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These are lethal and cripling weapons, with a bad roll of the dice
The Destruction of the Temple _ by Francesco Hayez
The Destruction of the Temple  –  by Francesco Hayez

by  Uri Avnery,    … with  Gush Shalom, Tel Aviv

[ Editor’s note: Uri sheds some tears today, sincere ones for victims of both sides of the Third Intifada. He gives us a good brief history of the al-Aqsa Mosque and touches on the history of Israeli provocations there, and then moves onto the victims’ stories — including an innocent immigrant bystander, who was murdered by a vengeful mob for the crime of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

His sadness is focused on seeing the hate among Jews and Arabs percolating to the top and spilling fresh blood around. I will focus on the most devious crime involved here, which is how chaos theory was used to make it all happen.

Israel claims to be the leader in this nasty talent. While formally considered an academic mathematical area, it has morphed into war planning and psychological planning and operations. It is difficult to describe succinctly, but I will try.

This form of chaos theory involves producing events directly or indirectly that create conditions that will make more likely what you want to happen, than they would otherwise. And when these desired events happen, there is no set of railroad tracks running to your door as the responsible party.

In the present case, militant Zionists have a history of incitement on the Temple Mount, which they know will trigger retribution violence by Muslim Palestinians.

Uri mentions Sharon’s visit with a large group of soldier to the Mosque, when the peace movement in Israel was polling about 35% and could have been the swing voters in the forthcoming election at the time.

Sharon’s visit kicked off the first Intifada, and with it many killings and many more maimings, a Zionist specialty. For everyone killed and quickly buried, there are many more maimed for life to act as advertisements for the penalties of resisting Zionist domination.

The current killings had several chaos theory triggers: the continued settlement building, the increased killings of stone-throwing young Palestinians; and Bibi deploying his rabid settlers to pray in the Mosque, a direct violation of the “understanding”.

These are lethal and cripling weapons, with a bad roll of the dice
These are lethal and crippling weapons, with a bad roll of the dice

Bibi and his top security people knew there would be violence stimulated by all this, and that is exactly what they wanted to take people’s minds off their crashed and burned Iran nuclear threat hoax, and their helping to crush Syria plan going up in smoke.

The random stabbings, impossible to stop, caught them by surprise, but pumped up the desired Israeli hatred toward the Arabs… the goal of this chaos theory exercise.

Even Uri, despite being an old timer, got sucked in, with his doing a fluff number on the rubber-coated bullets as being painful, but not really dangerous… “rarely kill”.

Dear Uri, shame on you. Line up some young Jewish kids and shoot them with nice rubber-coated steel bullets from 200-yards through their soft face bones and see what happens. In the morgue, I will show you a rubber-coated bullet in the middle of their brains, guaranteed if it was an eyeball shot. And a bigger powder charge can make a big difference, also.

And if they are not dead, they will join the numbers of brain damaged rubber-coated head shot victims who spend their lives under 24-hour care by their families to their dying days.

Thanks for the historical tour today, and taking a shot at the moral aspect of it all, but when are you going to pony up to the table and go the whole distance? You are what… 92 now? I would get on it, if I were youJim W. Dean ]


– First published  …  October 24, 2015 –

Four suspects arrested for pummeling Haptom Zarhum, mistaken for terrorist in Sunday's Beersheba mall attack.
Four suspects arrested for pummeling Haptom Zarhum, who was mistaken for a terrorist and killed in Sunday’s Beersheba mall attack

Sometimes, a small incident can pierce the darkness and reveal a frightening picture. This happened last Sunday in Beersheba, the capital of the Negev. The picture was frightening indeed.

The incident started as a routine attack, one of many we have become used to in recent weeks. Some call it “the Third Intifada”, some speak of a “Terror Wave”, some are satisfied with “Escalation”.

It is a new stage in the old conflict. Its symbol is the knife-wielding lone Palestinian individual – either from East Jerusalem, the West Bank or Israel proper.

It is not connected with any of the Palestinian parties. Before the deed, the attacker had no known connection with any militant group. He or she is completely unknown to the Israeli Security Service. Hence it is impossible to prevent such actions.

One morning the future shahid wakes up, feels that the time has come, takes a large kitchen knife, goes to a Jewish neighborhood and stabs the nearest Israeli Jew, preferably a soldier, but when there are no soldiers around – any Jewish civilian, man, woman or even child. The attacker knows well that they will probably be killed on the spot. They want to become a shahid – a martyr, literally “witness to the faith”.

In earlier intifadas, the attackers were generally members of organizations or cells. These cells were invariably infiltrated by paid traitors, and almost all perpetrators were caught, sooner or later. Many such acts were prevented.

The present outbreak is different. Since they are carried out by lone individuals, no spies are aware of them. The acts cannot be stopped in advance. They can occur anywhere, anyplace – In Jerusalem, in the other occupied territories, in the heart of Israel proper. Any Israeli, anywhere, can be knifed.

To get the whole picture, one must add to this the stone-throwing groups of Palestinian youngsters and children along the highways. The groups form suddenly, spontaneously, generally composed of local teenagers, and throw stones and firebombs at passing cars – first making sure that they are Jewish Israeli. Often they are joined by mere children, who are eager to prove their courage and devotion to Allah. One caught was 13 years old.

Stone-throwing incidents sometimes lead to the death of drivers, who lose control of their cars. The army responds with teargas, rubber-coated steel bullets (which cause acute pain but rarely kill) and live ammunition. The Outbreak – which does not yet have a definite name – started several weeks ago in East Jerusalem, as usual, one may add.


