been learning that these wars are engineered and staged simply to make massive war profits for the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) which includes the RKM Banksters, the large International and “no bid” defense contractors and all the Congresspersons who receive massive, secret kickbacks disguised as RKM perks, huge honorariums for stupid speeches and large secret offshore “set-aside allocations” in specially coded Caribbean Bank accounts.

Secret Establishment Goal #4: Institute massive Free-Trade Agreements in order to export all American Industry and manufacturing in order to generate massive Corporate profits through indecently low wages in the nations where the factories and jobs have been exported, while selling the manufactured item at near full price in side America. Thus Free Trade is not only huge RICO crime, it is unConstitutional and clearly Sedition, that is, working to destroy America, a Constitutional Republic, by destroying its employment base by exporting industry and manufacturing to other nations.

We now know for certain why the Establishment has been so hell-bent on establishing Free Trade treaties and exporting most good American jobs. The first goal of this is to provide vastly increased profits for their “member corporations” which can greatly reduce their labor costs and sell their products inside America and other nations at near regular prices. We also know for certain that Free Trade is needed by the Establishment to destroy American Sovereignty in order to implement their pure Luciferian one-World Globalist NWO system, which these “bloodline families” have been after for generations.

Lately the American Masses are becoming informed of this Evil Establishment Agenda Goal of Free Trade at the expense of American jobs and incomes that can provide a living wage and many are now beginning to rise up against Free-Trade because they want their jobs back. the fact that Donald Trump is stating the facts about free trade for the first time publicly and receiving massive support by the American public show evidence of massive public blowback against the Establishment for this twisted, sick incredibly evil goal it has covertly imposed on eh American People using their CMMM to trick us while they have rolled it out with NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, and the WTO, each of which has secret clauses hidden under national Security which if they were released publicly would result in an new American Revolution.

We now know for certain that NAFTA and all other Free Trade Agreements have at least one secret clause (some have multiple ones). NAFTA has one that we know of which has specified that although Canada, America and Mexico were to be merged into one nation eventually, it had to be done in small Fabian style steps in order to avoid provoking too much public resistance. The first step was to loosen the border and provide sanctuary cities for illegals from Mexico, Central and South America while supplying full medical and welfare and educational benefits. Drivers licenses were to be given in certain key states and eventually amnesty and voting rights was to be given. And voting rights are to be granted next.

And the strong efforts by the Establishment to get the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) and its sisters, TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), TISA (Trade in Services Agreement) and TAFTA (Trans Atlantic Free Trade Agreement) passed have become stalled because of new massive populist resistance here in America and in the other nations involved. This major resistant to these evil, twisted sick treaties can be credited to the spontaneously emerging populism of the Worldwide Internet.

If these monster illegal, unConstitutional and Seditious Free Trade agreements are instituted, each of which violates the US Constitution and Rule of Law and technically constitute RICO, such would  then allow a committee of offshore large International Corporate attorneys to make policy which would override any US laws and would quickly end any US sovereignty. This Board of International Corporate Attorneys would make final decisions an any trade matter and even have the power to sue any member nation including the USA using the various clauses of the actual Agreements as final law even over and above the US Constitution. This is criminal through and through and is little more than extreme Establishment cronyism to asset strip the American Masses even more than now.

We now know for certain that the driving goal behind the Establishments obsessions with passing all these so-call Free-Trade Agreements (“Treaties”) is to establish a one-world economic parity between all nations. This means reducing the standard of living of American and Europe down to that of the Third World nations. And of course the establishment will remain exceedingly wealthy beyond imagination at the same time. This parity reduction of assets, wealth and lifestyle for America and Europe attains two major objectives.

The first objective that would be attained is that by reducing the standard of living of Americans and Europeans and eliminating the middle classes there, the masses become less and likely to ever be able to successfully stage a revolt in order take their sovereignty back from the Establishment. Second this allows the Establishment to easily continue and complete their total eugenics depopulation plan (90% +) accompanied afterwards by a complete shift to trans-humanism in which they want to then eliminate the human race and replace it with a pure Artificial Intelligence (AI) operated, “hived”, human/machine hybrid (aka the melding of dirt and iron which will ultimately fail).

Secret Establishment Goal #5: Asset strip the American People of all their hard earned wages and any accrued wealth but do it slowly and progressively (Fabian Style). This has been done by the Establishment’s infiltration of America in 1913 and their hijacking the American monetary production and distribution system by private foreign funded bankers from the City of London private Financial District which is about one square mile and has its own ambassadors like the Vatican. Then proceed to eventually dump Gold and Silver to back American legal tender and transform their monetary system into a pure Fiat Counterfeit system with no public oversight or control over how much is issued, printed or distributed to whom and where, printing phony Fiat Counterfeit script and charging the dumbed-down Americans interest on using what should have been their own money in the first place.

