Biggest Threat to US National Security


by  Preston James

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America is now plagued by an Establishment controlled National Security Apparatus which itself is our current biggest threat to National Security.

Yes, the biggest current threat to our real US National Security is from the Establishment itself: the network of Establishment controlled institutions and agencies that claim their main function is to protect US National Security.

The Result? These Establishment controlled USG Agencies now seem to almost continually invoke “National Security” as cover for their dark sins against America to advance the secret Establishment Agenda for Total Domination.

2-303x320We now know for certain that the Establishment and its National Security Apparatus has become the true enemy within our gates and together now comprises the greatest threat to our true National Security that has ever existed.

And yes, this almost constant invocation of “National Security” by these Establishment controlled Agencies of Government is duplicitous beyond imagination and based on nothing but bribed, human compromised and blackmailed USG Officials and Elected Politicians who betray America daily and as a way of life.

And is it quite clear that this out of control Establishment run National Security State is creating all kinds of dangers for America by staging and provoking Terrorism and Wars of Aggression.

Is the Establishment trying right now to provoke Russia and China into a nuclear WW3? Do the Establishments Top Policy-makers think they can just stay in their Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) while the nukes fly and then come out later? Do they see such a major nuclear war to be quite necessary in order to provide cover for what seems to be an almost certain coming Worldwide collapse of their FIAT pernicious usury money manufacturing and distribution system?

How has the Establishment been able to get away with such massive asset stripping of the American People and so much of the World?

We now know for certain that the Establishment Top Policy-makers use USG agencies, the US Military and American Intel to protect themselves while they continue unabated to asset strip enormous amounts of money from We The People and the World. As they do this they reward their Cutouts with anointed riches, power and prestige given in return for going along with the establishment’s self-serving “System of Evil”.

The Establishment itself has been able to create the American National Security State piece by piece using illegal, unConstitutional, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual foreign wars, the War on Drugs, and their own engineered and deployed Terrorism such what they did to America on 9-11-01.

The Establishment has used these foreign wars and internal catastrophes that they engineered and deployed themselves as excuses to create their National Security State and piece by piece and to fully empower it.

By using their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) to broadcast the lies necessary to create mass fear in the American Subconscious Mind, the Establishment has been able to motivate the American people to support these foreign wars that are clearly illegal and unConstitutional, wars we know are also crimes against humanity and technically major mass-murder and in some cases genocide.

Thus the Establishment has been able to use the Terror they engineered and deployed such as on 9-11-01 to serve as an excuse to set up the World’s largest, most expensive Secret Police State Agency in America, DHS.

And DHS is designed to serve their own needs and to be deployed against the American Masses if We The People ever start seriously challenging the Establishment’s illegitimate power and try to take back their Republic from the foreign Bankster invaders and enemies within the Gates of America.

enemy-of-the-state1Yes, it is important to realize that the Establishment has built up a huge National Security state not just to establish control over the whole world on their own behalf and create access for their associated corporations to be able to cheaply asset strip natural resources of the nations they attack.

But they have also done this to provide a means which can be rapidly deployed to keep the America people under control and prevent any spontaneous populism to emerge in mass if We The People wake up and get serious about taking their Republic back.

So now we find that the Establishment’s National Security State is now comprised of numerous interlocked, coordinated Intel Agencies and a large internal police state army called Homeland Security (DHS). DHS was fashioned right out of the East German Stasi playbook by Marcus Wolfe, the former head of the East German Stasi. It’s a fact he was hired as a consultant to help set up DHS two years before he mysteriously died.

For the most part, the establishment’s National Security Apparatus and the Establishment itself is one big RICO criminal enterprise that should be fully prosecuted. This means every single Top Policy-maker should be indicted, prosecuted, convicted and sentenced appropriately for numerous crimes including RICO, mas-murder, murder, terrorism, bribery, human compromise, etc.

6a00d83451b7a769e2019b006fbf21970c-320wiNot only is Homeland Security a large RICO criminal enterprise, but is it clearly unConstitutional because it is being run by Traitors who serve a foreign power and were responsible for attacking America on 9-11-01 and covering it up.

