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Master Kush is a potent Indica strain in which the THC content varies from 15-20%. It’s 90% of Indica and less than 20% Sativa and has great medicinal and stress relieving properties. Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) offers superior quality Pre-rolled Joints of Master Kush, which the customers can simply spark and enjoy. The process of rolling joints is tricky and is not as simple as it seems. Moreover, rolling joints can be a tedious job, as well as time-consuming. The Pre-rolled joints in Canada are offered by MOM, helping users save time and simply enjoy the joints anytime, anywhere, using the Pre-rolled cones. It has a very earthy, sweet and spicy aroma and is consumed by people all over the world, either for medicinal purposes or for recreational.

Advantages of Pre-rolled joints

Marijuana is enjoyed by people in various forms, smoking joints being one of the easiest and most popular of all. This is also the cheapest form, as compared to vapes and edibles. The advantages of Pre-rolled cones and joints are as follows:

  1. No investment of time and effort

One of the major advantages that Pre rolled joints/cones offer is saving time and effort of rolling Marijuana. Moreover, people often need special tools and techniques to roll Marijuana perfectly in order to get the right kind of joints. With Pre-rolled joints, users can simply buy and enjoy smoking, similar to smoking tobacco. Thus, regular smokers can buy the joints and relax while they smoke it, releasing anxiety and stress as Marijuana works effectively as a stress reliever. Earlier, people used to make the joints and cones on their own. However, after the emergence of companies like MOM, people can get high quality recreational as well as medicinal Pre-rolled Joints Packs easily, thus reducing their tendency of rolling it themselves.

  1. Pre-checked high quality

MOM offers superior quality Pre-rolled Marijuana (Master Kush), which undergoes a series of quality checks before and after rolling. This ensures that the Marijuana used is of high quality, and the joints and cones are also adhering to the same quality standards. MOM offers Pre-rolled joints for both recreational as well as medicinal purposes. Both varieties adhere to the quality standards, making pre-rolled joints even more popular among the users. There are, however, various sellers who offer poor quality Marijuana in the pre-rolled joints, which does not adhere to the medicinal or recreational quality standards. Hence, those should be avoided.

  1. Easily available

Pre-rolled joints and cones are easily available for medicinal as well as recreational purposes. Other ways of consumption, such as vapes and injections, are often difficult to get; however, joints can be easily purchased by the users and smoked as and when they wish.

  1. Discrete packaging

The pre-rolled joints have a discreet packaging similar to tobacco smokes, which can be consumed by users anytime. People can consume it while relaxing even at smoking zones, unlike injections and vapes, which often trigger the curiosity of the public around. The pre-rolled joints can be simply lit and enjoyed with stress relieved and a reduction in anxiety.

Quality check for the pre-rolled joints/ cones

Quality is often a major issue in pre-rolled cones and joints found in Canada. Dealers and sellers often sell poor quality Marijuana as rolled joints, which fail to adhere to the qualities of medicinal or recreational Marijuana, thus cheating the consumers. MOM offers pre-rolled joints with Marijuana from high-quality flowers without the trim and shake. However, unlike MOM, many sellers take advantage of the rolling paper, which hides the contents and makes it difficult for the consumers to check the quality.

One of the easiest ways to test the quality of the content is to cut open one rolled joint. If the content inside is dry or full of stems and leafy materials, it clearly highlights that the quality of Marijuana is poor and unsuitable for medicinal or recreational use. Some sellers also offer mystery or Rainbow joints, which is a mixture of various strains. Thus, when buying from new sources, it’s always advised to buy one and check the content, instead of buying a bunch together.

MOM ensures to offer the best quality Marijuana only in the pre-rolled joints or cones, thus winning the trust of its customers.

Health benefits

  1. Pain reliever

Pre-rolled Marijuana joints work as an excellent pain reliever, for arthritis, chronic or post surgery pains. Consumption of pre-rolled joints can reduce pain immediately. It’s effective for chronic back and joint pains, along with working effectively for post-cancer treatment pain as well as arthritis pain. Patients get immediate relief as they smoke the joints.

  1. Stress reliever

Master Kush joints work effectively as a stress reliever. Customers can smoke the joints and relax while releasing stress. Smoking joints work perfectly, as smoking itself helps to unwind and relax, working as a perfect stress reliever and offering euphoric effects.

  1. Reduces anxiety

Anxiety often comes from stress. Since Marijuana joints work as a stress reliever, it also helps in reducing anxiety, taking the person into a subconscious state of mind where he forgets all earthly worries and anxieties.

  1. Helps to overcome depression

People suffering from prolonged depression come overcome it with the use of Marijuana cones and joints, which are available pre-rolled. It’s effective in fighting depression, along with working on various psychotic problems.

  1. Significantly effective for Insomnia

Patients suffering from sleeplessness or insomnia often take joints that help them relax and push them into a subconscious state of mind, thus helping them sleep off without any trouble of sleeplessness.

Some of the side effects of prolonged consumption include nausea, cottonmouth, and dizziness.

The pre-rolled cones and joints work faster as they are absorbed into the bloodstream directly, through the lungs. Hence, it shows faster and long-lasting effects. Get the best quality pre-rolled joints and cones in Canada from MOM and enjoy the medicinal as well as the recreational benefits of Marijuana.


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