Thomas Friedman Is Calling for a New World Order in Syria

"You know, Syria would probably benefit from a New World Order agenda. Creating sectarianism in the region is a good thing, even though it created literal chaos in Iraq. Most Americans won't notice that I lied."
“You know, Syria would probably benefit from a New World Order agenda. Creating sectarianism in the region is a good thing, even though it created literal chaos in Iraq from 2003 until this very day. Most Americans won’t notice that I lied. After all, we own them. Look at how we literally own people like Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, etc. Those women certainly cannot think on their own. Whenever we say ‘Jump,’ they always respond in unison, ‘How high?'”


…by Jonas E. Alexis


Flaming Zionist Thomas L. Friedman, who has said that his high school years were “one big celebration of Israel’s victory in the Six-Day War,” has proposed two alternative solutions to the Syrian refugees coming to Europe and elsewhere, but neither of which is reasonable or compatible with the political order and moral law. He said:

“If we’re honest, we have only two ways to halt this refugee flood, and we don’t want to choose either: build a wall and isolate these regions of disorder, or occupy them with boots on the ground, crush the bad guys and build a new order based on real citizenship, a vast project that would take two generations. We fool ourselves that there is a sustainable, easy third way: just keep taking more refugees or create ‘no-fly zones’ here or there.”[1]

Of course, Friedman knows pretty well that no Western country would want to adopt the former choice. So he is only given us only one option: Occupy Syria with boots on the ground, overthrow the Assad government, and replace it with Zionist whores, as NWO agents have done in Iraq and Libya. Why is Friedman so upset about Assad?

Well, Assad is not a Zionist puppet and pimp and does not seem to be manipulated by NWO agents like former Egyptian president Osni Mubarak. In fact, Assad has widely criticized the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and even Turkey, for their perpetual torture and mass murder in the Middle East. To counteract the New World Order, Assad initiated a “new era” in the Middle East, where Arabs and Muslims will cease to be manipulated by the ideological forces from the West (obviously Zionism and its offshoots).[2]

Assad, like Putin, dropped the political/religious bomb when he unflinchingly said that the Israeli regime

“tried to kill the principles of all religions with the same mentality in which they betrayed Jesus Christ and the same way they tried to betray and kill the Prophet Muhammad.”[3]

Assad condemns and repudiates anti-Semitism. But Assad maintains that Jews played a crucial role in the death of Christ, and “these are historical facts that we cannot deny.” This is indeed true, for even the Talmud agrees that Jewish leaders played a tremendously powerful role in the death of Christ. The Talmud says that Jesus was rightly executed for practicing sorcery and for leading Israel astray into idolatry.[4] Rabbinic scholars and writers over the centuries, including Maimonides, have agreed on this.

"Say that again? You want me to make an alliance with New World Order agents? I'm sorry. It ain't gonna happen."
“Say that again? You want me to make an alliance with New World Order agents? I’m sorry. It ain’t gonna happen. Now if you excuse me, I have to meet my buddy, Vladimir Putin, the guy who is trying make you taste your own medicine.”

Assad means business:

“‘Assad sees the rebuilding of Jewish Damascus in the context of preserving the secularism of Syria,’ said Josh Landis, director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. ‘This is an effort by the regime to show its seriousness and an olive branch to the Jewish community in America, which they have been wooing.’”[5]

But that of course means nothing to NWO agents because Assad made a big mistake by placing the essentially theological point on the table. Ever since, NWO agents have tried to destroy his government.

So, now we know why NWO agents like Friedman do not like Assad. Now we know why New World Order media and Satan worshipers such as the Wall Street Journal, the Atlantic, the Weekly Standard, Benjamin Weinthal, Noah Rothman, Daniel Greenfield, among others, would never stop blaming Assad for virtually every crime committed in the bloody conflict in Syria.[6] And Friedman is quite upset because the U.S. has not smoked Assad out yet.

For Friedman, the bad guys are not the Syrian rebels, the terrorist groups which the U.S. and Israel have supported for years.[7] The bad guy, Friedman reasons, is Bashar Al-Assad. Building his risible theory on the lie that Assad had used chemical weapons on his own people, Friedman asserted in 2013:

“Count me with the activists on the question of whether the United States should respond to the Syrian regime’s murder of some 1,400 civilians, more than 400 of them children, with poison gas. If there is no global response to this breaching of a universal taboo on using poison gas, the world will be a much more dangerous place. And only America can spearhead a credible response…”[8]

So, according to Friedman, a New World Order in Syria basically means that America “must lead”[9] the world into a bloody confrontation with Assad. And the best way to do this? Friedman postulated:

“Start with the fact that probably the only way to produce a unified, pluralistic, multi-sectarian Syria is for an international army to come in, take over the country, monopolize all weaponry and referee a long transition to consensual rule.”[10]

So, if you can create a “pluralistic, multi-sectarian Syria,” then NWO agents like Friedman can relax a bit precisely because people will not be able to fight the real forces behind the political mask, namely, Zionism, its creator and its offshoots. Julian Assange has not proved to be solely or completely reliable and, as some has argued, maybe be he is part of the system.

