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Uri Avnery – Imagined Nations

In this interesting holiday missive, Uri Avnery discusses the historical basis of the formation and dissolution of nation states.

Uri Avnery – The Reign of Absurdiocy

Jim W. Dean - Uri is at his best when on his Don Quixote horse and taking on all comers. And I like his spunk toward going where others fear to tread

Uri Avnery – Why would Israelis go cat crazy?

Jim W. Dean - Israel wants to expel the Palestinians so they cannot "breed" there, and in the meantime neuter them politically... but then prefers to expel its excess cats, to avoid neutering them, as they have God-given rights to reproduce... Welcome to Zioland.

Uri Avnery – Bibi, Hitler and the Mufti

Jim W. Dean - If we are going to barbecue Bibi for being a ruthless exploiter of Jewish WWII dead, why not make the party a big one and make it an open house event, where we go after all the other Exploiteers?

Uri Avnery – Weep, Beloved Country

Jim W. Dean - Dear Uri, shame on you. Line up some young Jewish kids and shoot them with nice "rubber coated" steel bullets from 200 yards through their soft face bones or eye ball and see what happens.

Uri Avnery – The Rise of Israel’s Settlers and the downfall...

Jim W. Dean - Uri "does a Toynbee" on us today, giving the down and dirty of what the radical Zionist nationalists are doing to Israel, and pulls no punches...but one.

Uri Avnery – Mahmoud Abbas: Leader without Glory

Jim W. Dean - I give Uri much all credit for his many years of peace work. But he has been as unsuccessful as Abbas, and fails to see the similarity.

Uri Avnery – Nasser and I

Jim W. Dean - Despite his unrepentant Zionism, Uri can bring to life the political lessons of the 20th-century Mid East like few other writers. He just can't admit the tragedy that Zionism is responsible for.

Uri Avnery: The Ministry of Fear

Jim W. Dean - This was a surprise in a way to find Uri shining the spotlight on the long history of Jewish leadership controlling their flock through fear, but he forgot to mention the historical precedents.

Uri Avnery – Don’t talk Zionism

Jim W. Dean - Uri writes an article on what a hoax Zionism is. There must be something in the air. Uri writes, "This future of the Jews throughout the world demands peace and friendship within their own nations."

Uri Avnery – Daesh, The Real Menace

Jim W. Dean - The Israeli public will be the last to know or acknowledge that their new bogeyman, Daesh, is a straw man for the same Khazarian mafia

Uri Avnery – The Unforgettable Face of a Boy

Uri Avnery - The Israel that presents itself to the world now is a state of occupiers, of oppressors, of brutal colonizers, of soldiers armed to the teeth who arrest people in the middle of the night and persecute them during the day.

Uri Avnery – The Day Israel voted on attacking Iran

Jim W. Dean - If US bases had been attacked in retaliation without warning, and where our people were killed, then that would have rattled the love fest for Israel here in the US as never before.

Uri Avnery – The Magician’s Apprentice

Jim W. Dean - Uri does what he does best in his current article, give us an insider's view of Israeli politics like no one in the US would dare to do. And today it is Bibi's turn to get roasted.

Uri Avnery – What to do with Jewish Terrorists?

Erica Wissinger - Thank you, Uri Avnery, for condemning "administrative arrests", a practice that was discontinued by numerous civilized societies before and during the Enlightenment

Uri Avnery – Divide and Rule

Jim W. Dean, The Israelis live in fear of reaping what they have sown, and this is what gives the militarists power over them... so far.

Uri Avnery – A Task in Search of a Hero

Jim W. Dean, The lesson for us Americans today is we have a similar problem of not being able to unite forces to take on our real enemy who also looks upon us as plantation animals

Uri Avnery – The Stooges of Sheldon Adelson

Jim W. Dean, You have just written an article, Uri, which explains perfectly why I think the country of Israel and its people are a major security threat to the American people

Uri Avnery, The Iran Treaty

Jim W. Dean, We run Uri weekly here despite our issues with his being an unrepentent Zionist because he is such a virulent critic of the militant Zionists, especially the Likuds and the settlers.