Thanks to the Internet and the very hard work over many years of such great American heroes such as G. Edward Griffin author of the groundbreaking book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, and another great American Hero Eustace Mullins, now deceased and followed by treasury agents and the FBI for many years. Mullins was the author of the book, “Secrets of the Federal Reserve”. Because of the outstanding research and disclosures of these two Heroes, the American People are finally becoming informed about this World’s greatest financial Scam ever deployed and clear cut criminal fraud and now RICO crime. When extreme fraud is involved, discovery eliminates any normal statute of limitations so these crimes can be fully prosecuted all the way back to their clear acts of Treason in 1913 against the American People and all lawless assets clawed back and the whole phony national debt completely cancelled. Imagine all the damages each American family is going to be owed for log term damages.

If the Federal Reserve System (which is actually neither a bank and no more federal than Federal Express corporate shippers) was eliminated and all interest removed for using our own money was stopped, prices at the grocery store and everywhere else in America would be immediately lowered about 38-40%. This is the actual cost of this massive Federal Reserve System financial fraud and trickery of We The People.

And of course many are beginning to learn about Lee Wanta, President Reagan’s personal Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine (92 U.S. 105, 107 ) . Lee Wanta is referred to by insiders as the 27 Trillion Dollar man. He served as President Reagan’s personal envoy to the Soviet Leaders and after bringing the Soviet Union to near complete financial collapse, also offered and negotiated a win/win solution and a peaceful solution and end to the continuing Cold War. Wanta’s story is complicated but he was the key person that brought down the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain. Working in secret behind the scenes out of the public eye and the CMMM, Wanta proceeded to use his money speculation skills to acquire a personal fortune of 27.5 Trillion USDollars.

Lee Wanta promised President Reagan that he would use this vast fortune to take the USA from debtor nation status to international creditor by re-industrializing America and bringing all the good jobs back and engineering the creation of a new USA Bank owned by We The People instead of the Federal Reserve System. This new USA Bank would not charge any interest to Americans for using their own money and this would likely lower all prices by 38-40% because we would not be paying onerous usury on the use of what should have been our own Constitutional money in the first place. Part of his plan is to build an ultra high tech high speed Maglev Railroad spanning the United States which would provide 2 million good job opportunities and would start a huge major industry inside America.

The Trillions are still Wanta’s but he has been blocked from accessing them by Bush1 and the CIA (Bush Crime Cabal BCC). Bush1 and the BCC had Wanta illegally jailed in Switzerland with no warrant, and then brought to America where he was illegally prosecuted and jailed for a Wisconsin State Tax bill he paid twice with receipts while working as an agent. During his illegal imprisonment over the Wisconsin Tax bill he already paid twice (we have copies of the receipts and cancelled checks) an attempt was made to murder Wanta but he successfully defended himself and survived. Anyone who wants to read Wanta’s full story can buy his book at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and Apple. Lee Wanta also has a very informative website.

For many years millions have been spent by the BCC on the behalf of the RKM attempting to discredit Lee Wanta and neutralize his story. It has been a long hard process for Lee Wanta to counter this because so many of his supporting documents have been classified under national security and deeply buried. Within the last few years numerous documents have now been recovered thanks to the fact that most Intel docs are kept in duplicate or triplicate files and various high ranking Intel officials and retired Generals who have helped break these docs loose.

Lee Wanta is a great American Hero that takes his commitment made to President Reagan seriously to use his vast fortune made in taking down the Soviet Union to re-industrialize America and transform America into a creditor Sovereign Nation with plenty of good job opportunities for any able bodied person that wants to work and earn a living wage.

Wanta’s book is now being made into a major movie that is now in production and will be released early next year. At that time his story will be spread wide and far throughout America and the World. Wanta’s fortune is still intact and has grown since he has been blocked access to it. As the RKM private Bnkster System crumbles, it is a good bet that Le Wanta will gain access to it and will use it to build the high speed Maglev railroad and to transform America from a debtor nation to a creditor Sovereign Nation.

Secret Establishment Goal #6: Transform the Federal Government into a Corporation and essentially a private nation centered in DC, franchise and “license” all American Lawyers under the British Bar and institute UCC law. This places all Americans under Maritime law and thus we often see the gold-fringed flag displayed in every courthouse and in every USG agency. we know that the Establishment has set up their UCC maritime law system to overrides the normal Tenth Amendment which was supposed to guaranteed that States’ Rights were to be predominant over most US Federal Laws.

As the American People are becoming informed of this secret scam which began in 1871 to create DC as a private Corporation and use it to run the individual states which would later be formed into virtual corporate entities too. This transformation to a fully corporatized but secret establishment owned and run America was set in full place after 1913 to with the advent of the RKM’s private Federal Reserve System. When the USA was declared bankrupt in 1933 by secret edicts after an Establishment depression was enacted by the RKM Banksters severe restrictions on credit and money, every person, all the land and assets of America were secretly taken possession of by the Federal Reserve System Banksters as collateral on their massive loans to the USG for its out of control budget.

