Has the Pentagon gone rogue?

US Senator McCain with Syrian rebels

by  Preston James


Is there a major faction in the Pentagon that is run by PNACers and Top NeoCons that has gone rogue?

Was the Pentagon’s top control structure hijacked by Rumsfeld and Cheney during Bush2’s presidency and do they still maintain control through their high positions in the Secret Shadow Government?

Is JSOC now a rogue operation? For years some insiders have claimed that Richard Cheney took complete control over JSOC, turning it into his private assassination squad while VP and never relinquished control.

Is there any substance to the rumors that Cheney’s health is excellent and the so-called heart problems and transplant are all a ruse to get the heat off him for all the war crimes and crimes against humanity he is responsible for?

Many believe that Cheney and Rumsfeld were both deeply involved in the operations behind the attack on America on 9-11-01 and that Cheney ran the FAA, the US Military and NORAD stand-down, permitting the Mossad to run this Gladio-style False-flag attack targeting NYC and the Pentagon.

It was allegedly Rumsfeld that called a special meeting of the Able Danger Task Force to meet in the Pentagon on 9-11-01 in the exact location targeted to be there at the exact time. Why would he do such a thing?

The most reasonable answer to this question is that Able Danger was tracking the Mossad group and the nuclear warheads they stole from Pantex in Amarillo, Texas. It was this group that stored the nukes near the Twin Towers and then deployed them in the Twin Towers using Mossad front company Urban Movers.

If most members of this task force had not been present in the targeted area of the Pentagon that morning on 9-11-01 and murdered, they would have quickly been able to connect the dots of who was responsible for nuking the Twin Trade Towers.

Those that missed this meeting and survived have been too afraid to ever speak out about what they discovered and know that they are likely being closely surveilled and believe they will be severely sanctioned by a “with prejudice” final judgment if they speak out.

Who has allowed the Pentagon’s top control structure to go renegade? The answer is that a lot of powerful USG officials that should have done their jobs and stopped this hijacking of the American military by the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate. This syndicate is also the World’s largest Opium Cartel, the World’s private “bloodline” Money-changers who run almost every monetary creation and lending system. And their top leaders are known to be secret Baal worshipers continuing the same anti-human evil occult practices all the way back to ancient Babylonia. These practices include infant and child sacrifice and mass-sacrifices of thousands and millions innocents using wars. These parasites believe they get supernatural powers from shedding the blood of innocents and sacrificing them to Baal (Lucifer).

We now know for certain that the main espionage group responsible for the inability and unwillingness of Congress to protect We The People as their Oath of Office requires has been AIPAC, which we now know for certain is an Israeli espionage front inside America that funnels massive campaign funds and other perks to Members of Congress and top USG Officials. Anyone doubting this can study the testimony provided by great American Hero and former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

So far it is apparent that every single sitting member of the US Congress except one, Representative Walter Jones signed the AIPAC Loyalty Oath to place Israel first even before America. This is a clear violation of ones Oath of Office and is Treason too.

Why is this Treason? Because we now have incontrovertible clear-cut evidence that Israel covertly attacked America on 9-11-01 and is therefore an enemy of the USA. The perps never thought they would be exposed for this but thanks to the Worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, the truth is now known to many and the evidence that has emerged is overwhelming.

The Pentagon has been used to foment terror in order to psyop the American masses to draw Americans into illegal, unConstitutional foreign wars of aggression for  war profits for the Military Industrial Complex.

Because much of the Pentagon has been hijacked and gone rogue, it can be easily used by the PNACers and Top NeoCons to create and support terror anywhere desired in America, the Middle East, Africa or anywhere. This engineered, staged terror can then be used as an excuse to justify the deployment of the American Military machine to counter that False-flag terror.

The result: the Military Defense Complex is able to generate billions of dollars of war profits for the Banksters and their associated international defense contractors. But the human cost is so great it is beyond normal human imagination. Being responsible for millions of deaths of innocent humans beings and thousand of deaths and disabilities of good American Soldiers is nothing to these soulless criminal monsters who walk among us and pretend they are normal.

