Iran Nuke Deal: The Big Split (Part II)



Note: In The Big Split Part I, it was claimed that a big split in the American group Mind was occurring as the Controlled Major Mass Media’s Big Lies, false-narratives, and USG propaganda were becoming exposed by the Alternative news on the Worldwide Internet. In this article, Part II, it will be claimed that this big split is spreading and has now engulfed the Israel-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Members of Congress resulting in sixteen of them jumping ship and bailing out on the Likudist Zios in order to protect their future political careers.

by Preston James

An unexpected major turn of events.

In a major turn of events that few expected, Sixteen Jewish Members of Congress (six US Senators and ten US Representatives) have now defected from their usual tribal unity in supporting Netanyahu’s Zionist Likudist Policies.

These sixteen have decided to back President Obama’s pioneering Agreement with Iran to allow them to develop nuclear power with no weapons capability.

The Agreement is rock solid and will prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, although most unbiased experts doubt that they ever wanted to do this.

The continuing Likudist Zio Agenda.

And it has been becoming more and more obvious that the Likudist Zio Agenda has been to provoke continuing Mideast chaos and wars and use American Troops and resources to fight them on Israel’s behalf, instead of Israel. In order to do this effectively it has been essential for the RKM to control the US Congress and Administration. This has been attained by the continuing and massive lobbying efforts of AIPAC which doles out incredible amounts of money, and other perks to Members of Congress in various creative ways who follow AIPAC’s wishes.

Many Americans are waking up to the true Zionist Agenda that has been imposed on the USG and America.


Those Americans that have now woken up to this twisted, sick reality are disgusted and tired of so many US soldiers coming back from Israel’s Mideast wars in body bags and shipping caskets or horribly wounded or disabled. It’s time Israel fight its own wars by itself and stop manipulating the USA as its surrogate warrior state.

America has been deeply infiltrated and hijacked by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM aka the City of London private Central Banksters) and has become its captive war machine. This parasitical and incredibly ugly RKM war machine disguised as America has been wreaking incredible havoc and death upon far over a million innocent civilians in the Mideast and for American Soldiers and their families.

Whole infrastructures of Mideast nations have been destroyed by this RKM run surrogate war machine that uses America to do its fighting and dying.

Twisted Zionist Policy enacted through an infiltrated and hijacked America.

This twisted Zionist Policy for Americans to engage in these unwinnable perpetual, illegal, unConstitutional, undeclared wars for Israel to bring big profits into the Zionist war machine is absolutely disgusting. Certainly it is one of the biggest deceptions and frauds ever imposed on the American people by a private foreign owned and operated Bankster regime, a regime that infiltrated and hijacked America beginning in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act.

Traditionally for those Members of Congress who are “players”, the RKM Bankster regime through AIPAC and the like has provided massive kickbacks, perks and all kinds of very lucrative “opportunities” including huge honorariums for silly nonsensical speeches and even offshore “set-aside allocations”.

Sixteen Tribal defectors now “get it”.

But now sixteen Jewish members of Congress have defected from their usual support for tribal policy. This defection is not only an historical first, but it signifies a coming end to the near complete hegemony that the Israel Zionists and the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) have exercised over the American Congress and the the US Administration.

We now know that the massive power and hegemony the Israeli Zionists have used to manipulate the US Congress and Administration has been provided by the ‘money power” of the private Rothschild Khazarian Mafia’s “for profit” monopoly manufacturing and distributing “money” and charging interest to use it. Obviously any nation’s citizens should be able to use their own money without having to pay interest or rent for doing so. This is a no-brainer, but most Americans have been so misled and brainwashed by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) an illegal News Monopoly (News Cartel) that they have no idea of this reality.

Pernicious usury charged to use what should be our own money is big theft, about 38-40% of our economy, and that’s a lot of stolen wealth.

