Top Dissertation Topics on War with Amazing History Researches


Thanks to the GI Bill and various financial aid opportunities, many veterans decide to go back to college. Some take their education further, proceeding with MA and PhD degrees. The federal government supports the goal of higher education and it’s making it easier for us. But the road is not easy.

For those of you who took on a PhD program, the doctoral dissertation is a massive challenge. You didn’t get much training on writing while you were in the military, did you? Who could think of such an abstract skill when you had many practical things to do? Universities strive towards equality, so they won’t change the program to fit your capacity. You’ll have to learn how to write a thesis or dissertation. If you choose the right topic, the process of development will be easier.

The Topic of War

There’s a particular topic that may be interesting: war. You know a lot about it. It can be related to any area of study. You may end up contributing towards peace with the ideas you present and the research you do.

We’ll suggest a few dissertation topics on that theme. They give you the foundation for an in-depth Masters dissertation research.

  1. How the French Revolution Led to Romanticism

This is a nice topic for those studying philosophy, art, history, or sociology. How can an armed revolution spark the movement of romanticism? These concepts seem so opposite, yet they are closely intertwined.

Do the research. You’ll have plenty of historical writings, art, and music to dig into.

  1. Women’s Rights After World War I

Every war leads to an economical destruction. After the WWI, societies governed by men were keep to benefit from women’s labor without giving them fair pay. Do your research and explain how that changed.

  1. The Role of Religion in the Crusades

If you’re trying to get an MA or PhD in religious studies, this is a nice topic to work on. The Crusades were only seemingly based on religious interests. Under the surface, it was all greed, will for power, and no faith involved. The topic has been covered by many academics, but you can definitely find a unique aspect to it. Go through all published studies and see through the “recommendations for future research” sections. You’ll find inspiration there.

  1. How War Inspires Scientific Progress

Is it possible to find a good aspect to armed conflicts? You might need to check reliable dissertation writing help resources for that. Professional writers can help you discover the most unexpected topics. This topic, in particular, is interesting because it’s something that people don’t like to agree with. Could it be possible for something beneficial to result out of war? Scientists say yes; since some get more funding for their research during difficult times for their countries.

  1. Rape as a Weapon of War

This is the most uncomfortable topic of all. No one likes to talk about it. That’s exactly why we should expose it as much as possible. You can discuss the laws and sanctions, and the ways they differ from reality. Acts of sexual violence are prohibited, but they are still being used as a weapon of war. Dig through the records and find recent cases to discuss.

  1. How France Still Steals from Africa

The age of colonialism is over, but the consequences still persist. France still collects colonial tax from many African countries. When people from Africa settle in France as immigrants, they are being discriminated by the “true French.” It’s a controversial topic that deserves its own dissertation.

  1. True Democracy Throughout the History

Was there ever a true democracy across human societies? Look through the historical examples and compare them with current societies. Can we label today’s systems as democratic ones? You’ll have a lot to research and discuss. It’s best to narrow this topic down as much as possible. You can choose a particular society, like the American. Discuss the flaws that prevent us from calling it a democracy.

Are You Ready for This?

If you think you’ve more challenges than you needed in your life, wait until you start working on your dissertation. This is a serious project that imposes months or even years in research and writing. If you’re not a great thesis writer, you might have problems dealing with the structure and style. You might need assistance by an editor. You’ll think about that when you go through the first chapters.

This isn’t something that you can’t overcome. If you choose a good topic for your dissertation, it will inspire an interesting process of research. You’ll enjoy working on this paper and making contributions to the academic community.

BIO: Ray Cambell turned “live life to the fullest” into his motto. He believes that we get to experience life to the fullest if we learn as much as possible about the things that surround us. Through his blog posts, Ray strives to inspire more learning. It’s what will make this world better.


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