Game Over Europe: Color Revolution is Coming


[ Editor’s note: Konrad Stachnio brings us a grownup’s overview of what is happening in Europe today, as he nails the refugee surge as a color revolution. We know from our own Intel that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding Turkey being used as a springboard for the flood of refugees. Why would Turkey agree to that, you ask?

We just saw, with her recent visit, Merkel representing herself as the de facto Czar of Europe. Turkey gets a designated $3 billion to organize the refugees while keeping them in Turkey, which provides a pool of insurgent cannon fodder to fight in Syria as needed — peace settlement or not.

And then, Merkel agreed to fast track Turkish EU membership and make available quick visas into the EU. We can expect to see Turkish passports becoming a land-office business to Syrian refugees, so they can be used for the quick visas.

Conrad also touches on one of the key items never published in the corporate press that, in these war-torn countries, there is no computer confirmation on a passport being real. Ah… this is just a bit of a security problem because if you were a Jihadi, this is made to order for you. Passport falsification can’t easily be determined.

Where do you think the pro-mass immigration people will side on whether to accept people with unconfirmable ID’s? How long do you think it could take for some of these African countries to sell confirmations for the right price?

We will, of course, see opposition to the flood of immigrants being smeared as hate and prejudice. For secret Intel psyops people, burning down a half dozen refugee centers is a child’s play, as is the usual graffiti. The Jihadis themselves will do this just to prove that the EU is filled with hate, which serves to radicalize immigrants who did not come in as part of the subversion plan but got sucked into it anyway.

Two entirely orchestrated groups will be set upon each other, where the states will then enact “emergency measures” that will restrict nonviolent opposition with new laws that have an ambiguous “intent” aspect tied into them.

Some of these countries can already put you in jail for five years for publicly disagreeing with official WWII narrative, something the historical archives indicate was lied about whenever a country saw a need or benefit.

This is all orchestrated by the merchants of chaos, and they are not done with us by a long shot. As for EU security people doing anything to stop this, that is a one in a hundred shot. As long as their paychecks don’t bounce, they will serve the emerging subversive regimes without batting an eyeJim W. Dean

– First published  …  October 7, 2015 –

by Konrad Stachnio, New Eastern Outlook Moscow

“Censorship of the media, preventive action of the police and law in Europe increasingly forbids criticism of the so-called issue of refugees. Any criticism of aggressive Islam in Europe will be threatening ‘democracy and European values’ on which the EU was built.” Konrad Stachnio

Every time I see the old, good George Soros saying something about democracy and European values, I know that something is going to happen. This way the case of Ukraine, when George argued that democracy is the most important and when he says that European values are most important and that is why we must accept a million refugees every year.

How will it end? Probably as usual: fires, riots, overthrowing governments, and total destabilization in Europe, more or less as it ended up recently in Ukraine.

However, this time, ‘democracy’ and European values are installed on a much wider scale and by pretty determined are going to bring a ‘colour revolution’ from the Middle East to the heart of dying Europe.

So far, in all the countries where ‘colour revolutions’ were carried out, it was all about overthrowing governments under the pretext of the introduction of ‘democracy’. This time it will be different: Islamic fundamentalists, flowing into the old continent will overthrow Europe in the name of the fight against ‘democracy’.

And no one even tries to hide it, just listen to what the Islamists openly postulated in their speeches. In the end, what’s the difference? The old order will be replaced by new one. Only a pretext will change: ‘democracy’ will be replaced by Sharia law.

This time, social engineering à la Soros, and the company goes much further. There are no longer any local states where governments are overthrown and puppets are installed as in Ukraine. Now it comes to the whole Europe, in which the future social changes are installed by using the incoming waves of refugees. Whether taking refugees in accordance with the will of the Soros makes sense can be explained to us in this short video.

Such a course of events, euphemistically speaking, will lead to increasing tensions in Europe on ethnic, economic, and religious backgrounds. However, can we somehow co-exist with each other despite cultural differences?

Statement of Imam Choudary

Statement of Imam Choudary doesn’t leave a lot of illusions to this issue. That was the question asked by Maciej Woroch form the editorial to Imam, Anjem Choudary from the UK. “Is keeping away from ourselves and deepening conflict the only choice for coexistence?”

“No, it’s not a question of whether we will disturb you. One day, sharia law will be introduced in Poland because we believe that we should remove all oppressive regimes. If you are ruled by someone other than Allah, it is a form of oppression. Thanks to our policy, your regime will be removed.”

Although people in Europe still assume that they can accept something or not. Imam puts this issue quite clearly, “This is not a question of whether we will disturb you.”

Europe was caught in a trap of ‘European values’ and liberal democracy. Soros’ response to the Orbán plan was that this plan “is a threat to the European Union due to rejection of the values on which it was built and rights which should govern it.”

However, is the pillar of Europe also the mindless acceptance of everything and everyone, regardless of the real threat coming from Islamic fundamentalists coming to Europe from ISIS?

Liberal and democratic Europe, of which Soros talks about can’t say ‘no’ to refugees because it is a “rejection of the values on which it was built and rights, which should govern it.”

On the other hand, every more astute observer sees the cake which Europe is so profusely offered is thoroughly poisoned. Poisoned with Islamic fundamentalists hidden in it.

Although the cause of death of Europe can even be the same amount of cake (even without Islamic fundamentalists) in the form of immigrants. Police ‘no go’ zones in Sweden prove it. Add to that, new waves of refugees trained by ISIS fighters, setting up its structures in Europe and we have a picture that some time ago has already been described by Jacques Attali, an adviser to the United Nations.