OPIUM1But perhaps one of the worst scandals the Pentagon has ever become involved in is its secret role in trafficking huge amounts of opium from Afghanistan, using remote piloted Global Hawks to transport it into America and some other countries. So we have a situation where the US Army protects the opium crop in Afghanistan and uses it to provide massive amounts of “off the books” money for black operations. But the US Military is also in Afghanistan to provide easy, cheap, protected harvesting of Lithium needed for high tech batteries.

Of course this is nothing new for the USG because we now know for certain that the CIA trafficked in massive amounts of opium from the Golden Triangle during the Vietnam war, often stuffing drugs in the body cavities of American Soldiers killed in Action in an illegal, unConstitutional war that should never have been allowed by any honest US Congress. Any soldier who found out about this and reported it to their base commander usually ended up dead in a strange jeep accident.

Instead of being used to defend America the Pentagon has gone rogue and has been assisting the CIA in trafficking illegal narcotics and creating and deploying Terror to justify sending in the American War Machine run out of the Pentagon.

For years the CIA has been illegally deployed inside the continental USA, spying on Americans, running operations to abuse, harass and even murder dissidents and whistle-blowers for the Bush Crime Cabal. But it has also been a major trafficker of illegal narcotics for the large Opium Cartel associated with the Rothschild *Khazarian Mafia (RKM Banksters working out of the City of London) which is believed to be the true force that hijacked the Pentagon and still runs it using Israeli Likudists and stateside PNACers and Top NeoCons.

Numerous insiders have claimed that it was Bush1 that hijacked the CIA and who was the main controller of the JFK Assassination, being present in Dealey Plaza that day November 22, 1963, watching it happen.

Has the whole Pentagon gone rogue? Apparently the US Navy is still under control of the US President even though there may be good reason to suspect tat the USAF rent rogue right before the JFK Assassination with its association with the now defunct but formerly quite powerful E-Systems of Fort Worth.

It is interesting to note that the US Navy has withdrawn its last carrier group from the Mideast. That decision makes sense and would have to have come from the US President. The reason it makes sense is that there have been numerous credible reports that the new Russian anti-ship missile systems cannot be stopped by the Aegis Radar operated defense system or anything else the US Navy has.

The USS Donald Cook incident in April 2014 is a strong reminder of what some of the new Russian electronic warfare capabilities are, and they are extremely effective. According to reports Russian aircraft doing a flyby on that day shut down the American Aegis system and other electronics, rendering the USS Donald Cook defenseless, a sitting duck in the water.

And now we have news reports that America is sending some USAF F-15 fighter aircraft to fight ISIS in Syria. But they have not been officially invited by Syria as the Russians were, who are a major long term ally of Syria. Some are concerned that this constitutes a ploy to draw America into a major war with Russia in the Mideast, a war that could escalate to a large scale nuclear exchange involving America, Russia, Europe and the Mideast.

Did President Obama order this deployment of F-15s or was he informed it was going to be made and just went along because he knew he couldn’t stop it?

It is important to note that we now have Senator John McCain as head of the Senate Armed Services Committee and many expect him to be around into the next Administration, while President Obama has only a little over a year left in office. Senator McCain is the only American charged with Treason during the Vietnam War because his fellow officers reported how he collaborated with the enemy while a POW. McCain’s betrayal resulted in numerous deaths of American Pilots.

McCain was granted immunity because blanket immunity was granted to all POWS to provide cover for his betrayal. And Senator McCain played a central role in blocking any real investigation and rescue of the MIA’s left behind by Henry Kissinger and President Nixon at the end of the war. But this should come as no surprise since his father a Navy Admiral was an important player in the cover-up of the Israeli False-flag attack on the USS Liberty Ship.

This  alone may make it easy for some top Pentagon Officials to cooperate closely and maintain loyalty to Senator McCain and other Top NeoCons rather than to President Obama.

How interesting it is that President Obama has so far refused to send the American military into a full air and ground war in Syria, Iraq and Iran as the PNACers and Top NeoCons have been coercing him to do. he has been apparently willing to send special ops to train Syrians rebels fighting against Assad and also to train ISIS. Or did he? Or were these rogue Pentagon operations done without President Obama’s approval?

