The New Axis of Evil: the USA, the UK and Israel



By Preston James PhD and Mike Harris

We now know for certain that Al Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL/Daish were all allowed to exist and fed by secret Israeli and USG policy at the behest of those few individuals that really run things and control the whole Israeli/American/UK defense complex known by insiders as the top Policy-makers of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM).

Yes, we now have actual smoking gun documents obtained through legal action by Judicial Watch and an admission from a former high ranking military man, General Flynn saying this is so.

Now we know for certain that these decisions were made at the highest level of this RKM hierarchy that controls this defense complex, that is, the several folks that are the true top leaders and policy-makers of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and who instruct and control their cutouts at the top of the SSG that actuate these defense complex related decisions on behalf of the top several RKM world rulers.

It now seems obvious that General Petraeus (some call him General Betray-us), others in the American defense establishment, the Israelis and Turkey (and some others) made sure Al Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL/Daish have been adequately supplied all along. This of course started with Robert Gates who set up and supplied Al Qaeda in Afghanistan with shoulder-fired ground to air missiles in the first place in order to defeat the Russian invaders and help bring an end to the Soviet Bolshevik evil empire. It is important to understand that it has been the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia working out of the City of London (a one square mile independent nation with its own ambassadors inside London) created and set up Bolshevism in the first place, Later on Nazi’ism as well and every other ‘ism the last 200 years.

And we also know that Israel was set up as a Bolshevik satellite of the City of London and the Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union fell and the Iron Curtain went down, a fair number of the top Soviet  Spies resided in Israel because they had infiltrated the Mossad and served as Triple Citizens of Russia, Israel and some America too. Mossad Agent and American Intel Mole Jonathan Pollard was a Soviet spy deeply embedded in the Mossad but took orders and reported his findings to Soviet Intel agents. His treason against American resulted in the blown cover of many deep cover agents inside Russia and the Satellite countries and their executions. He should have been executed for Treason and should never ever be released from prison for how he betrayed America.

What few seem to understand is that Israel is truly functioning as a continuation of the Bolshevik Soviet Union and is running the US Congress to function according to the same principals namely bribery, blackmail, extreme coercion and violence when they deem it necessary necessary. Israel’s goal on behalf of the top RKM policy-makers is to transform America into GAZA II, the World’s biggest open-air Bolshevik-style prison camp after completely asset stripping the American middle classes of all their accrued wealth, and then mass-murdering up to 90% of all American Goyim.

When Ronald Reagan was President he called the Soviet Union the Evil Empire. When Bush2 was President in his 2002 State of the Union Address he called Iran, Iraq and North Korea the Axis of Evil. Unbeknownst to the public the USG was secretly providing attack helicopters and materials for making nuclear weapons to the North Koreans at the same time. How is that for two-faced hypocrisy?

Phonied up and coerced fake Intel reports were concocted and interpreted to justify an illegal, unConstitutional attack on Iraq, claiming that they were making weapons of mass destruction and had nukes and biological weapons and were planning to attack the American homeland. Of course at the same time and for many years, the large American and European defense contractors had been selling a full panoply of biological weapon precursors and weapons to Saddam Hussein, who started out as a CIA hit-man and went on to be America’s puppet dictator like Noriega. But as the war hype continued to increase Saddam Hussein made serious efforts to tow the line in order to avoid another war with America, however such measures were not successful.

There is a new Axis of Evil, and this time America is neck deep in it. Well, now the USA and its partners the UK and Israel have become the new Axis of Evil, a new evil empire and this group of nations is actually best referred to as the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia axis. It receives all its wealth and power by defrauding citizens of the World of their hard earned labors by using Babylonian Talmudic Black Magic Money Power. This is done by creating money from nothing using pernicious usury and engineered, staged, provoked wars for huge profits and increased world power.

Their Babylonian Talmudic black-magick monetary production and distribution system produces and imposes debt slavery using this worldwide, RKM Bankster system of massive system of money fraud which is making their own endless supply of money from nothing and lending it to those at pernicious usury when it should have been owned in the first place by those being fleeced. No one should ever have to pay interest to use what should be their own money. When the Federal Reserve System was illegally and unConstitutionally set up in 1913 through massive bribery and coercion of Congress and the President, the greatest financial fraud ever conceived was imposed on both the American People and then the rest of the World.

It is amazing that this completely criminal and now massive RICO fraud, the Federal Reserve System which is neither Federal of even a bank at all but is a private offshore owned money-creating (manufacturing) cartel, has been allowed to continue so long without the American masses figuring this out and rising up against it the way many nations in the World now who are also its victims are now doing so. The American People must rise up and stop this foreign RKM Bankster Cartel run out of the City of London from manufacturing what should be their own money and “renting it out” to Americans at pernicious usury, which inflates most retail prices 38-40%.