Without this pernicious usury being charged to Americans for using what should have been their own money in the first place, most prices in the grocery store and in general would be lowered by approximately 38-40%, which is the cost we all pay as tribute to this unConstitutional, unAmerican private central banking Monster.

Who in their right mind would ever charge themselves interest to use their own money unless they were tricked and/or mind-kontrolled anyhow? Nobody that’s who.

And as each day passes it is becoming more and more evident that this RKM private central banking monopoly is now being eroded. Many of the World’s nations are participating in the building of massive financial firewalls against this RKM Bankster private central banking hegemony. Soon it will be doomed to the trash pile of history.

Why did the sixteen defect?

What could ever have caused these sixteen Jewish Members of Congress to jump ship and turn against Netanyahu and the Likudists, a certain tribal betrayal? Netanyahu and the Likudists are hard core Zionists and warmongers. As long as they can fight an enemy that cannot defend itself like the Palestinians who they have blockaded, or as long as they are able to continue using the American military to fight on their behalf as a surrogate army, they will continue to manipulate America to do so and will continue to provoke chaos, terror and wars in the Mideast and Africa.

As one insider (who prefers to remain unknown) stated, what’s happening now in Congress with these sixteen tribal defectors is exactly like rats jumping from a sinking ship and swimming to their own safety. These are the smarter Dual Citizen Zios in Congress. But they are also the most two-faced ones that know how to take care of themselves first even before Israel as most tribal members feel obligated to do. These folks swore an Oath of Office to place America first, but betrayed that oath soon after taking it due to their hardcore tribal loyalties.  This tribal loyalties quickly evaporated as soon as these sixteen sensed the RKM “tribal ship” was going to sink.

The turning point was Bibi Netanyahu’s absurd speech to Congress making a final plea to block the Iran Agreement. Everything he claimed was an obvious lie. And the RKM’s Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) the mouthpiece for the RKM Zios has been continually spouting absurd and blatant lies about how Iran is supposedly so close to completing development of nuclear weapons. This is known to be an obvious falsity based on International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors and military experts.

All the constant Likudist and CMMM jabber about Iran supporting Mideast Terror is complete B.S. and yet this RKM/CMMM/Zio propaganda machine continues unabated. Despite its desperate attempts to smother the airwaves with constant lies about Iran, they will not be able to stop the activation of this pioneering Agreement with Iran which will prevent another American war secretly being fought for Israel and the RKM.

Iran does not hate America
Iran does not hate America

Despite all this CMMM propaganda and Netanyahu’s incredible efforts to manipulate the US Congress to abort this Agreement with Iran, the Agreement is rock solid and is going to go forth. And many American and European manufacturers are now poised and highly motivated to start selling products to Iran which just happens to be a huge new market that will be opening up soon.

Iran has a lot of oil and this will provide a lot of revenue to buy American products like automobiles and especially pickup trucks.

Iranians love Americans and American products and their is a natural synergy that will quickly develop between these two nations, despite all the RKM lies and propaganda which wrongly claim Iranians are all terrorists and want to mass murder Americans and Israelis too.

These false accusations against Iran are one again “projection” the psychological mechanism of accusing one’s enemies of plotting to do to them what they secretly plan to do to that enemy. This is a key tribal trademark and one of the most salient characteristics of the RKM Zios, their Likudists and Israelis in general. Fortunately there is a growing number of reasonable Israelis that want peace with the Palestinians and are anti-Zio and anti-Likudist.

And in America this is true too, there has been a big split in the Jewish community with a substantial number of Jews now in full support of President Obama’s Iran Agreement, which when carefully considered is a brilliant way to prevent a major American war with Iran on behalf of the Israelis and the RKM.

The actual cause of this tribal defection.

The actual cause of this massive Jewish tribal defection in Congress lies in the true character (more accurately the lack of such) that these sixteen have and their current perceptions that the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia’s is losing its hegemony and control over America. You can bet that these sixteen believe that the RKM’s odds of continuing World Power and hegemony is quickly becoming less and less and that is why they jumped ship and are now pretending to put America’s welfare first.