May states are now finally beginning to organize and push their state governments to assert full tenth amendment rights. Doubt that your State has become “Corporatized” like the USG? Then seek to find out why your name is in caps on legal documents only and is different than the way you normally spell it. Capitals are used by Corporate government legal entities to display your corporate assigned name, not your real “natural” name.

Secret Establishment Goal #7: Militarize the American police by using Israeli anti-terror specialists to train them to view Americans as “domestic terrorists” and to be so spooked shoot first at any infraction and “charge all perps up to the max with as many infractions as can be imagined or conjured up. The RKM stooges in power (Dual Citizens of course) hired former Stasi head Marcus Wolfe to set up a private RKM secret police force as the DHS that is based on the East German Stasi.

There additional goal is to transform the American Military into an internal army set up to wage war against Americans who try to get too active politically and take their nation back from the RKM gangsters.We know that the ADL has instituted massive training programs for the American Police and US Military, mind-kontrolling them to view all Americans who dissent or own guns as Domestic terrorists that should be shot dead at any indication of non-compliance.

This fear of being shot down at any call has been stoked by trainers to the point that Police Departments and the FBI and BATF are buying special targets with pregnant women and children to use for target practice. Plus we now have rock solid scientific evidence that the shoulder held, constant on pulsed beam police radios can entrain violent psychomotor seizures (Parietal or temporal) in susceptible police officers.

Such psychomotor seizures can cause the officer to go into a violent blackout rage and react with lethal force to any perceived minor non-compliance. This ADL domestic terror approach has and the War on terror has spooked police to expect to be shot on any call by anyone even old folks, pregnant women and children. This is pre-emptive programming for violence and law breaking by police but the War on terror environment results in the thin blue line almost always being defended no matter what.

The result of all this is that the American Police and Swat Teams have become little more than organized crime groups of terrorists and tools of the Establishment in their phony war on Terror that was created as a Big Government Lie and one of the biggest Psyops on the American people ever.

This secret Establishment Goal to militarize the Police as crack paramilitary anti-terror troops is now beginning to be understood by the American Public. Massive blowback is now occurring within certain segments of the armed American Public and now even within some in the police, the Military and DHS who finally realize this is all been induced by the Israelis who serve as the main action agent for the RKM and actually hate them and want them sacrificed in an all out new American Civil War.

If this war occurs it won’t be a civil war, it will actually be a replay of the Revolutionary War against the same folks as before, the Babylonian Tamudists (the RKM Sabbatean, Frankist Kabbalist Banksters) of the City of London Financial District. The result has been an abuse of the existing laws many of which are not only unConstitutional but morally wrong and passed because of bribery in the first place. The major public blowback against all this is the American people arming themselves with automatic high powered weapons for self-defense even from out of control police of govt goons.

Well informed insiders believe that 80% of USAF personnel WOULD BE willing to fire on Americans if ordered to; 80% of US Army troops WOULD REFUSE to do so if ordered to, and WOULD NOT be willing to go door to attack American gun owners in order to disarm them; 90% of special forces WOULD NOT be willing to do so; most FBI HRT snipers WOULD BE WILLING to shoot innocent Americans and attack American gun owners if ordered too.

Let us not forget that FBI HRT sniper Horiuchi did so at Ruby Ridge where he murdered Vicki Weaver who was holding her baby and unarmed and had done nothing wrong and committed no crimes at all. The FBI HRT team also did so at WACO where they murdered many innocent men, women and children in cold blood. And most Police SWAT Teams and BATF Agents would fire on innocent Americans and storm their homes if ordered to do so (they do this every day in America occasionally assaulting, harming or even murdering innocent folks at the wrong address and almost always are able to cover it up and skate without felony assault, terror or capital murder charges. Folks, this is raw tyranny and is here now inside America which used to be governed by the rule of law.

Every day more and more Jury members are learning of their their basic Constitutional right of “Jury Nullification” for any law they feel is unConstitutional or merely unjust. No matter how often judges attempt to prosecute those who stand outside courthouses and pass out one’s Constitutional right to use Jury Nullification if on a jury, more and more folks are finding out about this and silently using it. This is spreading like wildfire and cannot be stopped.

It has become obvious that the Establishment wants to provoke a shooting war between the American Police and the Black community and perhaps another one between the Police and American gun owners in general. Their deployment of SWAT teams which frequently violate numerous Constitutional rights, invade the wrong homes and attack the wrong folks by their frequent incompetence and error.

Many of these SWAT teams have become known to use the most profane language possible toward women and children, to murder every single dog and cat on the premises, terrorize and abuse women and young children and shoot anything that moves. these are Nazi and East German Stasi tactics and many American gun owners are getting to the point where they will shoot back even if they know they will be killed too. The RKM and the ADL have used their attack on America on 9-11-01 and their constant fear mongering about terrorism that they did themselves to transform America into a Nazi or East German style Police State.

