War Criminals Head “Arizona Civility Center”

Fallujah War Rubble

Supreme US War Criminals Parlay Great Crimes Into Great Fortunes Head Arizona Civility Center

by Tommi Tucci

Philadelphia, PA February 2011.. …

Supreme US war criminals, former presidents of corrupt and occupied criminal government apparatus announce opening of Arizona Civility Center. Mr. George Bush Sr and Mr. William Jefferson Clinton parlay great crimes into great fortunes by heading new Civility Center in Arizona. Two supreme global war criminals who represented governed and manufactured America into the greatest militaristic threat to global peace, death, destruction, and humanities total annihilation. “Behind every great fortune lies a great crime!” The quote is a paraphrase from a line in Honoré de Balzac’s tragicomic.The cue-tipped odd-couple continues to parrot a 21st Century tragicomic subjective discourse to generate great wealth stream fortunes simultaneously perpetrating great crimes. By officiating U.S. politic parodies, perpetuating false social civil moral law narratives, and deflecting from the bowels of lower Manhattan’s great crime organization. Absolute self admitted and documented arsonists spewing gasoline with spontaneous combustive wailing Wall Street welfare finance and banking formula mythology. A broken down odd couple with inherent criminal genetic DNA composite resulting in the concealment of all objective reality by accelerating their version of the exponential magic of compound interest throughout the world.

Criminal Bureaucratic Operatives Shadow Tragicomic Genocides

Former presidents executive government officials George Bush Sr and Bill Clinton have joined forces to open a new center in Arizona committed to encouraging civility in US politics, in the wake of the shooting of a Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Posted by Guardian News.uk.

Subsequently, a severe dilemma presents itself when attempts to correlate the following words; civility-US politics-Clinton-Bush-government-Wall Street-law. Manufacturing false narratives concerning social-civil-moral-civility-law is absolutely a conflict that is negated ignored replaced and deflected by tragicomic great crimes war against peace, war against humanity, and genocides. Zionist power configuration ZPC handlers of stooges dupes and supreme war criminals is infinitely more descriptive of these quisling individuals. This includes their disingenuous corrupt banking financial and criminal US government apparatus and bureaucratic US/Zionist power configuration. “ZPC” by Dr James Petras

The under performing crony apparatus ZPC power configuration that supreme war criminals Bush and Clinton dutifully represent is a tragicomic great crime reality. The great tragicomic reality of US ideology translates to “Corrupt Politicians, Profiteers, Cooperative greedy culture, world domination by any means possible; Barbarism, false flagging, accusing others of having Weapons of Mass Destruction while allowing criminal Zionist state like Israel to keep building than lying and denying “Courageous Speech” Posted by Dr. Dalia Wafti

Predator Government, Assassinations, Torture, War Against Peace, Police State Versus American Civility Honor Spirit

Parlaying the Arizona Civility Center great crime hoax into great fortunes is now the dim beacon and light that projects America to the world.. The same US Government which condemned the attack against these officials routinely carries out “targeted assassination” against its own enemies, real or imagined, resulting in similar “collateral damage” and the death of innocent bystanders. Hypocrites like Sen. Lautenberg fully support those policies.

An fatigued odd couple with inherent criminal genetic DNA composite exchanges crimes war death and destruction for wealth accumulation. A limited chronology of mass murder and genocides by US Government officials, circumventing the US Constitution, ignoring the Geneva Convention, Nuremberg Tribunals, negating UN mandates and dismissing human global misery is presented below..

c.1990 first illegal Gulf war against humanity expressly for the confiscation of Middle Eastern indigenous peoples assets, property, and natural resources. Yale University and former US Air Force fatigued George Bush Sr commences 20 years of Iraq death and destruction of the oldest civilization in recorded history. Mr. Bush Sr projects to the world a total lack of self dignity, belligerence, self imposed ignorance of any moral civility, societal and cultural laws, and an extreme contempt for all humanity.

Sr clearly indicates no remorse for a lifetime of delusional state of self contempt by his documented criminal and illegal invasion of South and Central American sovereign nations and the illegal deaths and murder of 3000 Panama human beings chasing after a single CIA official drug operative Manuel Noriega. A blatant attempt to shadow his criminal genetic DNA composite which results in the distinct reality a “magic of compound misery.”.

c.2002 underachieving progeny Yale University man and AWOL Texas Air National Guard Mr. George Bush Jr a complete incompetent. His ZPC handlers forced the pretext “New American Century” 911 attack in lower Manhattan. Jr effectively accepts an illegal war crime conspiracy by ratcheting up a decade more years of total war against peace, war against humanity, death, destruction, torture, and genocide of 2.5 million indigenous peoples in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Lebanon.

Automaton Jr proceeds to green light documented welfare bailouts of criminal gangbanksters and wailing Wall Street crime organizations who self immolated themselves and are singularly responsible for their very own parasitic financial loss failures and demise. A gross academic and paramount failure relating to their select exclusive special ‘magic of compound interest’. hoaxes. Subsequently, Jr dutifully signs Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act while enforcing and threatening police state apparatus. Bush Jr’s under performance will be recorded as one of the premier stoodges in recorded history, against the will and to the detriment of ‘We the People.’

