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By Katherine Frisk: 

In July I posted the article: Jesus Was A Palestinian. 

I did not expect the phenomenal response that I got. I thought it would slip in and out in a day. It didn’t. Viewership and likes kept it right up there!

In the article I wrote:

” There are many other examples I can give here, but that would turn this into a book, which is not my intention.”

One of the many comments I got was :

“I’ve enjoyed your contributions too, Katherine, and I wish you would turn it into a book. “

The book is now available from

This is a PREVIEW for the book:   Jesus Was A Palestinian.

 My hope as that this contribution, along with all the many others out there, the brave people in Independent Media who speak truth to power, will help to stop the madness. Below is an extract.


 Jesus Was A Palestinian. by Katherine Frisk. 

Introduction from

We do not “become” in isolation, we become in communion. We become by sharing and giving our knowledge, understanding and our insight and receiving the same in return. It has always been this way. We are the sum total of our life experience. Along the way many people contribute to who we are and our understanding of life, the universe and everything.

In 2011 I met a group of people on the Internet who had made it their life mission to tell the truth as best they understood it. All these people were involved in Independent Media in one way or another. In other words, journalism that was not bought and paid for by any vested interest, but journalism that made an attempt to be as truthful, as honest and as accurate as possible.

Some I agreed with, some I half agreed with and some I did not agree with at all. But that is the very nature of Independent media. A kaleidoscope of diversity with a smorgasbord of opinions. And the magic of it is that nothing is set in stone, it can change. You can change. The world as we saw it yesterday might very well not be the same way we view it tomorrow. Knowledge does that. It sharpens our focus and a shadowy form that once looked dark and sinister sometimes becomes a budding rose.

2011 saw the start of the “Arab Spring” that swept like a wild-fire across the Middle East. What began as an apparent spontaneous uprising of the people soon revealed itself to be a carefully designed and engineered “colour revolution,” a covert war that manipulated the population in order to redraw the map of North Africa and the Middle East.

Social engineering is the new foreign policy. It is based on “causes,” anything from corruption in government, electricity shortages, low wages, garbage disposal, where ever that particular nation has a weak spot, a fissure, where you can guarantee public support, there you will find NGO’s lurking in the background.

They come with a package. A catchy punch line, like the “orange revolution,” pamphlets to match, social media activists, highly emotive videos spread across the Internet, until the population of that country is worked up into such a frenzy that a coup and change of government is guaranteed. Their well schooled, bought and paid for “hero” politicians are waiting in the wings to take over and lead the country to a new dawn of freedom and democracy. But it is never that simple, it is war by another name.

Six nations were involved in this plot. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, Israel and The United States of America. These countries planned the strategy, provided the propaganda, organized the intelligence, funded the training of political activists and later fully armed the insurgents who by degrees went by the names of: The Muslim Brotherhood, The Rebels, Al-Qaeda, The Free Syrian Army, ISIS, ISIL and Daesh.

All these groups are connected to or affiliated with the extremist Wahhabi Sunni sect based in Saudi Arabia. The Wahhabi in turn gets support and funding from the Mujaheddin Foundations which have been run by Saudi King Salman.

The plan was to create a Greater Israel extending from the Nile to Euphrates river and a Wahhabi Caliphate resembling what once was the Ottoman Empire. This would effectively set all countries in the Middle East back one hundred years, politically and socially, to a fascist police state under Sharia law controlled by monarchies.

For a full breakdown on the political machinations that led up to and include the complicity between these countries in the destruction of Libya, Northern Iraq and later Syria, Kevin Borge’s blow-by-blow account at Global is well worth exploring: Syrian War-Islamic State (ISIS) Creation Timeline.

Egypt, Syria and Iran on the other hand, did not support Wahhabi extremist Sunni Islam. Unlike Saudi Arabia all three countries had religious tolerance between Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Torah Jews who do not support Zionism have always had good relations with Iran and there are more Jews living in Iran outside of Israel than in any other country.

Orthodox Christians, many of them descendants of the early Christians going back 2,000 years, are found in Israel, Egypt, Iraq and Syria. Not surprisingly one of the main targets for ISIL/ISIS in Iraq, Syria and Egypt were these Christian groups where they were persecuted, crucified, their churches burnt and their women and children raped and sold into slavery and prostitution.