The Establishment’s top Policy-makers believe they can at any time order the the police and the military to crush any American resistance effectively going house to house like they did in Bolshevik Soviet Russia, but younger members of the Establish are jot so certain and are beginning to become quite frightened on extreme revolt by the m,asses which will be directed at them personally.

As Japanese Admiral Yamamoto stated during WW2 when Hirohito suggested he invade California, the Admiral refused stating that there would be an armed American behind every blade of grass and it would consume all their war-making resources for minimal gain. He was right. Only now most of the new high tech weapons used by American deer and Elk hunters are high powered automatic weapons that are as good or better than those given to American Soldiers. And we know that many Americans who have become heavily armed have done so at least partly to be able to defend themselves against a criminal, out of control USG that they know is violating their Constitutionally guaranteed Rights on a daily basis.

Americans are now a sleeping giant that is slowly awakening. If the Establishment deploys goons like DHS and Blackwater type mercenaries or foreign troops from the UN or NATO against the American people, the will wake up in mass and resist in amazing unstoppable ways at every level. As the World’s top Trends Predictor Gerald Celente has said for many years, when folks lose everything, they can easily “lose it”, suggesting that when folks have their vested interests taken away by the Establishment, they have nothing left to lose and can easily go Kamikaze.

Secret Establishment Goal #8: Institute a massive RKM cradle to grave spying mechanism on every American and all world inhabitants too and download all data to israel to be used to build their RKM related businesses at the expense of American business. This has resulted in the Skynet Space based surveillance system using large ultra high tech quantum computers.

Thanks to our great American Hero Edward Snowden, the massive crimes of the NSA and its contractors who are at the center of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) have been exposed. This was never expected and the NSA is in a complete tizzy fit over it. Plus the public is now becoming aware that all NSA raw feeds are instantly downloaded by satellite to Israel where they are used to steal American industrial secrets and steal numerous American inventors’ intellectual property and sabotage their patent process. More and more Americans are learning about how the USG has misappropriated their taxes to spy on them and set up a police state designed to transform them into prisoners and serfs in their own land.

isSecret Establishment Goal #9: Roll-out a high tech Eugenics program to thin the American population by 90% as well as the whole World too. Do this by Chemtrail spraying in the atmosphere, toxic viruses and high powered sift-kill programs like the inclusion of Nagalase in vaccines, food and water while sending wetboys to “arkenside” the MDs that have discovered a cure for autism and most cancers, GcMAF and denying its distribution to autistic kids and Americans with cancer. Stage numerous radiation spills and toxic industrial spills which will speed up the depopulation process and help the Establishment gain even more centralized federal power.

Georgia Guidestones which publicly declare the Establishment’s Luciferian “substitute” Ten Commandments and their age old plans to radically reduce the earth’s population by 90%.

Part of this goal roll-out has involved massive Agent Orange on American Soldiers in Vietnam and use of Depleted Uranium (which had been previously banned by the US Army) on many thousands of American Soldiers in the various Mideast Wars. the plan has involved high tech and secret political manipulations and Psyops to deploy American Troops in numerous illegal, unConstitutional, undeclared, unprovoked, un-winnable, perpetual foreign wars in order to diminish the future of Americans young men (an now women too).

The Establishment’s top Policy-makers secretly want thousands of American Soldiers killed in action, seriously wounded with lost limbs as a part of their incredibly Evil Agenda based on Luciferian mass human sacrifice of Goyim, which is what the secret real purpose of all these Establishment engineered, staged wars are all about, including all foreign wars, the war on poverty, war on drugs and the war on terror.

The top Policy-makers of the establishment believe that all forms of human sacrifice, torture and painful human death provides them esoteric, secret,  massive Luciferian power that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Many now know about the Georgia Guidestones which as far as the Establishment is concerned serves as their required public notice of their intent to radically reduce the Earth’s population of humans by 90%.

As bad as all this seems, significant blowback by the American masses is now occurring over GMO food and the onerous abuse of many farmers by Monsanto, a notably evil seed company that was started by a notably evil family of RKM linked slave traders from New Orleans. The Russian federation and 32 other nations have banned GMO and kicked Monsanto out of their nations because lab experiments using mice resulted in fast growing, pre-malignant and malignant tumors. Monsanto has been accused of by well informed food experts of bribing California officials and paying many millions to lobby against a GMO food labeling law that failed to be passed when it should have been a no-brainer.

Numerous food and nutritional experts have accused Monsanto of running a planned covert eugenics operation to help radically depopulate the Earth. The now immense push-back by food buyers (the consumers) has astounded Monsanto and the Establishment. They never thought this would occur. And the same push-back is now occurring in response to laws in  some states to require vaccinations of children.

Some scientists feel they have the proof that many vaccines are highly toxic, cause autism and cancer later in life and also are designed to render recipients sterile and sick to boost the health care system’s income. The Establish is attempting to counter this push-back by the American masses by passage of more illegal, unConstitutional draconian laws to force vaccines for the huge profits they bring to Big Pharma and the eugenics and to prevent ant labeling of food as non-GMO, but these efforts are only provoking he masses to resists more and more.