Israeli police on al Aqsa
Israeli police on al Aqsa

The center of the Arab Old City is the holy place called by the Jews “the Temple Mount” and by the Arabs “Haram al-Sharif” – the Holy Shrine. It is where the ancient Jewish temples once stood.

After the Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans some 1945 years ago, the place was desecrated by the Christians, who turned it into a dunghill.

When it was conquered by the Muslims in 635, the humane Khalif Omar ordered it cleaned. Two holy Muslim buildings were erected – the beautiful Dome of the Rock, with its conspicuous golden dome, and the even holier al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest mosque in Islam.

If one wants to cause trouble, this is the place to start. The cry that al- Aqsa is in danger arouses every Palestinian, and every Muslim around the world. It excites moderately religious Muslims (as most Arabs are) as well as religious fanatics. It is a call to arms, to self-sacrifice.

This has happened several times in the past. The terrible “events” of 1929, in which the ancient Jewish community in Hebron was massacred, were started by a Jewish provocation at the Western Wall, part of the wall that encloses the Mount. The second intifada broke out because Ariel Sharon led a provocative demonstration on the Mount, with the express permission of the then Labor Party Prime Minister, Ehud Barak.

The present trouble started with visits by Jewish extreme right-wing leaders, including a minister and members of the Knesset, to the Temple Mount. This in itself is not forbidden. (Except by Orthodox Jewish law, because ordinary Jews are not allowed to tread were once the Holy of Holies was located.) The mount is a paramount tourist attraction.

The old Temple Mount
The old Temple Mount

To regulate things, something called the Status Quo is in place. When the Israeli army occupied East Jerusalem in the 1967 Six-day war, it was decided that the Temple Mount enclosure, though now under Israeli rule, would be run by Muslims under Jordanian jurisdiction. (Why Jordanian? Because Israel did not agree to Palestinian jurisdiction.) Jews were allowed to enter the enclosure, but not to pray there.

Binyamin Netanyahu maintains that the Status Quo was not broken. But lately groups of fanatical right-wing Israelis have entered the enclosure, protected by the Israeli police, and prayed. For the Muslims, that was a breach of the status.

Much publicity has been given to Jewish groups who are preparing to rebuild the Jewish Temple after destroying the Muslim shrines. The clothes and instruments prescribed by the Bible are being prepared by fanatics.

In normal times, at a normal place, this could be settled peacefully. But not on the Temple Mount, and not now, with Jewish settlers starting to secure footholds in the Arab villages surrounding the Shrines. All over the occupied territories and among the Arab citizens of Israel the cry went up: the Holy Places are in danger. The Israeli leaders shouted back that this was all a pack of lies.

Young Palestinians took up the knives and started stabbing Israelis, knowing full well that they would probably be shot dead on the spot. Israeli leaders called upon Jewish citizens to bear arms at all times and shoot at once when they see an attack. There are now several such incidents every day. Altogether, this month eight Jews have been killed, together with 18 suspects and 20 other Palestinians.


This, then, is the background of the Beersheba outrage. It happened in the central bus station of the desert capital, a town of about 250,000 Jews, mostly of Oriental background, surrounded by numerous Bedouin townships and encampments. Three persons figure in the incident.

The first was a 19 year old soldier, Omri Levi. He got down from a bus and entered the large station building, when he was killed by an Arab attacker, who grabbed his weapon. We know very little about the soldier, just a nice-looking 19 year-old.

The second person was the attacker, 21 year old Muhammad al-Okbi. Surprisingly, he was a Bedouin from the surroundings with no security-risk past. Surprising, because many Bedouins volunteer for the Israeli army, serve in the Police or study at Beersheba University. This does not prevent the Israeli government trying to grab the land of the tribes and re-settle them in crowded little townships.

Nobody knows why this boy of the desert decided, on waking up that day, to become a Shahid and go on a rampage. His extended family seems as perplexed as everyone else. It seems that he had become very religious and and was reacting to the al- Aqsa incidents. Also, like all Bedouins in the Negev, has was certainly upset by the government’s efforts to dispossess them.

So he shot at the bystanders – either with a pistol in his possession or with the weapon he had grabbed from the soldier. After reading tens of thousands of words, I am still not quite sure.


Migrant mistakenly targeted
This migrant was mistakenly targeted

But the person who drew the most attention was neither the soldier nor the assailant, but the third victim. His name was Haftom Zarhim, a 29 year old refugee from Eritrea – one of 50,000 or so Africans who illegally crossed the border into the Negev.

He was completely innocent. He just happened to enter the building behind the assailant, and some bystanders mistook him for an accomplice. He did not look Jewish.

He was shot and wounded. While lying on the floor, bleeding and helpless, the mob surrounded him, kicking him from all sides, several kicking his head. He arrived dead at the hospital. The entire scene was gleefully photographed by a bystander with his smartphone and shown on all TV news programs.

There is no way around it: this was an incident of vicious racism, pure and simple. The barbaric treatment of wounded Palestinian assailants by an excited mob can somehow be understood – not excused, not condoned, but at least understood. We have a conflict that has already lasted more than 130 years, on both sides several generations have been brought up in mutual hatred.

But asylum seekers? They are almost universally hated. Why? Only because they are foreigners, non-Jews. Even the color of their skins cannot provide a full explanation – after all we now have quite a number of dark-skinned Ethiopian Jews, who are accepted as “ours”.

The gruesome lynching of the dying Haftom was totally ugly, totally detestable. It could lead one to despair of Israel – If it were not for one anonymous middle-aged bystander, who returned to the scene two days later, retelling the story on TV, admitting that he could not sleep since then – and weeping.



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