Thus we have the incredibly serious situation where those who are supposed to be responsible for protecting US National Security at home (what they claim is their main reason to exist) actually attacked America on 9-11-01 and are there only to keep the American People from ever taking their country back from these foreign based traitors and invader.

DHS is being run by individuals who are clearly enemies of America inside the Gates of America and are folks who have committed Treason against America as well as numerous other quite serious capital crimes.

And we now know for certain beyond any shadow of reasonable doubt that this US National Security State aka “the Establishment” is actually working hard to destroy US Sovereignty, export most heavy industry and manufacturing jobs, and reduce America to a third-world style nation with no middle class and no chance for We The People to ever take back control of their Republic.

DHSFEAR1How did this extreme aberration of everything America was based on by our Founding Fathers ever come about? What sinister force neutralized the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and virtually eliminated the Common Law and Common Law Courts that America was based on?

The answer to this all important question lies in the City of London Financial System that infiltrated America in 1913 and eventually completely hijacked it. Yes, this sinister transformation which has now perverted almost everything our Founding fathers stood for has been initiated through the Babylonian Talmudic private “for profit” banking system, and it has been done by stealth illegally and unConstitutionally, first infiltrating America in 1913 and eventually buying up, owning and controlling all elected officials and thus being able to exert control over the major institutions of government.

How do we know for sure that this hijacking of America by stealth was illegal? Because it involved bribing, compromising, or blackmailing Members of Congress, many governmental officials and the US President in abject secrecy and by public deception. This is all grossly illegal, constituting major secret felonies, now classifiable as major RICO crime. But it also completely violated the US Constitution by allowing a foreign group of occult Banksters from the City of London to hijack our money manufacturing and distribution system and charge pernicious usury to Americans for using what should have been their own money in the first place and circulated at no interest. And any elected official that took the Banksters’ money committed serious felonies.

Allowing foreign based Banksters to seize our money manufacturing and distribution system and charge us all pernicious usury for using what should have been our own money has had incredible, unimaginably sinister repercussions for America and all Americans. And those that helped accomplish this sinister evil in secret clearly committed Treason for helping a foreign enemy.

This Treason has allowed this foreign based group of Banksters to buy up and bribe almost every single elected politicians and most government officials in order to construct their own new Evil Establishment inside America, piece by piece. Once completed the Establishment they constructed has become transformed into a huge National Security State specialized in manufacturing terrorism, war and chaos to make massive profits. And this National Security State has invoked secrecy to cover up these incredibly evil sins and their perpetual need for all their engineered and provoked wars all over the World.

6corps-320x316It is important to understand that 1933 was a critical turning point for America. During 1933 FDR secretly declared the USA bankrupt and placed it in receivership to the City of London Banksters using American labor, land and resources as repossessed collateral. But to do this FDR had to first declare the USA to be in a State of National Emergency, which technically suspended the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and this was kept secret from the American masses.

Ever since FDR, one of the first things every elected President has done is to make a Presidential Decision Directive (PDD), aka “Executive Order” renewing the Declaration of that the USA is in a continuing state of National Emergency.

This Emergency Declaration provides a flimsy illegal and unConstitutional rationale for the Establishment (disguised as the USG) to continue trashing the US Constitution, common law and the God given and common law rights of all Americans by invoking “National Security”. When the USG invokes “National Security” what this really means is that the Top Policy-makers who pull the strings of government and “hide behind the curtain” are using national Security rights and privileges to protect their own personal security and private financial interests. They only care about making America strong in so far as that power can be turned on the American people to assure their continued power and dominance over the masses.

Did the DC Regime incorporate in 1871 in secret, and have we all be deceived, duped and railroaded?

For many years there have been some experts that have argued that the DC regime incorporated in 1871 and created a second Federal Government which began to utilize Maritime Law Courts instead of Common Law Courts and this is indicated by the use of gold fringed US Flags instead of the proper non-fringed US Flag.

These researchers have also argued that the US legal system was hijacked by the City of London and became franchised and licensed under Barrister standards of England (now the UK). These researchers cite the use of Esquire titles after the name of attorneys when they become licensed in their states where they practice. And as we know any foreign or nobility title is prohibited by the US Constitution, so we know at a minimum this is unConstitutional. These researchers also cite the fact that legal documents require the use of your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS which presents you as the fictional DC citizen, bringing you under the jurisdiction of the United States of America Incorporated and City of London based UCC Law.