But in his recent publication, which has been endorsed by a wide range of noted people and magazines such as former Defense Secretary Bob Gates and the Guardian, he does point out that the United States has been doing exactly what Friedman has fleshed out above in places like Syria and Iraq. If Assange is wrong or if Wikileaks turns out to be complete fraud, then I have been fooled. Yet one cannot deny the fact that Wikileaks’ recent publication is quite consistent with other corroborating evidence. The publication declares:

“In the case of Syria, the cables [documents] show that regime change had been a longstanding goal of US policy; that the US promoted sectarianism in support of its regime-change policy, thus helping lay the foundation for the sectarian civil war and massive bloodshed that we see in Syria today; that key components of the Bush administration’s regime-change policy remained in place even as the Obama administration moved publicly toward a policy of engagement; and that the US government was much more interested in the Syrian government’s foreign policy, particularly its relationship with Iran, than in human rights inside Syria.

“A December 13, 2006 cable, ‘Influencing the SARG [Syrian government] in the End of 2006,’ indicates that, as far back as 2006—five years before ‘Arab Spring’ protests in Syria—destabilizing the Syrian government was a central motivation of US policy…The cable outlines strategies for destabilizing the Syrian government…

“This cable suggests that the US goal in December 2006 was to undermine the Syrian government by any available means [including lying, of course, as we saw when they blamed Assad for using chemical weapons], and that what mattered was whether US action would help destabilize the government, not what other impacts the action might have.

“In public the US was in favor of economic reform, but in private the US saw conflict between economic reform and ‘entrenched, corrupt forces’ as an ‘opportunity.’ In public, the US was opposed to ‘Islamist extremists’ everywhere; but in private it saw the ‘potential threat to the regime from the increasing presence of transiting Islamist extremists’ as an ‘opportunity’ that the US should take action to try to increase.

“[One US official by the name of William Roebuck] argued that the US should try to destabilize the Syrian government by coordinating more closely with Egypt and Saudi Arabia to fan sectarian tensions between Sunni and Shia, including by the promotion of ‘exaggerated’ fears of Shia proselytizing of Sunnis, and of concern about ‘the spread of Iranian influence’ in Syria in the form of mosque construction and business activity.

“By 2014, the sectarian Sunni-Shia character of the civil war in Syria was bemoaned in the United States as an unfortunate development. But in December 2006, the man heading the US embassy in Syria advocated in a cable to the secretary of state and the White House that the US government collaborate with Saudi Arabia and Egypt to promote sectarian conflict in Syria between Sunni and Shia as a means of destabilizing the Syrian government.

“At that time, no one in the US government could credibly have claimed innocence of the possible implications of such a policy….No one working for the US government on foreign policy at the time could have been unaware of the implications of promoting Sunni-Shia sectarianism.”[11]

The issue then got a little interesting here, most specifically when it comes to analyzing the current Syrian refugee crisis:

“It was easy to predict then that, while a strategy of promoting sectarian conflict in Syria might indeed help undermine the Syrian government, it could also help destroy Syrian society….

“So, while the sectarian character of the civil war in Syria is now publicly bemoaned in the West, it seems fair to say that in 2006 the US government foreign policy apparatus believed that promoting sectarianism in Syria was a good idea, which would foster ‘US interests’ by destabilizing the Syrian government.”[12]

And then this:

“Another theme that recurred I the 2006 cable focusing on Syria’s ‘vulnerabilities’ and how the US should try to exploit them was that the US should take actions to try to destabilize the Syrian government by provoking it to ‘overreact,’ both internally and externally.”[13]

Vincent Bugliosi says that the Bush administration did the same thing in Iraq. Once the administration realized that Saddam had zero weapons of mass destruction, then their last resort was to provoke the government.[14]

So, when Friedman starts talking about promoting “sectarianism” in Syria, then you know where the Bush administration got the concept in the first place: They got it from members of the Dreadful Few like Friedman. What is so sickening is that the Weekly Standard even blamed Assad in 2011 for creating “a sectarian conflict” in the region![15] It is like puppet Michelle Bachmann saying that Iraqis should reimburse Americans for the war in Iraq. Listen to this crazy woman:

“I believe that Iraq should reimburse the United States fully for the amount of money that we have spent to liberate these people…We should look to Iraq and Libya to reimburse us for part of what we have done to liberate these nations.”[16]

Give me a break! Has the intellectual caliber of the Republican Party sunk that low? It is really sad and disappointing. But it gets even really disappointing when you realize that this is typical.