ISIS11America has worked covertly with Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey to create, train, supply and pay ISIS which is nothing more than a paid mercenary force with deep support from the CIA and the Pentagon and all at US taxpayers expense without their knowledge or permission.

And now thee Russian Federation at the request of its long term ally Syria has completely checkmated this Israeli-American Terror Machine in Syria. This checkmate has exposed all the lies about ISIS that the USG has been feeding to the American people through a crooked, lying Controlled major Mass  Media illegal News Cartel.

And President Obama and former US Generals have even admitted that the USG was supporting ISIS and used Terrorists to attain goals.

Insiders call this rogue group that has hijacked much of the pentagon, the Israeli-American Terror machine. We know now for certain that it plays an important role Psyopping the  American Masses to motivate them to support illegal, unConstitutional, undeclared, unwinnable wars of aggression in the Mideast.

Former President George Herbert Walker Bush (Bush1) just published a biography characterizing Cheney and Rumsfeld as too hawkish and blaming them for hurting the administration of his son George W. Bush (Bush2). Has Bush1 made a serious effort to extricate son Jeb from any guilt by association between his brother Bush2 to Cheney and Rumsfeld who hijacked the Pentagon and JSOC and were deeply involved in the Israeli attack on America of 9-11-01?

Is this a signal that the top few folks that really run things behind the dark curtain have decided to cut Cheney and Rumsfeld loose along with the rest of the top NeoCons and the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen PNACers?

Does this mean that the ADL, AIPAC, DHS and the like will soon be finished as an espionage fronts for Israel and the RKM in America? Does it mean that Israel will also be cut loose to be dealt with by the rest of the World and the American masses for the 9-11-01 attack on America and Apartheid, tyranny, massive land theft and genocide against Palestinians?

And is this an omen that it has already been decided that the RKM stranglehold on the American monetary creation and distribution system with the fraudulent, criminal, unConstitutional Federal Reserve System is going to end soon? Sure seems that way.

Does this mean that Hillary Clinton was right when she confided and griped to a group of insiders that “we are losing the information war”? Yes, it is now becoming quite obvious that thanks to the Worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, We The People and the citizens of the World are beginning to win the information war. It’s been a long, slow, disheartening process, but serious progress has been made and is now accelerating noticeably.

It’s time for America to take back control of the Pentagon, the CIA and the US Military before the PNACers and Top NeoCon Traitors seduce America into more illegal, unConstitutional unwinnable wars of aggression to make big profits for the Military Industrial complex. We know that the Pentagon hijackers are the RKM Banksters which run the World’s largest Opium Cartel and the principals of this cartel are the same few individuals who have hijacked the Pentagon. This is why the Pentagon and the CIA have become as addicted to drug revenues for black ops as any mainlining heroin addict.

But in order to drive these World’s largest organized crime moguls away from Pentagon control it is probably going to be necessary to expose the true perps who attacked America on 9-11-01 with nukes. These folks are the same individuals who hijacked the Pentagon, run the drugs and also run the CIA as a deniable source of international Terror used to start proxy wars for Israel and the RKM.

And in order to do that it is going to be necessary to either break up the CMMM News Cartel, an illegal news monopoly, or at least reach a point where the majority of Americans no longer believe any of its lies which is most of what it broadcasts and publishes.


Everyday more and more US Special Operations warriors become more and more disillusioned and distrustful of the Pentagon’s command structure. They know that the Seal Team Six members involved in the fake assassination of Osama bin Laden (aka Colonel Tim Osman, his CIA tradecraft name) who died in late 2001 of Marfan’s Syndrome were all murdered to keep them from talking. Many of the surviving families know this too and are very angry and want payback.

But murdering America’s most brave and heroic soldiers who have served their nation diligently is nothing new. Eleven of the Twelve spooky Teams in South America were murdered to keep them from talking about the CIA’s involvement in illegal narcotics trafficking into America.

In fact in the last 20 years most US Special Ops have been murdered or disabled at the hands of the USG. This is a disgusting betrayal of loyalty and trust. It is getting to the point where no special ops will trust any higher command anymore.