These sixteen who defected from their usual tribal unity always supporting Netanyahu’s Likudist Zionist mandates could perhaps best be be described as “players”. A player is a person whose first true commitment is to oneself only, and when push comes to shove they will do whatever is necessary to promote their own welfare first over country, family or anyone or anything else.

It is quite obvious that Congress is loaded up with these kind of weak-charactered, self-serving types that who are willing to sell out America and commit treason if the “price is right”. How do we know that for sure?

AIPAC’s loyalty Oath to place Israel first even before one’s own nation the USA.

5568All one has to do is consider the incredible, almost unimaginable revelation from former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney who was voted out because she refused to sign AIPAC’s loyalty Oath to Congress which is what all newly elected Members of Congress are presented with. As far as we know Representative Walter Jones is the only sitting Member of Congress who refused to sign this Treasonous AIPAC Loyalty Oath to Israel and was able to be re-elected.

Representative James Trafficant refused to sign AIPAC Loyalty Oath to place Israel first and was later set up and falsely convicted and jailed on phony RKM trumped up charges by “the Tribe”. Later when he continued to speak out appears to have been murdered in a very strange highly improbably farm accident inside his barn.

They decided to save their political careers.

When faced with an obvious deterioration of the RKM/Likudist/World Zionist power base, these sixteen made the decision to save their political careers from the coming certain ruin were they to stay on board with the Likudists.

The bottom line is this, almost every single Member of Congress has signed the AIPAC Loyalty Oath to place Israel first even before America. This is obviously Treason and even Sedition. Why Sedition? Because Israel was the main party responsible for attacking America on 9-11-01 and is thus an unpunished enemy of America because of that.

Sadly most elected Members of Congress have little or no real character and are players, willing to sell America out for big money.

Just because these sixteen have jumped their tribal ship and now are pretending to be loyal Americans, don’t believe it for a second. Like almost every other sitting member of Congress, these folks are players and traitors and will always go where the prevailing winds dictate and where they believe the most money, power and status actually is.

And now the prevailing winds indicate that the RKM is going to be disassembled by the whole World that is ganging up on it. But it is now being delivered “correction” by some very crafty covert actions from a very powerful rising group within the American High Military Command. This group of “up and comers” is sick and tired of being dominated by the RKM Zios and wants them to receive payback for their controlling part in the attack on America on 9/11/01 that used stolen nukes. Their private motto is “never again”, no more 911s or USS Liberty false-flag attacks on America by the RKM and this group is well on their way to making sure their goal is attained.

Why is the RKM losing its grip on America right now?

The answer becomes obvious if one understands what this new group of “up and comers” in the US High Military Command is not RKM, Likudist, or Zio controlled, nor does it answer to the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) which has hijacked the CIA foreign covert actions under Bush1. We also know that the CIA has allied itself with the Fourth Reich (DVD) and both serve and are subservient to the RKM.

This group now knows for certain that Israel did 9/11/01 with the help of traitors in the JCS, USAF, NORAD and the Administration including the PNACers, Top NeoCons and numerous Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors. And they also know that it is time to boot out the RKM private central Banksters and take America back for Americans and time for all Americans to stop paying interest to use what should have been their own money in the first place. They understand this necessary change will immediately boost the economy by 38-40%.

But this group also believes that all so-called Free-trade Agreements are null and void because they all blatantly violate the US Constitution and have harmed US sovereignty. They are planning on cancelling them and replacing them with Fair Trade Agreements that establish trading parity and will protect American jobs to the point that industrial manufacturing will once again thrive in America and there will be plenty of good job opportunities, enough so to provide a livable wage for all willing American workers in all stations of life.