Europe will be so destabilized that “The civilian population will be caught between two lines of fire. As it was already mentioned, at this pace, it’s not tomorrow’s Africa which will one day resemble today’s West, but the West will resemble contemporary Africa.”

Coincidence? I do not think so.

It is not a question of whether to help refugees or not. Every thinking person knows that you need to help people in need. What is currently happening in Europe, it is not any help to refugees, but installing the ‘colour revolution’ in Europe by refugees. It will lead to a widening conflict, terrorism, and destabilization in Europe.


When trained, equipped with weapons and well-organized Islamic terrorists will come to Europe, Europe will be completely helpless. There will be riots, disputes, murders, and demonstrations, that is, the so-called ‘colour revolution’ on a European scale. In a word, a repeat of Ukraine. And who will bear the blame for it? Of course Putin. In Poland, I already hear media voices that Putin has created ISIS to conquer Europe.

The Islamists themselves know the principles of liberal democracy and European values, and they know quite well how to use them for their own purposes.

“In Poland, you have governments of liberal democracy and there are no strong patterns or models. In your country, all results from the separation between Allah and the state. All these economic temptations, such as alcohol, pornography, gambling, and even prostitution have become a lucrative business venture and it uses the instinct of procreation. Islam removes these problems and then there will be enough money for procreation, health, and all the rest. Now you live in a system-oriented for exploiting the human. The only way to survive on this planet will be to make it all illegal. The introduction of Islam and Sharia.”

Therefore, it seems that liberal democracy is going to self-destruct. After installing more Islamists in Europe, the same liberal and democratic Europe will be liquidated by the followers of Allah as a synonym for ‘regime’.

The period of prosperity and relative complacency is over. The period of relative peace and viewing the war from its European television screens. Now the ‘democracy’ from the Middle East came to the very Europeans: to their streets, the shops and houses. This ‘democracy’ which was until recently viewed from a safe distance.

Perhaps we are entering into the times where killing in the name of ‘freedom and democracy’ in the Middle East will be replaced by killing infidels in Europe in the name of Allah. In this context, the appointment, by the UN, of Saudi Arabia as a head of human rights panel can be quite eloquent sign of the direction in which Europe is heading. In the end, it is Saudi Arabia which has offered its assistance to ‘solve’ the crisis of the migration, building 200 mosques in Germany.

Installing ‘colour revolution’ in Europe is already being made at this point by force. It is proven by the expropriation of people from their homes in Germany just to accommodate refugees there.

It is also evidenced by the arrest of those who are against immigration, or surveillance of opponents of immigration through various ‘foundations’ which report to the police afterward.

Evidence of this censorship is also the fact that people with negative attitudes to the so-called issue of migration are censured by the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. It is also confirmed by the UN proposal to introduce a new tax on financial transactions that would go to help ‘refugees’.

It is also confirmed by the appointed by the Soros fund for the fight against the so-called ‘hate speech’. Finally, it is also confirmed by the fact that opponents of migration to Germany are fired from work for comments on Facebook.

Miriam Shaded, founder of the Esther foundation that helps Syrian refugees in Poland said that:

“Currently, there is the last ‘peaceful’ colonization of Europe by Muslims to conquer it, whenever they consider that they are strong enough. More than 60 percent of Syrian families brought by us decide to stay in Poland. Some of those who have emigrated to western Europe, already want to go back. They are terrified by what they saw there. They are afraid for their health and lives, because Western Europe is full of Muslims.”

The intelligence services of France, Germany, Great Britain are not able to distinguish who is who, when it comes to incoming refugees.

“Along with getting most of the territories of former Syria by the Islamic State caliphate, Syrian company manufacturing securities fell into their hands. Today caliphate is able to forge any currency, but also every passport so those who have documents are not necessarily those who are in these documents. Moreover, many of these so-called refugees have wiped off fingerprints.

So how do you determine the true identity of people that come to Europe? Moreover, all databases in Iraq and most of the provinces and territories of Syria were in the hands of IS. So there is no such data in the international flow of information. There is no such database in Frontex, Europol, Interpol. Even the Americans do not have these databases,” investigative journalist Witold Gadowski said.

We have to add to this, arriving to the West, recent ‘fruits’ of the ‘colour revolution’ in Ukraine à la George Soros and company, that is, also neo-Nazis and Banderovites who use the Pole Card to come to Europe. Although it is not everything.

Polish investigative journalist Witold Gadowski said that: ‘In Ukraine, over eight thousand-odd individuals have been fitted with Ukrainian passports and they are now waiting for a work permit in Poland. So, we will have Ukrainians who speak Arabic. Mafia smuggled these people and makes them ‘Christians’ now.

It seems that Europe will soon be destabilized à la Middle East. Censorship of the media, preventive action of the police and law in Europe increasingly forbids criticism of the so-called issue of refugees.

Any criticism of aggressive Islam in Europe will be very difficult as threatening ‘democracy and European values’ on which the EU was built – as Soros says.

It will lead to greater vulnerability of Europeans in relation to aggressive Islam and more conflicts. As a result, very well-proven model will be installed in Europe: Problem – Reaction – Solution.

In the end, Europe will agree on every top-down despotism. However, I hope that my analysis, in this case, will be completely incorrect.

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of Prison Planet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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