Shiite Islam centered mainly in Iran and parts of Iraq and Syria is also a main target. Shiite Islam differs from Sunni Islam in that they believe in the return of the Mahdi, a direct descendant of Mohammed (PBUH) who will join with Jesus Christ and support Christians in the fight against the anti-Christ.

Four leaders stood in the way and were blocking the plan. Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, Hosni Mubarak in Egypt,Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran and Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Gaddafi was brutally murdered. Libya was bombed by NATO and the country’s infrastructure destroyed, setting it back one hundred years. No matter what your personal views of Gaddafi were, everything he had worked his entire life to achieve and build up for the people, was laid to waste within the space of six months. Libya became a failed state, a hive of criminal activity. Gun running, drug trafficking and human trafficking was the norm.

In Egypt Hosni Mubarak was deposed. The Muslim Brotherhood hi-jacked the Arab Spring movement and with the help of US funding, came to power only to be removed by the Egyptian military led by General Sisi.

The Muslin Brotherhood, when they were not burning down Orthodox Christian churches or blowing up ancient monuments, were planning to use the military to invade Syria and remove Assad; hand over the Sinai to Hamas (who much like Al-Qaeda which is a CIA organization, was started by Mossad to break up the Palestinian authority); and declare war on Ethiopia, a predominantly Orthodox Christian country. The Egyptians decided otherwise.

In Iran Ahmadinejad stepped down in 2013 and Hassan Rouhani was elected. The Israeli lobby in the United Kingdom and the United States failed to rally the support needed to bomb Iran or engineer a reason to do so in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Contrary to their expectations an International Nuclear agreement was signed in 2015 and all sanctions were lifted on the country.

In Syria Assad was not overthrown by the Arab Spring in a planned coup. The Syrian defense forces became deeply embroiled in a battle with what was sold to the public as the ”Free Syrian Army.” Contrary to opinion outside of the country, Assad had the support of the general population.

Due to repeated defeats and heavy losses in the FSA camp, the US called for a no fly zone which Russia vetoed in 2012. Nobody wanted to see the destruction that had taken place in Libya, courtesy of NATO, repeated a second time in Syria.

After the ploy of a no fly zone failed, another plot was devised, but that also failed miserably thanks to the Independent Media.

We were all shocked by the footage of children who had been gassed to death, their bodies sprawled across empty rooms, lined up on the floor of some empty building or laid out in rows encased in plastic along a footpath lined with trees. This footage was given prime time coverage on CNN.

At the same time Liveleak released a video of the so called “Free Syrian army,” abducting women and children from villages. This video went viral on social media but was never seen on CNN, BBC or Fox News.

James Corbett, a journalist dedicated to Independent Media, was the first person to interview Sister Agnes Miriam. She is a Palestinian nun living in Syria and was very familiar with the situation on the ground and the devastating effect that the war was having on the Syrian population.

The parents who had recently lost their children in this “Free Syrian Army” raid were able to identify them from the CNN footage. A very traumatic experience for all concerned which was never given any coverage in the Western Media. The Western Media was far more interested in plastering the front pages with headlines about the horror of Syria’s chemical weapons and that “Assad must go!”

More footage was released, which showed that the “Free Syrian Army” had gassed these children themselves. The Sarin Gas Attack was clearly a “false flag,” engineered by the FSA in order to blame Assad.

The overthrow of Assad was delayed for yet another year until ISIL/ISIS hit the headlines in shiny new Toyota trucks that burnt a road from hell through Syria and northern Iraq.

In October 2014 Serena Shim, a reporter from Press TV, broke the story that the new scourge of the Middle East, ISIL/ISIS, were being supported with arms, ammunition and new recruits through a supply line that was shipped through Turkey in NGO “World Food Organisation Trucks” across the border into Syria. A year later in 2015, again through Independent media, it was reported that President Erdogan’s son was buying and exporting oil from ISIL while his daughter was running a hospital for the insurgents.

I had been following Serena since the war broke out in 2011. Although she worked for a Main Stream Media outlet, her reporting and coverage of the story as it unfolded was free and independent. Her on the ground investigations turned out to be her death warrant.