Yes, some of these same researchers claim that the UCC system that is now considered an important part of US Law was part of the City of London legal system imposed on America. Some of these researchers also claim that the US Federal Government, best described as the DC or Establishment Regime has completely overstepped their Constitutional bounds and have deeply infringed against States Rights as guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment, having no jurisdiction or right  to have anything to do with law enforcement in any state or to be able to even own land. The Feds have the legal right to regulate some interstate commerce and foreign trade imports, but that’s it.

Common Law Courts and most Common law is now being ignored despite its actual continuing validity.

It’s a fact that in most states the actual legal requirement for a drivers license exists only if you are transporting yourself, a passenger or a load commercially, that is for business in exchange for payment. But try getting a judge to acknowledge this. Yet, there are some rare cases where this defense has worked in court and I know of one personally which occurred. But for the most part the whole US legal system is subordinate to the City of London legal system which was set up to support and maintain the hegemony of the Babylonian Talmudic private FIAT Central Banksters who have their own completely unAmerican secret agenda which is evil beyond imagination.

Now, what I do know for sure is that any serious investigation of these matters of a fictional DC citizenship, the Incorporation of the DC Regime and the Establishment as a Corporation is going to be difficult because these matters are cloaked in utmost secrecy. Getting any top USG officials to admit this is about as probable as getting top Officers in the private Federal Reserve System admitting that they are running the World’s biggest pernicious usury Ponzi scheme designed to create massive debt slavery all over the World and to asset strip all Americans of everything they ever worked for. And sadly most who serve this system and are even part of it do not even know these facts about it, but really don’t want to know either because they have important lucrative vested interests to maintain.

What we can ascertain for certain that the Establishment has attained a notable arrogance in their numerous continuing frauds upon We The People. This is likely due to their long track record of success fleecing the American People and mind-kontrolling them in mass. This mass mind-kontrol of the American people has been perhaps their biggest success and has been made possible by buying up, consolidating and gaining control over the American Major Mass Media through six Mass Media Cutouts, best referred to as Mass Media Moguls.

In America the Mass media is consolidated and actually functions as a News Cartel, a true illegal Media Monopoly.

Each of these Mass media Moguls is subordinate to a large Corporation disguised as an investment institution and receives their required Establishment “talking points” each day in secret from what is best described as a private Intel institution set up to serve the Establishment, that is, the American National Security State.

Consider how over 50 years of the Establishments deployment of their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) including Television and Broadcast Radio has been able to effectively mind-kontrol the American Masses to create an artificial reality which is just about opposite of what is really true.

The result, most folks believing blatant big USG lies, false-narratives and propaganda which has been dispensed and talking points from the Establishment’s Top Policy-Makers.

The Ruling Establishment has basically transformed almost every USG power into the hands of private corporate contractors.

This privatization of most USG function thus fulfills the true definition of Fascism proposed by Mussolini when he claimed it was the merger of the Corporation and the state, or the corporatization of the state. This has allowed complete deniability for the USG officials which serve as puppets and cutouts for the Establishment, creating distance between them and the incredibly evil corporate acts.

The US Military has been transformed from a draft (required service) system what is really functioning as a private mercenary army. But most of the wars are started by the Establishment’s private terror groups and mercenaries who are either victims of long term sophisticated mind-kontrol or paid huge salaries to serve as functional sociopaths.

Because the CMMM is totally controlled by the Establishment, it is no problem to make sure the truth is never broadcast on the Major Mass Media while their own Big USG Lies, false-narratives and propaganda is. It is no wonder it is taking so long for the American people to wake up from their CMMM mind-kontrolled stupor. It’s a sad fact that sophisticated mind-kontrol including ultra high-tech psychotronics as well as Hollywoodism (cultural mind-kontrol) has pretty much enslaved the American mass mind. The good news is that this mind-lock is now being broken by the Worldwide Internet.

Most if not all major Urban Police Departments have been infiltrated and compromised.

