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Leo Emil Wanta is a syndicated columnist, former world Ambassador and Presidential Secret Agent serving under U.S. President Ronald Reagan / Totten Doctrine ( 92 U.S. 105, 107 ). He has traveled the world working in various capacities.

Lee Wanta Biography Intro

The only true story about Lee Wanta.

Breaking News, Wanta: Flight 17

Simply put, this wouldn't have happened without the interference of the Obama administration in Ukrainian internal affairs.

Wanta Wisconsin Corruption

POLITICAL CORRUPTION   By Lee Wanta   State of Wisconsin - Department of Justice, dated : June 10, 1994 Attachments : 1. See attachment dated 10 June 1994, page 1 2....

Wanta: Proceedings of Federal Writ of Mandamus

Following the Money Trail to the Wanta Trillions, America's Path to Freedom from Federal Reserve Tyranny...

Wanta: Top Secret National Security Directive 166

The Document that "Licenses" Al Qaeda as an American Operation...

Bush to Congress – Patriot Act or Martial Law

Since the United States government won't allow me to pay my repatriation civil income taxes, apparently the ony way to receive my personal income and property is to go through Austria where I am a taxpayer in good standing.