How Foldable Wheelchairs Can Benefit Mobility-Challenged Veterans


Mobility-challenged veterans can no longer move as swiftly before. More often than not, they will need a lot of time and the assistance of others in order to get from one place to another. If you know a mobility-challenged veteran, consider investing in a foldable electric wheelchair for them, as this equipment can make their lives easier in more ways than one.

If you’re planning to buy one with the most advanced features, you might need to spend more. However, buying this product is actually a smart investment because it can provide the following benefits to mobility-challenged veterans:

  1. It Can Be Stored Easily

Your home should have a lot of space in order to accommodate a wheelchair. You’ll have to

make necessary adjustments with your floor plans so veterans can move around with ease in their wheelchairs. However, when you opt to buy foldable wheelchairs, space won’t become an issue because you can actually fold and store them almost anywhere. Depending on the size and material of the wheelchair, you can fit this equipment under your bed, inside your cabinet and even in one corner of the room. You don’t ever have to worry about where you’re going to store the wheelchair the moment a veteran decides to sleep or rest.

  1. It’s Lightweight

Most mobility-challenged veterans would like to spend time at home, but this doesn’t mean that they should do so all their lives. With a foldable electric wheelchair, it’ll be easy for them to go out and actually bond with their friends and family. This kind of wheelchair is lightweight, allowing you to carry it wherever or store it at the back of your car. Because of this convenience, mobility-challenged veterans can enjoy life outdoors and continue to socialize with people who are dear to them.

  1. It Provides Superior Support

Superior support is something that mobility-challenged veterans can enjoy from a foldable wheelchair. Aside from enjoying its built-in cushion, using a foldable electric wheelchair won’t require too much movement from the user. A mobility-challenged veteran will just need to move their fingers in order to maneuver the wheelchair, and that’s it. Lesser movement means better comfort and support for the veteran’s arms, body, legs, and head. This is especially important for veterans who suffer from bone diseases such as hip dysplasia, fractures, and osteoarthritis.


  1. It’s Easy To Maneuver

Mobility-challenged veterans, especially the elderly, may not have the time and energy (or perhaps even interest) to know how a certain gizmo works. Because technology was not as prevalent before, learning the ropes about how specific equipment functions can be daunting and time-consuming for them. Fortunately, they don’t have to go through all those hassles once they use a foldable electric wheelchair. This wheelchair is actually very easy to maneuver with just a stick on their arm rest or a remote control. They just need to know how to navigate this stick, and they’re good to go!

  1. It Improves Movement On Difficult Terrain

Unlike indoor flooring, the ground outside can be rocky or rough. Aside from these, veterans will also have to go through different streets that aren’t cemented. When they use a foldable electric wheelchair, they don’t have to worry about their mobility on these terrains. Because this kind of wheelchair is powerful, they can easily move around no matter what the condition of the ground is. It’ll be effortless for veterans to maneuver through difficult terrains and even inclines once they use a foldable electric wheelchair.


  1. It Enhances Independence

Whenever veterans start to experience issues on mobility, they will usually feel depressed. They will think that they’re becoming a burden to their friends or family, and won’t be able to do anything with their lives. Having this kind of mindset can take a toll on their health and make them susceptible to several mental illnesses. If you don’t want veterans to think this way, invest in a foldable electric wheelchair. This equipment can improve their mobility, allowing them to do more things on their own. They can finally roam around the house without the need for other people’s assistance, and even accomplish simple tasks all by themselves.

Never Make Rash Decisions

Once you’re convinced how beneficial foldable wheelchairs are, take your time to scout for options. Research on the companies that sell this equipment and only entrust your money to one that is credible in the industry. Don’t just rush into buying a foldable wheelchair; make sure you also get the best one.


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