All major police departments have a powerful CIA rep in a highest advisory position who covers up and suppresses all pedophile, all sex trafficking, all CIA/Mossad/DEA illegal drug trafficking and all Satanic cult crimes because all these groups have all been officially but secretly deputized as agents of National Security. This is also true for each Major Mass Media institution which has some high level adviser or entity which participates in all thee Establishment cover-ups.

High level Establishment policy-makers view human trafficking as well as Satanic Cult activities and crimes as essential parts of the criminal subculture and believes it must run cover for these evil entities in order to maintain control over the underworld which they believe is necessary for them to maintain complete control over all levels of society.

Plus these occult entities serve as a completely deniable means to do their dirty work and criminal deeds to serve their own needs. All major criminal cover-ups are actually based on the criminal invocation of national security to protect the secret deeply evil Establishment Agenda.

The situation is NOT hopeless.

Johannes Gutenberg, the man that set off the first Worldwide information revolution. Gutenberg started experimenting with arrange-able type in the early 1430’s and his Gutenberg Printing Press later spread throughout the World, making it possible to reproduce information at a rapid rate. This was never before possible and was a truly revolutionary invention.

Now if you think we are in a deadlocked, hopeless situation where We The People are all trapped on a runaway freight train to destruction, guess again. There is a new Wild Card which is shaking the Establishment to its foundation and which now directly threatens it continuing power. That is the Worldwide Internet, the World’s new Gutenberg Press.

And the the true power of information is now being unleashed on the World and inside America for the first time on the Internet. And many Internet users are becoming so sophisticated in knowledge of basic historical, social and economic facts that they are able to sort out the truth nuggets from the morass of shill and sock puppet provides lies, false-narratives, propaganda and bad payloads that often accompany limited hangout dispensations of truth.

A new but secret populism is now erupting in the US High Military Command and various sectors of Intel.

But there is even more that has spontaneously erupted which poses a great threat to the hubris and hegemony of the Establishment’s National Security State. That is the new Populism that is spontaneously emerging within the new US High Military Command and various sectors of American Intel. Although deeply shrouded in secrecy, this is actually now becoming a tidal wave of populism and is nearing critical mass turning point.

If you doubt this is true just consider what has happened with the Iran P5+1 Nuclear Power Agreement. The US Administration has now been driven into this reasonable position and sixteen Jewish members of Congress (six Senators and ten Representatives) have decided to support the Agreement along with President Obama.

This P5+1 Iran Agreement can serve as a block to more war in the Mideast and will likely open up a great deal of new trade and business opportunity for Americans with Iran. he Agreement is also likely to deeply erode the illegitimate power of the City of London and their Likudist Cutouts and that is why the Establishment which is ultimately controlled  by the City of London and the Likudist Zionists have fought so hard against this Agreement.

The true origin for the New Iran Nuclear Power Agreement remains a mystery.

At present it is a shrouded mystery where the true origin for this current impetus for the American high Military Command and the US Administration originated from. A best guess based on the spotty information that has leaked out is that there is a new group of quite powerful Intel Representatives from numerous nations who form some type of Earth Coalition who gained much of their power from managing the handling of Alien ET matters. These are the folks who are now responsible for various Secret Space War programs and seem to have an Agenda which is pro-human and anti-corruption.


Stay tuned, things are going to get very, very interesting as the whole World continues to build a financial firewall against the phony Counterfeit US Dollar which is no longer backed by any Gold and Silver but only by the flim-flam antics of the City of London Banksters. These Banksters specialize in making money from nothing at the expense and debt-slavery of everyone else. Soon it is expected that the US Petro Dollar will slowly fade into the woodwork and will eventually cease to function as the World’s Reserve Currency.

Basically it has come down to this. The rest of the World is sick and tired of being manipulated economically by the City of London private central FIAT Banking System, where they can create as much money at anytime as they desire and charge interest for its use by those who continue to use it. Without the Establishment’s massive military might backing up this World’s biggest Ponzi scheme, the US Petro Dollar would have never gained such hegemony for the Banksters. But now as the US Petro Dollar weakens, the Establishment’s military might also is weakening.

And the next time you go to the grocery store, just imagine how much further your money would go without the private Federal Reserve System charging us to use what should be our own money. Imagine the feeling of instantly having your grocery bill reduced by 38-40%, down to what it should be without having to pay interest to a foreign Bankster system run out of the City of London.


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Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.