Shortly before she died she did a personal interview with Press TV. She was clearly afraid for her life and wanted her testimony recorded. Serena had broken no law and had been true to her profession. Truthful, honest and accurate reporting from an eyewitness perspective. Shortly after the interview Serena Shim was killed in a head on collision with a cement mixer. Nobody believed it was an accident. Nobody ever will.

Before another year was up it became common knowledge that the ISIS/ISIL terrorists who had committed gross human rights violations against the populations of Iraq and Syria, now infamous for their beheading videos and their markets where they sold off abducted women and children into slavery and prostitution for as little as a packet of cigarettes, had been receiving funding and support from Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. They had also received training from the CIA in Jordan and were given medical assistance by Israel on the Golan heights where they were taken to Israeli hospitals.

By 2015 over 350,000 people had been killed in Syria, over 11 million displaced and hoards of refugees attempted to escape to Europe. The dead bodies of those who did not make it washed up on the beaches.

A photograph of the dead body of three-year old Aylan Kurdi lying face down on Ali Hoca Burnu beach near Bodrumspread like wildfire across the globe. Pepe Escobar summed it all up in an article published on Blowback on a NATO beach.” This is an extract:

We’ve had it coming when the “we’re the new OPEC” Bush administration invaded, occupied and destroyed Iraq – creating the set-up for the establishment of Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

We’ve had it coming when the Petraeus surge bribed Sunnis to half-heartedly fight Al-Qaeda in Iraq – which then took its time to reorganize in the heart of the desert, change its name to Islamic State and plot a comeback.

We’ve had it coming when NATO, enthusiastically “led” by London and Paris, and allied with hardcore Salafi-jihadis, set out to duly “liberate” Libya into a failed state-run by militias.

We’ve had it coming when the Obama administration, allied with the usual Persian Gulf monarchical lackeys, sold an Arab Spring myth to the world by encouraging “moderate” rebels to “liberate” Syria into a wasteland.

We’ve had it coming when US intelligence supported or at best “ignored” the jihadi free flow between Libya and Syria.

We’ve had it coming when the most powerful satellite surveillance system ever simply failed to detect a gleaming white Toyota column of the rebranded ISIS/ISIL/Daesh crossing the Syrian desert into Iraq to take over Mosul.

We’ve had it coming when ISIS/ISIL/Daesh – following a “willfill decision” taken in Washington – was allowed to tear Sykes-Picot to shreds, taking over large swathes of both Syria and Iraq by guile and terror tactics.

We’ve had it coming when ISIS/ISIL/Daesh took Kobani, in Syrian Kurdistan, just to be dislodged essentially by PKK/YPG Kurd militias, not by US bombing raids.

We’ve had it coming when ISIS/ISIL/Daesh gloated over its prowess by profiting not only from oil smuggling and a micromanaged theatre of cruelty – videotaped beheadings, the destruction of archeological pearls – but also wreaking havoc enough to vastly increase the numbers of an uncontainable refugee crisis.

Aylan was a Syrian Kurd fleeing from ISIS/ISIL/Daesh.

Wedged in the middle of all this horror were the Palestinians. The thousands of refugees in Syria who had fled their homes during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and the 1967 Six-Day War.

On the West bank Palestinian olive orchards had been cut down, homes bulldozed into rubble and Israeli illegal occupation had dispossessed many of their land.

In Gaza, the largest open air prison the world had ever seen, saw continuous bombing raids, the horror of which was ignored until the Independent Media supported by social media started to take a stand.

In 2012 I came across Harry Fear. He was the eyes and ears of Gaza, reporting 24 hours a day though video streaming on the Internet. He would often leave the stream open all night so that you could hear the drones and the air strikes for yourself.

For the first time the world got to see and hear what the situation was really like on the ground in real time before it was doctored by the Mainstream Media for presentation in the West. Needless to say the reality of the former and the propaganda of the latter were glaringly obvious.

By 2014 an army of keyboard warriors were behind the Palestinians from every corner of the globe. This time the world could not ignore the carnage, this time the United Nations would have to take action. Finally demonstrations were held in every major city and we all become Palestinians. Over 2,000 civilians were killed in that orgy of mindless destruction.

But… at the same time another genocide was being carried out in Donbass in Eastern Ukraine. The same snipers that had appeared in Damascus, shooting at demonstrators and police alike in order to turn peaceful protest into violent extremism, also appeared in Maiden in February 2014.