For example, Charles Murray has recently written By the People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission, in which he complains ad nauseam that the American government is broken. This Neocon joker never once discussed the Iraq and Afghanistan war, which will cost us all at least six trillion dollars! Perhaps Murray needs to look at his own palace, The American Enterprise Institute, and realize that this Neocon think tank is an accomplice in promoting chaos in the Middle East, most specifically in Iraq, Iran and Syria.

Friedman, as we recall,supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq, writing that the establishment of a democratic state in the Middle East would force other countries in the region to liberalize and modernize.”

Friedman did not read Frankenstein properly. Once again, have we created a “pluralistic” society in Iraq? Well, according to one of the most popular writers in the New York Times, we have not. Pay close attention here:

“The Sunni jihadists, Baathists and tribal militiamen who have led the takeover of Mosul from the Iraqi government are not supporters of a democratic, pluralistic Iraq, the only Iraq we have any interest in abetting.

“And Iraq’s Shiite prime minister, Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, has proved himself not to be a friend of a democratic, pluralistic Iraq either. From Day 1, he has used his office to install Shiites in key security posts, drive out Sunni politicians and generals and direct money to Shiite communities.

“In a word, Maliki has been a total jerk. Besides being prime minister, he made himself acting minister of defense, minister of the interior and national security adviser, and his cronies also control the Central Bank and the Finance Ministry.”[17]

Guest who said those words? Thomas L. Friedman. But wait. It got even better. Friedman said last year:

“If there’s anything we should have learned from Iraq … it’s that we don’t know what the hell we’re doing…We thought, starting with Egypt, that the alternative to autocracy was democracy. And it’s turned out the alternative to autocracy in that part of the world has been disorder.”[18]

Now the same Friedman is advocating the same “pluralistic” and “multi-sectarian” ideology in Syria? He doesn’t know “what the hell” he is doing in Iraq, but he wants the United States to implement the same Zionist/Neocon/Neo-Bolshevik program in Syria! Is this man really that dumb? And does he really think that serious politicians like Vladimir Putin, whom Friedman has attacked on numerous occasions,[19] aren’t watching his geopolitical perversion here? Does he really want Putin to support his essentially Satanic ideology?

As we have repeatedly documented in the past, the war in Iraq will cost us at least six trillion dollars, but that doesn’t cause Friedman to have a second thought at all. Instead, he said when Russia invaded Ukraine:

“Ukraine matters — more than the war in Iraq against the Islamic State, a.k.a., ISIS…If Putin the Thug gets away with crushing Ukraine’s new democratic experiment and unilaterally redrawing the borders of Europe, every pro-Western country around Russia will be in danger.”[20]

What about Friedman the Thug, whose intended goals and principles are to overthrow the social and political order? Should he not be exposed to the world as an NWO agent and Satan worshiper?

Indeed. Friedman certainly reminds me of “the infernal Serpent” in John Milton’s Paradise Lost. That “infernal Serpent” embraces real chaos when he said to himself: “Evil, be thou my good!”[21] It also reminds me of what E. Michael Jones has said:

“The Jews, who have abandoned the light of reason, the Logos, have no control over their passion. They will live in the darkness of unreason and, as a result, pursue their desires without constraint.”[22]

"Oh, brother. Those Neocon punks never stop calling you names because you keep messing up their project. I appreciate that. You've got guts. God bless you!"
“Oh, brother. Those Neocon punks never stop calling you names because you keep messing up their project. I appreciate that. You’ve got guts. God bless you!”

Putin and other serious politicians have good reasons to dismiss NWO agents and their ministry of propaganda because they produce nothing but one lie after another.[23] Friedman himself should panic because the world is rapidly waking up from the Zionist dream. Much of the World can no longer be persuaded by cheap shots anymore. If you think this is false, then consider this.

The Nation has recently released an article entitled, “AIPAC Spent Millions of Dollars to Defeat the Iran Deal. Instead, It May Have Destroyed Itself.”[24] It said:

“It is hard to exaggerate the damage inflicted on AIPAC by the congressional defeat of its efforts to torpedo the Iran nuclear deal. It is not as if AIPAC won’t live to fight again, because it will, but this defeat has ruptured the status quo, possibly forever.

“AIPAC, and its cutout Citizens For A Nuclear Free Iran, reportedly budgeted upwards of $20 million for a campaign that included flooding the airwaves with television spots; buying full-page newspaper ads, arranging fly-ins of AIPAC members to Washington, organizing demonstrations at offices of AIPAC-friendly members of Congress who were believed to be wavering, and ensuring that problematic legislators were officially warned by precisely the right donor.