Presidential Hoax Extraordinaire

c.1996-8 U.S.President William Jefferson Clinton’s unilateral illegal attack war and genocide on Yugoslavian peoples. By representing his Zionist ZPC handlers and ignoring the US Constitution and ‘We the People.’ Mr.Clinton Oxford-Cambridge pedigree, bulbous-nosed, ultra romeo, ladies man, and military draft-dodger, continues lugging heavy criminal baggage and sanctions against Iraq’s indigenous peoples mainly defenseless women, children, sick, and the infirmed. Billy recites his ZPC handlers orders announces he’s fighting terrorists with Oxfordian precision. Representing and projecting blatant gross American failures to the world exchanging American citizenry loyality for illegal great fortunes. A bellicose and morose war criminal extraordinaire who cannot compete with grade school children spelling the word civility!. An individual elected by ‘We the People’ took and accepted an oath of office to honor obey serve and respect the laws of the US Constitution.

A supreme and documented gross failure stoodge who encourages a verbatim quote from mass murderer Clinton’s Secretary of State. Ms Madeleine Albright the antithesis of civility, humanity, and self dignity proudly wears her self loathing and self contempt while reciting morose pathetic and false narrative realities; “We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it”? Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it .”

Enter front and center, lazy intellect Hollywood colluding with mainstream media fabricates new image and anoints “civility” replacing and deflecting the descriptive negative connotation “US war criminals” and redirects focus away from the bowels of lower Manhattan corrupt crime organizations.

Now that our “leaders” have set the precedent, others equally lacking in ethical judgment might well conclude that they also have a legitimate self-defense issue which would justify such a “pre-emptive strike”. Is there any moral difference? Modern History Project

There exists no dispute or argument by any individual, entity, nation, or forum that the U.S. has been manufactured by documented and self admitted war criminals into the single greatest predator threat to global society, culture, and humanity by generating additional great wealth stream fortunes shadowing themselves under great crime buzz word misnomers such as civility.

Tragicomic Great Crimes and Great Fortunes Translates to the Magic of Compound Misery

Sibel Edmonds writes; “The Clintons came from a humble background. Hillary Clinton’s senate career marks the beginning of the family’s astounding wealth accumulation. She went from basically $0 to over $110,000,000 in only 8 years.” Hillary Clinton: Beware of the Mini Pharaoh in our own backyard. Posted by Sibel Edmonds VT.

Ivy educated Hillary Clinton’s lifetime goals is to increase her fortunes exponentially by eclipsing Josef Stalin incarnate great crimes, in a pants suit, gives a black-eye to civility. Disingenuous bellicose and concealing behind stellar merit hoax, phony accolades, and delusional fantasies threatens Iran with a holocaust incinerating 70 million people, instantaneously. Ms Clinton “Threatens to Use Nuclear Weapons Against Iran.” Video by Keith Olbermann MSNBC.

c.1917 Federal Reserve Act or the exponential magic of compounding misery results in ultra hyper concealed supreme crimes that currently result in arrogantly ignoring civility, inherent human rights, and the rights of self dignity to all individuals labors, property, and assets.. Simultaneously, and instantly by computer entry, projecting and propagating incendiary “Corrupt Politicians, Profiteers, Cooperative greedy culture, world domination by any means possible; Barbarism, false flagging, accusing others of having Weapons of Mass Destruction while allowing criminal Zionist state like Israel to keep building than lying and denying “A Courageous Speech” Posted by Dr. Dalia Wafti

Ivy League Under Performers Dilemma

The “New American Century” created and manufactured by ultra neo-con US/Zionist power configuration ZPC into a total and absolute global threat to human existence by deception. A deception and deflection by extenuating circumstances dismissing inherent human rights to self dignity, humanity, spirit, laws, peace, freedom, liberty, religions, self expression, and the individuals inherent rights to their labors, property and assets. “We are not so different, Egypt under Mubarak and America under what ever gang of financial criminals and foreign thugs is controlling the government today.” Posted by Gordon Duff VT

The tragicomic documented and self admitted US Government officials including their parasitic cronies entire lifetime goals are racing to eclipse every despot mass murderer great crime in history in exchange for other nations natural resources and the US populace assets, labor, and property.

This crime organization includes the current also ran Obomb–em-all bringing up the pace at the half mile pole repeating now two decades of death, war, destruction, and confiscation of global assets labor and property.

War criminals accelerating diversions, deceptions, deflections of a never completed race attempting to reach the never appearing finish line of untold immense riches and great fortunes to the detriment of global humanity.

However, the conclusion concerning criminal crime configuration ivy league quislings is that they create a severe dilemma for themselves with absolutely no recourse while disguising getting rich off the magic of compound interest hoaxes to the global masses of humanity.

There exists no recourse for a lifetime of supreme war crimes and war against humanity seeking unquenchable greed for great fortunes that results in a zero sum black hole of diminishing returns. The consequences of this supreme criminal pattern of an accelerated zero sum race to diminishing returns has not been recorded in world history.

An extreme conundrum, by the time these ultra hyper crime lords are finished incinerating the entire world, the earth will be uninhabitable and devoid of flora, fauna, animal, vegetable, living organisms, and humanity thereby accomplishing a zero sum traumatic end game. They trapped and cornered themselves exposing for all the world to witness their definition of civility. A blatant screaming siren exposing their select exclusive special inherent rodent, criminal, and vermin genetic DNA composite.

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