Secret Establishment Goal #10: Get the guns away from the American law abiding citizens and disarm all Americans except the Police and Alphabets which have been radicalized and militarized by the ADL to view the American masses as dangerous domestic terrorists and to start shooting over any non-compliance to police orders (reason: “for the officers and the public’s safety”).

Insiders have recently claimed that a hard edict has come down from the Top Policy-makers that all power is to be shifted to the United Nations as the economic reset and pure electronic money is rolled out to set up the NWO Globalist one-world system in which No private gun ownership will be tolerated at all. Of course the main reason the establishment mandates disarmament for the masses but not for their own protectors is that they have a deep long term commitment to control society by the deployment of brute force if necessary, brute force they control as they sit at the top of the hierarchy (pyramid of power).

In order to get the guns away from the American Public, long term special CIA mind-kontrol programs such as MK-ULtra were developed and deployed using German Nazi Psyops specialists brought over to America under Operation paperclip. These Psyops were first deployed as mass shootings in the US Post Office using experimentally mind-kontrolled Vietnam Vets without their consent or knowledge.

This phenomena became labelled as “going postal” and became common vernacular for throwing an extreme temper tantrum. The next deployment of these mass-shooting Psyops was in the public schools, typically using mentally ill or unstable young men who were under treatment by psychiatrists or spy-chiatrists and often prescribed SSRI’s which have been known and are labelled to cause extreme violence or suicidal ideation in some cases. The Columbine shooting was such a Psyop, only in this one there were additional “helpers” beside the two shooters and the Swat team was told to stand down for at least 20 minutes, allowing the shooters to finish their murders, victims to bleed to death, and the third “helper” to escape. This ordered stand-down came fright from the top of the Police Command structure.

Many mass-shooting Psyops are real, some are fake such as the Sandy Hook School incident which has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt to have been a two day DHS/FEMA Capstone drill using synthetic families which were all paid off, crises actors and of course there were no dead kids, no dead teachers, no dead Lanzas, no actual Lanzas at all.

This Sandy Hoax event occurred in a school which was shut down in 2008 and used for storage only. Obviously all these mass-shootings wherever they are or whatever they are have been deployed as false-flag attacks on the Second Amendment of the US Constitution as a means to motivate the public through massive fear to support new draconian laws which will make private ownership of guns illegal. Most of these mass-shooting false-flag Psyops are deployed by Intel Agencies  such as the FBI and the Mossad which take orders from the RKM.

And the Boston Marathon bombing was also a fake bombing using a harmless black powder puffer bomb with crises actors one of which has been identified by a Hollywood Producer and who had a prior, all healed up leg amputation and used stage props of a fake exposed leg bone and fake stage blood to make the videoed scene seem realistic.

Some of these mass-shootings are real, and some virtual, but most appear to be a byproduct of spy-chiatrists, Psyops experts in Intel who are employed to spook the American public and their group mind to be motivated to give up basic rights they would never normally ever do. As the public, especially the inner city poor black communities get manipulated by these MK-ultra shootings of their unarmed people and get fed up, they will eventually start sniping police. And when one incident happens, copy-cats who bare unstable and have been mind-kontrolled  by the CMMM’s use of “Twilight Language” will repeat these acts.

Once the CMMM publicizes these MK-Ultra type mass-shootings, then the Twilight Language” used in the CMMM and prevalent in the culture generates numerous copy-cat mass-shootings in unstable, mentally deranged or previously mind-kontrolled subjects. The Establishment has specialized in bringing in large immigrant populations such as Somalis and used the FBI to mind-kontrol and entrap those small percentage who are mentally retarded or seriously mentally ill to be entrapped via the FBI’s foreign based website which offer free to and from air fare to be trained in jihad so they can “become adult, mature men”.

It’s a sad fact the according to the Library of Congress that the FBI has no official charter like all mother US Agencies and therefore has no right to exist at all. It is actually functioning as an illegal RICO organization and is believed by many insiders to have been set up to service the RKM Banksters and protect their interests while covering up the crimes of the various parts of the USG and the Intel Agencies, most of which were set up to service the needs of the RKM, the World’s largest Organized crime Syndicate.

The FBI’s best specialty, entrapping mentally ill or retarded foreign immigrants to appear as serious terrorists, thus creating synthetic, virtual terror to justify large FBI anti-terror budgets and foreign wars against terror. there other best specialty is helping to convict innocent folks by faking evidence in their DC crime lab (see the information provided by Philip Whitehurst MD, an FBI Whistle-blower and a great American Hero who had to take extraordinary measure to protect himself from the FBI after he went public with the deficiencies and crimes of the FBI faking evidence to convict numerous innocent folks.