“Rank-and-file AIPAC members were largely irrelevant to the process. Money did the talking, and also the yelling and the cursing when necessary. As one congressional staffer put it to me, ‘Taking money from AIPAC is like getting a loan from the mob. You better not forget to pay it back. They walk into this office like they own it.’”[25]

Once again, President Obama has proven that he has done something good. As the Jewish Telegraphic Agency itself put it, he has won “a major victory” over AIPAC.[26] Benjamin Netanyahu has also been humiliated—miserably and pathetically. Remember how he went to Congress and desperately and preposterously tried to persuade the American people that Iran is a terrorist regime? Remember how he repeatedly said that making a deal with Iran is a bad thing?

Well, it turns out that the mad man in Tel Aviv has lost. Jeffrey Goldberg himself has recently declared,

“The Israeli prime minister mobilized the world to confront Tehran. But the world’s definition of success was not his… It is Netanyahu’s Manichaean worldview that moved him to make confronting Iran the cause of his life, and he succeeded beyond expectation in pressuring the international community to extract significant concessions from his foe.

“But it is this same black-and-white view of the world that kept Netanyahu from participating in the shaping of the final deal—to Israel’s detriment, alas—and this same worldview that prevented him from claiming victory, when victory was his.”[27]

Goldberg made a big mistake in saying that Netanyahu’s worldview is not Manichaean. It is not. It is Talmudic.[28] One of Netanyahu’s most admired rabbis was none other than Ovadiah Yosef, who postulated that Goyim are donkeys and were created to serve Jews.[29]

Be that as it may, Goldberg conceives the point that, under Obama, Netanyahu’s power over America is diminishing pretty rapidly. Virtually everyone is looking at Netanyahu as a complete idiot. (He is now likening the EU Settlement labeling plan to Nazi Germany.[30]) Had Bush or any so-called Republican president been at the White House at this present time, the Iran deal would have been in the trashcan of history a long time ago.

AIPAC and the Israeli regime, of course, will continue to fight until their last breath, but they know for certain that $20 million dollars were not enough to persuade the vast majority of Americans to reject the deal. They will need more money. They will need a better method to bribe and con the American people. Netanyahu will have to summon better sugar-coded lies and fabrications because old ones aren’t working.

In that sense, AIPAC and the Israeli regime know that they are vulnerable. As one reader put it to me a few weeks ago, if something can bleed, then it can be killed. One individual who has wounded the Zionist project over the past few years or so is Vladimir Putin. More recently, he commented that ISIS, not Assad, is the main cause behind the Syrian refugees:

“Of course, we know that there are different approaches to Syria. By the way, people are running away not from the regime of Bashar Assad, but from Islamic State, which seized large areas in Syria and Iraq, and are committing atrocities there. That is what they are escaping from

“They [IS] kill hundreds and thousands of people, burn them alive or drown them, cut off people’s heads. How are people supposed to live there? Of course, they run away.”[31]

Again, Putin is to be recommended for challenging NWO agents and Satan worshipers. As we shall see in the next article, he makes them think twice about propagating lies and fabrications. Remember how he single-handedly humiliated NWO agents when they propounded that Assad had used chemical weapons?[32] Remember how Moscow declared that the claim that Assad used chemical weapons was categorically false? Here was how Russian officials put it then:

“The data about Assad’s use of chemical weapons is fabricated by the same facility that made up the lies about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction.”[33]

Whether you admire Putin or not, we all can agree that, as Kevin Barrett put it, he has put the fear of God in the New World Order. And whether you think Putin is a dictator or not, former world heavy-weight champion Roy Jones Jr., whom Putin has recently given Russian citizenship, would certainly beg to differ.

We should all do our part in this cosmic war to defeat the enemy of truth and of all mankind. Let us use truth and reason and do our best to kill the Zionist/Neocon/Neo-Bolshevik beast. My good friend, Dr. Friedrich Toben, has emailed me this morning and said, “How on earth do you get all your stuff together like that? Surely, you have helpers?”

No, my brother. I don’t.[34] I spend countless hours every single day reading, researching and meticulously documenting every extraordinary claim I make.[35] I really believe that the best way to kill the Zionist/Neocon/Neo-Bolshevik beast that is sucking the life out of America and much of the West and the Middle East is to appeal to logic, reason, evidence, documents, and ultimately truth. The Neocon beast has no respect for truth, and those who are of the truth will ally themselves with it.

So, the Neocon beast needs to be wounded badly and then killed. But in order to do that, one must sacrifice time and energy. One must expose the beast for what it truly is, and one must love the truth and must be willing to follow it all the way to the end.

Only then can we win the ideological war. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn would cogently put it, “the lies will fall away, and that which is destined to be naked will be exposed as such to the world.”[36]

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