Bush to Congress – Patriot Act or Martial Law


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By Lee Wanta, Editor

Since the United States government won’t allow me to pay my repatriation civil income taxes, apparently the ony way to receive my personal income and property is to go through Austria where I am a taxpayer in good standing.
While there, I can receive my $30 trillion and pay my taxes, erasing America’s national debt.  Let’s admit it, most of America’s national debt was never authorized in the first place.  No one wants it paid off, former Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson put the US congress under duress, the debt exists to control the American people and is, in no way, representative of any real economic situation.

Paulson told congress that he had the full support of President Bush (43) to declare martial law and arrest members of congress and their families.


[Note: Dear Readers, We will not leave you to read between the lines here because it is way too important to not fully understand. This was given to us, so we could give to you, so you would understand that 911 was a coup, which we to do take credit for really understanding until a good deal after the fact.
Think back to how quickly the Patriot Act was passed, with Congressmen admitting that they voted for without even reading it. We now know what the long term consequences were to that. Now you can add two and two together on that. The Constitution became a roll of toilet paper on that day to the coupmeisters. 
A bit trickier is why have the Treasury Secretary deliver such an ultimatum and not a Pentagon chief or Attorney general. The answer is in what happened financially to us afterwards that was really part of the coup, and all the prestaging that had been set up for years earlier…and then you will know why Paulson was giving Congress the kiss from the Don Corleo-Bush…Jim W. Dean]
Where did the money come from?
Where did it go?
Nobody knows.

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Document below, part of Chapter 16:
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Leo Emil Wanta is a syndicated columnist, former world Ambassador and Presidential Secret Agent serving under U.S. President Ronald Reagan / Totten Doctrine ( 92 U.S. 105, 107 ). He has traveled the world working in various capacities.