Right now there is major dissatisfaction growing inside the Pentagon and perhaps especially among the USN “Greybeards” who know that the Naval Intel offices were targeted by the USAF on 9-11-01 in a long term secret war between the USAF and the USN.

And to make matters even worse, many Americans are just now starting to understand that not only has the RKM been able to use their main action agent the Israelis to hijack Congress, the CIA and most of the Pentagon, but they have been able to consolidate all American Law Enforcement and the Alphabets into one centralized agency, Homeland Security (DHS) run by them.

How sick and twisted it is it for our Traitors in Congress and our Administration to allow a foreign based espionage group of perverts who are secret Baal worshiper to consolidate all American law Enforcement into their own secret police and run it as an extension of the Israeli IDF anti-terror forces? Can you say “enemy within our gates”.

And if you doubt how malignant a development this is to have a foreign operated RKM/Israeli secret police organization running our Law Enforcement, just consider how much damage the ADL has been doing to Americans by training and militarizing the police. American Police have been receiving military grade heavy weaponry from the Pentagon and are now being trained and mind-kontrolled by the ADL to view average Americans as domestic terrorists to be shot down at a minor lack of compliance to verbal orders. What a creative way to oppress, tyrannize and eliminate even more American Goyim. Not as good as fighting Israel’s wars to establish a greater Israeli based new Mideast and then a whole RKM NWO however. Right now it looks as if the RKM Globalist Plan for their NWO system based on a greater Israel and the transformation of America into GAZA II with American Goyim the New Palestinians is checkmated thanks to Putin and the Russian Federation.

If we continue to keep the pressure on and getting the facts out about how Israel and our USG Traitors attacked America on 9-11-01 and started and have been suporting ISIS and all the other so-called terror groups, we can break their back and dis-empower them.

Be certain of this. There are many good Americans in the Pentagon and the US Military at all levels. because they have been fed continual lies for many years that are now being exposed in spades thanks to the Internet’s alternative news and the Russian Federation’s checkmate of the Israeli-American Terror Machine in Syria.

Every day more and more of the big lies, false-narratives and propaganda of the PNACers and Top NeoCons that hijacked the Pentagon are being exposed and even driven into the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) peripherally. All secrecy is ending. Who can we thank for this exposure of almost every secret that has  been kept behind the evil curtain and used to oppress us and the many good changes which have happened lately?

Yes, as you probably guessed, it’s the Intel cowboys. Some you know who they are and many are inside at the highest levels and you will never find out who they are. These magnificent Intel Cowboys are not just from America but are from all over the World and many nations you would never expect. These unspoken heroes of America and many other nations are folks who now fully understand what and who the Khazarian Mafia is and will no longer put up with all their perpetual, unwinnable their wars for profit and mass death and incalculable human suffering and loss. Stay tuned because things are going to get interesting fast.

It’s not over until the fat lady sings and despite the great malignant seemingly overwhelming evil we all face and must fight and defeat together, we must not think it’s hopeless. Americans from all walks of life and every occupation are now finally waking up and ready to create serious change and put an end to the Khazarian Mafia’s occupation. Every day more and more Americans are realizing that the PNACers and the Top NeoCons have been working hard to asset strip America and transform it into a political province of Israel and the RKM Banksters.

We must all work together to stop allowing them to asset strip up and so much of the World of their hard earned income. We must no longer allow them to function as the World’s largest parasite and War Machine, earning endless profits i the process of mass-murdering and disabling millions and destroying whole nations.

* The Khazarian Mafia is an abbreviation to represent the organized crime group that later morphed into the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia. VT Financial Editor Mike Harris coined the term “Khazarian Mafia”. His VT radio, “The Short End of the Stick” show is on Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-9 PM CST. Mike Harris started using this descriptive term Khazarian Mafia after extensively researching the true but hidden history of the nation of Khazaria and its connection to Rothschild World Zionism now centered in the City of London. He also discovered the long held hatred that the RKM has harbored since about 1020 AD for the non-Khazarian Russians that is still a major motive for the Khazarian Mafia today in its quest to destroy Persia (Iran) and then encircle and once again destroy Russia. Their goal? To steal all Russia’s its assets like in 1917, and mass-murdering any non-Khazarian Russians remaining alive, as a replay of their Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.


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