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Birth Defects Found in Vietnam Veterans’ Children

Petition needs signatures for Children’s Research Center for diagnosis and treatment of serious health conditions linked to dioxin exposures.

Dioxin, TCE Drums, U-235 and El Toro’s Panhandle

The Navy will label this fiction but if you wanted to hide environmental contamination and avoid expensive remediation from weapons grade U-235, Agent Orange, buried drums of TCE, then the proposed transfer of the 900+ acres of El Toro’s panhandle from the FAA to the FBI makes sense.

Ruling Leaves Dioxin Cleanup Out of Monsanto Trial

As the trial begins in a major toxic pollution lawsuit against Monsanto Co., jurors won't be allowed to tackle a key issue: Should the company pay to clean up dioxin it allegedly spewed across the city of Nitro?

More Victims of Agent Orange

Some Vietnam veterans who have had or now has diseases brought on by Presumptive Exposure to Agent Orange Dioxin are not alone.

Keeping the Lid on The Congressional Pressure Cooker

Senate Bill S-1629 needs to go much further into Agent Orange remedies

Supporters of AO victims to be honoured on anniversary‏

HA NOI — General Vo Nguyen Giap is among 99 individuals and units who will be honoured during a live televised programme on January...

Shinseki Fights off Veterans’ Enemy Sen. James Webb, Defends Agent Orange...

- Watching C-SPAN 3's telecast of the hearing on VA Disability Compensation, Presumptive Disability Decision-Making  by the United States Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs is an...

$300 million for Agent Orange fund

Agent Orange and related toxic chemicals are nothing but bad--decades after use. Sens. Webb and Akaka, are you listening? Action plan addresses toxic legacy of...