Isn’t it interesting how so many highly qualified MD Psychiatrists and Ph.D. Psychologists have come forward and publicly disclosed and discussed the CIA’s MK-Ultra type mind-kontrolled operations and how they are used to create mindless, hypnotic, “stone-killers”, and yet the Major Mass Media (MMM) never mentions any of this information which is supported by declassified public documents and is not theory anymore. But what could anyone expect from a Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) which is an illegal News monopoly and Cartel run by six totally controlled Establishment goons?

It’s high time this story actually gets big coverage in all the Major Mass Media (MMM). Anything less suggests that the fix is completely in place. Even the NRA and Gun Owners of America has missed the boat on these MK-Ultra staged shootings as well as all the numerous False-flag attacks, especially the attack on America on 9-11-01 by the RKM, Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens, PNACers, Top Neocons, individuals in the JCS and USAF, NORAD and FAA and numerous other traitors in the US Administration.

Secret Establishment Goal #11: Create massive chaos at every level of American society. It is now know beyond any reasonable doubt that the Establishment is a by-product and operates in association with the Worldwide network of Luciferian Secret Societies. Anyone who has researched and studied these Luciferian Occult Secret Societies know s that they share the central theme establish a Luciferian New World Order by creating as much Chaos as possible but doing so in small successive Fabian style baby steps to prevent an instant total revolt by the masses which greatly outnumber the Establishment and who could easily wipe them out if they ever staged an armed mass resistance, “Solzenitzen style”.

Those who doubt this need for the establishment to promote economic, political and social chaos and war need only to read the Report from Iron Mountain which is available for free on the internet. It is a well known fact that the Establishment gain and maintains control over society through the creating of wars and all these other types of chaos. When the Establishment creates major chaos, only they have the tools to provide a solution which gives them more power and leave We The People with less.

Secret Establishment Goal #12: Provoke the masses to “sin” and then punish them for their “sins”. To do this it is necessary to dirty up the masses by bringing in massive quantities of drugs into America, export most good jobs and prevent folks from earning a livable wage anymore. This part of the evil Establishment Agenda is of course a by product of the RKM’s Babylonian Talmudic (Frankist, Sabbattean, Kabbalist) view of the Christian, European, American and Russian whites as Goyim to be enslaved and used to serve them while being dirtied up, made sick through various high tech eugenics programs (vaccines, adulterated corporate GMO food and Chemtrails and EMF) and then disposed of as Luciferian human “Blood sacrifice”.

This process of provoke and punish allows the Establishment to stay in control of the masses by using the hell on Earth they have created in so many inner cities to justify increased accumulation of centrally controlled police power. This provoke and punish process also allows huge profits to be made off of the private prison system which has been rumored to have secret quotas for sentencing even among minors (juveniles). One judge of a juvenile court was recently given a long prison sentence for this but most who do this never get caught because the Establishment usually protects them.

Another very crafty trick of DHS has been to instruct city government’s to institute small draconian rulings in order to provoke any locals who have a tendency and are likely to become violent dissenters later. These probes are designed to elicit reactions of angry letters and confrontations over these basically minor “insults to the community” in order to identify these folks who will later resist any serious Draconian measures, like forced vaccinations, Agenda 21, martial Law, etc. These folks who respond to these draconian test probes are then placed on various DHS and local police watch lists and surveilled for the rest of their days. If they move they stay on local police and DHS lists and of course this is all illegal and Draconian and is part of the new pre-crime secret prosecution process which is the new coming practice in most large cities and suburbs.

Another strange policy which has now become standard operating procedure in almost every major police of Sheriffs Department is to block off both sides of any highways where there is a serious accident with death involved or a homicide involved. The excuse is to allow a complete police investigation, nut the real reason is to magnify the police’s importance and make the public suffer through serious traffic jams. Apparently this new policy was created by some Top policy-maker at the top of DHS.

When one of several Top Policy-makers who sits at the top of the establishment Pyramid of Power gets a strong obsession to institute some pet control over the masses, they just lay down a Policy edict which must then be followed by all subordinates all the way from the top of the government to the lowest stations of government. This is how the bizarre but absolute arrogance of a Top policy-maker who sits at the top of the current Establishment System can wreak unnecessary havoc on the masses with no correction possible other than complete revolt. The Top policy-maker who arbitrarily sets such a dysfunctional Policy for the Masses cannot be identified or targeted for reprisals by the masses unless they are identified or disclose themselves as the responsible party because they are proud of their power and the decision they made to implement the new policy..

The Establishment’s top policy-makers secretly hate the common man, view them as mere cattle for use and then slaughter, secretly calling them “Goyim” and secret declaring they can lie, cheat, steal from them and use them as their objects of secret scorn and asset stripping. Top Policy-makers have been reported to believe that Goyim have no souls and are nothing more than dumb cattle there to serve their every pleasure and need.