This group wants payback for the RKM attack on America on 9/11/01 and the attack on the USS Liberty Ship on 6/8/67     and you are now beginning to see their covert hand played out. You will see more and more more of these efforts, albeit seemingly subtle. But actually these operations will bring results in the days, weeks and months to come to bring justice to the perps who did the 9/11/01 attack on America. And as the RKM Tribal Ship begins to sink, watch more and more rats defect to save their political careers and pretend they are loyal Americans.

You will know that victory over the RKM/Zio Tribal System of extreme parasitism on the World is near when the CMMM News Cartel is broken up and the Federal Reserve System is cancelled and a new US Bank owned by We The People emerges to replace it. This new US Bank will not be charging Americans interest to use money because it will actually be their own, not owned by some foreign based private RKM Zio Bankster or his “bloodline family”.

When the PNACers and top NeoCons attacked America on 9/11/01 they were going for broke, creating a new Pearl Harbor as a catalyzing event to motivate and drive Americans to support more and more Mideast wars and empire building for the RKM Banksters and its main action agent and safe haven to Zios, Israel.

Will the real Hebrews stand up and identify themselves?

More and more of the World is now finding out that recent peer reviewed genetic studies show that about 80% of Palestinians have ancient Hebrew blood and are actually true Semites, while the same study shows that about 97.5% of Israelis who define themselves as Jewish have no ancient Hebrew blood at all but have roots from East Europe mostly Khazaria and are not true Semites at all.

Actually these 97.5% are true Goyim themselves, can you imagine that, horror of horrors? This is the ultimate secret of Judaism that if ever understood by Judaics would unlock the mind-kontrol which keeps them captives and servants of the RKM Zionists. Yes, this is a hidden secret truth so horrible that few Judaics or hardcore Zios would ever even consider because the facts actually lead directly to this necessary conclusion.

The tribe of Judah was only one of the twelve tribes and the terms “Jew” or “Jewish” never appeared until 700 AD and not in common use until about 1400 AD. The story of how the descriptive term Hebrew was discarded and replaced by the Khazarian term Jewish for Khazarians and Ashkenazis who have no ancient Hebrew blood like the Sephardics who are actual Hebrews is a very interesting story indeed.

The so-called Jewish race has been artificially and very craftily created by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) in Europe and set up in Israel to serve as its own personal mind-kontrolled servant in an RKM safe Haven. The RKM paid for the construction of the pure High Freemason styled Knesset and there is a plaque on the wall that states such. If the Israelis ever wake up and realize the RKM has mind-kontrolled them and is using them for their own gain, and have set them up to be disposable scapegoats, they are going to be quite dismayed.

If Judaics are ever able to become fully informed about how the RKM has played them, they will then understand how they have been played and then rewarded while being used to serve the RKM Zionist NWO Globalist Agenda. They will also learn that the RKM has set them up to be targeted by the whole world for their “sins” fomenting chaos, war, destruction and extremism on behalf of their hidden master the RKM Banksters.

The immigration crisis

And now we have the immigration crisis in Europe caused by ISIS/ISIL/Daish attacking innocent civilians and murdering them in Syria. These civilians are fleeing for their lives but some have been mysteriously financed to do so. This whole phenomena is of course Israel’s revenge on Europe for their growing boycott of Israel over Palestinian Apartheid. It shows the amount of control that Israel has been able to exercise over a private mercenary war machine backed by the CIA (BCC) and paid for by American taxpayers. The Likudist think on this is as follows: we are going to get you to be fed up with these Arabic Islamics by migrating them in mass to overrun your countries.

As the World closes in on the RKM, this kind of perverted hijacking of nations like that which was done to the UK first and then America, and then many other nations is likely coming to a close. Most European nations are now in the process of cutting lose from RKM Zio infiltration and control and Palestinian Apartheid has been the catalyst for this major shift. It is unlikely that the RKM private Bankster Central FIAT Banking System will be able to survive. Once this parasitical source of worldwide debt slavery goes extinct, the World will be a much better place, free of a very large and evil parasite upon all mankind.



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