The same engineered “colour revolution” that had swept across the Middle East took a hold in Ukraine and was the covert hand behind the coup and overthrow of the elected government.

The result was a civil war between the eastern and the western parts of the country. Donetsk and Lugansk in Eastern Ukraine held a referendum in May of that year, an overwhelming majority voted for independence from Western Ukraine.

In response the newly appointed stooge, Petro Poroshenko, commonly referred to as “the chocolate king,” or “Porky” for short, sent in the tanks which were met by the Babushkas manning the road blocks to stop them. The situation then spiraled out of control with Grad rocket shelling raining down on the civilian population coming from the Kiev military.

The Junta was exacting the same carnage in Donbass that the drones and airstrikes were accomplishing in Gaza and the rise of that anomaly called ISIL was exacting with such barbaric precision in northern Iraq and across Syria.

In the United States VT, another Independent media outlet, covered all three wars. Syria, Gaza and Donbass. The truth is out there if you care to find it. VT was the first to expose the horror of the May 2014 Odessa massacre where Right-Wing Sector Nazis entered the Trade Union building and raped, murdered and burnt to death 46 Russian speaking Ukrainians and wounded 200 more.

While one pregnant women screamed as she was being abused and raped on the second floor of the building, crowds standing below chanted for someone to “Shut that bitch up!” She was eventually strangled with a telephone cord, her body bent over backwards across a desk. The next day a tasteless photo appeared in social media with the words “Momma got wacked.” This was the first of the many horrors that were soon to follow in the months ahead.

Yet another brave independent journalist stood up to the plate. Graham Phillips on the ground in Donetsk. Graham risked his life many times reporting from the front lines.

The Russians were not invading Ukraine contrary to the propaganda blasted in the West. It was up to the people of Donbass to take a stand and they did. A rag-tag militia was formed from volunteers. Coal miners, bakers, builders, truck drivers, university students, every sector of society, both male and female picked up a gun and in time an army was finally put together.

Graham also reported from behind the lines, interviewing the many civilians who had been reduced to living in old WW11 bomb shelters with little to no food and water. Many lost their homes, lost their families and often lost their limbs.

By the end of 2014 over 50,000 people had been killed in Donbass and over a million refugees had fled across the border into Russia. Donetsk and Lugansk fought bravely, they managed against all odds to retain their independence.

The world had been well prepared. The propaganda media in the West for the previous twenty years had built up a massive industry in literature, magazines, news reports and on the Internet towards the grand finale.

Armageddon and the End Times.

As a result most Westerners were frozen in the headlights waiting for the second coming and paid little if any attention to the lies that were being dished up to them and the atrocities that were being committed in the Libya, Iraq, Syria, the West Bank, Gaza and in Eastern Ukraine. The duplicitous propaganda of the so called “media” failed abysmally to live up to their profession. Truthful, honest and accurate reporting.

The Serena Shims of this world are the heroes of my time. Those who sacrifice their lives to tell the truth in order to save the lives of others. The list of dead journalists, often murdered in cold blood, is getting longer and longer as the years go by.

Micheal Hastings, Breitbart, Andrei Stenin, Anatoly Klyan, Igor Kornelyuk, Anton Voloshin, Andrea Rocchell, Vyacheslav Veremiy.

If there is a second coming I can promise you this.

Jesus is Palestinian.

But then again … we are all Palestinians now.

This was an extract from: Jesus Was A Palestinian.

Now Available on

Preview of Jesus Was A Palestinian.


Jesus Was A Palestinian is a critical analysis of the Bible set against the historical, archaeological and the political background of the Hebrew people both past and present, in the ever changing landscape of the Middle East.

Katherine Frisk explores the influence that the Egyptian, Babylonian and Persian Empires had on a people buffered between East and West. How their literature and religious beliefs were incorporated into the Biblical texts and the influence this had on the diversity of opinion within the promised land.

Two thousand years ago Palestine was beset by turmoil that tore the country apart. The acrimony between the Sadducees, Pharisees, Herodian Kings and the Roman Empire on the one hand and the Galileans, Samaritans and the Essenes on the other, divided a nation along political, religious and tribal lines.

The dawn of the 21st Century is a mirror image of the past where the original twelve tribes of Israel who were scattered have yet again been gathered into a boiling pot of human suffering. What was relevant two thousand years ago is relevant today.

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