Do you doubt the power of the RKM Banksters ability to make money from nothing lending Americans what should be their own money at pernicious usury? Then consider this. The next time you go to the grocery store keep in mind that if we Americans were all not applying interest on the national debt which is all fraudulent, illegal and unConstitutional in the first place, all our prices would be about 38-40% lower. How’s this for criminal long term, sustained secret theft of our hard earned wages, and much of what should have been accrued family wealth?

In the 2007-2008 economic setback, many middle class investors took 35-40% losses and their investments and bank interest on CDs nosedived to practically nothing. It is now becoming almost impossible for retired folks to earn any significant amounts of return on their investments. Soon with the constant increasing taxes, food and other costs, many old folks will lose their homes and be driven into the street. And if social security and pensions become greatly reduced like they have in Detroit, this will only add to the squeeze on older folks, the middle class and the working poor.

So here is the current situation: the RKM Banksters and their hierarchy consisting of top associates, the large defense contractors, the approximately 140 large interlinked International Corporations get richer and richer by the day while We the people and the rest of the citizens of the World get poorer and poorer each day. The only way this massive greatest financial fraud in history will be stopped cold is if the Russians, the Chinese and the other members of BRICS, AIIB, the Silk Road System and MINTs destroy the US Petro Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency.

This of course is now in progress as much of the World is involved in building a strong financial firewall against the endless manufacturing of  RKM Fiat Script and setting up numerous direct trade deals without using the US Petro Dollar. Some financial experts who are not owned and controlled by the RKM or its Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) believe that the die is set and it is only a matter of time and the RKM’s major Worldwide Debt-bomb of derivatives which are backed by virtually nothing will collapse and take the US Petro Dollar with it in a very sudden, hard and final fall.

This unlimited supply of phony FIAT script backed by Federal law requiring it to be accepted as legal tender, that is, as if it was real money, has allowed the RKM Banksters and their Cutouts and front groups like AIPAC and the like to buy up and own almost every single Member of Congress, many Federal Judges (five on the Supreme Court we know of) and most USG Officials. We now have a situation in Congress where our elected Representatives and Senators are working hard to represent the RKM and their associates in order to receive massive perks, huge speech honorariums, revolving door consultancies and large International Corporate Board positions and huge offshore set-aside allocations in numbered accounts.

And certainly the notably unConstitutional Citizen United decision made by five bribed, blackmailed or corrupt Supreme Court Justices has helped make huge unlimited unrestricted foreign based donations possible to political candidates, usually making them directly obligated to RKM related special interests like AIPAC and large foreign special interests or corporations.

Doubt the near complete control of AIPAC over Congress? Are you aware that former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has reported on more than one occasion publicly that newly elected Members of Congress are always approached by AIPAC Representatives and asked to sign their loyalty Oath to place Israel’s security first even before America’s. technically this of course is complete betrayal to We The people, their constituents and technically Treason. Should they refuse to sign this AIPAC Loyalty Oath to Israel, AIPAC will go to extreme efforts to support an opponent in the next election to assure that they are no re-elected. This is what happened to Cynthia McKinney after she was “redistricted and was voted out of ioffice despite her record of doing a very good job for We The People. Apparently the only individual in Congress now who refused to sign this AIPAC Loyalty Oath to Israel was Representative Walter Jones who fortunately was still able to gain re-election to the US House of Representatives.

Why is it Treason? Because aiding an abetting the proved enemy of the USA is treason and we now have smoking gun evidence that Israel with the help of Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens (PNACers and NeoCons) with the help of several Traitors at the top of the Administration, the JCS and the USAF attacked America on 9-11-01 using nuclear materials stolen from Pantex in Texas. Now as good Americans are we going to let these arch RKM criminals and their Cutouts and stooges get away with this? I certainly hope not.

It is because these Top Policy-makers who sit at the top of the RKM hierarchy which constitutes the New Axis of Evil have the power and ability to set these twisted, criminal, anti-human policies in motion which constitute massive crimes against humanity in the Mideast, Africa and all over the World. It is actually the power provided to them by the massive Worldwide RKM hierarchy system which provides them the power to order such criminal acts such as starting and/or supplying ISIS/ISIL/Daish and deal strongly and effectively with any possible dissenters.

And of course because the RKM controls the Major Mass Media lock stock and barrel, they can make sure the public is fed a continuing stream of lies, misinformation and believable psyops that keep them hoodwinked for the most part.

Shipments in Iraq and Syria have been dropped in the wrong places from aircraft promised to those fighting them to purposely end up in the possession of Al Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL/Daish. Petraeus and others made sure plenty of American armored vehicles and equipment and arms was left behind stockpiled specifically for them. It’s an old “False-flag” game, always create your own enemy which can be used to destabilize any nation you want to then attack and use it as an excuse to bring “Freedom” to the people there while you mass-murder them and prepare their nation for complete top to bottom asset stripping of all natural resources and wealth.