Uri Avnery, To be Greek

Uri Avnery - The Greeks spent more than they earned and have no money. The creditors, in their incredible impertinence, want their money back.

Uri Avnery, The Second Battle of Trafalgar

Jim W. Dean We had expected Uri to write a report on the latest Gaza flotilla, and he delivered his usual satire to riducle the Israeli reponse of blocking a limited supply of humanitarian goods

Uri Avnery – Do Israelis Routinely Commit War Crimes? An Evaluation

Jim W. Dean Uri gives us the traditional liberal Gush Shalom view of Israeli war crimes warfare, whicn not many inside Israel will do.

Uri Avnery – Isratin or Palestrael?

Uri Avnery - Let us assume that the One-State Solution becomes possible, perhaps by divine intervention. How would it function?

Uri Avnery – The BDS Enemy – Israels new Fear Porn

Jim W. Dean - We need to DNA test all Jews of the world who claim a DNA barcode claim to the Land of Israel and their rightful share of crimes against the Palestinians.

Uri Avnery – The Real Naqba?

Jim W. Dean...Uri delves into the old story of the Palestinian ethnic cleansing that most Zionists prefer to let lie, hoping the world will forget what happened and why

Uri Avnery – The Map on the Wall

Jim W. Dean...Uri brings us another of his historical perspectives on how a bad peace guarantees a new war with more death and destruction.

Uri Avnery – Who Will Save Israel?

Jim W. Dean..."I have read Uri for a long time now and always admired his "kinder, gentler Zionism". But he had a bit of Bibi in him."

Uri Avnery – The War of Fools

Jim W. Dean..." Uri takes us down the Zionist Yellow Brick Road to spotlight an old blemish on the Israeli rose, their Lebanon War II fiasco."

Uri Avnery – A Boy Called Bibi

Uri Avnery - There are two different opinions about Binyamin Netanyahu. It is difficult to believe that they concern the same person

Uri Avnery – Cats in a Sack

Jim W. Dean..."Israelis have always harbored a secret hatred for the Diaspora, going back to Ben Gurion’s days."

Uri Avnery v. the State of Israel – Supreme Court case

Jim W. Dean - "The Likud passed a law to imprison boycott activists AND wipe them out financially - legislation by political gangsters for their West Bank gang members"

Uri Avnery – Making Adelson-brand Political Sausage in Israel

Jim W. Dean..."Uri takes us into the behind the scenes post-election Israeli fur ball that has developed with the Likuds forming a coalition government."

Uri Avnery – Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bomb?

Jim W. Dean...“Uri comes out of the closet today...big time! 'If Iran has a bomb, so what,' he says.”

Uri Avnery – The Israeli Salvation Front

Jim W. Dean..."We have not been able to get Uri to renounce Zionism as the cause of all the horrors that happened in Palestine at the hands of unrepentant Zionists ."

Uri Avnery – The Messiah Hasn’t Come

Jim W. Dean..."What I love most about Israeli elections is their no holes barred, slugfest, free speech campaign style which contrasts with our criticize Israel at your peril here in the US."

Uri Avnery – For Whom To Vote?

Jim W. Dean..."If ever there was a political party for terrorism it is Likud. ISIL has nothing on them in terms of ruthless brutality."

Uri Avnery – An Expensive Speech

Jim W. Dean..."America needs to kick Bibi in the noogies by flooding Congress with calls of how ashamed we are of their bending over the fence."

The Casino Republic

Jim W. Dean..."Shelley Adelson is the poster child for international crime boss money flowing into politics now worldwide."

Uri Avnery – Zionists All

Jim W. Dean..."While Uri once again admits some imperfections of the Zionist state, he would not bring back all the victims of Zionism to have had the post WWII Jews remain in Europe."

Avnery – General Galant’s gallant act

General Galant accused the government of warming up their northern border for election purposes.