Secret Establishment Goal #13: Deploy their Talmudic Babylonian Monetary and Production System and their terror to provocation system Worldwide to create massive debt slavery and access for their associated corporations to gain access to other nations valuable natural resources and wealth, and to justify illegal, unConstitutional, undeclared, unprovoked, unwinnable, perpetual foreign wars for huge profits for the Banksters and their associated “no bid” large International Defense Contractors.

Secret Establishment Goal #14: Use the DC Regime to Deploy the Bolshevik acculturation process of political correctness, diversity, feminism, etc. in order to stifle and suppress any serious dissent, American values, commitment to the US Constitution, etc.

Secret Establishment Goal #15: Destroy normal male females sex roles using mind-kontrol, endocrine disrupters in the food, water and air (called internally in CIA experiments in the 1950’s as the “Gay Bomb”, deploy Bolshevik acculturation processes like forced diversity, political correctness, and push women to go to work to raise more taxes for the establishment’s visible DC Regime. Normal sex roles must be destroyed in order to destroy the conventional American Family which is a normal biological result. Unless the American Family is destroyed, the Establishment knows it cannot fully implement its secret Evil Agenda.

Secret Establishment Goal #16: Create Hell on Earth. We know this is an important part of the Establishment’;s overall Evil Agenda because this is what they have produced in many large urban inner city areas plagued by the illegal drugs they trafficked in for “off the books” black ops money, massive unemployment they produced by all the exporting of American jobs by their illegal, unConstitutional Free trade Agreements with secret clauses. Instead of spending Trillions of dollars supporting terror nations and terror against other nations as well as numerous illegal, unConstitutional foreign wars, this money could have been spent on rebuilding American cities and providing civic jobs and health care for everyone.

Instead of wasting all this money on foreign wars to pad the Banksters and their partner corporations’ pocketbooks,as a part of the phony War on terror, this money could have been spent sealing the border of the USA, especially the southern one. You would think if the Establishment was really concerned about terrorism they would seal every border completely and track every single foreigner here illegally and deport them.

But of course we know that the Establishment is not serious about stopping terror, because if they were they would arrest themselves because they are the World’s biggest Terrorists and mass-murderers. So far we have seen no evidence at all that they have souls. Are they even human? Maybe not.


There is a major obstacle that now stands in the way of the Establishment’s easy attainment of success in implementing their Secret Evil Agenda to create a Luciferian Globalist New World Order. They believe they must obey the “Cosmic Rule of Play” that they are required to inform the American public (at least minimally) what they intend to do beforehand in order to gain at least the minimal, implicit consent of the masses. The top Policy-makers believe that Lucifer is a “fair god” and requires them to provide notice of their agenda and planned roll-out of its various aspects before they implement it. They believe that Lucifer has assured them to worry about this because his power is great enough to mesmerize and overcome any mass resistance that might start to arise.

So far this is not working out as easily as the Establishment top policy-makers believed it would. Nor does it seem likely that it will become any easier to continue to rill out their Evil Agenda because the main parts such as free trade, asset stripping Americans, waging illegal, unConstitutional foreign wars for Bankster profits and disarming the public are beginning to generate more and more spontaneous resistance. This is best viewed as major spontaneously emerging populism, the greatest threat to the Establishment ever and one which can become instantly magnified if the Establishment starts mass invading cities going door to door and mass-murdering civilians in any internal American Police action against We The People.

The biggest the mistake the Establishment made was attacking America on 9-1-01 and never thinking that We The People would ever find out, or the mass-murder of the navy Seals who knew that the man murdered  and claimed to be Osama Bin Laden was NOT Osama Bin Laden (his actual agent name was Colonel Tim Osman) who died in late 2001. Most US Special Forces and Navy Seals now know that the DC Establishment can no longer be trusted. And it has become clear that most deep cover black operatives are always whacked after the op to protect the secrecy of the op. This was done to eleven of the twelve spooky teams deployed by the CIA (Bush Crime Cabal aka BCC) to South America during the BUSH 2 Administration.

End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?
End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?

As the Establishment’s Evil Agenda become known by the American Masses and much of the World is turning against it and working hard to build a complete financial firewall against the US Petro Dollar, the Establishment will likely find its options to adequately respond will become more and more limited and probably more and more extreme.

Of course they may attempt to institute a cashless society in America and the other nations the RKM Central Banksters control now with the US Petro Dollar but this number appears to be rapidly shrinking.

The Establishment could perhaps stage many more false-flags of all kinds, nuclear dirty bombs,  cyber attacks of the American banking or other banking systems which could trigger a race war inside America, used MK-Ultra type mind-kontrolled stooges and victims to assassinate police officers or politicians, or stage numerous mass-shootings in shopping centers or at public events. Or they could provoke a nuclear or EMP based WW3. or they could use Israel to deploy its Samson option and blame WW# on them, the Establishments primary RKM action agent and main Cutout.

