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Mob Boss Judge Brags About Rigging Presidential Election

Watch him talk. I diagnose him as a malignant narcissist. He thinks he owns the courts, our courts, he thinks the controlled press controls America.

Rep. Steven Buyer and Americas Tortured Heroes

The same tactics used illegally against Afghan insurgents and terror suspects is routinely used against wounded and disabled active duty members of Americas military. Defending this criminal behavior is one of the most reprehensible and unpatriotic Americans in its history, Representative Steven Buyer of Indiana.

War Criminals Head “Arizona Civility Center”

Supreme US war criminals, former presidents of corrupt and occupied criminal government apparatus announce opening of Arizona Civility Center. Mr. George Bush Sr and Mr. William Jefferson Clinton parlay great crimes into great fortunes by heading new Civility Center in Arizona. Two supreme global war criminals who represented governed and manufactured America into the greatest militaristic threat to global peace, death, destruction, and humanities total annihilation. “Behind every great fortune lies a great crime!" The quote is a paraphrase from a line in Honoré de Balzac’s tragicomic.The cue-tipped odd-couple continues to parrot a 21st Century tragicomic subjective discourse to generate great wealth stream fortunes simultaneously perpetrating great crimes. By officiating U.S. politic parodies, perpetuating false social civil moral law narratives, and deflecting from the bowels of lower Manhattan's great crime organization.


Arms Merchants of South Central Did the rich and intrigue-filled Botach family get a pass from Henry Waxman? Editor's note:  Congressman Henry Waxman, closely tied to...

PTSD Continues as Veteran Bashing Grows

As the political fallout continues over Allen Breed's AP hit job published over the weekend asserting that U.S. veterans and reformist DVA elements effectively collude to commit...

U.S. Troops Are Technically War Criminals, Fearing Hostile VA

Just off the phone with a veteran who told me U.S. soldiers and Marines often take pictures in war zones of enemy dead in...

AP: VA System Is ‘Too Easy’ for Veterans to File Claims!!

As PTSD claims soar, the systemic problem at the U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs is the ease with which veterans file for disability benefit...