But now even Obama is openly talking about supplying the Syrian rebels hoping to knock Assad out of power. This of course means supplying ISIS/ISIL/Daish. When the USG talks of the need to crush ISIS in order to protect the freedom of the Iraqis, this is pure Orwellian double talk right out of his clasic “1984” and hypocrisy beyond imagination.

Yes, it is one or two very top policy-makers who rule the “hierarchy” of the Secret Shadow Govt (defense-related corporations who handle all the deep black and beyond-black matters) that make these decisions which affect every nation and everyone. Those Generals or Admirals that don’t want to go along know enough to keep quiet or they will be forced out of severely sanctioned.

When these top policy-makers (secret hidden rulers of the SSG hierarchy) are as Satanic or evil to the core as they appear to be, this is what we all get and have to live with and meanwhile the World continues to be asset stripped and destroyed by the RKM’s massive war machine, leaving millions of maimed, homeless or dead innocent victims.

Not only is this a total abuse of power by the RKM but it constitutes unfathomable, incredibly evil anti-human “crimes against humanity” behavior that begs for international prosecution as well as prosecution within the nation the perps reside in, which is now usually the USA, the UK, or Israel.

In America, politicians are always bought off and owned to make sure that the SSG gets what it wants passed by the ceremonial DC government inside the beltway and each state. This is also done in the other nations involved in this axis of evil.

These evil, soulless, mass-murderers who are the RKM’s top policy-makers and their top cutouts who run the SSG and defense establishment must all be brought to judgment in suitable courts of law, federal and international. The innocent shed blood of millions cries out from the ground for justice and judgment. And the degree of mercy extended to these greatest criminals in history must be the same they extended to their innocent victims: absolutely none.

Just as they have persecuted and murdered hundreds of important whistle-blowers to make a public media example of, major immediate examples must be made out of them with indictments and arrests quickly followed by very short trials and then public, televised executions with inspection of their dead bodies by several teams of physicians and nurses from various citizen committees, followed by a filmed autopsy to make sure that there are no more faked executions like Timothy McVeigh.

Until such justice is served, this Axis of Evil’s war machine will continue to mass-murder hundreds, thousands, and even millions of innocent humans, and will continue to cause the needless and horrible wounding and deaths of hundreds and thousands of professional soldiers and mercenaries. Sadly these professional soldiers and mercenaries are not privy to the fact they are being used simply as cannon fodder to mass-murder each other on behalf of these ruling elite, criminally insane, top RKM Policy-makers. Nor do they or the American People realize so that the To Policy-makers of this New Axis of Evil (the Empire of Evil) engineers and stages these wars in order to continue to make obscene profits off of war and mass-death, all of which they are personally responsible for.

So far these incredibly evil soulless Top Policy-makers have avoided being brought to justice and final judgment because they have bought off Congress, and also control the Judiciary and usually the Administration. But lately they have not been able to completely control President Obama who has decided to say no to this this RKM Axis of Evil, the New Evil Empire over making a workable agreement with Iran to allow them to develop non-weapon nuclear power. President Obama’s refusal to be manipulated by the Axis of Evil’s Top Policy-makers to block the Iran nuclear power agreement which will release US sanctions against Iran is literally driving these RKM Top Policy-makers crazy. They are besides themselves because this is the first time since President John Kennedy they have been stopped cold. Some foreign policy experts believe they may resort to using the Samson Option on America again in response as revenge.

Why did President Obama turn on Israel and refuse to follow Netanyahu’s commands? Even much of Congress is now turning against Netanyahu even though they have been supported and controlled by AIPAC in the past. Obviously there are factors at work in the background that have been occurring in secret. A good guess is that there has been some kind of change in the US Military High Command which is “motivating” and “directing” such changes by sharing troubling information on what’s ahead without a major policy change toward Israel and US monetary policy.

After these evil, soulless scum are brought to justice which is likely coming in years ahead due to the Worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, and the resulting spontaneously emerging mass worldwide populism, it will be time for America to set up its own honest Constitutional real money with no interest charged for it’s use. Then we must dump all Free-Trade Agreements, set up Fair Trade  with appropriate protective tariffs, cancel all foreign worker visas and stop bringing them in to suppress wages, and get busy rebuilding American manufacturing and industry so that every able-bodied American Citizen can find employment that pays a livable wage.

We need to close down all borders, and deport all illegals and enforce the same level of immigration laws that Mexico does. A reasonable migrant worker permits program can be then set up based on good sense which will not harm American workers. All those in the CIA that are involved in Drug trafficking into America and every Wall Street Bank that money launders must be fully prosecuted. Mexican Cartels must be given 72 hours to fully surrender, or be attacked by the full US military might because Drug Trafficking is actually an act of war against America.

