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NEO…Henry Kamens – Will Friends of Russia be railroaded?

Jim W. Dean..."Henry takes us into a news backwater, the simmering situation between the Republic of Georgia and its uppity former possession, Abkhazia."

NEO – Israel – More than Murder

- Turkey may steal the factories, ISIS may cut of a few heads but who controls the media?

NEO – Engdahl – Foreign Bankers Rape Ukraine

- Jim W. Dean..."Ukraine democracy goes under the tank treads of Western aggression."

NEO – Has Freedom Become the Preserve of the Far Right?

- Seth Ferris..."Every country, new or old, has to be part of one geopolitical alliance, and only one. That is a practical fact."

NEO – No pensions, water, electricity: Ukrainian way to the EU

- If we would hold a referendum today in Luhansk, most of the population would favor annexation to Russia

NEO – Latest Terrorist Attack Inside Russia has All Marks of...

- Henry Kamens - America can’t survive without enemies, having discarded the one thing that could have replaced them--the positive values it claims to have, in whose name all its state-sponsored terrorism is committed.

NEO – Putin Pipeline Moves and European Union stupidity

- South Stream is dead -- It was the $45 billion project to deliver Russian natural gas via underwater pipeline through the Black Sea to Bulgaria & on to other Balkan & southern European markets.

NEO – Mideast crisis and America’s shifting alliances

- Salman Sheikh gives us a tour of the evolving US-Iran relationship, viewed as a Hail Mary pass because the Israel Lobby has to be defeated for it to succeed.

NEO – Justice is Lynched in Ferguson

- The Ferguson race scam is an attack on America from an enemy within -- and I don’t mean the rioters in the streets.

NEO – Israel and Jim Crow: Creeping Segregation

- Heroine Rosa Parks refused to sit in the “blacks only” section... Will Israeli women tire of breathing the exhaust fumes at the back of their buses?

NEO – Banning Malaysia from MH17 Investigation reeks of a coverup

- Ulson Gunnar - "After the MH17 flight was shot down over Ukraine in July, Malaysia has been systematically blocked, leaving a pro-NATO bloc in charge of the evidence."

NEO – Iran’s Nuclear Program: Who’s in charge in Washington

- Victor Titov - "Iranian leaders should not forget who now manages the activities of the White House on Iran."

NEO – Murder Investigators Suffer Suspicious Deaths – Coincidence NOT!

- Henry Kamens - "What happens in Georgia today is what the US would like to see happen everywhere. America has shown it will go to any lengths to get its own way."

NEO – Islamist Dogs of War in Ukraine

- Konrad Stachnio - First Ukraine & Russia, and now Poland are having to combat state-sponsored Gladio terrorism within their countries.

NEO – America's Real Ties to ISIS

US CIA-trained Chechens are at the forefront of nearly every terrorist struggle, fighting against US forces in Afghanistan, leading ISIS brigades & tied to the Boston Marathon bombings.

NEO – George Soros- The EU a failed experiment in international...

- Steven MacMillan - "The EU is on the verge of crumbling due to economic problems, the political fallout after the illegal coup in Ukraine & the economic war on Russia."

NEO – Egypt and Russia – “Historical Realities” between Old Friends

- "Seth Ferris takes us back into the maze of Egyptian geopolitics with the 19th century framing needed to have any chance of understanding it all."

NEO – Washington’s New Enemy Image – Victor Orbán

- Orbán's cardinal sin is his defiance of Washington by signing an agreement with Gazprom for bringing the Russian South Stream gas pipeline into the EU via Hungary.

NEO – West supports Kiev in new East Ukraine war

- "More signs of an impending offensive by Kiev & the West...defacto proof that this offensive was planned before the Minsk ceasefire was signed."

NEO – America's Nuclear Command Meltdown

- "This week, Sec. of Defense Chuck Hagel is expected to announce the entire restructure of America’s nuclear weapons force based on two studies."