American Evil, Pentagram Propaganda Treason Machine Hits Again


america_the_great_satan5…by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

For days now, the Pentagon has propagandized congress as the vote on the Iran deal comes up. Who runs the Pentagon? I think we are finding out now. This reminds me when Col. Jim Hanke and I were talking about retired general Jerry Boykin. Hanke had always liked Boykin, they spent years working together, until Boykin “found religion.”

This is what the Pentagon, or as it is being called more and more today, “The Pentagram” is filled with, bible toting nutcases either preaching or “dealing it” to young boys.

We aren’t saying Boykin is a pedophile though those around him certainly are. We are saying that those who knew him for years and hear him lie with every breath now, are ashamed. Let’s look at what drove a good man, and he was certainly that, to levels of insanity once unimagined.

This is the simple truth, who they are and why they are so vulnerable, steeped in a religion of bizarre heresy, hand outs for a buck from gambling boss Sheldon Adelson and part of the same pedophile ring that runs Britain.

The article below, only an excerpt as the end of it is even madder than the beginning, comes from the Israeli propaganda organization run by former Congresswoman Jane Harmon’s “Daily Beast.” The name is no accident.

The more I read of this, the more I wish it were really true. It would be nice to see military forces, special operations forces, doing something other than ferrying drugs out of Afghanistan, America’s primary mission and part of the glue that keep the “Pentagram” running.

This all began back in the early 80’s with the psych warfare crowd. Back in 1982, a now high ranking American officer, Michael Aquino, was accused of running a pedophile ring that had tendrils into every American military base around the world. Aquino, head of the Temple of Set, (read “Church of Satan) worked closely with his commander, now retired general and Fox News commentator and ISIS/al Nusra confidant, General Paul Vallely.

From here their group penetrated the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, using “Pentecostal,” read “Pentagram” pseudo-Christian mind control and intimidation to put America’s nuclear arsenal in the hands of the criminally insane. In 2007, this group stole up to a dozen hydrogen bombs from Minot Air Force Base after which America’s entire nuclear command was cleansed with hundreds of Satan worshiping “Pentecostals” removed or “accidented.”

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Pentagram worshipping contracting firms like Booz Allen Hamilton, Google Ideas and the infamous Blackwater/Xe and the endless other incarnations, now run out of China, have run:

  • The world’s drug cartels
  • Human trafficking and organ theft rings around the world
  • ISIS
  • Engaged in the theft and remarketing of bomb grade nuclear material stolen from the Pantex facility in Amarillo, Tx (according to a classified 2003 Department of Energy Report)
  • Run terror operations around the world from mass shootings staged in the US to car bombs in the Middle East and the steady level of inexplicable “Hebdo” type “street theatre” that goes on like clockwork

The endless stream of propaganda along with the more than obvious level of corruption in American politics, all exposed by the Iran deal and madman Netanyahu’s blatant string-pulling among America’s “Pentagram” worshiping GOP, has made hypocrisy America’s only real industry.

This is what the mainstream news is down to and why VT, to real Pentagon insiders, is the last vestige of honor and truth left. Can we call this conspiracy theory? Obama has, for too long, either lied out of cowardice or been so stupid as to have allowed himself to be propagandized as well.

Today it is imaginary Russian troops. It isn’t like I don’t spent part of each day on Skype with Syrian officials, who I am equally impatient with. Yesterday a Syrian minister asked me if the Russians were really there because no one in Damascus, and we are including President Assad, knew anything about it. You see, they had read the newspapers too, like dumbell Obama.

They would want 100,000 Russian troops, most Americans would too. Americans would enjoy seeing someone stand up to evil occasionally since the US has continually buggered up the job for decades, shilling for the gangsters of Wall Street as Marine General Smedley Butler puts it so eloquently.

No, its all made up, fairy stories for the morons America has in its government. Those of us that have worked in Washington at the highest levels are genuinely terrified at the kind of people, utterly lacking in personal morality and discernment, that make up the US government. Following Netanyahu and Cameron, a veritable army of GOP candidates, Trump, Walker, Cruz and a dozen more are calling for a world war with Iran, Russia (China too but they don’t admit that) and Syria.

Most can’t find those countries on a map without help as demonstrated so aptly by Trump. Trump believes he is qualified to run the American military (kind of like Hitler who was, however, a decorated war hero). Trump spent much of his youth in an expensive detention-reform school where the inmates wore uniforms. Trump now claims he knows more than real military because of this experience, brought on by chronic misbehavior and control issues.

Let’s elect this moron.

Suffice it to say, the most intelligent person in Washington is probably driving a bus.

Today’s garbage:


Putin Sends His Dirty War Forces to Syria

The Kremlin isn’t sending just any troops to prop up the Assad regime. It’s dispatching units that spearheaded Russia’s slow-rolling invasion of Ukraine.
Reuters confirmed Wednesday what The Daily Beast first reported last week—not only have Russian troops been deployed to Syria but they are indeed taking part in active combat operations, although against which of the manifold enemies of the Assad regime remains unclear. U.S. government sources told the news agency that two tank-landing ships, aircraft, and naval infantry forces have arrived in Syria in the past 24 hours, with the largest buildup occurring in Latakia, the northwest coastal province—ancestral home of the Assad family—which Islamist rebels have been fiercely contesting of late.
Russia, Reuters confirmed, is constructing a new airfield in Latakia, which would represent its second military installation in Syria after its decades-old naval supply base in Tartus, also its only warm-water port since the end of the Soviet Union.One U.S. intelligence official told The Daily Beast that Moscow likely has taken the decision to directly intervene in the 4½-year civil war after opposition gains, contrary to what Vladimir Putin told reporters last week—that any such talk was “premature.”
“Russia’s military involvement raises a number of concerns, especially because it does not appear to be coordinated with the other countries operating in the area,” the official said. “It is not clear what Russia intends to actually do. However, Russia has generally not exercised restraint in military confrontations.”

Post Script

This garbage goes on, more rumors and fabrications. Don’t bother to read it, it isn’t even interesting. I know what most Americans say, let Putin kill them all and bloody Erdogan’s nose in the process. It’s time we recognized that you can’t fight ISIS unless you can track them back to their bases in Turkey and bomb them there, perhaps using legal precedents established by Henry Kissinger to allow not only bombing but the US incursion into Cambodia in 1970.

If Putin were going into Syria, it would be to chase ISIS and al Nusra into Turkey where, as recent reports not well enough vetted, tell us hundreds are fleeing to each day, running from the reportedly “beaten” Syrian Army.


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