As these RKM Banksters who run the Federal Reserve System fraud and indicted and arrested, any and all assets ever earned by their evil acts against humanity must be clawed back, every single asset and penny, and every single personal possession as well. Until this is accomplished humanity will continue to suffer daily from the sociopathic and criminally insane acts of the RKM Top Policy-makers who are notably evil, soulless and criminally insane.


With all the “smoking-gun” evidence that has now been published on the Worldwide Internet and available to the masses for the first time ever, the whole World is now learning the truth about the RKM’s Axis of Evil and it’s New Evil Empire and how it has transformed America, the UK and Israel into the biggest secret terror states in history. We now know for certain that ALL terrorism even ISIS, ISIL, Daish or the rest are synthetically engineered, trained and supported by RKM assets, usually paid for by the dumbed-0down, compliant American taxpayer unbeknownst to him/her.

But now for the first time ever, “smoking-gun” facts about how the USA, the UK and Israel are creating and supporting World Terrorism and using numerous Gladio-style, False-flag attacks (many advanced mini or micro-nukes) is being diffused all over the World to the masses. And this diffusion of truth by the Internet first and then by word of mouth is especially notable in many of the dumbed-down Americans who have been seriously mind-kontrolled and stifled by 50 years of RKM controlled Television and other Media. Yes, for the first time ever many Americans are now having their blinders removed and are learning about the new Evil Empire, the Evil Axis of those who control the US Government, the UK Government and the Israeli Government, best described as the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) and its’ Axis of Evil or the New Evil Empire.

Yes, all over the World now billions of RKM victims (who are still alive) are learning the secrets that were intended to be kept from them forever by the RKM and its Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) which is owned and controlled by one major Investment group whose name starts with a V. These folks are learning a great deal of information about who controls their lives and manipulates them into supporting criminal wars of mass-murder while charging them to “borrow” what should be their own money, all done to them in order to asset strip them and fulfill the RKM’s criminally insane, Satanic Sabbattean Occult Agenda of Evil.

As people all over the World learn this secret information about the true purposes of this RKM Axis of Evil Agenda, the World is responding by building numerous financial firewalls against the RKM Bankster System and plotting its demise. It’s a fair prediction that this RKM Axis of Evil and their Evil Empire is now being fully exposed and will be attacked on all fronts until it is removed from power. As the RKM is cornered and becomes exceedingly desperate like a cornered rabid dog, you can bet that we will see more gladio-style false-flag attacks in every nation where the people resist and rise up. It is likely some of these false-flag attacks will be nuclear like what was deployed by the RKM in their attack on America on 9-11-01. Insiders have know for years that the RKM uses nuclear blackmail to keep nations in line but this was first exposed to the public by investigative Journalist Seymour Hersh.

When micro or mini-nukes are used in these RKM False-flag attacks, it is often very easy to cover it up unless radiation fingerprints are collected which are always quite revealing. As recently as two years ago, the RKM secret claimed to some World Rulers it was blackmailing that it had 25 nukes planted in American cities and most major capitals of Europe as well as in other main cities of the World. And we know that the RKM has been buying diesel dolphin class subs from Germany and arming them with nuclear tipped tomahawk cruise missiles.

If the RKM persists in this very dangerous game they are likely to at some point provoke a nuclear confrontation and find themselves eradicated as even the US High Command ejects their RKM Traitors and refuses to work for the RKM anymore. This is on the verge of happening in the UK and Israeli high commands too and will happen if enough public pressure continues to be brought to bear. So share this article and the information about the World’s New Evil Empire with family members and good friends. It is time they know that the World’s New Evil Empire must be ganged up on and taken from power before it meets its Agenda to mass-murder 90% of the World’s population as recorded in the Georgia Guidestones.

It is important to realize that there are a lot of very good stand-up Americans working in the USG, the US Military, and all State Governments as well as in all police departments even those that have been militarized. Because of the extreme, need-to-know-only secrecy, these folks have been denied knowing what the incredibly evil parasitical RKM World Agenda they have been supporting and working to advance. Once these folks become informed of the RKM and how it is comprised they will be motivated to stop serving the RKM and will oppose them as long as the public rises up first.  Once they learn that only a small collection of top Policy-makers run the fake, Counterfeit and  endless debt-script money-manufacturing system of the private RKM Central banks and how these RKM top Policy-makers are members of a secret Luciferian death-cult that functions as q deadly, life-extracting parasite on the whole World, engineering wars, recessions and depressions, they will join the masses that have had enough and rise up to stop the RKM’s control of America.

Mike Harris is the VT Financial Editor, VT radio host,  and was the former GOP Campaign Finance Chairman and gubernatorial candidate for Arizona. He is now a Senior Vice President at Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland.

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