Because the Establishment is now at the controls of the USG and much of the Secret Shadow Government, they have unlimited options to direct all kinds of deep black covert operations which they believe may further their Evil Agenda. But history has shown that even with all the power and control available to these “bloodline” families, in the end they always fail because the underestimated the power of the human spirit.

The Top Policy-makers of the Establishment, the select several RKM (World Zionist and their allies and partners the BCC (aka the “Fourth Reich”) are so evil as person that this is unfathomable or unimaginable to most of the American Public. The reason is their ability to be two-faced and to wear a harmless public persona while actually functioning as a wild Satanic Beast of the night inside. They have access to all the “money” they want and thus are usually able to buy everyone and anything they want, creating lives of untold pleasure and leisure for themselves at the expense of the masses and a living Hell on Earth for those masses.

There have been incidents in outlying areas of India and Bangladesh where an occasional Bengal Tiger starts attacking and killing humans. The villages where these victim live who are attacked by these Bengal Tigers do not try and reason with these Beast who operate by predatory instincts. They send out groups to scare the Tigers away beating drums and making a lot of noise but this is usually not successful for more than a short time. The only permanent solution is to eventually slay these beasts who have developed a taste for human blood, but most lack the will to do this because of their personal spiritual beliefs.

The best final solution is for the human masses who are now being terribly victimized by this anti-human parasitical Establishment Beast is to rise up and deal with this Beast of the Night decisively, no matter what the cost or loss needed to do so.

Sadly, like these renegade man-eating Bengal tigers that develop a taste for human blood, the only thing these Top Policy-makers of the Establishment will understand is the same brute force of the masses needed to stop their bloodthirsty mass-murder of so many humans. Such wild predators whether animal, human or some other kind of cosmic parasite or hybrid must be captured, caged and completely imprisoned for the rest of their lives. Obviously the best way is always for their human victims to indict them, arrest them, try them and convict them and then sentence them to death by public hanging for all their murders and mass-murders that they have ordered.


*The Establishment is the institutional power control hierarchy, much of which in the highest positions are secret, that provides control over the various institutions of America in response to the secret edicts of only several top Policy-makers, These several top Policy-makers were able to acquire massive power in this hierarchy because of long term family connections, membership in the top levels of occult Luciferian human sacrifice based secret societies and/or Babylonian Talmudic (Kabbalistic, Sabbattean, Frankist) groups specializing in the long term fleecing of the masses by use of Babylonian Money-Magick. Babylonian Money-Magick is a Black magic Luciferian secret art of making money from nothing using FIAT fractional reserve banking in association with human sacrifice rituals, individual or mass as engineered wars., the art of making money from nothing by tricking the masses into borrowing what should have been their own money and paying pernicious usury to do so. The Establishment has also been called the Eastern Establishment, the Blood-bloods, the Illuminati and the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM). Those top Policy-makers have been rumored to call themselves the Olympiads and love sporting events of great physical strength and endurance such as the Olympics or professional sports.

**RKM is an abbreviation for the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, the World’s largest organized crime syndicate and one that is Worldwide and has historically been empowered by private ownership of the central banking systems of most nations.. It is a secret society and is actually a Babylonian Talmudic (Zionist) organized crime syndicate centered and run out of the City of London. It is responsible for assembling the “American Establishment” that this article is all about and will explain the American Establishment’s secret Evil Agenda. This World’s largest organized crime syndicate has all the money they need because they control its issuing and distribution over most of the World through private central banks and charge pernicious illegal interest for lending their counterfeit money to the masses. This “money” should have been the public’s own money in the first place and should always be proportionately 1based on real precious metals and/or actual commodities.

The RKM infiltrated and hijacked America in 1913 when it bribed and coerced Congress and President Woodrow Wilson to pass the unConstitutional, completely illegal Federal Reserve Act which secretly set up the World’s largest private central bank in America which began printing Fiat “funny money” in unlimited amounts. Anyone that doubts this can merely consult the various value of the US Dollar charts which show the continual decline in value of the US dollar from 1913 to now when it is only worth about 2.5 cents or 2.5% of what it was originally.

This complete hijacking of the American monetary production and distribution system has produced political and corporate corruption at every level in American society and unending social and economic problems accompanied by out of control urban degeneration, crime and a continuing stream of illegal, unConstitutional, undeclared, unprovoked, unwinnable, perpetual wars of aggression in foreign lands that  are designed to weaken America, strip American assets and set up the target nations being attacked for complete natural resource stripping and massive depopulation. Because the RKM has a long history of historical hatred toward Christian folks who have lived in Russia, Europe and America, one part of their secret evil Agenda is to deploy various ways to soft-kill and hard-kill white Christians they refer to in private only as “Goyim” (cattle for service and Luciferian sacrifice, i.e. slaughter) and they have used their massive, unlimited Bankster money power to make significant progress toward attaining this goal.

Mike Harris is the VT Financial Editor, VT radio host,  and was the former GOP Campaign Finance Chairman and gubernatorial candidate for Arizona. He is now a Senior Vice President at Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland.


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